WWL>Topics>>4-24 6:35pm Sports Talk: New Orleans Saints Schedule

4-24 6:35pm Sports Talk: New Orleans Saints Schedule

Apr 24, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Former Saints Offensive Lineman and Co-Host of WWL's Fans' First Take Steve Korte about the Saints 2014 regular season schedule and the future of the black and gold.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to sports talk he is the case -- came -- Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia you can dissect the saints' schedule important out yourself. But gone to WWL dot com next now we will have all NFL draft talk. As you visit with NFL analyst Mike the team unity which is book is out now that you mean the draft report. Ball Moss New Orleans saint offensive -- a member of our sport -- Steve Cole joins us announce the before we get to a all. On the -- 2014. Schedule is that -- look back at a couple of drams and and most notably they'll wind you'll aura of the Saints. In 1983. I traded a first pick to Green Bay for defense of him Bruce call in and a couple of guys who hung around -- that's an awful long time. On all of its alignments the court and John -- thought about they would there was like Steve Atlantic class of 83. Well you know I was excited about it I really applies others -- tell the story each and every year out. I was late at ago at the end of the first rounder second round and you know that sort -- and it landed that it was kind of funny because. I'll tell stories about. You know the Dolphins field so we've been talking a million and then -- big -- -- Dan Marino and and Beckett they got a better deal -- to Washington's Super Bowl year. And -- -- it -- Darrell green and I guess they got there that you do. So but yeah I was look I. Or as one of the places that I thought would be really thought the plate. Play for and I and I really enjoyed watch bum Phillips obviously college our school what -- And so you know when you know like that situation to be drafted out here. You know it was really sort of neat deal. Now -- Steve that -- offensive -- background you grew up in Colorado. Played our university -- saw. Talk about that recruiting process all of a sudden that's a pretty long way when you when you think about a Colorado Arkansas. And then -- what did you know about the Saints when -- Colorado he obviously had to be a Broncos and a growing up and then also. You off it's a line coach -- wanted to ban it's a we've been pitching when Carl mock. Was he don't want they -- via the nickname jumble. Yeah. You know it between him to -- brought in the one and they gave me that Damon I don't know I don't know why they have it for some reason it stuck -- so. So yeah that that become sort of became bit out there that you know almost that entire decade that. You know I was pretty fortunate -- at canal without actually. You know we -- you're not talk about doesn't like before I was. I was really hockey hockey was my deal that was my sport and then I was really -- I want to be special hockey player would be fools. Yes but what can get in there were guys that would be a walk on because they were get discussions secured cholera. To play hockey if they were still get them from Boston or Minnesota and they're given out about six a year or so there really nowhere to -- in college that. Others -- take a walk on it do you like come on be -- private university. Public insult but the rest the -- you've won once about. So. There was no way let it happen and end and I was fortunate enough is just got to switch over. Ball and obviously things worked out but but got recruited most of I'd buy big eight schools Bobby department really. Southwest conference were Arkansas was -- the other that -- Texas Tech. Were really the only other schools a couple of dubious out west conference and possibly another text school of them like that Texas Tech that. You know Oklahoma. And in Oklahoma State and Colorado obviously he would. And Nebraska one music to go out there I was got to really think that that might be put simply Politico thought about that. And then make kind of -- profit the last minute said you know we shall walk onto the mound armed pocket -- it's so by the time you could take five visits. And at Arkansas and it was my last visit we will came back to school there because it. -- got it there was. Parade all American running back did about school two years or they transition to outside linebacker set to get Arkansas. And it really wanted to. Better players the time and I guess it stated that were so you know some people that's talent so. Peca -- came -- to be at replica offer me a scholarship letter to watch and so you know it was kind of neat deal like they're a bit. Arkansas before Garnett receipt before but it looked like campus there that really that. In the way it felt good sort of tradition there and kind of what they have -- was pretty special so I'm never really regret it at all. Now -- look at it the saints' schedule and and when you break it down very similar to last year. I guess. Good strip that is gadget immediate schedule when you perceived losing on who's the better NFL team and looking at the month of November. That's could be a case -- case again and am looking at September. I think the Saints can't afford not to get