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Scoot Show 4-24 9pm, Pope Francis & Ranchers comments

Apr 24, 2014|

Last night on “The Scoot Show” we talked about Pope Francis telling a Catholic woman, who is married to a divorced man, that she is welcome to take Holy Communion, even though her parish priest denied her communion. That goes against the teachings of the Catholic Church and today in an official statement a spokesman for the Church says the Pope does not speak for the Church and that was just a private conversation. Is the power of the pope lie in the position or in the man? Are you as confused as Scoot is? And, WHO should decide whether or not divorced Catholics or Catholics married to divorcees receive communion, the Pope…or the Church? Aren’t they the same? Catholics, call in and tell us, which side are you on? Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher who has challenged the federal government by allowing his cattle to graze on federal land, suggested in a recent interview that the “Negro” may have been better off as a slave rather than living on government assistance. Even Republicans who have supported Bundy disagree with his racist comments.

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Tomorrow is the first day of Jazz Fest weekend the first weekend and the weather is going to be sensational this weekend make sure you've got some sunblock with you especially if you're taken the kids out there. Victory had a hat with you that might PO wise also the Zurich classic is this weekend weather should be grateful that. -- the New Orleans summer tourism campaign has started a couple of weeks early now we don't really see this year because were already here this this is on in in in other cities. After the first time they're targeting the West Coast. And cities like San Francisco where there are nonstop flights from that city to New Orleans. And then a lot of other cities where you can go fly very quickly to the city or where you can even drive to the city so where we're gonna talk on the show on and off tonight about what you would put -- commercial to attract visitors to New Orleans. What would you what would you say in a commercial to attract visitors to come to the world -- this summer. Apparently is something along the lines of -- for the food stay for the humidity and I got a text a little while ago from a someone who suggested that I'd just you know come enjoy our -- They basically are our 360 degree spot -- you keep getting hit you can enjoy seeing everything in a Sauna but just walk outside. We're also talking about a deal in the Louisiana legislature that would require equal pay for women in the private sector that has advanced. Louisiana ranks 46 in the nation for the lowest pay for women. And also this is being discussed in New Hampshire New Hampshire state representative will it's inside a Republican. Spoke about his State's pay gaps saying that men work harder than women. And do not deserve equal pay. So this is obviously you know the Republican usually working hard to win those women back through defected from the party. -- women deserve equal pay yet you know I'll tell you that there are. The two people. Who worked the longest at the station the two people who put in the longest hours. In management positions. Or women. In fact both of them are still here right now working. Now I'm not saying anything negative about the men who work here but tell me that that there were two women. Who consistently. Work later than anybody else. And so -- it it's just totally ignorant to suggest that. Men were part of their women. A -- liberals are talking about liven Bundy the and about a rancher who recently had a challenge with the federal government. You might have seen this on the news today the federal government -- to stop allowing his cattle to graze on federal way and -- million dollars in. Grazing fees which he refused to pay. And the the federal government went out to to talk to him about this and they were met with the militia. So this is one of those those guys. Well he said in an interview with a New York Times that the negro may have been better off as a slave. Rather than being on government assistance got a -- a moment ago from some ways it says that what are the chances that Bundy was taken out of context. And this is payback for embarrassing the government. Well if I'm reading a quote from the New York Times so if the New York Times. Did not quote him accurately I doubt that they did I mean there's a lot of respect. Especially with publication like the New York Times if you put something quotes would be you can trust that the guy said it. But two to even suggest that and use the word negro. To show you how backwards this guy is on. To suggest that a negro is better off as a slave. Then on government assistance. Is just is ignorant. And there have been people who Republicans who have supported him who now don't support him because of such an ignorant comment but you know you. And the First Amendment allows people to express their ignorance. And also last night on the show we talked about Pope Francis telling a Catholic woman who's married to a divorced man she's welcome to -- holy communion. Her priest denied her communion. Because that goes against that -- Catholic churches teach X according to what what I've I've understood finesse. But -- official statement today the Vatican says well the Pope was not speaking on behalf of the church that was a private conversation. So here's our WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight. Who should decide whether or not divorced Catholics. Or anybody for that matter can receive communion. Should be the Pope or the church. 75% say the Pope 25% say the church. