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WWL>Topics>>4-25 6:15am Tommy, name change after a divorce

4-25 6:15am Tommy, name change after a divorce

Apr 25, 2014|

Tommy talks to Michelle Demarest, an attorney at law specializing in family law, about what happens with names after divorces

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We saw a story about. A lady who was having a problem because she changed her name from her husband's name. And then they kid's words still carry enough husband's name and and she you know what to do about it so we thought we'd ask our friends. Michelle cameras on -- lovely lady who practices. Family law in the area that to tell us what the law says and in which he would advise clients in general not in specific morning show. Good morning Harry and doing well thank you and thanks taking time with this. -- is sort all of this out if you know you get divorced and then maybe you don't want your ex wife keep an -- maybe you do you -- kids she doesn't explain all of this to me please. Believe you have lots said that I was and take the last name of the part they may. Narrowed that -- that -- -- name like that has. Usually at electric. And when we have people getting in life he usually they make it as a weapon they got back and they remain committed market they have he would. We believe that I'd get divorced yet I -- The pilot in the gardening okay. That big kicker is. That hasn't ex husband doesn't want to life he could name it really not his right in her right. So what about first name for example announced talking to David Blake about this earlier who said that it was a an ex wife and his past among many but one of -- kept his kept his name and I was wondering. Mentioned -- -- last name so like would mount Copeland hey he has three may lie I've got -- So they could -- -- and -- ahead. Three maybe -- a lot alleys and black unit that aren't aren't anymore yeah yeah. You're killing our lives who are you are. I'm so -- yoga. Classes it's weird when you mention Johnny Carson because it was but about this the other day as well I don't know that. Anybody could marry somebody of the same name yeah understand -- insane if you divorced. A thread and you fell in love with somebody error maybe there was attraction across the room and found out his name was Fred. That the deal breaker not. And a I would think so so bottom line is he from now husband's standpoint and and from now. Wife standpoint is dollars kids go to does it matter in terms of legalities in terms of bill collectors it's. Really that the match of the bill collectors however you name as your card bill it's harder and Matt yeah. Never -- been part if people have children and young children don't keep that. And the recently Louisiana is now up to apple it is they were not married. You didn't actually just kidding name another name you could get changing drivers. Now that make them match so he's not changing the security gains. And you changed your driver's side and saint you're married name make you act if they get it back -- and it -- -- security card and. L we -- anything human dimension -- I think that -- right so bottom line if you keep the bill collectors away from -- pay your bills. And if you don't wanna go through this whole mess with changing the name stay married. Thank you Michelle appreciate it every week and I used.

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