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Apr 24, 2014|

Last night on “The Scoot Show” we talked about Pope Francis telling a Catholic woman, who is married to a divorced man, that she is welcome to take Holy Communion, even though her parish priest denied her communion. That goes against the teachings of the Catholic Church and today in an official statement a spokesman for the Church says the Pope does not speak for the Church and that was just a private conversation. Is the power of the pope lie in the position or in the man? Are you as confused as Scoot is? And, WHO should decide whether or not divorced Catholics or Catholics married to divorcees receive communion, the Pope…or the Church? Aren’t they the same? Catholics, call in and tell us, which side are you on?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's very very comfortable Thursday night that tomorrow is the first weekend Jazz Fest and the weather's gonna be great for Jazz Fest for the Zurich classic or for just anything you wanna do this weekend it's. Very very pleasant and all of that is going to be a very nice weekend. How we gonna like going on the show -- -- are glad to witness -- -- right there's going to be LSU baseball -- we may not actually get on the year with our show until around 10 o'clock but it will be right after LSU baseball. A torn right here into the WL. Here's an update on our WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll to spin off on something we were talking about last night. Who should decide whether or not divorced Catholics are Catholics married to people who were divorced should receive communion. The Pope -- the church. 69% say the Pope should decide 31% say the church should decide. And if you just joined us the scoop blog is about -- the power of the Pope does it does it lie does that just the power of the Pope light in the ropes he wears or. Does -- -- in the man himself. The Catholic Church the Vatican is distancing itself from what the Pope told a Catholic woman. In a personal conversation he told the woman that even though she's married to a divorced man. And the priest in her parish refused to give her communion. That she can go to communion the Pope told -- go to community that the world wait a minute he's not speaking for the church. So that makes me think that the Pope. -- His his power. He's a personal conversation with somebody. Telling and they can go to communion. But he's not speaking for the church and this is just another reminder to explore this in in the blog that this is just another reminder that the church needs to stop. Putting so much focus. On man made rules. This is my opinion. As a Catholic. Already get to selling your comments to the -- blog and our we're excited to be W real dot -- first let's potential conversation with the David in Sampras Cisco David of one let's continue to wrap up this conversation on what to give -- justice -- -- say. You know appreciated to. I basically it's that it's that the origins of the religions. Are toward liberty. And whether or not and the people sort of by merchants in the temple in the problems with that cause but it also gets into tyrants in the south. And so obviously you know when the Jews were escaping Egypt. They were escaping it. So called tyrant that claimed that he was a family of directly god and that they were slaves and the Jews were slaves of some. Point in the fairway that -- said that they were chosen of god. We know we have to believe that -- So they escapes and and created not freedom they were on the run basically but the origins of the Jewish religion is toward freedom. But certainly got stuck with them not only merchants in the temple -- tyrants in the temple. So you get a guy like Jesus saying this merchants in the temple starts got to stop the tyrants the con artists. We've got to get freedom again and so christianity respond from. -- winning merchants in the temple so to speak. Yeah I was always under the oppression and I'm not a biblical scholar by any means but he was always my understanding that. It that that serve christianity rose from the roots of of Judy is an in this guy -- totally challenging that in. I got a text here that says that christianity is only at 2014 years old Jesus was that you which started with him Judy is in his way older than christianity. Last caller who was a bonehead. All of that then -- yet at the essence. Yes sir yes and yes. You know about the saddest scenes in the currencies but also the and they lived -- in one go -- in the dead squirrels are basically what he has and work. And when this went on between agent what thirteen and 33 years so yeah. He was probably out there with the itself. So you know the story via our -- this and the spoken word currencies -- the written word. So history is basically he. From the sect that has the written word the spoken word. Get hot -- it in the history books. And then you've got he has and who were more like. What Jesus was talking about so to talk about what is it Jewish. Or what is the origins of christianity. If certain words you. But they were morally I don't wanna column hippies but they were not -- ball and for the con artist of tyrants and merchants in the. -- I'm always I'm always confused YE. Why some Christians are so quick to try to put everybody else down. Almost almost like they feel like they have to put others down belittle others like Jews for example. -- have to put others down in order to make themselves feel better and to me that. Is a sign of true true insecurity like you're really not that great if you have to put others down to make you feel good. Sure much less the divide and conquer you know you look at the various spoils of war and various times that happened through the centuries. You know for example as business -- ukrainians really tied to what's going on in Syria. In. The