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4-24 7:10pm Sports Talk: NFL Draft

Apr 24, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to WWL NFL Draft Analyst Mike Detillier about the 2014 NFL Draft.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome to the final -- sports talk. And all -- Bobby Hebert I'm Deke Bellavia wet it's that time a year. And that means reporting for the 2014. NFL draft and earlier this week we got -- box in the mail it may indeed draft report those you who signed up already. Got them in the mail should be giving them already might -- days it was now my congratulations again on another fine job they could be up. Mike does -- bit about the book and out in different Mike. Over the course of -- not Sixers started. But just the last few year is -- information. How much everything is right and I think that -- now with so much -- is just on your phone FaceBook whereas there's a lot of wasted to give people a ball. Yeah that good thing about it publicly that it didn't in not because that's enough deciphered everyday. You know you you get calls from agents working out people gave you good information. And that information. So you you're trotted despite -- really would mean really what's not. And that's by you know having people that you trust throughout the years commentary you would get taken in. Really nobody got a real good handle on any draft -- you. What you want media from my standpoint is the best opinion UK and at that moment. Call. The thing that I think probably. Raises red flag to -- -- any how -- the player over the last few weeks right before draft time. May get real name of the choice as to why that. A lot of that is agent talk work out talk and that it would which you do out on the football field -- got to be careful with that. A lot of times and debate how to comment about he got to -- all in all. And and I think that the great comment that sometimes you got to go week ago which city which is he on the field and go -- it. You can get a lot of animation and a lot of opinions. A lot of times is that the correct one and so that's been the adjustment for me is now you know so many new agents all the work out people and everything's positive. So you know. You know report anything to you you topic kinda worked through a little bit that that eagles' long that's been the toughest thing. Easy access information -- feel all this stuff it's much heated debate it was efforts toward an even ten years ago. But it's been -- all points. That is riled up now and such a volume that from David reaping economic changes. And they got -- section in my book every year that top 100 players in the NFL. -- -- -- about twelve but thirteen different people in the NFL either. All coaches. People ward scout people in the front office and -- and give you opinions. That top thirteen probably. Eleven -- and every one. From fourteen -- -- it's like that lupica. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Figured out the top players on that Horry got up today if that happens we use a draft rules would doubt that particular snapped Indian itself. And -- speak -- event. The timeframe that I've done this what you. Nine years almost a decade. That I don't know what you do mock drafts and it's a leg this year as much as any of the year has been the most difficult as far as who's taken who and where they fall and are they like I'm looking at clowning. Not a QB smoke and mirrors is kind of come full circle. Well we're now he's back two wireless magnate Tex is gonna take him humble. Bob you know. I've done early on that after the Nabil a lot of pressure on the Texans to pick joining me and sell it just built in pressure because. Where he played -- -- is. It's a big need position but if you look at it the best player in his strap it its due dating club. Not a package right on line yeah. And while it is before while Tony is the highest rated defense and and not done. Are basically since Bruce Smith came out you -- for me. And a little -- the highest ranked outside linebacker opulence that the late Derrick Thomas came out. And about to be the parents of players here and but I just think at this gains. If on the Texans even if -- keep him out wanna trade you know. My opinions on picking clown because I think that no matter what he has the best players in this draft plan. And it I'll look at it for -- and you know old saying in Atlanta which I don't really talk it's sales. They may be able to give me I mean it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- If -- decide to make that trade so -- for me -- always been needed detectives would go which on him and now did they've been around. I think at this stage you know at that point you've got to the highest ranked player despite all that. It would pressured. Rector and you've got to go -- -- which it's been all that Lavin doing an outing in net goal at the top guy in. Now Mike when you look at the drafts and in this draft. It's a -- the consensus says that if you gonna go with the best players. Then it is colony. Greg Robinson all the to -- -- a Mormon colonial Mack outside linebacker and Sammy Watkins. The wide receiver is that if -- strictly go about advanced players. Guy that's what I did yet that's exactly -- without the wind with that because I felt that at that spot. That you've you've you've got to go win in which you Connell yeah. And -- you get past the fourth spot because of the team. You know it's -- in and out there and no wild things in the past. That I think those four guys and Connie Robinson Mac and locked in. Pot that's why outage rail of that. And you know Michael what was it's speaking at the rate is second member of puzzled though the fast this year for Maryland things that in my area it would