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Apr 25, 2014|

Last night on “The Scoot Show” we talked about Pope Francis telling a Catholic woman, who is married to a divorced man, that she is welcome to take Holy Communion, even though her parish priest denied her communion. That goes against the teachings of the Catholic Church and today in an official statement a spokesman for the Church says the Pope does not speak for the Church and that was just a private conversation. Is the power of the pope lie in the position or in the man? Are you as confused as Scoot is? And, WHO should decide whether or not divorced Catholics or Catholics married to divorcees receive communion, the Pope…or the Church? Aren’t they the same? Catholics, call in and tell us, which side are you on?

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And welcome back to our show on this Thursday night it is just very comfortable outside it's going to be a great weekend it's going to be warm and remember to have a -- sunblock especially tutoring to kids out -- -- the Zurich classic or the Jazz Fest and again Tommy -- gonna talk about this senate -- of your first news tomorrow morning starting at 6 o'clock. Now able talk about which you like -- what you don't like about Jazz Fest are huge especially lover or a Jazz Fest -- And if it's your neighborhood and all these people are coming into your neighborhood during Jazz Fest. What is your -- Because you know showers possible that the people don't realize what they're doing. Chances are they -- but maybe they don't know what they're actually doing. That it's a bothersome and and I people should be very respectful coming into your neighborhood. So talk about that with the -- Tucker tomorrow morning and bureau. Tiger baseball tomorrow it's the three game series with Tennessee Volunteers Alex box stadium in Baton Rouge game one is tomorrow night. A pre game is at 6:31 pitches at 7 o'clock. So we'll be over the Scotia right after LSU baseball 932 antipathy toward whatever the game and yet it's baseball you don't actually know what it's gonna handle whatever the game ends. Will be on with the scripture to -- might also be talking about. Jazz Fest and stuff that's going on over the weekend so a statement called there make fun of the weakened legislation I told you this this this happens even though it's our legislature. We pay attention to hear the news gets out. And Louisiana as I mentioned last night of the show the -- and got a national attention because it reinforced. Just total stupidity. Which is keeping the the the ban on sodomy on the books even though that's unconstitutional. At the Supreme Court sort of ruled partners. So it's a meaningless law and yet there are people who war fighting to keep it on the books. So to me that's that's kind of laughable. And our topic last night Willis is the legislation making the state look moral or more erotic cyclical bear had fun with the recent legislature he was. Talking about this this deal that was going to expand Louisiana's ban on cockfighting. And as Stephen Cabrera and show on Comedy Central network. I said that they're they're trying to keep the sport chicken boxing. Alive. He said that -- -- -- Gilroy this is the -- was a senator Albert Hillary he opposes the bill that would expand Louisiana's ban cock fighting. Because he doesn't want that to include chicken boxing. Antsy vehicle Bayer said that sending Hillary explained that chickens can engage in their sports. Without hurting each other. They put on little boxing gloves. And they fight rounds so they can get water to cool off so if they're hot they can get water and if they're losing they can get oil olive oil salt pepper and squeeze of lemon. And you're a senator JP Morales bill came up at the senate floor and Hillary was one of those who was in favor. Of of keeping. Chicken boxing alive. And not expanding the the ban against cock fighting. And he apparently released a list of chicken boxing rules. To illustrate that is just a sport now Steve -- -- had fun with that same chicken boxing has strict rules like each combatant. -- we're standard file safety boxing -- I'd just like I just checked for that boxing gear at the ports recount -- that your local sports authority. Michael Bair said that the we get a -- and ended up agreeing with the end of the deal that would close a certain loopholes in cock fighting. And yet some people are arguing that well we should be able to at least have our chickens box. Which I think it's. Saturday although I don't know much about chicken -- can imagine that they're not gonna hurt each other -- -- went went to boxers were two human beings get in the ring and fight each other in a boxing match they sometime toward each other are also there's a nudist camp in Pennsylvania that is promoting. A beer fest this summer. And while their clothing optional. To go to the spear -- have to be totally naked it's mandatory. The bigger. Beach beer bash at the -- rest resort. Is well guarded to prevent outsiders from trying to get a peek in and everybody is naked. Now I will tell you that in