Russians are are they haven't naval base that Serbs the Mediterranean. And the Russians said that they're gonna help Syria if the United States and Saudi Arabia attack it. And so it by creating a diversion up in Ukraine. They're keeping Russians that they while the attack is continuing down in Syria. So it's you know they're playing like it's this group they're playing like it's that group but it's really divide and conquer schemes so that they can steal the natural and. And we we need to we need to remember that that leaders like wooten who are are almost bordering on being kind of a dictator type. Rulers like that and -- Kim Jung young. Leaders like that need to have an enemy to rally their people around them and it's almost as if wooten is going out of his way to make the US. The new enemy of. But don't rush last last -- what was the peacemaker. And as a matter fact I don't remember telling you about that Saudi prince Bandar and his role in all of this stuff. This guy is this we easily -- -- -- Saudi arabians CIA. That's been. Basically he was -- -- did the gassing and it last summer in Nazi. He was trying to -- the United States to go to war when he was the guy that provided again. And he tried to blame that on its side but he was the one that provided the gas that goes up to Russia -- -- back out of this pipeline in Syria. Or you're gonna have some bombing of the Olympics animals -- armies in the Olympics Putin didn't back out of the pipelines. So now there's a further the version. They'll put out there and ours one that's behind what's going on in in the Ukraine's. -- -- -- it's sad that beyond -- control the Ukrainian. Terrorists out there that have been. -- is -- dirty Chechnya in and there's like the Chechen rebels and there are controls there plus the was -- -- who morals I think was his name he was this certain kind of ukrainians. Terrorists that they try to appear in the bombing and in Russia and am but he. They actually now have him on tape he's dead now but they have him on tape saying. He thought it was a bad idea that on the Russian Olympics and so I think Hamels britney's -- -- blame -- on here. And they created this whole diversion to steal. Trillions of dollars worth of natural gas coming through Syria trillions. This is how obvious it is trillions. They -- they create a couple of wars to keep trillions of dollars went through pipelines to Europe. Let's say there's something else that concerns me about wooten you know some guys who think they're like players. And -- voice. When they get divorced and they get a girlfriend and they try to do things too impressed that new girlfriend. Approach divorce was final recently and Ortiz trying to present to -- for likened to. That for -- it. -- a guy that there's this there's this male mentality like to get divorced and then you're out there and you get a new girlfriend. And you -- -- And I don't think that there's. Any reason to believe that maybe polluters are trying to impress his girlfriend among other things. David I'm gonna have to get to a broad it appreciable. I always thanks for calling. If you're -- stay with -- we will get to more of your calls and then coming up we'll get to a couple of these comments to -- blog tonight which is and we're excited to be WL dot com. Here is a text that reads god is weird the power is not the Pope or. The church. And here's a -- Reid says Jesus said because. The hardness of your heart you divorce. God will not penetrate hard part ticket for what it's worth you must come to god as a little child. OK I guess that's one way to look at it I think above and beyond everything though. The god that I know it is understanding and forgiving and sometimes things don't work out in the marriage. And I believe that while it's wrong to get divorced. There were ultimately forgive. And I applaud the Pope the apprentice for a lot of things that he says since he became Pope about thirteen months ago I applaud the Pope. Fortunately this woman she'd go to coming and the Vatican says well -- the Pope wasn't speaking for the church really. This is the -- There were coming right back -- -- bureau in New Orleans summer tourism campaign to attract visitors to the city this summer has been expanded -- already started a couple of weeks early and it's -- and includes cities on the West Coast for the first time like. San Francisco a lot of the cities that have nonstop flights to New Orleans so we've kind of been talking a little bit about what you would -- in a commercial to attract. People to New Orleans this summer. Come for the food state for the humidity. Here's another when a New Orleans it's what Vegas which is hitless. Interest if you give us -- that to a caller show it to six only 72 all 386688907. Texas 87870. And we'll get to a more those. Coming up we've also tonight -- talking about life and Bundy the Nevada rancher who challenge the federal government. He's allowing his cattle degrees on federal land he's been doing it since 1983 the government says CEOs that million dollars in grazing fees. And the federal government showed up on his property news they were met -- if people who we had done -- that would that would essentially bit of militia met by a militia. And there is this attitude that some people have that the federal government should have no power in the -- there will be held the federal government I should be allowed to a to use that land. He. He went on to say. In an interview with at the New York Times that's the negro may be better off as a slave. Rather than living on government assistance. And even Republicans like Rand Paul from Kentucky. Who supported him and he is battle with the federal government have now said. I totally disagree with what discussion again you you can't stop people from saying really really ignorant things. A tomorrow morning and evidently you -- first it was