be yeah I would like why. Like -- and -- just does what he ran the fastest time and he that he should not -- top ten. No -- knows when he won a few things human -- said that really made a lot of it. Was the fact that he had been involved with the Raiders all those years when he was an assistant coach you -- that I'll guarantee you they'd take somebody out of the realm. Because you know at that time how would he had a flyer on a player -- -- and nobody got confused at any would pick him. And and that's what -- -- really 1% correct about that and we see it every. Yeah that they conical what that guy and why joining me and available to them is. If I'm the Raiders and I know if -- -- Allen Reggie McKenzie I got the time that. Make an impact now. I can pick the best player opt pick an offensive linemen like -- Matt Hughes talking goal. Somewhere else with it but it I don't pick a guy that gets much fan base excited. I'm unemployed next year. And got that excite the fan base more than a guy at that position. That can really electrified a crowd. So you know what. It was my gut instinct Raiders to go with me and now -- and that's what I went with. Now -- might look at at the other quarterback class. And obviously Johnny mentality is in that mix but it. Jimmy I don't know why I feel uncertain when you look at and everybody wants a franchise quarterback -- read realistically. You know you look at the 2011. NFL draft you take out Cam Newton in. So you look at Jake Locker Christian upon their Blaine Gabbert. I mean potentially. When I look at the quarterback position that's what we might be seeing maybe with this class I mean the do you feel like that in any way when you look at that -- -- portals. And now and obviously Ted Teddy Bridgewater -- what did you take. You kind of compare to those guys and look where they were drafted as it is teams reaching because there is so desperate for a quarterback. Yet because I think they need the success of what happened with you Wallace once again Drew Brees. And would it change of franchising Green Bay game -- Foreman and Rochus. Well what Tom Brady did the Patriots are you just look at what Rafa has done a few. And so. And why would you look at that is acted examples you gave it it went in the first round pick you know. But I think that would which you have probably twelve to thirteen players the teams out there and it really looking for a starting quarterback where you go find them. -- -- I think you know that the one place ago. You can't get back in free agency I mean those guys rarely. You know are out there and and nobody's gonna trade you. Any week quarterbacks at this stage so you only pretty much at the NFL draft he'd go to. And -- Buick Jacksonville or you're -- Cleveland. Now Oakland those teams that pick in the top even Arizona. On that because you know -- diploma will only get to shall walk and you're in the way it. You know. Vision and look who you're in the and that I'll be honest with it on the ramp -- we consider that. That -- despite the fact that I used the top overall pick on same rapid. Has done any thing. -- maybe he's made them both sit like he's played some but I mean he was the one that lasted for that rookie wage scale. I got that unbelievable payday before he did anything in NFL. He was the last hole ball you know put it that way so we knew how. That the top quarterback like average one there court that met burger Jimmy dropped -- you know what you're you're trying to fill a need position there. And again and later in the draft. -- -- Russell Wilson was the thing for you that you have felt in the third round it's going to be unusual that that happens just like. Name how many small college quarterback -- started in the NFL they got Tony Romo but that would happen to did you eagle rock. I mean how many times does that happen it happened with you'll. But you know you look across the board there's not a lot of small college guys. And so. Well you can ago define that quarterback -- you'd think it may be the missing piece of the puzzle and things like at Cincinnati. Who adult has played pretty well in the regular season he played putrid. In the playoffs. How much. Would you go with that knowing somewhere along the lines up and make a decision to pay him. Or not paying them so that again -- dozen teams. Every year that'll look -- upgrade being most critical position on the field. And where else -- you gonna go out like quarterback get -- drafted that like white Tom savage. No but all of college football world is impressed the scouts because he's got a strong law meaning the big. The big guy I think about it what is done in the collegiate level how do you watch field. I mean he's not a real accurate passer any bounce from one college to the next the next the next. And all of a sudden now you people don't let him being a second round pick. -- you you've got to understand how this process works but on the other hand. Where you can line them. So that it's -- -- you don't what -- you -- -- got to balance the -- somewhere. NFL analyst Mike did -- -- to questions -- Myers got -- -- coming it will -- -- Mike about the Saints draft needs you might be a different. A fan from a different team that's all right Mike breaks down all the teams is mock draft everything. Mike the two -- with -- to 8 o'clock to a ball boy 2601878668890. Eights and to sports talk on WW. And welcome back to sports -- questions for NFL analyst Mike that Didier mighty Tejeda -- it might tell you on Twitter. Double in the conversation right here 2601870. Text and 8787. Email be chief at WWL dot com. Metric for dale dale he always Mike that's Ilya. Mike and I elementary. A problem within me. Actually probably. It's really irritable -- -- still -- I'd I'd I'd get I don't