in places like this government to a nudist. Resorts. But I have bid to -- -- it was a new beach not far from where I live cerberus in Miami. And I would occasionally go my girlfriend I would equivocation it's really not what you think I mean it's it's not this is crazy sexual thing that you. It that you might envision its. It was really interesting I never thought that I would would like it in and I acted goal this time but I thought it was I thought it was interesting because you. You don't judge people. You can't tell -- somebody's rich. Get talent somebody's fashionable. You really can't tell that much about people. Without their clothes and really reminded me of how much we tell about ourselves how much we reveal about ourselves by the clothes we Wear. And you know without any. Ridiculous jokes about how you know everybody's equal. There there was this there was this equality that you that you sensed if if everybody's in the same state. Of of being naked for president the same situation. Then it's it's it's something that. In a way it kind of brings people together I mean not literally but figuratively and I thought it was interest that I I didn't I wanted to thing about -- beaches of it's best to go during the week. Mid morning early afternoon. Because that's win. The dancers from the nightclubs. Goat tea. They don't do it on the weekends. And do late in the afternoon they might be getting -- for the -- they go mid morning. Early afternoon so that's the best time ago. Because that did the scenery is very very party the water. Body of water bodies on the beach anyway but it's not the sexual thing that you would think. Anyway you can go to this thing for eighteen dollars at the doors sixteen dollars advance -- the public is invited to this. -- Beach beer fest in the Poconos at the Sony -- resort. It's been a clothing optional resorts since 1945. And they got security guards to keep people from looking and yet again a lot of people who take their clothes off and shouldn't. -- I I say that which you know what what when I would see people who. You know you'd think I don't know if they should really be naked -- you know I would say you know god bless these people because you know -- Everybody should be comfortable with themselves. And everybody should be comfortable with who they York. And so all I say this in jest I really do respect people who are confident enough and comfortable enough if they don't look perfect to just. Go out and have fun and then after the beer fest yes you're going to the resorts appropriately named nightclub. Flash yours. Today tonight away. By the way if you go to the -- yet to be at least when he won. But yet -- toll -- where we educate the ID. If you -- yours for the comic tonight our number is 2601870. So my senate -- earlier said it might bring a new meaning to the term Fanny pack. 2601870. Toll free numbers 8668890. Point seven -- -- tech's number is 87870. And -- tonight we have also what I talked about. But -- and -- he's the Nevada rancher who challenge the federal government by allowing his cattle to graze on federal land and the federal government showed up because the federal government says it is specifically the Bureau of Land Management. Says that he owes them a more than a million dollars in grazing fees because his cattle degrees in on. Government property since 1993. The government shows up and the government is met by an armed militia. And disband conservatives all over not all conservatives but some observers -- -- the country were just cheering this guy on all right you stand up for your rights. Well this federal. Land if it's federal property dearly have a right to that. To that property there are people who have that mentality. That they believe that. The government shouldn't be able to have land of the government should be able to tell you what you can which you can do what you can't do I don't like government intervention. But I fight it really interesting that a lot of these a lot of these conservatives who say the government should not be involved in in. It's curtailing their activities like this like you -- should be of logic allegory were. They don't the government evolved and that but they do what the government to be involved when it comes to gay marriage. And what the government to step in and and stuff that. But what is a short of the controversy is this guy a polite and Bundy. Sit in an interview with the the New York Times. He said I wanna tell you one more thing about the negro. And in front of that government house the -- usually open and the older people and their kids. And there's always at least half dozen people sitting on the porch. And they don't have nothing to do. And they didn't have not been for their kids to do they didn't have nothing for their young girls to do and because they were basically on government subsidy. So now. What do they do. They abort their young children. Put their young men in jail because they never learned how to pick cotton. And I've often wondered. If they were better off as slaves picking cotton having a family and doing things or better off