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com if you wanna join us to comment about any of the stuff we're talking about tonight. On this -- show our number is 2601878. Toll free 86688907. And a tech's number is 877. From the West Bank or failure on WW a good evening. But. It. And it. -- Ctrl+Alt. -- -- that took that. But some. -- About back. In -- will grow -- like. On. My back. But. People at all. -- That at all. They'll get a ball. Public at. -- Tibet but I only put and it. All. -- That it. -- So you're you're saying east zone government assistance I think that's a legitimate way to look at this. That. It. -- -- Well. You don't. Want to. Put. It. Well. One. Oh. -- Well as you as you know are held there are there or some people in this country who so. I hate the federal government they really don't think the federal government should have any power whatsoever and they feel like as as human beings in there there are a lot of people that had this. Kind of separates separates mentality. And that mentality also is a shared by a lot of people who also wore white supremacist not a -- this guy here -- and Bundy what he's a -- premise but. It sounds like a racist to me and there are a lot of people who believe that they shouldn't have to doing the federal government tells and do. It. All one. What. People. Are probably not all -- and all. It. Would be. Pol Pot a little. Bit. On -- -- don't want a bit like that. Been. Well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- well there there there he hit it there are people who might wanna be the leader of -- company but think that the company should should downsize to be more efficient and if if the you know the bushes or Italy in politics is a legitimate business and they have worked hard to be in the position that the area and so I can't criticize him for that they're not. They're not to try to take anything away from the government. I would like to think that anybody who becomes president would want a smaller government rather than a bigger government because a bigger government just becomes -- person and that stuff does not get done a bureaucracy by its very nature is -- is totally incompetent. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We are all. All -- all. A money. Talk all that talk. About it. -- -- -- -- -- But not sure you want. There. -- All. Of a. -- you got your right are alive or agree with much of what you're saying if you wanna join us tonight with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven in a text numbers 87870. It's not time for you to win if you listen to be WL -- times during the day this is the time of year for you to win. Vacation cash and our vacation cash contest it's an -- like -- to win 1000 dollars. Now every day on WWL weekdays -- for the top of the hour news at 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM at 5 PM listen for the code word. And then touch the code word to seventy to 8172881. For your chance to win without even putting on your phone. For lucky winners nationwide are gonna 1000 dollars each and you've got a chance to win right here on WWL. Also the habit that detects that you said we don't charge for that which are individual plan and data rates that may have may apply and may have a charge for bad. So remember to listen to weekdays listened to be a real weekdays -- for the top of the orders at seven. Eleven. 2 PM and 5 PM and good luck in short radio intercom. WWL -- -- summer tourism campaign to attract visitors to the city will be expanded and for the first time their marketing and cities like separate Cisco on the West Coast. So what would be a good way to. Convince people to come to New Orleans what would you put in the commercial to attract visitors to come to -- were launched this summer. Here's a Texan -- food music drinks and love. All in less than a block away no matter where you are in New Orleans is the only it's only possible in the city that I love in the city that people come to -- And I like that I would play at the idea that. Bears there's no less well now of course some businesses do you have a last call potential last called him editorialists call in the city. And that's an advantage -- -- suggesting that people go out and get drunk on like that it's. It's nice and it's kind of like when you're in Vegas you could go he could have dinner you can go back to your hotel take a nap and then wake up -- and have more fun. In his -- are careful where -- shortly in the quarter the -- still via a fun place. I'm Catholic and I have to admit I'm I'm confused. But Francis told the Catholic woman who's married to divorced man that she's welcome to take holy communion. But her parish priest. Said that she can't and he denied her communion. And Pope Francis said the priest is wrong. -- -- Boehner wrote a letter to Pope Francis telling him that the priest at her church told her that every day she's living in sand and he refused to give her communion. -- Francis called the woman. And told her. Debts. She could have communion that she was free to take communion. Now that goes against the teachings of the Catholic Church. Which I guess now I don't know whether this woman was divorced or not. But they were married in in the church and so this this priest in her parish in Argentina. Said -- It's not welcome to communion and denied her communion so she writes the Pope. And the -- there's no you can go to communion. What I find interesting about this is. The Vatican has issued a statement. That says the Pope was not speaking for the church that was a personal conversation the Pope which happened. The Vatican says. That the Pope. Is not speaking for the church. Again I'm confused. The Vatican is trying to say that if Pope Francis as a personal conversation with an individual. Whatever is said in a personal conversation has no bearing on the church or Catholic doctrine. But that leaves only one obvious conclusion. And that is the power of the Pope. Lies in the ropes he wears. And not in the man. Again I say I'm a Catholic I -- going to church but I don't agree with all of the actions of the church. Many Catholics have been alienated because of some man made rules in the church that seemed to contradict the spirit of what they were taught about an understanding and forgiving god. From the beginning it was -- Pope France's history controversial