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4-25 7:45am Tommy, benefit

Apr 25, 2014|

Tommy talks to June Magri-Smith about a benefit to help her daughter

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And they got a thing going on this weekend for. A good friend of mine Italy that works here's -- you Ellen really a good friend from. Everybody a good friend of everybody -- a human resources director here in June maker Smith Adrian good morning Tommy thanks for taking the time. Time to it is to come in and talked to us about what's going on. On numb Sunday. In Kenner and itself -- daughter and I guess we should talk about your lovely daughter Michelle and with. It's gone out she's 26 years old she's been ill for over a year now. And they don't know what's wrong with her she's lost forty pounds but didn't attend doctors. And regionally they said we need to go to the Mayo Clinic and get out regionally because they have done all that they can for. And I'd I don't wanna go into any. Divulge anything that you don't want divulged out there but it's a it's an illness that -- a lot of people and medical professionals have looked into and ages. Absolutely wrong absolutely violator confidence went -- a sand -- happens Sunday. At the Knights of Columbus hall 3310 Florida avenue in -- That's a 133 and Williams behind the discount zone -- a lot of different things on these the spaghetti dinner for example you go pick up you notice that they're neat if you don't want. Absolutely it's from eleven to 330 he can eat in or take out. Then we also have a -- go that starts at 4 o'clock. Both are fifteen dollars per person. And then during the spaghetti dinner we also have a silent auction lists some great items and that starts from eleven until 330. I didn't do -- -- -- party for people don't know what it is explain. Dice game and you play with a partner and it the team of two that play against a team of two and all you do is world dice and try and get a specific number on the dice and you get points and -- a fast pace. Very easy game and we'll show anyone who wants to play it's lots of -- keep moving from table -- In honor winner if you look at him I don't if you're -- you stay at the table so go buy some more spaghetti. That's sounds it's. And then you get some of these silent auction items at calamity you want an autograph Drew Brees football a membership bomb. See you snap fitness and gift certificates to some great restaurants. Absolutely. And we also have artery graft done -- you helmet and football by the code. It's hundred dollar gift certificates H -- -- spot and also an autographed Bobby maybe our football and an original cartoon from spot that's autograph that's right and a lot of WWL goodies to Colin and ask so if you can going out there in court he's barbecue is well -- gives if we get our urban nature institute Boutros Jewelers. A couple of saint street money grow a reason floral arrangements. And a pair of tickets to see Frankie valley interesting I was listening Illinois and this morning on on the CDC Frankie valley in the four seasons. Hundred dollars to little chance saloon. And a lot of the things that you're gonna wanna get involved with and help the family because you know one of the leading causes of and you know and trying to divulge any. Financial information here but one of the things it really cannot people down. These unanticipated medical bill. Absolutely and just the trip to may. You know the the hotels and airfare and what you have to put up that at Mayo as well. And that's pretty unknown until you get the and in terms of what exactly it is that your -- so outlet players and I don't know what it is that's right it's let's say Tommy issues and it's she woke up one day last march march a year ago. And she's not in the same cents. And and suffering and lots of pain and she works and she takes medication to try and get her to function from day today. I'd she can't live on this medicine and she can't function I think you just have to put yourself in the position apparently tune in this something's. As very very expensive so album out if you can Sunday this Sunday at the Knights of Columbus hall 3310 Florida avenue and -- -- 133 and Williams right behind the discounts on spaghetti dinner gone from eleven till 330. Only fifteen dollars a person take -- and I'll be getting my spaghetti. And now also the bronco party in in some silent auction. Yes and we also just edit a raffle for an autograph Drew -- that -- found was nice enough to get us another football so we're gonna do a raffle. And you can buy tickets they -- at five dollars a chance and we're gonna sell on throughout the month of may and the each and drawings June 9. In something out you might do -- keep the whole family in your prayers even if you can't go out -- needed as well thank you Jean guy at Lexington thank you time.

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