off to a great start. And Hidalgo but even if you are better player. How important it is and did just that first game our first couple games take away -- a win even building on the -- at Atlanta or Cleveland. Well you know this is it is well like unit that really. You know the whole mindset of your locker room it is is focused on that Sunday -- -- before it happens on Sunday. And you hope that you come out with -- but put all the time and effort in the coming out with a W about it -- it doesn't matter. And I expect you know winning yours all I think that anytime you're in a situation where you know you can get off to a fast start -- I got to have fast start. But it's true because it's like anything else it becomes habit -- want to become habit you'd begin to get. Sort of that -- the court you will try to get that that feeling that chemistry Eagles locker room where you'll like you know. We're pretty good football team leader it's going to be hard to be he has you know they'll. Go on the road player of the week is tough you know and and that's you know we win we win it -- -- the time and -- and it's -- we do because. Those road games force are -- in -- to this point or are -- their course or street for that will be. And so deter the routine but knocked -- -- -- -- divisional columns like in Atlanta you know from game -- at the top -- you know you got to go out there if you could sort of coordinator bill in Atlanta and lethal and indices that. Yeah exactly that that future due to a great great feeling I think anytime you do that sort which yourself an advantage delicate we can get through. The first five games -- before water it'll. To be -- 50 but I decided that can happen. You know you set yourself up pretty well -- to really sort of finish up that topic of the year because. You know that in ST Newport News is in Namibia the a couple of teams that -- that the top players you're going to be at the school whether she. You know like if he'd worked with Pittsburg and ended in Chicago to look those that was part -- win. And anytime you do that you put yourself that you put yourself a spot. Can successfully can. They can get eleven or twelve wins were in great shape. Now esteem a comment on also as a player and with the teams to be dealing with it as far as going to training camp I believe when you're a rookie. I was -- around them and you went to vero beach Florida. Error and -- he went -- -- to Louisiana as part of that in Louisiana Tech in the and you look at SE than in Hammond -- their lacrosse Wisconsin. Just break that down -- now looks like what they are going the Saints are going to West Virginia and now I think you and I on the same page even though you away from your family. You kind of welcome to fold you get to bond as a team. But is just a lot cooler in the morning West Virginia. Continued to hit did you obviously outside an airline -- You know. I'd we'd ever -- cap relief you know in New Orleans you know thank god but I can tell you that. -- -- -- -- I can I couldn't believe thought that was there and and of course that was your first year and -- us and at the same time I remember. Go to Vero Beach and they -- this is kind of a neat place. And really you're sort of secluded. In this. Dodger town was cut about the middle of this or tortured you know and really other than Matt. You know that that first rookie year I really thought I had died and -- -- football well. Because you know it was -- there was that well I'll bet that there were -- Democratic Convention herself that into war and we know. Home games while preaching that every single game was on the road and -- that we all -- we play the Steelers in other respects. Are it's five yeah five yeah like games and they all -- games I thought you know. I've died and I'm going to be in training camp for the rest of my life in America played well this is all I'm gonna die here. Global event that's a dreaded trap -- blasted out five and half weeks to five weeks. Yet so at that point we have the six and a half weeks long -- ball. And I was like man I. This is this is a strange deal I I don't know I don't know where I live anymore particular year's -- But yeah it was kind of weird deal that it's the same time it was a it was a great experience to get the kind of -- everybody in and not -- on your -- sort of forced to give. Pretty close to those teammate at that point because of that because and that training camp like that so. You know we never experienced that kind of deal where -- try to -- all ought we to a little bit when you're about these are the couple years that. But not very often still were pretty much -- and you know. Well well and lacrosse I think I'll be very similar -- -- faced him across with a team will be Wednesday January you could have maybe. A little Chris pep in his step when it's about six feet 7 maybe in some morning price. But it's not like one of those ones you walked out at Louisiana the Texans. Under one at 7 AM yeah that looks different but a. Steve Cote Steve thank you so much we appreciate it. They are back. Out the year they ought to be needed it could be ought to be -- his thing -- -- -- league who. Right politically related tonight about a great -- Good feel. The course beat thank you so much like all right this is sports talk on WW.