under government subsidy. They didn't get no more freedom they got less freedom. A spokesperson for senator Dean Heller -- a Republican from Nevada. Immediately. Criticized Monday. For that he supported him in his stance against the government but said he completely disagrees. With the ranchers racist comments. Senator Rand Paul Republican from Kentucky often mentioned as a top contender for 2016. Republican nomination. Said in an interview with Greta Van Susteren of fox news network earlier this week. That yeah he's supported he's supported body but now he says that his remarks. On race or offensive. And he said I wholeheartedly. Disagree with him. Now again. Some comments earlier in the show from some people who said well you know negro was inappropriate word to use. This is not about him referring to blacks or African American says as -- it's it's not about that it's concerning that. That they're better off in the east he's wondering if they were better off the slaves picking cotton and having a family and doing things that they are under government assistance. And by the way that is not support of government assistance. It simply focusing on the idea that they're not nobody would be better off being a slate. Because of your own government assistance I don't believe the government beach. I don't believe the government takes away your liberties. I don't believe the government would. Rape your wives and your daughters. So it's ridiculous for people to compare or even suggested. There were some some suggestion of of that we if -- do -- Robertson guys with duct dynasty something along the lines of well maybe they're maybe they were happy yours as slaves amigos are just actually ignorant statements. And yet some people steal instinctively. Make these ignorant statements but the system about anything other than saying that. Game might have been better up what might have been better off as soon as -- if you wanna join Russia with a comic tonight our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven at a text numbers 877. Here is attacks that breeds. How would you get to this place if your naked. Which you have to try their naked sign me up Hayley yeah and I guess you could go there in I guess you could go they -- close. And then you would just get totally naked when you're when you were active the beer. -- -- -- You know would you go somewhere you you always think about what we're here. I mean he would have to worry about it is people at the their -- nightclub the ghosts and when they go to a resort packed -- addition pack light. As you would have to worry about what you have to worry about which you're not aware. This is the Scotia on Thursday night if you -- join us with your comment tonight about -- were talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven in a -- number is 87870. Also disability Louisiana legislature that would require equal pay for women. In the private sector has advanced so there is some wisdom in Baton Rouge. Louisiana ranks 46 in nation when it comes to the lowest pay for women. This is a discussion also going on in New Hampshire and I can't wait to tell you bought a New Hampshire states. Republican representative said about women and equal pay that is next. On W well like coming up we're gonna talk about the did -- well and summer tourism campaign it is underway -- a couple of weeks early and they're targeting some parts of the country that they've never targeted before for example the West Coast. They're going to be on its efforts Cisco and I'll play all the cities have their well not all the cities but some of the the new cities that they're going to be and and I couldn't help but think about what I would put in a commercial to get people to come to New Orleans during this hour. So we'll talk about that in just a few minutes this ability to Louisiana legislature that would require equal pay for women even in the private sector. Now there's already bill that the past. Oddly this this last session where there's a requirement for equal pay. In government. Now according to the statistics. Women make on the average. 67 cents for every dollar. A man makes. That's even doing an equal job. It's 2014. How could anybody possibly rationalize that as as being okay. Louisiana ranks 46 in the nation when it comes to the lowest pay for women. This is a debate also going on in New Hampshire New Hampshire state representative. Will. -- -- Republicans spoke about his State's pay gap. By saying that men work harder than women they are four women do not deserve equal pay. Another Republican who's really working hard to attract the women who have defected from the party. Two women deserve equal pay. And -- tired of hearing Louisiana at the bottom of so many categories like the lowest pay for women. I mean there are so many things going on in this state that are great. And then that there are things that come up in the Louisiana legislature. That remind us that there are many people in this state who were living. It in in a political vacuum their -- they're living in the past. I mean let's be proud of the traditions in