with Tommy Tucker it's the first weekend of -- yes it is finally here. So who's on your line up this year who you have to see who you most excited about seeing. What do you like what are you dislike about Jazz Fest are you a fast lover or -- hater if you live close to the fairgrounds what are your pet -- when everybody comes into your neighborhood. Also Sean Payton says that he's not sure if he's gonna. I'll lock up marking from where the contracts elected he became Jordan should they will 22. Finally paid off or is it time for the saints to cut him loose those are two of the things the topic to talk about tomorrow morning on -- W -- -- From mid city John you're on the -- -- a VW real good evening John. Are there. -- -- -- tell you that. Let me. That part of the Pope when he speaks with somebody and that basically he's giving theological. And then there would be in the office that the Pope. Then he what protect to a level. Teaching authority he used. I'll let the ordinary water is like called them motors tropea. Which is just like. -- That's what. Benedict the sixteenth used land com we got the changes in the -- achieved -- John I understand all this respect for the hierarchy in I mean I don't know old rules -- understand all the all hierarchy rules of the bureaucratic rules the Catholic Church but the point he has. This man who is -- Told this woman that you can go to communion woody brought it what do you think of -- man saying this woman can go to communion. Well the how would it make it completely simple. But not completely. OK what about a guy. About a guy telling a woman she can go to communion. Well. -- wrong. Wrong because the supreme law of the church elevation of soul. The said the church is wrong and telling people who are divorced in their marriage was annulled. Church is run by telling and they can't go to communion. -- Is in the Wharton Emory teaching authority of that your. Is the Irish -- is the church wrong. To to not invite divorced Catholics. To communion. -- in nineteen is that he church wrong in telling Catholics who were divorced McCain go to communion. -- sounds like you wanna say the church is wrong but you don't wanna say that. Not because. That the church struggles with. Being faithful that -- -- met in nineteen where Jesus. Condemns divorce. And that the same time being compassionate towards people. There's so seriously church wrong to tell Catholics. They shouldn't go to communion if they're divorced -- never was and should know I don't think it is sort Tuesday. One thing -- can you judge do you think. Do you think if somebody's a Catholic and they're divorced and -- remarried and there they haven't had their first marriage you know do you think. Those people who might be listening right now do you think all of them should go to communion Sunday. I think the best thing for the that this is that parish priests and hopefully he'll get him good counsel. Well OK then let's talk about the parish priest that tells a young couple that of birth control was up to them but the Catholic Church is opposed to birth. Well that's got to be that the church. It's gotten. It has its teachings and then it's got the person. Personal situation. And. We try to move. I don't braves noticed the parish priest doesn't parish priest represent. The Catholic Church -- okay so if he's telling young people in the parish. We're getting married any birth controls up to you you you searcher and colleges and that's what do you. And if you wanna be on birth control you can't but the churches teach him how does that account. Well there's okay. When that when that went priest gets up there on Sunday would be dealing as general pastoral care of his congregation. When he meets the person individual -- she's doing specific pastoral care of that person. The two are somewhat. So is so you're agreeing with what what I contend in the blog tonight which is that the power is in the robes not in the man. Right at the is where the teaching authority so hard. How does that -- the church reconcile moving priest around to different parish is when they were sexually abusing boys. But it iconic -- that a in the. I've covered that. -- -- Exactly -- know it's about it's about protecting the institution of the church which was more important that you went to acorn and. Way to run -- church apparently run any. Start when John I enjoyed our conversation. I'm sure there are a lot of people agree with you you know more about the specifics of the hierarchy that I do I simply. No it's. I'm a Catholic going to church. That there's some things that just don't seem to make sense to me and I think the Pope is it is a man and I think the Pope is fallible not infallible because he is a mortal man. Priests are mortal men and we have learned exactly how mortal. A some priests can be. And I don't think we should never forget that. That doesn't demean the Pope or demean the church or -- local priest it's simply acknowledges that there mortal men. -- I think a lot. What is selling a very spiritual person and I to have a conversation. John complex for a practical. From a meet Patricia you're on the -- -- WL. Yes. Are are. Don't have a say -- -- explains. Can you. And let's get our respect she. And I'm not Catholic. And pat -- has. I'd rather not make it back at catholicism. There it out air had been ignored in an 88899. Outnumbered. And packing -- how. Bubbles. Scriptures that well. Well there are about saying in effect. Yeah well it's not. See. Our power. At the -- country. There AG -- our rights. You know and if people would really -- Couple. It wouldn't stay there. I can't and not cancel it you username. And. Sure if you would like to if you would like to send me a scriptures wanted to send me an email. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I'm not annoyed and not. I'm not criticizing you for that I'd just wouldn't have time -- you -- -- him. Statement that. Interests. There in the scriptures and intense and it's as. You know eat -- No one error. It goes straight to great Jesus -- And says sorry you. You know. But I do understand this point -- -- so you're in agreement that the Pope is there's a moral person which you know again I'm Catholic and I. See what I got a problem it is. Probably gotten travel. And period Sanjay as strong. And well then there's apparel. -- get there are eighty to debt position. Ever has there ever. It is really interesting Patricia. JJ JO. Apparently about. But that the church is always. Said the Pope was the spokesperson and represented the church and what he said was was was. Where's -- to what he said was right and now the church is distancing itself from from this Pope Patricia appreciate you calling her show. I have. A kind of -- appreciation choking back shall never let their thing you know -- issues it's kept me out the -- games as. I don't mean to cut you off like you have to move on. But it that were to them. -- internal. -- -- -- -- that -- god and I John with the studio producer is Johns and in control right now two of the show. But beyond that God's church. -- you want you and. Our game in the same phone number sense acting. There are whether you. Are expecting a bit -- -- I think. All right Patricia yet you've made that very very clear -- by appreciate you calling tonight new calls anytime. Yeah and Aaron it's -- now. -- -- I appreciate you calling her show. Here's an update on our WW well pretty general opinion poll tonight who should decide whether divorced Catholics are Catholics Mary two people who were divorce should receive communion the Pope or the church. 73%. Say the Pope 27% say the church. Mr. block tonight is about the that the power of the Pope does it lie in his robes or does it lie in the man. Because I was really confused today when I read that the the Vatican had issued a statement. It distancing itself and basically denouncing what the Pope told this woman. Because it was a personal conversation so what the Pope said this woman does not represented the teachings of the Catholic Church. Or that confuses me because I thought that the church looked at the Pope and what the Pope said was was. It was gold at what the Pope said was infallible with the Pope said was not to be. Was not to be contradicted and this Pope who I'd love. Is causing the Vatican to say well no wait that was a private I just I'm I'm confused about it. An edit it to me it just speaks volumes. About something that is a legitimate criticism of any organized religion and that is the rules should not be more important. -- -- And again that's what the -- bloggers about you can read -- share with others it's on our website at WWL dot com here's comment -- post at the end of the blog at our web page. It's our -- blasphemy -- loves to attack the Catholic Church because he loves the gay lifestyle of CN. And selfishness. Well I don't look to attack the Catholic church and a -- with my feelings as soon as as a Catholic and is it as as a human being. I have never done anything to promote the gay lifestyle I don't know what this a person is referring to I'd like to promote. Equality. Here's a text that response to. And -- here's a comment on and the the blog on our FaceBook page responding to that comment. It says scoots intellectual inquiry an examination of hypocrisy or confusion. Within his chosen faith community is perfectly legitimate. And -- on board of hostility. I keep asking the question scoot and exploring the answers and angles kudos. And from New Orleans east to Billy your -- WL. The united Banco account that you should do just that something. Hold -- That -- to be in command orange and leadership to pull. You know we recognize that Rio will Leo so sure about commercial burglary and always it's the figure -- two a lot of characters does. If you believe there unfortunately a lot of people you know probably. The well and that's a lot of hypocrisy. On -- Additional and different uses something all of that brought about in this. You're of course -- wanna and hopefully you know really. Started distribution I didn't leave the capital -- Islamabad being a candidate Abacha relationship. With -- was closer than it is. But it really is true and functional as it's sequential gear and look at things from -- problem and stuff that you. Deliberately -- -- -- you literature at sentencing Yugoslav city. Didn't you have to do well before that. Both the Soviet leader which is compared with a -- And they're there there are so. There are some things in the Catholic Church that make you think is if the -- the church doesn't really appreciate the forgiveness aspect of god. -- onslaught and they ride this there's some. But it is and -- mentioned earlier. Leveraged pivotal that in Atlanta milk industry. Available currently is where we just set the standard and article word. To sort this out. The -- that you desire. A law so law tradition matters that America can -- -- expenditures don't understand that leader reached this course. The trees so. You know. And the combination moment but I don't -- the trees sort as the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- citizens Jesus Christ and rolls out mutual. Obstacle to purge. -- I consider it's not actually true man anymore you know -- Woman not -- -- other countries each other. Look out for Simon -- in the district and -- -- -- actually enable these didn't label them as those of the new interest. Not a bubble and that. Chilled asparagus. And he's done and wrote it was just goes to give them respect and like you do not speak to scoop. It speaks to -- and you were on the stand and -- -- impoverished. And most of quality in the low. Not on the other things that -- -- caught repertory but obviously there's a police building and get