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Apr 25, 2014|

Dave talks about a huge weekend of fun, jiggle test, and What is Wrong with People

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL prisoners. It is April and it is the twenties. It is 2014. And in KG I have. Will -- be the first to leave behind -- welcome you. -- crack a day. And I think good time. Man get them to -- -- all around the region this weekend got parties everywhere just about anywhere you want a party you can do it this. The weather looks like it's going to be cooperate he. Everything on those short shorts people without shirts on. At that time already and is it is it as high as the first weekend some amazing -- via random down there in the news of course there -- And -- and now the effort we began a slow and the plane in the fairgrounds as magnificent. As it's not going to be did time in the and Saturday if I wanna be in the new Jurassic Park movie Ali and his -- breaking high school that's right sign up and they need. Lots and lots. -- so called actors anymore. They ultimately background back background actors with -- we've now. -- hours of -- -- a -- Jurassic Park hurting the team event and opponents in new Jurassic Park movies Steven Spielberg behind oh listen looking up at the big screen and I. Am right way out over it. And you're probably running and screaming and looking at something and horror that's not really there yet some point probably be different movement at everything. I. A dinosaur that will be later added Tuesday. Film that you're unable to use the at the time. Cute. -- magic. -- seeing signs around town for error Arnold Schwarzenegger terminator five. Several other projects. Is amazing man to me phenomenal the more movies were shot here in Hollywood. He's in New Orleans or other parts of Louisiana. And were shot in Hollywood now more movies made here. Then in Hollywood. Louisiana had more movies than any other state including California and big -- do you know bigger Academy Award winning -- -- to -- and now you know action packed thrillers in the you'd sequels. Just an exciting time for Hollywood -- and no more and more people are getting into the business who were finding -- can make a living and working on film and television that. And making a living it that says it's very exciting time will get all the details via. In recap that -- -- about if you wanna be a background actor and in the new Jurassic Park again it is essentially. In in everybody all races all ages all sizes up. You name it sent to show up at. Racing school on Saturday and likens it scream and yell real goods to and you are yeah iGoogle editions Nadal and outlook. -- On the obvious and although waking up audience Sunday and frightened I'd I'd have to I need warm yeah. This art that is hitting the card. I'm Mike and close very ago. They like audition for his role -- In the new Jurassic Park. It is -- -- -- in less than twenty minutes markers and find out what's -- at the movie theaters this weakening -- prediction about our. 40 via pop. Of the box office this weekend somebody's got to knock off the -- Am Captain America if you can. Survive another weekend. Good movies -- -- that. Thank you David with -- that. Coming up your fantastic weekend forecast to -- wrong is now Steve dollars and was sports is it close and close they'll draft. Excitement is building that -- you a series this weekend they trying to. Set themselves up for post season activity. In the run the college world news about that is well. Thank you so much for being here and oh by the way -- Friday. -- yours so glad you're starting your weekend -- here on the early edition of WWL. First news what you do on this weekend text made it 7870. On -- SS if so who do you wanna see. How about the crawfish cook off for cheap market slide to health and hospice foundation of the south. It is a party for the planet the out of an aquarium of the Americas and if you wanna make the two hour trek to Lafayette Louisiana for the rest of violence in Austin. It's huge parties it is. Big of line and some texts me at 8787 -- mullet toss weekend. In Orange -- Okay I'm not familiar with the mullet toss in Orange treatment I guess as another option for Texas at 87 is that what you're doing this weekend the weather's going to be great for just about any thing. For your Friday partly cloudy skies highs of 83 this afternoon with a 10% chance for just a straight shower and looking ahead to tonight back into this sixties with some late night fought now for the weekend expecting to see some warm weather low to mid eighties both days. Going -- 10% rain chance on Saturday 20% on Sunday. The I would listings forecast center and urologists are knocked out. -- it is that time of year folks who we start out the day at 71. Degrees at the airport encounter with 90% relative humanities now. Yank yet to feel like summer all of a sudden southwest breeze at nine miles an hour cloudy guys on both sides of the lake. And again it's the same on both sides 71 degrees with 90% relative humidity both at the airport scanner and the National Weather Service office. In right now. Sports time now on WWL. -- -- golf. Yet baseball did cite them for the NFL's draft. Analyst talk about surveillance Steve -- jump on the Mike -- -- Happy Friday to you and yours. Yes they're feeling good that we finally made it folks in the saints recently exercised the team's fifth year option on defense and then came Jordan rookie contract. Keeping