the culture that we have in this state did a great diversity of traditions and cultures. Let's be proud of that let's be proud of the right things in our past let's not be proud of that is the stupidity of the past things like inequality. This bill is called equal pay for women act. And again and I just I can't imagine anybody would would be opposed to this. -- -- -- senator Karen Karen Carter Peterson. Says that paying unequal wages based on sex is unjust and discriminates against the person receiving the lesser -- I think that's a no brainer. The legislature would require state employees. To pay women the same as men as passed last year but down this bill covers private. Employers. Why shouldn't women be required to be the same as meant. And I'll tell you for this state senator and I've I've told you that there -- state senators around the country. State politicians. Tend to make really stupid stupid statements even dumber statements then national politicians. And this guy saying that women work harder than men. There are two women. Score in. Management positions. Who were the last to leave the station. And I know because I my show starts at eight. And and quite often they're here after eight. Now this is not to discredit. The work that the men do for this company. But I can tell you that too will -- -- with two of the hardest working people I know are are both women. So that is just an absolute. Ignorant statement. And they can't help but think about some of the an unfairness with women and it isn't it true that if you take a blouse to the cleaners to cost more than if I took a -- to the cleaners. I mean how is that fair. And in most places charge more to -- woman's hair. That a guy's hair. And there was a time when my hair was really long so would that qualify as a woman's hair cut. And I guess sometimes I can become a picky soul. Why they charge me the same as they were -- to governments here. If you and enjoy our show the comic tonight our numbers 2601878. To all free 866889087. -- tech's number is 87870. Actor George Clooney was having dinner with Vegas mogul Steve -- In Las Vegas. What are verbal confrontation at the dinner table erupted. Win provoked George Clooney by calling President Obama and a -- The discussion came up about Obama care. And George Clooney said President Obama is my friend don't talk about him that way. Then Steve -- fired back your friend is an a hole. Then George Clooney said to Steve -- know -- hole and I reckon I sit here anymore and listen to this. Any Donovan left. Steve -- said that George Clooney is fine. When he sober. If you get a chance to drink with him. You need to get there early and don't stimulate. He said he was pounding down tequila shots. So again we get down to I mean these guys you know these these are two prominent man. If you're referring to the president and each other as as a holes. -- recently 215 year old -- Here's -- an update our WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight pushing decide whether or not divorced Catholics or Catholics marry two people were divorced received communion. The Pope. But the church. 79%. Say the Pope 121% say. The church give -- your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com the -- like tonight is titled is the power of the Pope in the robes or in the man. And here's a comment to the to the blog guide W real dot com. That refers to EW TNN that's -- the Catholic network. I challenge you to watch the quality programming geared at Catholics before discussing a topic like this. The network was founded by mother Angelica. I don't have that now I don't know which channel it is a -- I have that are Cox. And I actually I I used to I used to watch I suppose I would I would watch a mother Angelica. Well on on her show and she's been charming and elderly. Lady in the Catholic Church. And there's some very good programming on their for Catholics but you have to be Catholics scholar you know to be biblical scholar to understand something really simple. The Pope. Told this woman. That she's Catholic she was denied communion by a parish priest we talked about the show last night. And -- Francis told this Catholic woman in her personal conversation. That she is welcome to go to holy communion even though she was denied communion by a priest. Her name is Jackie was -- she wrote a letter to Pope Francis telling him that her priest to older she couldn't go to communion because she's living in San. Because she's married to a divorce guy and they were married in the church he refused to give a communion Paul Francis called the woman and told her that that she is free to take communion. But that goes against the teachings of the Catholic Church. Which says that if you're divorced married to a divorced person you're not welcome to communion unless the original marriage has been knelt. And this is a rule that many Catholics worldwide have vehemently disagreed with and it's caused a lot of people to leave the church. Now does the Pope telling a Catholic woman. -- to a divorce man that she's welcome to communion does that indicate that the Catholic