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Apr 24, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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It's another very very pleasant evening we are getting very close to the first weekend of jazz facets are coming up when you've got a chance to win tickets. Just realistic to Tommy Tucker tomorrow morning at 840 and then Don Dubuque in the think tank for Garland Robinette tomorrow afternoon at 1240 you've got a chance to win tickets to Jazz Fest and now what's against going to be another great Jazz Fest are always great didn't this year. Is not a disappointment to anybody -- Clapton Bruce Springsteen the bias gangs Chaka Khan and Jon Fogarty having the list goes on Christina Aguilera Robin thick efficient and locals like Better Than Ezra. Erin noble trombone shorty groups that are close it out -- -- warmer Thomason and hundreds more all the great world class food. The one of the kind arts and crafts and great music and you could win tickets tomorrow morning Tommy Tucker 840 and Don did you Tora afternoon. At 1240 here at WW will also -- you can note join in WW wells FaceBook page to be a dual radio. And that's another way to win we're gonna randomly select ten winners tonight. -- do this soon go to our FaceBook page WWL radio at her and it's we're gonna pick ten lucky winners tonight. At midnight and happy fasting from all of us. And WWL. I Zurich classic it's also this weekend and we never can control the weather sometimes the weather for events like Jazz Fest and answer classics of types of Weathers is great sometimes it's not so great. This is just could be a beautiful beautiful spring like we did -- get out and enjoy it. It's hard for tonight's top eight at -- hear the topic things we'd like you to know which we begin our show tonight on WWL. Number eight. George Clooney were having dinner with Vegas mogul Steve -- in Las Vegas. When a verbal confrontation erupted. Win provoked Clooney by calling President Obama an a hole. Clooney then called win an a hole and stormed away from the table. Now George Clooney says that President Obama is my friend and Steve -- started to get to him what -- -- talking about obamacare and called the president an a hole. And he said George police had to win a President Obama is my friend don't talk about in that way we -- fired back and said well your friend is an able. And then George Clooney said no you're an a hole -- these past twelve years old. I said coach you're an a hole and he said -- I'm not gonna sit here and listen to this and he got open and stormed away. Which said that George Clooney had been putting down tequila shots and he's a lot of fun when he sober if you have a chance to drink but George Clooney according to Steve went from Vegas. You need to get there early. And don't stay late. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. I noticed resorts in Pennsylvania. Is promoting a beer fest this summer. And being totally nude is absolutely mandatory. Now it's a it's a clothing optional resort in the Poconos. But yet this event the beer -- the -- beach beer fest. At the Sony rest resort in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. It's mandatory to be totally -- This is a private separate sort it's well guarded -- to prevent those who were outside to try to peek -- at the guest. I gotta be honest with you when you go to things like this. Nude beach. Nudist resort. But -- go to places like this honestly there are a lot of people that may be should not have taken their clothes off so I don't know how many people to try to peak in advance tickets for this. -- Beach beer bash at this dude resort sixteen dollars eighteen dollars at the door the public is invited to sluggish or 21 and over. -- and keep your ID. I have questions about that I've been to -- beaches but Durbin to a new resort and I guy I guess you have stuff they are and and you couldn't. Go back to your stuff for you when you need to now it under you know we talk about this tonight going to a -- beach. Is really not. The sexual event that most people think it is going to under -- to renewed. Restore order nudist camp but I have been to a nude beach religion in Miami it was one not far from from where I lived. And it's it's really not that big -- deal mean everybody's. Kind of on not on equal grounds because you can't. You don't know who's rich you don't know who's fashionable. You really don't know much about a person because they are they're just kind of they are. And I just I never found it to be. I never thought that I would like it. But I I never found it to be the that the sexual thing that so many people think although I did pick up one very interesting little tidbit. It's best to go to -- nude beach during the day. During the week. Because if there are clubs where girls dance that's when they go out and -- on themselves are number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Climbing -- to the Nevada rancher who challenge the federal government by allowing his -- to -- on federal land. Has a set an interview picks that maybe the negro. Would be better off as a slave rather