the pro bowler in new world is for at least the next two seasons. Jordan was asked if it's a relief now not having to worry about contract talks this entire year. I'm out there isn't gonna do we're not obviously have these good folks on -- perform for my team and put us in the best position -- feel winning team that's what's really important to me. Is -- so boring I don't have once a lot of guys do I'm sort of jealous -- Ben Martin shot. A course record ten under par in the first round of the Zurich classic -- tenth birdie of the day was his most spectacular shot. And around fooled them as he chipped -- 855 footer on a par 317 hole. Atlanta Memphis and the LA clippers have two games to one leads in their NBA first round series is. Jeff Teague scored 22 points and had tennis this. As the hawks silence Indiana in 98 to 85. Mike Conley provided five of its first forty points in overtime to lift the grizzlies past Oklahoma City 98 to 95. And Blake Griffin scored 32 points in the Andre Jordan added fourteen as the clippers escape within 98 to 96 victory at Golden State. Chris Paul of the clippers says at the end of the day it's just one gave. This is gonna win of course in no way. And are toting guys -- wanted to autos you know you're not we're not going to win or lose this series -- games so it is what it is. We are come out Sunday just as hungry ready to play. The -- -- open their series against Omaha with a twelve to eight victory second baseman Josh Rodriguez was three for five with a homer and two RBIs. Major League Baseball has suspended yankees pitcher Michael when you -- it for ten games after his court tomorrow with pine tar on his next. He was injected him Wednesday night's game against Boston in the eighty's excuse was. He had trouble -- of the ball on a cool evening. And Michael Phelps has lost in the first final this come back after a twenty month retirement Ryan -- he Phelps and 100 meter butterfly final. At the arena Grand Prix Lochte touched in 59 point 93 seconds. Point two seconds faster themselves today have -- on sports -- who will have the best career out of LSU's offensive stars in this year's draft. And at 630 LSU baseball takes on Tennessee I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look explored. -- -- -- -- currency you know with radio on for -- game morning you forgot about one big sporting event this weekend. The mullet toss. Across the Florida Alabama since Los sorry I did nothing about it or got a text message from some candidates 78 avenues that not. Better look this up so of course visit the website dedicated -- to the mullet toss. At the floor -- and it's got pictures of women in bikinis holding beer throwing. -- approximately one pound -- And you throw it across the dateline. In competition. The Newton and the most accurate -- I do apologize for any sporting event with women in bikinis definitely deserves proper coverage and -- yes the market and it says site. You thought it was a really bad Erica technically it is and you'll see plenty of those here here please don't hate. But the -- -- -- one is one of the more popular and plentiful plentiful fish indigenous to the entry. Fifteen bucks to sign up get a free T shirt to compete in the small. And what a year if you win I don't know. If -- look at the -- on the slide out what are the awards. This family we'll move in annual -- to bring now -- Grand prize for overall male and female is Faris plays daily for each division listed. As a trophy. I gift certificate and any other crap we find lying around and it's nice if the sun they speak at. A moment ago and I got to SS Kinect on a Desert Classic. -- -- candidate profits took off -- -- now in ambulances the Italian festival and Amy in act on over to Lafayette for the festival on a national. Go much. Men and women while not not much going on in this round here at all. It across the state line from Alabama or Florida Alabama mature which way to -- Now nothing on on at all. I'm debating right now -- -- whether to go to Saturday or Sunday to -- that they have not yet. Picked which one else Sunday obviously your ligament clap and ending up with Eric Clapton treasury looking forward to Johnson Robert Plant -- line if any does a lot of is like that right that. Tough decisions good luck with that with the fact here's an easy decision come back into sports and 25 minutes for sure Aaron what's octave then Steve you know given the previous weekend -- -- -- -- Based evolved. And how things stack up as they have another ST the opponent I gave on 520 formal get your forecast after this. I have to apologize I guess looking at bikini clad women tossing fish distracted me eight. Should have said the Italian festival is it kicks off Louisiana behind city hall and speak -- What is it about a man. This is a woman in a -- suddenly our brain turns the mosque. It is what it is and I am I admit I have a problem and I face it. No probably forecast. Were warming up to the low to mid eighties today's said Jazz Fest is proving to be warm and humid again with a 10% chance for just a stray shower and we're actually going to keep those low rain chances over the weekend 10% for Saturday. 