Church is changing church doctrine well the Vatican says now no. No changes. In a statement the Vatican said. That which has been communicated. In relation to this matter outside the scope of personal relationships. And the consequent. Media. Amplification. Cannot. Be confirmed as reliable. And is a source of misunderstanding. And confusion. What the Vatican is trying to say is that Pope Francis had a personal conversation with an individual. And whatever he said that individual. Does not reflect the Catholic Church or Catholic doctrine. Which leaves only one obvious conclusion. The power of the Pope lies in his robes. Rather than in the man. I'm Catholic. I love going to church but I don't agree with all of the actions and teachings of the Catholic Church I don't agree with absolutely everything. But I still enjoy going to church. Many Catholics have been alienated by some of these man made rules. That seemed to contradict the spirit of of what we've been taught about an understanding and forgiving god. And from the beginning of his reign as Pope a little over a year ago a Pope Francis has -- controversial statements he's made statements about. Accepting gay priest that they should not be ostracized. Now he's not talking about accepting. Gay sex. Is talking about accepting a priest. Who is a homosexual by nature. And I think he's right that. He also said that atheist can have a path to happen. And I also believe that. I love this guy. But when the Pope who was the leader of the Catholic Church tells a Catholic this is welcome to take communion even if she's married to a divorce man. And the Vatican quickly responds by distancing. The church's teachings from what the Pope said in a personal conversation. It's easy to get the impression that the Catholic Church is more interested in rules. Then humanity. It Pope Francis says -- a personal conversation. Something that's not control with Catholic teachings and the Vatican dismisses what the Pope says. And the power of the Pope doesn't lie in the man and it lies in the superficial ropes that he wears as -- It's like putting on a hat in that -- who you are. This mentality further exposes the church. -- has a desire to control its flock through an abundance of rules set by the church hierarchy. And it's all about the rules. You know it's almost as if the church is saying that rules are more important than what's in the best interest of the congregation. And the manner in which the Catholic Church handled the countless cases of sex abuse by priests. Another example of protecting the the institution of the Catholic Church. Over what's right. -- got to protect the image of the church that's more important than doing what's right. Moving priests from one church to another church what parish to another parish who they knew were molesting young boys. And working to keep these terrific since a secret from parishioners and law enforcement. Mean that. That serves to protect only the church and not the congregation of humanity. If -- Francis is a man. And if he tells of a woman that she can go to communion. How is he not also speaking as as the Pope. And it's it's not like he's giving an interview and saying OK off the record. Which in journalism that is will respected if that somebody says something off the record. You weren't even if you you hear any even as outrageous as it is and and you you wonder planet are you wanna put it on the air if it's off the record. You respect that and I -- told things off the record throughout my career and haven't expose those things on the air that's something that's respected. But the Pope. Again as a Catholic I'm just confused by this. If the Pope says something in a private conversation would you accept what the Pope told you. Or would you rejected and revert back to the man made laws of the church. By dismissing. What -- Francis sent. To this this Catholic woman. I think. The Vatican is just. Promoting the idea that the Catholic Church is a bureaucratic institution and not a living body. Made up of human beings. If you are joining us with your comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. And -- tech's number. It's 8787. And -- -- but tonight is titled is the power of the Pope in the ropes or. In a man and you don't have to be a biblical scholar you don't have to be an expert in Catholic hierarchy. And all the rules of the church you don't have to be an expert in that to have an opinion about this. Mean this is about humanity. This is about Amanda was the Pope and I always thought the Pope was infallible and what he said. Well now the Pope is saying things that the Vatican is distancing itself from and this is not the first time this has happened. With -- Francis. Here's a comment. And our Barbara apex of the comments to be a blog tonight UWB real but -- our interest and and here's one that says. Pope Francis. It was a pastor. Using the internal forum. About which many Catholics are unaware. And it gives me this reference OK so. So this is all confirming. My concern. That. The Catholic Church. Is an institution. And the Pope wears his power. In his