think you guys being real impact player. His dedication. And my main concern. Which which -- -- pile of suck airline. What you want him out to help the more at. The elation that well. If you want the player. In college football yeah now -- it. You you watch it on the open this year and everybody try to make excuses about it. But in -- he didn't play as well I. Understand your point about the boulder I really do all I can tell you -- we can document freshman in a palpable. You wanted good. It was great tiebreak. And he would like a guy. That was because of -- any -- else that you saw at that level out you know remind you will be. -- you in under your college football fan -- you've -- looking -- me. Didn't have a superb sophomore season would you do as a junior. At and not much you you know it goes along with a lot of people don't live tackling issues that do well well. Well well dale Dillon light and -- Vegas you know what I heard it's who is some that I can't recall weren't heard this example -- -- I've noticed this on a number of of dominant big time. David civilians are pass first guy you want everybody to have a high motor legacy JJ -- Our our Jared Allen. But you know dale does -- it might eat you know so I've kind of reminds. And he takes plays off Robert Quinn. Look. And I. Would there is not at war in -- And I mean well for you so much it means we. Let. Me. -- -- And -- really quality in you know you can compared in this means. You -- that. How about Robert Glenn missed a lot of quick take this saves behind and he takes plays off -- What one thing to me is I think sometimes there's that part of it now a lot of these guys that know they're gonna get picked high. I don't know what they got the firing them at the junior and numbering in obvious I watched mingle and I thought he was unbelievable how the more. And -- chick filet bowl he was above average you watch while the sort of the same way. I think it's been true in. That you see a lot of these guys that they know they can get picked high and it just almost don't mind that that you know from what I can do. Not that might not be the right thing we talk about it 20/20 one year old guy. You know and that's -- went through his head. I just think at this stage mean Connie when I watched him play in heat cranked out. And -- that many guys like that and he's a much better player today than Robert Quinn laws and out of north. Am -- -- -- you're located to it's it's it's a situation and how many guys. At -- the end. All of who we were trying to say a lot like look at the whole body of work and I agree but how many -- -- -- in all one year all one year at the EN. In JaMarcus Russell has -- they would go on and on and it turned out in leaves the body of work but risky even to have it any hit it wasn't as good. His era is the attitude body of work he could -- days up. He could in their twenties at the easier what he did a year apparent at Indian sick at -- won a whole world's watching New Year's Day. It was very few people -- -- -- built off what he did the year before Michael I'm all all what he did is almost like he. Outside of severity -- done his last year it could have been not the would have superseded the year before it. The other thing to me is is the position he played. I mean those guys. Flying that day. Pop on the pass rusher and end up at this year but he does he change happening in from high school football college today. Where you've got a six foot 36 foot four guy in high school he's playing normal that. He's a wide receiver or tight and he's not playing defense have been outside linebacker anymore. The conference's negating few -- Coming out of college ranks we've seen it yet. And -- needed -- That's linemen in 2014 and help -- conference. If you got -- -- -- it changed. You can name. Like that. -- -- You can name. But did the incident outside linebackers they aren't there were a quality issue was I think he put it in the lower year I'll be honest he wanted it but that was no doubt he's phenomenal year. And as a freshman and now the more. A it. Q was right. And he was a football player and that corporate conference at college ball out of position you can't find anymore. I think -- always a question more about big millions more rings are pictures of pretty good point. But you seem a little bit of Cole more and a lot of times you don't. I think somebody may be pushing him. And you -- to that scene where they got a -- back in the needle. I think the best thing that happened to win. What's Chris well. -- Plays out in the field. And I think that you know with Molder Aaron -- long know what I'm gonna play it does -- -- I think it was a little bit of pressure. -- -- cocktail that that was not. Basically. Pressure on him at that stage so I think you've got to take the whole thing in line in that he. He is the best player in college football that you can select. You might question them. But you know and you've got some medical risk with some guys. How many teams want the best apple that it come out in the last year -- and communal. At the football teams want him medical wise and turnout would be. The greatest left tackle in basically on the monitor pro football. Outnumbered the game but opinions are a certain people and yet. He came in and -- on the football player in the country they got them get to ride out the Lil Mac yet one scholarship all the couple. It. In from. An old ally but -- All I think sometimes let -- hand. That Molder. Sometimes is not wrap up like she could or should be the player party to every now. I doubt. That tropical wave you knows that one and has double digit sacks when he got suspended all of Don Smith. I know -- yep I'm -- I mean you look at the pass -- as the day that the. The Patriots used a pick and