20% on Sunday when looking at highs both afternoons in the low to mid eighties don't forget the sun screen and a hat and the sunglasses. Out at Jazz -- From the eyewitness -- forecast an -- I'm meteorologist Clark tell. Let's get advice that had. At the sun screen and the sunglasses all good things to have this week in a matter -- going to be outside right now -- sent out today at 71 degrees both in Slidell and -- 90% relative humidity. Under cloudy guys I'm Dave -- at the early edition of WWL first news now. What do you do on this weekend. One person says Italian festival on take volcanoes has mullet toss. Another person says world of wheels in Baton Rouge -- violence they -- another presence it's. Sunday is lake front media day open enough. Both directions of lake shore drive now Angola senators up serves as a paid my house double life really. But everything else going on. -- that he'd move for a lot of egg rolls that the Italian festival on -- a man that's out how to move a lot of growth. -- the president does jazz bass applause gags. -- -- of them heading to the camp. Here's what else go under the Molotov. This weekend at the -- mammoth but he'd on this weekend -- made it 77. Coming up we'll see with the the movies for those of you who want to escape from everything else outdoors this weekend to WW offers news traffic -- the other sports in the latest CBS. Man people trying to all kinds of great things to do this weekend I'll share some more of the weekend activities before partaking in coming up if you wanna see a list of many of the -- on the economic climate all of them but many of the activities -- -- WL -- economic analysts there as well as -- as best -- 37 minutes after 5 AM this is the early edition of WWL first news this is April this is the 25 this is 2014. That's is PG. RA. Apps David likely to give me a favor the jump around and. Everybody now. -- -- -- -- -- And now. Golf -- hey everybody yeah. A man be the first to wish you -- happy. I today to welcome you into the weekend well overdue indeed indeed. Man people arguing all kinds of fun stuff this week. And it's more than I thought you know we've put together a list of what's going on and people always there with a more. Snow. One person they going to be platinum and parish. Crawfish took off in fort -- or with. And there's also the one up different departments life now passive and the ones as good weather for a boat ride coasters. Shopping. And I've got to go to Las Vegas -- my -- -- is almost enough -- -- going on my party card with the blessing of the fleet -- felt. A tag on a fly remote control plane. NASCAR Saturday Richmond Virginia let's go to reported bars and another segment sedate them you know -- Woodstock festival in church point Louisiana. Our baseball tournament -- go to team punishment -- you. Those says that I could -- for a motorcycle ride knows this deal soldier rally constitute a lot. Amy 100 poker run by boat on the diversion canal -- more applause. -- fort food festival. Man it is doing all the stuff -- what about the Italian thing up and check our web money if people want present as they wanna get these are you ready for this. -- move a lot of egg rolls. At the Italian I've -- answers and yeah. The United States at the wrong city earlier. And you know unemployment. What did you say the wrong cities I it's I it's said that the Italian festival was in another city but I thought it while I was looking at pictures from the -- that the four of them of just click back on -- -- what to women in bikinis the growing. Don't do that and under what is it about us man. That we see a woman in a bikini or last in our minds go straight to much you can't think straight at all now that's no matter how many times we see. A woman's body we wanna see more we were programs to be that voice and we just become idiots. When god made us it was made to be that toys that we can tell you guys yeah this is not my fault -- -- got this guy yeah exact. What I was I was free program. Whose body in there. Not scored Byron Scott with the story I'm not I don't know my wife would sounds good enough for my young. Allman perverts the -- Anyway. Movies this weekend. The other woman opens this is Cameron Diaz Leslie Mann Kate opted in three very attractive women speaking and and they are all tied together by a common. Boyfriend apparently they all. Gates sleep with what I over the same man all -- items married to him. I and they I'll find out about each other so they team up to it's all know exactly how bad ouch yes it's and that's the ad began. PG thirteen rating comedy romance. Write the quiet ones that PG thirteen rated horror film that opens this week and a university professor team of students conducted experiments on a young woman and their uncovering terrifying dark. Unexpected forces in the process. I'd brick mansion to -- this is interest. -- starring in -- yeah I do Paul Walker you know he's dead areas. Brittany Murphy has a new movie coming into refused. And it very it's a little weird to me to go watch a movie that was filmed -- alive but never released it with what they have to watch a movie it was released while they were alive but it. These are movies that are being released after they die out anyway it's an undercover Detroit cannot navigate the dangerous neighborhood it's surrounded by containment wall. And that is -- PT thirteen rated action crime drama so those of the new movies that opened in wide release are against. Also locked by the way of let's walk. That is an. I of the biggest challenge of his career that sets in motion a series of events that threatens carefully cultivated exist. So those -- the current new movies going up against Captain America the current number one heaven is for real number two followed by Rio to. Transcendence and haunted house which