clothes. It's not the man. It's. The clothing that he wears its pro and to me that is totally superficial. -- joins us with an update on traffic -- where -- and what's going on. I am actually travel and -- YL by -- and thwart Slidell IA can't eat and I salute but. I -- and looks like a break down on a car accident. Elect and generally they write each. And the end -- let that they are being the ease the advantage there -- actually right there by -- exit. Also quite right before an option would show people might wanna kick a little caution around. Much of this is eastbound on I ten at the high rise it looks like there's an accident at the -- exits and also a breakdown on the highrise. Aspect and correct and they only have a right hand open and a pretty significant. Cart at this late at night you know back. You're going the other -- -- you look back. I got hacked -- now I think it's maybe but it. -- And another people were driving to appreciate that updates article thanks -- calling. It YouTube and if you're listening to our show in your in at a traffic situation and you -- will alert others about traffic situation you -- always call our show and we'll do the best we can't get you one right away with your traffic information. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven tech's number is 87870. Here's a text does the Pope overruled the word of god Matthew twenty to 37 through 39 I you know -- my bibles at home I don't. Probably should have it would be in the studio. But it's hundreds of homes and have with -- can't look up Matthew twenty to 37 through through 39. I respect the Pope as a man the Pope is a mortal person. And I have never thought that the Pope any Pope was beyond. Making mistakes. However. I think the Pope got this would write and I think this Pope has gotten a lot of things right. Is the Pope changing your opinion of the Catholic Church. Again to join us tonight with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889087. And a text number is a 7870. We're coming right back on WWL what is it about Barry White music they just they cheered it is that you feel good. -- happy. Makes you wanna get -- and dance don't or even though you can't seem yes you'll do that and it'll vary what effect journalists going to the next break with a another very -- on. Here's an update on -- WWL pretty general opinion poll tonight who should decide whether or not Catholics and were divorced or married to a divorced person should receive communion. 81% say the Pope. And 19% saying. The church. Here's a -- -- how about talking about. The defendant who was shot dead by a federal Marshal. After -- toward a witness. In the new courthouse in Utah. You know that's something that we can talk about tomorrow night's I'm not familiar that story don't have an economy but it sounds like an interesting story to look into. Here's a text is so uses so. So you think the man can change the rules to suit every one. No I don't I did but I I think I don't think you should have rules that don't make sense. And the Catholic Church has changed. You know you you do remember a time when you were forbidden to eat meat on Friday it's not just during -- But -- Friday. Mean I remember going to school and there were kids -- that brought there was one kid is a Catholic kid in my class. And every Friday and he sat close enough to me. Every Friday he brought Sar Deans. To launch. And when that guy opened up his lunch box I'm telling -- that classroom. Smells like Sar teams the rest of the afternoon. If it like whoa. That's so observer but so there were there were people who could -- that Dave didn't meet on Friday every -- but the church change that. So there are things that that can change within the church and -- really more attention should be paid to just humanity. I here's a text ESCO so hawk an -- get into haven't. Well without getting into religious here I believe that god knows people's hearts and that there -- some people who haven't been taught to -- some people who don't understand the things that some people understand. And I don't know that god. Doesn't have mercy on those people as as well and that would be the best way to ensure that. The death tolls in the South Korean ferry disaster has risen to 181121. Are still missing. And most of these were kids. Now on on a day trip and it's just so. Heartbreaking -- To see this disaster unfold and couple of the people who were in charge of the ferry had been arrested I think more maybe arrested. There was this of this problem with it telling all of the all of the kids to stay in their seats. And not move. And many did and many may have died as a result of listening to directions that word. Indeed. The wrong directions. We got a call from listen just a few moments ago going toward Slidell east penalty I attend -- appears to be an accident around the Louise or exit. And also a breakdown with only one lane open at the at the high price of -- heading east on I ten you might wanna keep that in mind. This summer campaign for tourism in New Orleans to attract more visitors to the city has been expanded for the first