statements including statements about how. A gay pre should be accepted and an atheist can have a have to happen. When the Pope who is the leader of the Catholic Church tells the Catholic. Ritchie is welcome to communion even if she's very to a divorced man and married in the church. And living in sin according to her parish priest. And the Vatican quickly responds by distancing the church teachings from what the Pope says and personal conversation. It's easy to get the impression that the Catholic Church is more interested in rules. Then in humanity. If Pope Francis says in a personal conversation. Something that -- can grow with Catholic teachings and the Vatican dismisses with the process. Then the power of the Pope is not in the -- It's in the ropes he wingers because they're saying that this is a personal conversation so that he's not speaking for the church. But how -- the power begins superficial tangible robes and not the man. And this is the mentality that further exposes the Catholic church's desire to control its flock. By an abundance of rules set by the hierarchy of the church. It's almost as if the church. Has rules that are more important than what's in the best interest of the people who make up the congregation. And the manner in which the Catholic Church has handled the countless cases of sex abuse by priests. Is another example of the church protecting the status of the church and that's more important to doing what is right. I mean moving priests from one parish to another priest at the church knew. Were sexually molesting young boys to simply moving him to a different parish to make it disappear. And working very hard. To hide these horrific scenes from parishioners. And from law enforcement. Serves only to protect the church as an institution. And not protect the congregation of humanity. If Pope Francis told you in a private conversation. That you're entitled to go to communion. Wouldn't you think that you were entitled to go. Would you reject what he said in refer to the man made laws of the church. I think the Vatican's dismissal of Pope Francis telling this Catholic woman. There's merit to -- abortion and that she's welcome to take holy communion. Confirms. What so many have come to believe and that is that the church is a bureaucratic institution and not a living body. Made up of human beings who care about human beings. The -- like tonight is -- is the power of the Pope in the ropes or in the man. If you're Catholic -- Catholic friend you might wanna read that give us your comments if you like share with others. It's on our website at WWL dot com also put it on by a FaceBook page which is scoots on the air and you can reach their give us your comments. And here's an update on our WWL pretty -- opinion poll tonight. Who should decide whether or not divorced Catholics or Catholics married to somebody's divorce should receive communion is at the Pope or the church. 70%. Say the Pope and 30% say the church. If you wanna join us for your comic to write about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Which seventy and -- text number is 877. Nate you're on WW a good evening. I kitty thank you predictable call should appreciate that her. All out like the response RL in home polite respectful way we just a moment ago. Yeah he even mentioned bush and see. Quote unquote small corporate president. And he he classify all small government in two years -- -- worn equipment box and I would just like to say. I consider myself small government person. And President Bush. Correct we have rolled through. He outspent. Every president -- -- and find and increased the that the government about like 33%. So I just want it does that tell. The RL. Then President George Bush was not small government president and I would also like that -- bad. I felt the same thing apple that -- polite. Later regretted the decision. But I called to realize. -- my experiences that the media. Has been playing in both sides of Republican and Democrat and you know he wasn't small government even note that's what he was oriented to people who didn't. Inspect the situation. And you know small government person and I consider myself one of those people he talked about. But at the same time I didn't. Relate to anything it is -- That's what I was about. Well and I I defended the bushes there -- a legitimate business or sometimes the activities within politics not legitimate but it's a legitimate business. And I I think you make a good point I don't think any president is a small government president I mean there's a lot of rhetoric and a lot of talk about cutting the government but nobody seems to really do it I don't have the facts in front of me about how much the government grew under or George W. Bush. But what every president spends far far too much money and the government continues to grow. And and it's and it's a it's a shame at the government needs to -- to be streamlined and bureaucracy by its by the very nature of bureaucracy. Leads to incompetence. On many many different levels. That's right in it you know can be astute vehicles that are to Wear it where. Party's been in the and it if you look at where president that's been in the morning. And it -- It hit by large percentages go to growing the government itself -- -- their homes sell their feet you're out there and we have -- President won't find that book that your. And and and they don't and I don't care who's president if the country is broke. I don't think presidents should be sending their families and going on expensive vacation now I realize that every president deserves a break and it's got to be tough being president because you're working. Every day 24 hours a day with with few exceptions I mean you're always the president so I respect the presidents need to get away. But I don't think the president should be entitled and again this is not just about Obama this is about bush -- is about every president and the president should be entitled to take. Lavish vacations if the company they work for the