choose and all of a sudden. You might think like god to a game blog at all while they had two sacks and gain and it. That's all ideally yeah I know you -- yet it's a -- cat when he hit it when he grounded out he was has batted noted that want to hit the football field. Jumpy Geathers 00 my god and if you play like JJ why EE can be blocked. They're doing it and you wonder a little bit about it and I think it's always a question more about. Kind of instant Spain and and well and everything else would that. It and Bob and Jerry Rice and Joseph Montana doesn't bother him. It. But with some people -- If you could just -- some maturity level on that I think some people through and I think you know. -- quality that he does simply -- In the kick in the pants you really need. And I think if you did that would detect since playing alongside and watching film and meeting room with JJ watt and and bill call our. Their. How -- he has he's an ex player played seven years. With the Bengals at Tampa Bay use it I Jerry Glanville on the Falcons. And yet opportunity to be a deal is recorded on and off Florida -- so I think I'd be a great situation for -- with the Texas. Yeah I agree and I do believe they'll. And not said that over the last couple weeks into an -- we -- and he did I really. Believe that the out in. I think nick maternal have a dinner the try to get around I think is the one team. That they know hopeful Mike Schmidt and the drop out there at the time. If you win next year the double play on negate your year because of the injuries and because of what they did the usable for. You're not panic yet. A second deal that caller. And so if you'll win now. In addition you -- plea -- why you gotta play canned him twice. Get guys that can put pressure on the quarterback if not. You've got to be in the same spot your word this year. Out -- people who win but you know what when you look at the and I think is the most under rated things that they won that football team. Everybody talks about reasonable. You know make it defense work. That front four put pressure all play zone if not -- acts but they come back. You all over and one of the unsung poses Michael. In what it would do. I think Dave Evans more problems. Means a deeper sublime and get Jahri Evans will be inside and that simply. That not a big Jahri Evans his words game and his -- uniform. Let's go to shake it down day say get down thank you for calling W did you go. And it's like yeah it's great that. You know. Yeah it was on defense and -- as a tackle. Understand that something you know outside Cameron Jordan the protest in approach that crossed the plate but. You know. We -- Chronic injury cut. Your articles and ours will be on opposite -- this season. You become a cock and you know it's always been built in. You know in arms. Yeah yeah it become -- -- -- we need to -- experience. They'll always an injury. Only from. It was kind of course -- too well. On the play. The Republicans that you know it's been sure you know -- could disappear like looked lately. -- it's been we just thought that. You know. Well let them put it he has way. Kenny -- as a rookie. I mean he played well you got to give him his props I've but he did a terrific job in his first year. And misconception. That rookie receivers. Don't. Keenan now and I think the Eagles. Won -- impact on that football team and -- was. Mean it goes from you're on the right way that you connect. But I thought Kinney field as a rookie in usual lot of talent on this football team I could. -- -- Picks -- receivers I think they pick one in the first two rounds and they pick one later I agree -- -- it's a position that they need to upgrade. And that would. Appeal is a good thing not a legitimate it's. And at the bills is really it's more replacement as the slot guy. You know what this team really needs an upset -- before we need to. Go back and out of the box the -- what was happening no -- -- in -- pocket so I'm here. You know that you're gonna strike throwing the football. What you really knew he. Is that guy that can put that in hiring not at -- and you. But you'll have to make an adjustment defensively and respect that guy that can beat should be. I don't think that something in -- off is that what LA this year. And do. It and we. Don't like opposite you know forced retirement tortoise beat -- you know. Again in -- yards per catch. As a receiver. That should be able to do anyway all the time him. But the -- it could do. Brings you back to the table out odd to Asia to the I talked to general managers that ball but what -- -- Both told me speculation. Now again some time that the knowledge but talk about that the Saints may try to trade up in round one. That slot and yet he reined in -- from Arkansas State. Well more -- -- from UNC. To that -- keep the line and I don't know why did that and indeed that the tackle is brought up but I think it it's not. A receiver and I think the top spot will be goal won it 27 is going to be alive they'll be. Our quarterback. One of -- plays in won't be in defense of line men that in that falls to you but it's interesting to separate team. Believe in that game and he actually did the -- economy he's short and were up in round one. To grab one of the Eagles would I would say the nuclear threat type receive. One more big signal NFL analyst Mike DA got a couple of emails at the Texans get some questions out you've got time to as well to a 60 point 78. 