than living off government assistance even Republicans that supported life and Bundy. It is disagreement with the federal government disagree with his comments and called them racist. The Bureau of Land Management says that Bundy for a for years since 1993. Has not allowed his cattle to graze on on on federal land and he owes more than a billion dollars in grazing fees now -- federal agent showed up to confront him. They were met with an armed militia. And a lot of conservatives got excited to know you stand up for your rights casino a lot of conservatives. Really lean towards keeping the federal government out of here out of your life. -- -- of course it comes to same sex marriage but in an interview with the New York Times here's what Ted Bundy said. I will tell you one more thing about the negro. And in front of the government house. The door was usually open and the older people and kids. And there's always at least half a dozen people sitting on the porch. And they didn't have nothing to do. They didn't have nothing for their kids to do they didn't have nothing for their young girls to do and because they were basically on government subsidy. So now what do they do. They abort their young children. They put their young men in jail because they never learned. How to pick cotton. And I've often wondered. Are -- better off as slaves picking cotton having a family life. And doing things or are they better off under government subsidy. They didn't get no more freedom. They got less freedom. Do you agree with that. A spokesman for a century in Nevada a Republican senator from Nevada senator Dean Heller. Who had previously. Supported bonding in his battle with the federal government. Totally rejected what he said he said he completely disagrees with mr. -- is appalling and racist statements and condemns them. In the most. As strenuous -- Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky who on Fox News and interview with Greta Van Susteren had supported early in week has supported buddy. Now totally rejects his comments saying that his remarks on race or offensive and I wholeheartedly. Disagree with him. Why do people still. Think that way. I guess this guy climbing -- -- I I guess he didn't think about you know the beatings. That blacks took. There actually for. I guess he didn't think about it the rating of women I guess he didn't think about some of those things for him to say that that the negro may have been better off. As a slave. They're living under government subsidies again. There are so many people who continue to make very ignorant statements. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Louisiana lawmakers are considering a bill that would require doctors and hospitals to keep brain dead pregnant women on life support. Until they deliver their -- This is a tough one. This this -- a tough when you world's representative Austin -- on says that his bill gives the unborn child of voice because pregnant women. Sometimes can't speak depending on the circumstances there and when it might be incoherent. And this is designed to protect the child's life opposition comes from New Orleans resident Julie. I'm sure on a Jewish one Harris who says that the legislation could create a dangerous precedent. She says that this legislation could also go against a dying woman's living will. And there was a recent case I don't remember where once we talked about her on the show. Somewhere in Texas where a woman which bring dead and essentially legally dead but she was kept alive because she was pregnant and then they finally -- it was not her wishes to do that she wanted. She wanted to. To be allowed to. To go -- if she was in this situation. And the this -- this and the law and the state of Texas was challenge and hospital had to keep broadly support but it was finally agreed that they could pull the plug literally. But -- Harris says that this legislation to could also go against the living will. The living will be dying woman. And if there's no living will then the government comes between her loved ones and and her. And I I think this is yet another invitation to have government involved in. On life and death situations -- should the government be involved in this. And if you -- Russia with a comment about anything we talk about tonight's our numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688. Nines early seventy and -- tech's number is 8787. Never for a tonight's list of the top eight at eight. -- -- -- -- show we talk about whether the Louisiana legislatures making the state of Louisiana look moral war moron. And I told you that what the legislature does gets national attention. Steven -- there Comedy Central. Made fun of the state of Louisiana. Over the lawmakers attempt to keep the sport of chicken boxing on line. -- -- senator Albert gallery. Opposed to bill that would have expanded the ban. On cock fighting in Louisiana. He didn't want that to include chicken boxing. Even children are said to senator -- re explained. That the chickens can engage in their sport. Without hurting each other. They put on little boxing gloves. They fight rounds so they can get