Egypt and on while you're at the school we really view them. Well one of the moment what happened and Aaron and he could be a better life. The world but strategies district. And so on our -- will look. I appreciate you calling the show billing you call us a call us any time. I will say just a moment ago that god is in control. I'll tell you right now John -- studio producers in control because when he plays this music it means that I have to get to a break. Now maybe god told shine. To tell me to get to a break by playing the music. So -- it ultimately came from god but. I guess John -- the studio producers collect the Pope at the show. And to he gets us to the -- and if you're hosting witness will be right back on WWL last -- on the show we've we talked about the Louisiana legislature is is the activity in this legislative session making the state of Louisiana look moral or -- Well Stephen -- there has made fun of the Louisiana legislature over lawmakers' attempt. Two. To do something about chicken boxing. And there is a legislator and well actually there were a number of legislators. That voted against. Expanding. The ban on on chicken fighting. Cock fighting. That is so they wanna protect chicken boxing nothing about what seed Michael -- here just few minutes from -- -- you're never WL. -- thank used to. They're going shield in. One with the our religion now with the Pope. I don't want this would be silly question budget that we had different interpretations. Because he's from -- and now. So -- could be interpretation. Well what he wanted to do could be portrayed differently my thoughts are about people and you'll be currents. You know stop the miracle. About 23 record but people kaput anyway. Yeah I don't know what percentages and a lot of Catholics in in South America keep I would say that did that knows that the the the criteria for the sacrament of holy communion is is universal. OK okay public I was kind of wondering if it was may get different somewhere you know because of the different cultures. But. And it will lie I didn't know what I got -- and cap. Off. The priest we got married in Algiers eat a lot of what the -- king of he noted that net but the definition of the kisses. You know technical. It's an -- persuasion. For low eighties. -- did -- get a look at about. Eight couples. In retain a plant. -- though it that it really. Nice guy you know. I have -- I've met -- -- lot of great priest who did a great job communicating. I appreciate you calling our show thanks for listening yeah that's another thing that confuses me. If the church is against. Birth control that what is the church allow priests. In parishes detail. It's a couple of -- -- well it's really up to you shall there -- leaving it up to the couples but yet the church is telling people that that birth control is wrong. From Algiers Renee you're W real -- that you actually met -- Francis. -- it can I ask you to hang on. I've got to I've got to get to a -- right now as. God is talking to John -- it's time to go to the break. So I have a -- to talk to somebody who has met Pope Francis I love this guy I think he's spending he's great for the church and I think he's great work humanity. I'm scoot more coming right back with more of your comments on WW well I tell you that around the country news gets out about what our legislature does and Steven called Bayer made fun of the Louisiana legislature because there was is an attempt to. Expand the ban on chicken fighting. And there are those or you want a chicken boxing is okay because the chickens don't hurt each other like can we tell you about that next hour let's go back to log burning in Algiers -- you met Pope Francis tell me about. -- that it was the act. Last year. Why aren't there it could be -- air. And act like the year. Pictures outlaw. Op or sure are inflicting deep green the pac -- What are you shocked. Met around op like street with the archbishop -- It. Acting general ought. And at the archbishop. Yeah it this year well opt. I act like I was there everything else. Work. -- -- -- Share them say that line. Right here at issue that it or. Name. And each -- smile like no tomorrow it would it may be happy. Well now coming there's no link there and act it out pop. And he. -- -- -- -- And outward about there. They're and that was interesting. Is today. They're not hurt it -- here and in July down pat it gently. Right. I I agree and I like what he said did that to a Catholic woman who were denied communion. But I'm surprised at the Vatican says we'll know the Pope that was a personal conversation the Pope wasn't speaking for the church. I thought the Pope did speak for the church. More now acting back to -- old beauty in being. And thanks for sure in that story. Sure you around the bill me. Okay please do and -- all right thanks. If your -- stay -- -- will collect a quarter calls here just a minute running at a time for for this hour. On the Jazz Fest opening weekend is this weekend starts tomorrow and we've got the full Jazz Fest guide the W annual jazz -- -- on our web site. And -- if you don't like console before you head out there a check outs WL. Jazz Fest guys. Our numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. -- seventy text is 87870. Here's a quick update on our WWL project opinion poll tonight who should decide whether or not divorced Catholics Catholics -- two people were divorce should receive communion the Pope. 80%. The church 20%. There was talk about last night did the Pope telling this woman that she can go to communion even though she's married to a guy who is divorced and they were married in -- civil ceremony nine in the church. And then now the Vatican says will know the Pope was not speaking for the church really so was the power in his robes or is it in the man. We'll continue this conversation after the news and to -- WL.