8668890. Eights in the two weeks and -- will be -- DB in draft coverage -- be on home of the black and gold. WWL MED draft that is now my BTA dot com at my detail AA on two and a Mike active. On social media and tweeting of course going to give -- -- -- -- now for the draft two weeks from the night here on WWR radio to -- ago. Chris you know -- today on WW -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I'll admit that I'm not the most knowledgeable when it comes to. You know not looking forward. What could -- -- it have been that big problem with the team now that you hurt. Not being able to get open because there were times where. Can you all are now equal with the one point oh. An apology. To the area to be on our own event not an actor Brees. Be pretty. It. Well they should be at some point on offensive line providing protection. We got the space the B -- -- -- on that like if we want to make it to the football we don't. Go through. Utley out cam -- seen an -- so. You know at least one you know our and since there's so. So as well as you -- you they are you dateline's things they thought Arizona offensive lineman grant yeah are you saying at a particular business -- says there are Olympic brought that they have their tackles nobody front. What would you could you and you pay in -- era -- -- and I. You paid back street and Toronto on stated that in the -- out against Carolina. I thought he played really good as a rookie player so. It. At that point out there will be still going to be penciled in that spot more than likely going to bring in. That are likely to be what we do. Better. -- for you so well. Well ethical or right. Now. Right and that they were democratic -- to you Chris is that the way the way Mike and Bob was saying is that. And you may not know but that by about a moves they've made this all season and inserting their arms there. They're pretty much set on the offensive line with a question market who will be starting sent. -- -- -- -- -- It's that. We walked. No no no credit which you bring out. I can do things that they eagles' offensive line in the middle of this draft. And into they that is that success they've had. Would -- mid round pick played as a has been Carl Nicks it has been Jahri Evans has been -- on rod if who has been Terrell -- and guys pick in the middle of the right. It does occasionally use first or second round pick on them doesn't mean it you don't wanna try to shore up that area. I don't think that. Really the future is now but as football is out of options and. And you open the line lies negate itself in that shot to make it fourteen to. Believe that would -- -- there you have it you can stay healthy. You got the best chance to get back the bubbles on the initially. That you. Penciled. Would you need to bring handsome young talent you cannot pay one. And eventually. You get out on a pick in shouldn't hear who you wanna keep -- bill. I think offensive line gets addressed in the middle or later rounds it is drying out with that -- And -- a guy who can -- people sinner and goal. Yeah -- my public radio mock draft in the fourth round you have cared. Garko line. Offensive tackle -- this thing hurts but I look at it. Now rumored the rumor mill it's that. -- -- -- the -- it's -- we -- just speculating kind of joking around. -- look for big splash in the entertainment. That the NFL has become entertainment value. I guess is a little over three weeks I've said Jerry Jones needs to do. Because John Damon though is from Texas. And and is that it does that be dismayed that TV can imagine Johnny football. In in a Cowboys uniform -- Ed werder. I was scared that it worries -- Jerry Jones. Might be interested in in that but what is your take. And is that to forfeit did that in the Cowboys. Read them a sixteen. You look at it I was saying look at them like them and nine -- all of a sudden Jerry Jones really want to do that. There's a number of teams that won a Tony role will be did you think in you know I'd begin of that to -- -- diamonds of losing the climate. Well it would be maybe TV -- image on the Cowboys. Okay -- do areas. If you -- and -- team and Tony Romo criminal what is second back surgery. Yet -- know what I think about that I mean you know. Are the problem is not one. Accomplished a lot probably means when he did. Admit that the -- So even if you bring it on and they'll want to do. Was gonna play the markets where positions. It should only be employed an outside linebacker spot. That heart trouble in front and now the last few years and that's what we continually finished 88888. Nate. If you bring in and they'll he make it is it it's almost like Aubrey out he'll realize. What -- -- injury but at -- solve -- problems. And also to. Jerry would it mean it. All of them money spent -- told me. That it didn't work now. And it's normal things with him and it and it -- not picking up Tony romo's contract if you wanna cut in that line. But I'm not training you know and I'm not picking up that contract especially all the guys come and -- back surgery -- So it and sweeping. In the Cowboys -- Mean I will be in it than he does it help to help me along on the development I can't stop anyone. Like that I mean. Nick couldn't stop a means what -- -- -- that night. I mean it so you gotta get it but I should play up and helping to put the spotlight -- turned -- now. NFL analyst Mike did TA the image Vijay or reporters out go to Mike deteriorate that com and also follow Mike on to a and Mike did you might. Thank you so much. I'm like all right thanks so much to Jim handle on the news and of course the regular am walkman or just tomorrow's a pizza -- LSU. Baseball vs Tennessee and we'll talk about the LSU offensive weapons going to be issues drafted two receivers. Beckham and Landry. Running back Jeremy Lin segment environment which we have the best first season which -- the best career. In the in and -- thanks so much of the load Alice and ransom a makes it is the -- show. I'm big ability has always done by the cajun cannon Bobby a bear on the lately resolved and -- people.