water and cool off in between the rounds. And if they're they're hot they can get water if they're losing they can get olive oil salt pepper and squeeze of lemon the world center JP Morales bill came up for the senate to floor. The -- released a list of chicken boxing rules to illustrate this sport is perfectly safe. Nicole -- col Baer made fun of this saying chicken boxing has strict rules like each combatant -- to -- standard fall. Safety boxing -- Just checked the poultry counter at your local sports authority. So it was an opportunity to make fun of Louisiana and -- I don't know that much about -- boxing. But I think it's ludicrous to assume that and maybe you know more about this that I do the chickens can box. Against Vick is sporadic and they can have a legitimate boxing match and not heard each other. McCain even do that among humans when they get in the ring so. Again I question the mentality of people who feel the need to sit around watch and -- on chickens. Fight. If you at a -- our show tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text number is 877. Number three on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. -- summer tourism campaign to attract visitors to the city this summer will be expanded and for the first time the marketing campaign will hit the West Coast. So the shorter right now I want to talk about what you would put in a commercial. To attract visitors to come to New Orleans this summer. I'm mark roaming the president of the New Orleans tourism marketing corporation says the national campaign has started a couple of weeks early. They're spending four point five million dollars on the follow your -- campaign. And it's gonna hit cities across the country including markets they have nonstop flying service to New Orleans. Is that for the first time we're going to be in the West Coast in San Francisco they're going to be in Chicago. They're gonna run -- in East Coast markets like Baltimore Boston. Cincinnati. Austin Nashville Kansas City and Saint Louis. And and of course markets even closer like Atlanta Dallas and Memphis and Charlotte, North Carolina those will be. On heavily blanketed with our our campaign to get people come here a Baton Rouge Munro Lafayette Shreveport to Columbus, Mississippi Houston. Memphis mobile Montgomery Pensacola are among the markets. There will try to attract people because those are markets where you can just simply drive to the city. But it all 210 markets will be exposed to this this campaign to bring people to New Orleans this this summer with 152 a 32 commercials. It features the voice of new -- sector John Goodman as well as the soundtrack pro professional on here song. Big chief and they're getting together with the Walt Disney company and ABC to create promotional materials aimed at families with scenes from the New Orleans set animated film. The princess. And the fraud. Last year nine point 28 million people. Visited New Orleans that was a little better than 2012 which was the second highest first count on record so that the city is guided the city's crowded right now. Another a lot of like kids on spring break I see a lot of families and it's just it's amazing to me that there are people who live in this general area who won't even bring their their -- downtown. Because they think it's inappropriate to bring their kids downtown. And yet there are famous coming from all over the country and the bringing their children downtown and there with their kids downtown all this week. A lot of -- like to draw off that this week. After after Easter and I know that there's some of the local schools that have been out to all weakens schools take a spring break this time of year. And a lot of families have chosen to come to new worlds but I think one thing it will what we'll talk about tonight is what would you put in a commercial. To attract visitors to come to new worlds this summer. Never -- like tonight's list of the top eight at eight. -- -- coach Joseph talk about what -- is telling Catholic woman who is married to a divorced man. That she is welcome to take holy communion even though her parish priest denied her communion. That goes against their teachings of the Catholic Church and today in an official statement a spokesman for the Vatican says. The Pope did not speak for the church. Because this was a private conversation. That's -- WWL pretty general opinion poll tonight who should decide whether or not divorced Catholics were Catholics married to divorcee -- Receive communion. Who should decide the Pope. Or the church. I thought the Pope was the church but who should decide the Pope or the church. It is your opinion like going to our website WWL dot com and we will update you on that poll was retract that throughout our showed right. This good luck tonight is sell on our website right now again annually to agree or disagree with me but frankly unethical Catholics should read this and if you have Catholic friend you should share with them whether they agree or not. It's starts a good conversation -- but tonight is titled is the power of the Pope. In the ropes. Or in the -- For the Vatican to have reacted