time the marketing campaign will hit cities like San Francisco on the West Coast. Mark roaming who is the president of the New Orleans tourism marketing corporation. Says that this national campaign has started early you're gonna spend four point five million dollars on the follow your Nolo. I guess that's a take off on -- your -- The earlier Nolan I don't know does something in there that I'm not understanding but I think that's what that is. Following your Nolan a I don't know if I pick that name actually good but he has been expanded to hit more cities across the country including ten cities. -- following distance other targeting markets that have nonstop flights to the city of Norman's. And for the first time they're going to the West Coast will be in San Francisco. They're also going to Chicago. And they'll be in the East Coast market of Baltimore. Boston Cincinnati. Of course Austin national Kansas City and Saint Louis are among the of the season they're just a number cities that are being targeted around the country. And then also a markets that are closer to New Orleans where there's an easy quick flight like Atlanta Dallas and Memphis and Charlotte, North Carolina. And then a markets that are within driving distance like a Baton Rouge front row Lafayette Shreveport Memphis -- Columbus, Mississippi and a Houston. Mobile Montgomery. And Pensacola their targeting all of those markets as well. And I think -- over 200 markets that are going to get these commercials that are promoting tourism in new -- fifteen to 32 ads. And the the ads feature the voice of actor John Goodman as well as the soundtrack for professional long -- song big chief. And -- working with that the Walt Disney company and also ABC television to create commercial promotional material. Aimed at families with scenes from the New Orleans set animated film the princess and the -- new orleans' drew. Nine point 28 billion visitors last year. Which is. A little better than the year before which was the second highest count on record so the city's doing something right and the city is very crowded all this week. And it really the last couple of weeks the city's big crowd with a lot of families in town I guess a lot of kids are taken a spring break now. Lot of schools around and a lot of schools are outlook Leo following Easter. We after Easter there of their route and a lot of families are here and it amazes me that there are so many. There are so many families that come from around the country and around this region to come to New Orleans and there are people in the suburbs. Who don't bring their families to New Orleans. Because they think it's not a place for families. Like Italy it is a place for families. And is a lot to do. And it's just it's it's a wonderful city it's very very workable in this time of year it has been very very pleasant. Somebody sent a text earlier I was are talking about. What you would put in a commercial to get people to come the new worlds in the summer a promote that we have you can you can view everything to a Sauna. Unity is just walk outside and it's a -- and that's the way it is. In the summertime. And it's the I love very light monitors. -- And very very. Heavy breathing. Keep on doing what he's talking about. -- What kind of sexual. Content is this. And you worry about songs today. Listen to this bill let's do this stuff that we listen to what we were younger. We thought nothing of this and you're worried about music today. This is the -- show. And we'll be right back on the -- well. This -- block tonight is getting a lot of action on our website at WW real dot com it is it's for Catholics it's four. Catholics who have had some problems with the church you might totally agree with me you might totally disagree with me. Read it and share it with your friends it's titled is the power of the Pope in the ropes. Or in the man. And I think it's I think it raises a very interesting question about. The rules of the Catholic Church man made rules a superseding. What most of us have been taught about an understanding and forgiving god. And when the Vatican I totally distanced itself from what Paul Francis said when he told us this Catholic woman. Who's married to a divorce man that -- welcome to -- communion in the Vatican said he's not speaking for the church. So that means he -- His power and it doesn't it doesn't fall. In the man which -- Vegas is is wrong. All right just in time pretty well deserved vacation WWL is giving away a thousand dollars in our nation wide vacation cash contest. Just listen to WWO weekdays right before the top of the hour news at 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM for the code word. Then text it to 72881. Your chance to win a thousand dollars without even putting the phone down text 72881. When you hear the code word and for lucky listeners will we win weekdays. A thousand dollars each. And you've got a chance to do that. We don't charge for text but individual -- text and data rates may apply what -- John workers studio producer Rebecca after it was your baseball tomorrow night love -- New Orleans.