government. Is broke. It's like a CEO going on an expensive vacation in a in a private jet when the company's. When the companies broke and that the the stockholders are making any money shares are down and they're still going on vacation I think that just sends a terrible terrible message even though. In the context of our expenditures the money's not that much well it all adds up. I couldn't agree more acute in furthermore we're given billions of dollars to Cotchery. I'm not saying there's not legitimate need and certain countries but I'm saying and how -- -- giving billions of dollars Woodward trillions of dollars in -- it doesn't accept any just like the equally dismayed that makes us today. Nate I'm glad you told -- thanks for listening to WWL -- ninety if you wanna join us with your thoughts and comments tonight shark numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven in our -- every State's 787. How we've also talked about to Clive and Bundy via Nevada rancher who defied the government and allowed his cattle degrees on federal land since 1993. Use the government I think the million dollars in a grazing fees. He has says sit in an interview with the New York Times. That's the negro may be better off as a slave rather than living on government assistance when we shared this text review before get back to your calls. A -- what's again because it is your belief does not make it right because some believe and political correctness does not make. Things right the two races most often identified are black and white the proper identification of these two races is Caucasian. And negro. It is not white and black brown or. On the absolutely. Most incorrect identifier is African American. The correct is negro it is not a derogatory term it is the only correct way to identify the black race. That's not what this is about. This is not an argument about him using the word negro. It's a part in saying that negroes. Blacks. May be better off as slaves. Then and government assistance. And that by the way is not a statement that endorses government assistance. Because there -- a lot of people who shouldn't be on government assistance and nobody. Nobody should be taught that government assistance is a way of life. Nobody. They're far too many people who need. There are some able -- people in government assistance continuing to have children to get more government assistance which when you do the -- it really doesn't make sense but yet. People -- And then there are people who really do need it to are probably not getting what they need so again there are going to be those people who have racist tendencies. We're going to argue over something like the word negro and how accurate the word negro that's not this discussion. However. You know times change. And society evolves. And as society evolves certain things that were customary or not customary now. I don't know why anybody has a problem with referring to a negro as a black. Or as an African American -- why is that such a big deal to you. It shouldn't be in if that's such a big deal then what are you really what are you really upset -- But this is not about the use of the word negro. It's a policy and that negroes. Are better -- -- slaves. And living on government assistance which is crazy because if your government assistance the government doesn't beat you. The government doesn't come over and raped your women break your wives. The government doesn't -- issue in the ways that slaves were punished. And again that's not support of government assistance. Six I lived downtown I see all the time I see a young mother pregnant and when I say young I mean. 19181920. Very young. Who's already got two young kids with. Now I don't know for sure of their her kids. But I'm sure in some cases they -- Now if you if you if you have a child. And our guy impregnate you and then just moves on with his life and doesn't give a damn about you and there are guys who do -- it's all about just -- the moment of sex. If somebody does that. And it happens and you have the baby. When you should be congratulated for having the baby and and and dealing with it. But don't keep going along that that path don't keep doing that baby after baby. I -- I don't understand that mentality. But again what Clive and Bundy who supported by a lot of conservatives who now don't support him because of what he he said here. The idea that blacks are better office leases is ludicrous. -- from Biloxi John your on the Scotia by turning on -- welcome to the show. -- -- debate here. At the outlook in the program. You were talking about -- yen. The Pope you know the Pope is. Course map of our political. I'm not anti accurately but back. But the quote is -- man -- -- I would agree. And and are at -- and -- and though the Pope is often described as infallible I believe that the Pope as a mortal man can make mistakes. -- teacher and and straight church Kampman. He -- baker of god. Are correct. The our on site the that the Pope but yeah. Well that's. -- -- -- believer org or close to that -- He's he speaks or. He speaks for god he speaks or did the church which -- it represents got -- mean you can word that any way you Warren but the point is the Pope as far as I have always known. The speaks for the church but now we're learning that if the Pope has a private conversation. Then that doesn't count that's not representing the church so that means. By their own admission through this that the Catholic Church is saying the power is in the ropes he waiters and not in the -- You know me -- -- to act like the -- that stores. Not colony on grab. And -- -- there are. -- -- -- Christian and I believe it but you know but -- ago was that. -- which is -- about the -- torture. Is it. He has a political leader. Yeah and and I I think that's that's what I'm trying to point out here. I'm trying to point out that this is really more about politics that it is about religion and it should be about relationships with got. Now well I'll I'll let you have. Saint several of his cup -- Bit. Either convince