to Pope Francis telling us this woman that she can take communion even though she's married to a divorced man. By the way she's been married this -- for nineteen years and I have two daughters. The Pope says she is welcome -- communion and the Vatican almost immediately says no the Pope does not speak to the church that was a private conversation. To me this once again. Exposes. The church as an entity that is more interest in rules. Meaning humanity. To read the blog and comment on -- share with others it's on our website at WW dot com and we will talk about this on the shoulder right if you're -- stay where this -- gonna get to all of your calls. If you wanna join us for the comment about any of the suffer talking about tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- seventy at a text number is 877. And finally tonight's. Number one. On tonight's list of the top -- yeah. Bill in the Louisiana legislature would require equal pay for women in the private sector it has advanced. Hallelujah. Louisiana ranks 46 in the nation but the lowest pay for women. Is that fair. At the same time this is going on there's also a debate in New Hampshire the New Hampshire state representative a Republican will in fancy. In that type of advertisers will infant and spoke about his State's pay gap. Saying that men work harder and women their four women do not deserve equal pay day. Pointed -- of Republicans really working hard to attract back to women who defected the party. Two women deserve equal pay. For a job done. And archer here are you tired of hearing about Louisiana being close to the bottom and so many categories were 46. In the area of the lowest pay for women. And you know -- -- it's frightening that this this New Hampshire representative. Will influence in infants and it's frightening that he does represent what upon a lot of people believe. There is still a lot of ignorant chauvinist. In in politics. Making decision ignorant chauvinist. Making decisions. To suggest that women don't work as hard as men and work harder they're for women don't deserve equal pay is absolutely insane. And then -- we can also get into the idea that women deserve maybe even more paid and and because. A woman's hair cut cost more than a man's haircut. It's my understanding -- if you're a woman and you take a blouse to the cleaners cost you more to get the blouse cleaned -- a guy who brings in assured. It's. Is that fair. We'll talk about -- the Charlotte if you wanna join us tonight numbers 260187. Toll free 866889. Or which heavily taxed. Is -- 7870. This is the -- like from New Orleans on a Thursday night very very comfortable out. And again I'm gonna remind you like it did last night to get out and walk your dog and if you don't have a dog just pretend to have a dog and just go on and and walk around for comfortable tonight will be right back -- more. On -- WL we have an update on something we're talking about on the -- show last night it was about a Pope Francis -- telling this woman who is married to. Mary to divorce man. That she was welcome to communion even though the the priest in her church denied her communion. The postage is look at the comedic one now the Catholic Church says. Well wait a minute the Pope is not speaking for the church here's -- WWL pretty -- opinion poll tonight. Who should decide whether or not divorced Catholics or Catholics married to divorce -- Receive communion. Who should decide the Pope -- the church give us your opinion by going to WWL. Dot com I got a lot of text to get to start with those here just a moment from New Orleans Roberts here on the -- show good evening. -- I don't think it did that and which are you breaking up -- you tell me that again. Start. I don't at all. Are usually didn't it will word just didn't you'd -- inward. The B word and it dug a word idiot that -- out. -- then probably 13 grade. Probably pointed dirty article and I don't -- action. It wouldn't be in his column. Be accused of being a racist OK the problem -- he's -- as all the weight is a belt. He's. Live in the -- according to. There. So so you're you're agreed that did that blacks would be better off the slaves. And when he used that word. It wasn't that he used it wasn't that he used the word negro it's that he said that the they were better off for slaves than they are on government assistance. Now they're aka I can -- going to be key right now. And injury young goat would bolt and -- -- do -- their parents aren't aren't and in word and more every night each. When women at all -- naked. OK so what does that have to do -- what does that have to do it. Should necessarily. So what does that have to do with blacks being better off facilities. It's just working and they're making hundreds upon the policy -- about the word he says it. There's no accusation ratios against -- don't. Well this guy's obviously a racist. All right all right wow you go to PGA right now. We'll watch you go watch it I mean your your free to do then. So I think -- This -- can be probably nationwide. Showing at this point -- out -- trying worst. All honor and worship what does associated. All that is that