they can be number one. It's as you know something just tells recapturing America's got one more again there. You know I think it is other ones I just don't -- a cap -- his -- I don't know I don't see it happening -- if anyone would do it would be Rio. But and Vietnam I'm gonna stick with a captain and none of the name of his -- -- not yet the three hot women in the other woman who are active like thank you for your predict general talked to twenty minutes north vs. Alone. Let's go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast senator it's hot hot hot. It's this meteorologist Laura bust at all Hawaii at Dallas Friday happy to have that and welcome to yeah again. And up on the first wish you a happy Friday to commute to the weekend. Yeah you know here at work you know we get up so early -- -- -- Trojan on Friday yeah -- open. Takes a lot of it's a wake up -- thank the -- we don't usually spring and all happy and whatever but by the the show we're usually pretty fired up for Friday. And he you know what part of my mission in life is to help people get. Fired up to date to -- -- net charge back and make them happy yeah hopefully I've helped you in that in Denver Post and you're making me happy by telling the weather's going to be part near perfect all. You really as you know we're going to see those low to mid eighties and it can feel a little bit warm and maybe a little muggy outside that the rain chances hold off and so. You know court where -- we expected to be kind of warm and muggy for Jazz Fest that's not a mutual so it's really just to be great weather. That's green and had a good idea yet. Yes and yes sunglasses sunscreen hats have been hearing you recommend that all morning long and it. Good advice because it is going to be almost summer like. It is you know those low to mid eighties and any factor and the humidity that make feel a little bit warmer than that. That's like we see you know in July and August markets adds the nineties it's not going to be that hot but it's -- weekend united talked about this before this weekend -- week. Say good -- this spring. And we realize that summer is. Almost here if not -- and now they edit the transition weekend I'd -- -- to elastic buys for a yeah. But to -- right thing and close them kinda you know it's funny some -- -- -- they love those nineties they love -- hot hot hot humidity. So as the people may be excited about that I went -- be near -- news we know we're not eager to be near ninety. And then it really does the 10% chance of rain just in case pop up shower actors you've been warned there maybe streets or. Hey I've got one from the -- People while. And maybe this makes people around here feel a little better you know -- get a lot of national attention that they've brought the president Bernard -- writes on this controversy surrounding. Whatever happened with him and his wife he says it was consensual bondage it and run wild crazy -- says it was sexual assault. So we begin on national headlines about that well not only our politicians that make such headlines -- northern California politician. Is probably denying that he's a peeping Toms. He had the supervisor Santa Rosa. Says that he did make a late night visit to a mayor and do a neighbor's house okay he did. Walk to the neighbor's house wearing only his socks. And underpants away but he insists he never peaked in the woman's windows did not do it okay so you just walking around in her yard out of socks and underwear haven't does have a reason why yes okay he says. I had been drinking. And I do have an inflated ego. Without the don't know I guess that even if he's proud of his body so he got drunk in the study should walk around Iran and maybe I am very -- and some home from. Well now -- here now it's going to be up to a jury to decide. That's enough of an explanation for I have an inflated. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know northern that aired on the side yard nor any of -- I don't want to run my own yard and not weird. -- so I -- putting the supervisor of Santa Rosa and the why would people file. Because even if he does insist he was not peeping into the woman's windows he should have been in our yard by a jury will now decide if he is guilty of any court. Industries without a great -- that is the admits he was Franken -- that and -- a half to. Yes thank you -- have a have a great weekend or about down lavender right from the Eyewitness News forecast coming up sports with Steve Geller -- Then when teams get rid of their cheerleaders in the NFL why. -- has to do with the jiggle test. 5:49 good morning I'm Dave Cohen thank you so much for being a part of the early edition of WWL first news. The Buffalo Bills. Have announced their cheerleaders will not be participating. In any activities. This coming season. Comes a day after a lawsuit was filed over their pay and working conditions amongst the complaints from the cheerleaders. As they say that they were subjected to regular. -- tests. So their bosses could assess their physique and see -- any parts of their bodies that are not supposed to. Jay Gould did. They were apparently according to the lawsuit forced to dude jumping jacks in front of someone who was that I get an official fuel -- And then the tickle -- had to determine. If their blood -- arms and other body parts that weren't supposed to -- during their routines. -- -- The cheerleaders are seeking unspecified. Back pay and legal fees. And teams' responses okay fine