me that band does not vote -- expertise to get. -- You want might become. It Judaism. Was the whole group Christina. -- Now. -- -- again that there. And we look in the Judaism. The practice. Though that's -- is merely electorate. The album name. Is there -- only book. But wasn't he saying that christianity was built on. The old testament. Not exactly -- curious. Well I article I had to stand in there's of their soldiers a lot of you -- have been in the old testament. And and oil oh well. The first Christian. First Christian in the now some folks don't really give -- an epic. -- -- what. I don't try to figure it it's like it sounds like your your it. It sounds to me like you're trying to make a point but you haven't really made -- yet suggests they would usually listen. All I have a buddies get this deep. I've -- I've got to get to I've got to get to bring what you hold on all right are just. Hang on I'll finish this conversation and -- stay with -- I'm gonna get to all of your calls and I got a lot of text to get to as well. It's the -- show. On a Thursday nights and were coming back on -- WL I like Pope Francis I like this guy a lot I like the way he started shaken things up and it is the other day it was revealed that he told this -- Catholic woman. Who's married to a guy is divorced. Who she was denied communion by her local priest in Argentina and he said no you can go to communion when now the Vatican is is dismissing itself. From all of this thing he's not speaking for the church. He was speaking at a private conversation. The scoop like tonight is titled is the power of the Pope in the ropes or in the man. And that's on our website at WW dot com you can read it -- with the Catholic friends or anybody for that matter. And you can also give us your comments it's WWL dot com -- read a couple of the comments here distort -- was finished with our conversation with with John in Biloxi. John it's it sounds like your disc your looking for a reason to dismiss Judy is. Not people what you want to -- Or I am out and try and say you I'm trying to tell you the -- as wrong as borrowers Judaism the whole group. -- of christianity is not. What you must understand. It is the alma news okay. Is like crap mention bubble. Vision of video. NATO affairs cities you play the -- the traditions of my hand out. Hello -- -- They were well. And while we're wrong because the trauma and food is also known as apple and -- Odd. As a matter -- Judaism -- practice area today. Is younger in christianity. I say you're you're as a Christian you're offended. Christianity to you -- with the Pope said. And I'm a stop talking and don't talking around just tell me what's on your mind John. I know I've got to get to know the break you but just tell me what's on your mind. Well on year you've got more about just stop saying things like I've got to understanding -- tried to just say it. Just don't -- strong -- -- -- -- okay so that's your only sector only beef with the Pope. -- Do you agree that did you agree with the Pope when he says that -- pre should be accepted. As people do you agree with the property says that atheists may not atheists and apart and. Ed up person it's you -- navigate -- is a pretty. I think that's all. Okay. To not be -- it as a probable. Lots. Is certainly should be tell her jailed for apple would agree like a minute -- Teaching and who is teaching children to be homosexual. Well it's pretty. All this publicity that have over in a prepared to get a rise. Teaching people to be homosexual. Oh no no no no balcony not so bad it's not so by. Well as site as does everybody turn -- and that while we can't damn it people let our. John I I really appreciate your call I was quite entertaining if you wanna join us with a comet tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven in a text numbers 87870. But somebody gets a point where he says well let's just everybody turn today. Because the gay lifestyle the the the physical aspect of gay lifestyle may defy the biology that accounts for existence but again there's no there's no mean there's no demand to have children if you get married and what somebody says let's just all turned day. Hardy even discuss anything with people who believe it and yet. People do. This is the -- show. And we'll be right back -- Debbie WL and look at that George show on this set Thursday night here we got a lot going on here tonight I'm gonna reach some of the comments to the blog on our -- cited every WL dot com which -- tonight is titled. Is the power of the Pope in the ropes or in the man to a more those comments coming up a percent or Cisco David your -- -- show good evening. I understand you know it's I really wanted to talk but a separate topic but I -- -- -- as soon exactly what you're talking about and that's. Master race stamps. A couple of family that my -- is pure Irish Catholic. And my mom's side who is those mercenaries from Scotland. So we Romeo and Juliette unabomber -- of -- of Romeo and Juliette. Not only did we have to Catholics say that's what we have the Protestants say. So. The luckily enough off my debts. Last name is grace. And my mom's last name was -- Soul greats Mary Hart and and so everybody. The got a kick out of that that we had a great life. And so we've got to study in the religions and we have looked at it is is it that you lose their slaves right. They're escaping slavery. They're hole by -- That they don't need to be slaves and so pointy head jerked live and then some so called temple you'll have to believe that guy. You can be in person right so that's what the genes are they they were escaping. Slavery. But they -- on the -- So after awhile they approve free bird -- centuries that they were still open and that -- and. David I'm I'm gonna have to get to a news breaking view it like a hole if you would like to hold on just just hang on and I'll get to you're right after the news break also if -- -- stay -- this more viewer calls. More of your text it's a reaction to this group blog tonight all coming up next on WW well.