where you can. Robert I under I understand that and and I think you have to take you consider it. Gracious what are -- -- -- -- worship what you don't want is that an aberration it's it's not racist because of intent. Already had a -- actual -- you know what did you dvd explained what intent means. -- -- -- -- there. Well into -- you have. Are you still -- It's it's it's kind of like you thought it. If the skinny comedian makes one -- that -- -- it's different than if a fat comedian makes fun of fat people. It's a lot of it has to do with a source of of the person who -- it and when blacks use that word to describe each other I don't like it. But I I I'm not offended by it I'm offended when I hear a white person used the N word. OK then. Oh yeah need to do -- but -- -- Portugal. And drop them an opportunity. There's an article whoa wait. But do you think that blacks are better off as slaves than they are living a government assistance. No one. Should be usually can. That's what I wanna do you say Robert I'm glad you called and I appreciate you enlightening us with your observations. From -- Jeremy -- on WW well. -- -- -- Well. Robert that it called for about -- and I think. Took pro quietly and and yes -- Miami Dade County had the wrong attitude that came out. I think the point that he was trying to make that which I agree is. That it. Made the comment wouldn't have such. Problem if you -- that -- -- -- hands -- now. I think what rob. Was up now was that bad. Maybe grading him for. Publicity. And make on that operates without yeah. I don't think they say this there's no question that when you fit the stereotype that that takes off in the media. This this guy fits the stereotype is a racist like. Right and totally do not agree -- earnings. Just. That's what I think it was. Well but it was not but it wasn't so much about using the word negro it was -- saying that blacks essentially blacks. We're better off as slaves than they are living on government assistance right -- and that's not a statement that supports the idea of living on government assistance. I mean how much -- Something you could see that. Armistice but they're not well. An attack by my body to get the government and I would agree with that. But I am not second point you don't -- much why is. In reference to that could be situations you mark though more results are so -- -- And needs like -- -- -- forty -- the yeah -- your -- would be it would that be a nap architectural. A coach he has sexual assault or something like that yeah. -- -- to if you just joined -- I was talking about it nudist resort in Pennsylvania it's promoting a a beer fest this summer. And you have to be naked it's a clothing optional our resorts in the Pocono Mountains they're gonna have a deer and bear. Beach beer bash this this summer. And being nude is mandatory. He could buy tickets said the public is invited yet to be at least Tony one and then I immediately thought about already put the the ID. And I thought about times that I went to a new beach it really is it's really different than what you what you expect dot. I can't speak for everybody who's who's been in that situation but for me it was not about what you think it's about. You know wasn't something that I feel like I need to do but it was and it was something interesting to experience because he was different from. What I what I thought. Jerry I'm political show and before Ehrlich ago thank you so much for what you've done for country. Appreciate you listen if you wanna join us with failure comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. A text numbers 87870. Also talking about the revenue rose campaign to get people to come to new worlds this summer it's started a couple of weeks early. What would you say in a commercial to get people to come to New Orleans. Here's a text who needs a son -- without -- -- come to New Orleans. And you can enjoy. Everything you can enjoy anything in our summer sun just step outside. And that would be out there would be something to playoff on you can maybe suggests that people come to New -- you come for the food state that the humidity. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- -- semi tech state 7070. I'm astute and were coming right back into the W well so who should decide whether or not divorced Catholics are Catholics married to somebody whose divorce should receive communion is at the Pope or is that the church. That's a WW a project -- people give us your opinion by going to WW dot com we will have an update on that. As we search -- poll throughout our show tonight -- blog tonight is titled is the power of the Pope in the robes. Or in the man. And is controversy stems until they were talking about last night I thought it was ridiculous when the Vatican today dismissed what the Pope said yesterday. Well he came out that the pope's -- yesterday by apparently told this woman a couple of days ago that if she's married. And she's very to a divorced man it was American church that she's welcome to go to communion even though her parish priest denied her communion because she's living in sin. And the Pope told her you're welcome