you're done the buffalo jewels will not be performing this year. Sports that was Steve Gallardo like that -- Steve okay you're the tickle -- You got to watch every one of the cheerleaders. Do a bunch of jumping jacks while wearing I -- a bikini or whatever twenty feet ninety allotment. And look at a K is there but just going on about their arms and ancient on the legs. I don't think the bills organization will be happy with me because I don't think there's anything wrong with a little vehicle you Michael. Maybe I guess the Buffalo Bills front office is. They want sticks maybe I don't know and I assure your approach vehicle there anti yes I am pro -- OK well let's throw that out -- candidates seventieth -- let's vote are you anti -- or approach at all. Should women have a little -- or should they have to pass the jiggle test to be a cheerleader. Obviously some parts of them supposed to. What you're trying not to -- -- during sports he should it relatively all right good morning everyone happy Friday. Saints defensive -- Kim Jordan learned this week that the team had exercised the fifth year option on his rookie contract keeping him in black and gold through the 20152016. Season. Jordan was asked about the saints having to open the regular season this year in Atlanta. It's OK to start off with there road game get a road game win Webster they've done something -- -- holy Bible that. And I don't know if you come online last year they're robots that speed bumps. Denmark is the leader through one round of the PGA Zurich classic. He set a course record and tiny personal best with 810 under par that leaves in two strokes in front of Andrew Svoboda. Oklahoma City and Indiana compiled to the NBA's three best records during the regular season but they're in serious trouble through three post season games the grizzlies have a 21 series lead with a ninety to 95 overtime win over the thunder. While -- eighth seeded Atlanta Hawks also enjoy a two games to one lead over the pacers. Winning 98 to 85 in game three. -- Golden State the clippers grabbed a 21 series lead over the warriors within ninety to 96 win. LA's Blake -- important 32 points a point guard Chris Paul says that the Andre Jordan was the huge playmaker. Pulling down 22 rebounds to. Doesn't surprise me. He's been that way for us and five blocked shots again he covers up close so many times when guys get by as he ages the influence over on the diamond is efforts have now won two straight beating Omaha twelve to eight. Catcher rob Braly was three for five with three RBI and second baseman Jose Rodriguez launched his fifth home run of the season. And Michael Phelps has lost in the first final of his comeback after a twenty month retirement. Ryan Lochte beat Phelps in the 100 meter butterfly final at the arena Grand -- Lochte touched in 51 point 93 seconds that's point two seconds faster than Phelps did. Today -- -- on sports talk who'll have the best NFL career out of LSU's offensive stars in this year's draft. Then at 630 LSU baseball takes on Tennessee I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports. My 53 -- on Steve -- with you on your radio are you -- text messages and 87870. Had to have a little -- another says a woman without currently is like jelly beans. -- reckon I'm thinking about it like a woman without curves is like jeans without pockets. -- Miller put your hands. -- procure all hell yes that's another one there as a buffalo needs to listen to this is love me some new dates and giggle I must be on completes and I think image. And this is a little -- is awesome though another approach -- -- a big talent that. LSU and Tennessee this week at the IBM -- what you said thirty seconds ago because I'm all do -- out here I like the tigers in this. Well tiger is at home are always tough and Alex box stadium Tennessee Volunteers not having the greatest season right now at 7-Eleven in the SEC but still a tough opponent. They're ranked eighth in both pitching and hitting in a conference. Tigers are actually ranked eleventh in the SEC and hitting a fourth and pitching so you gotta like the tigers -- the big question will definitely be. Sunday and what the what the pitching staff to put together then they see the tigers easily taking games one and two for another series. During last weekend they they'd lost Saturday and one -- right exactly. Now but Sunday is to let their -- to the big question mark thank you stable talking about fifteen minutes with more sports here on WWL. As Steve has ignited the pro jiggle vs anti -- debate will share more of your text messages and 877 and your forecast. -- get out and -- this weekend we'll play with the weather and hi Sheldon and master control. -- -- Almost everybody was texting us at 87870. Is pro -- after Steve. Launched the question. Apparently happened buffalo their anti Jindal because they made the cheerleaders allegedly. Jumping jumping jacks while the -- -- would watch each part of their invited to make sure parts that weren't supposed to tickled didn't. That's just part of a lawsuit that also says they're forced to make public appearances where they were subject to crude commentary. And sexual harassment. Cheerleaders -- seeking. Paid for those appearances they say that they weren't paid for also complaining about the so called clinical tests that. Here in New Orleans at least everyone listening now texting and it's underneath and he loves the little tickle.

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