to go to communion will the Vatican kind of freaked out I guess and -- -- await him at the Pope was having a personal conversation and he wasn't speaking for the church. -- Catholic and a little confused by that. If you wanna join us for the comic tonight on numbers 26018720386688. -- are -- having a tax receipts 77. Also play -- -- this is the Nevada rancher who challenge the federal government this was all governors recently. By allowing -- -- -- on federal land. Suggesting in an interview with the New York Times today it's the negro may be better off as a slave rather than. Living on government assistance and even Republicans who supported Monday. Have totally disagree with what they called his racist comment. Byron your WWL good evening. It was going to. -- as. I'm sure you were. About the about the children shouldn't -- -- that are in the history populate. Them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So. It's a battle should. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah but it wouldn't apply -- there's -- -- -- bill issue. Charitable. But as well. That's throw the at the argument is made though that a higher percentage of blacks soaring government assistance -- and I don't think anybody should it like there are people who need help and and they deserve help but there are people who -- people who. Decide that their career is going to be to have children and live off the government and that should not be a career. And that's not what this does have that's really that discussion has come up in this but really it's about. This guy saying that. And he's suggesting that. Blacks would be better off as slaves and on government assistance and I don't think the government comes in -- you. What is the requirement and move is certainly. Well on should be done a beautiful about it right now. Yes. They probably wouldn't have a different schools aren't out there and equipment -- -- -- object -- the community -- there -- different. It would shouldn't have been -- I don't know -- well well pretrial option before you go to -- Albeit there's this doesn't know what it. Let's go to -- -- which. This problem there -- -- -- federal provincial. And -- and I hope -- -- The poems beautiful -- -- -- was spokesperson well we kept the. I thought so too but now the Vatican -- no no that's a private conversations so the Pope is not speaking for the church which makes me think. That the Catholic Church is saying that the power is in the robes not in the man himself. -- -- -- -- -- a little bit ago. Byron political assured thanks -- into WWL at night. If you're -- they would a surrogate to your calls after this a quick break our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- text numbers 87870. Here's a text that read so I'm confused about the Pope issue is he or is he not speaking. Defying the church doctrine and who is saying that he's not speaking for the church. I I'm -- I'm Catholic and I'm very confused by this. Here is a text that read so regardless. Oh regarding the nude beach -- bash it might give new meaning to the words. Fanny pack. This is the Scotia -- we'll be right back and Debbie WL. Who should decide whether or not divorced Catholics are Catholics marry two people who -- divorce should receive communion is at the Pope the church right now 100%. Responding George WWL pretty general opinion poll. Say the Pope should decide 0%. Say the church we'll see if that changes as the time goes on. A truck to show would give your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com for new orleans' Chris year on the -- show good evening. -- -- -- -- -- Although there. Fair at all. Welcome -- It is imperative. Ranch. About news it's. That. Week. It. No no human beings. So obviously. -- -- -- -- -- -- They're number a little. All read all about public -- -- all their equipment their ability. -- Everything that -- Lou at all. Not at all it just wherever they are. You know. -- on a black man. There -- people. They. And it if you have a payment. Like there you go. Out there. They're -- yet -- the other day downtown I saw an I saw a young girl who is pregnant and it may be she words maybe. Maybe she was one. She might have been younger but let's say she was twenty. Now these may not have been her kids but they might have been -- kids I do see this softened a young girl pregnant. With the three young children. Mean if you make a mistake if you if you if you have unprotected sex and you have a baby at the end of congratulations for going through the process and and and and having that they be taking care of the baby but. How do you keep continue to do that without realizing that wait a minute maybe I should stop this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well oh wait -- at that point. They're all out -- the -- Thirteen and eighteen. -- in the community. You know there are. Approaching it where it goes -- which. But. The -- -- Chris I'm I'm gonna have to like that. Now everybody. I've got to get to a news break I appreciate you calling our show if -- on -- stay with us this is the -- show live from New Orleans on -- Thursday -- they were coming right back on WWL.