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4-25 9:10am Tommy, sports and dating

Apr 25, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Jim Taylor, a renowned sports psychologist, about sports fandom, passion, and dating

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We thought we talk about this as a might be fun on a Friday a dating site that the Packers have set up. And it's called packer backer dot com I think and you go in and you put your interest in. Green Bay Packers lovers dot com ha you put your interest in Maplewood bears and and you might find out find yourself making a love connection. -- a green and gold I guess love connection. Based on a green bay Packers and and -- think in maybe we should have a a -- at hook up for the saints I think you're on who dat nation and to would you date somebody that. He is not only loves the other team but hates yours if there are not contaminate the saints now we're talking about a Green Bay -- site right for dating. And I guess name believe -- -- ninety's Jim Taylor. But it's not the same Jim Taylor late Ronald has its doctor Jim Taylor sports psychologists and with that we welcome him in the morning doctor Jan. Or. Well thank you for for taking the time -- When it comes to two things. Seemingly is tried as sports vis a vis a relationship with somebody Els and and maybe your soul -- somebody was meant a -- life is with how hard is that the balance. Well it can be for for quote most quote normal people -- -- that very facetiously lightly and it shouldn't be a problem but the work -- And comes from comes from fanatic. And that and a product is somebody who believed very deeply and something. And in this case it's the sports team and that you will now -- from south. Sport is a -- And did you think about people who won't marry somebody different religion they won't marry somebody the different political persuasion very opposite. Well some people are so invested personally in their in their team that they can't imagine how somebody. Couldn't believe -- that another team is better and as a result they couldn't possibly marry them. He despite in my the other wonderful things that they have a connection. And -- look at netted the other way just because both of fuel our. Fans of one team. And might be a starting point for conversely he -- that I don't think that's enough to last throughout the years. On the no connection is -- for research. But it looked at on how people feel it during a Super Bowl -- big game. An attempt -- because the degree physiological arousal and I'm not talking about arousal were often you don't need -- -- -- -- back. What that. That when you -- -- a state it will get very excited. And if you bring it. -- -- at a I don't write a lot of stuff down but the team right now the most what is it. And of arousal theory I got here about is what is that about. What happens is. You're predicting -- real excited and the -- scans your environment -- -- trying to figure out why you're so excited. And the -- attribution is if you can do it it's expected back in the game but you attributed to disperse inactive. You might think that -- And so so that you don't keep that feeling of excitement from the game with that person. Think it's -- -- and think Meredith person and and so on. And but importantly when the game is over or maybe ten years so 010 years later when games anymore that excitement has gone. Or do to France -- team's not as good as it used to be. Sure that you're not an investment that -- you know they're terrible I'm I'm not into that anymore and all the sudden that connection if you had. It no longer there and then of course in America doesn't go as well so they can cut both ways you suggest coming. I you know I try to run this in very family oriented and our little get togethers here and out of my body to be offended but when you study. And look and I am a rabid sports fan OK but when you say. Miss attribution of arousal. And god knows I've gotten happy or angry or frustrated when -- with a lot of sporting events especially if you bet on them. We're not talking about -- crawls all arousal area. No not necessarily about electable general is -- arousal but can come from frustration. Excitement. Anger fear whatever it might be in the areas that we don't actually know let that. -- that route all the physiological activity is so we look around our environment -- he went from -- -- And that we come a -- bear well decide it's the -- And. So waited severely -- you get there. Are. All all icy fear not. The other time now you know not -- dissipated as you better have a good opening line I'll tell you that. Back -- beaver. But you'd better you'd better get them you get better get him from hello. Or no but it's so good -- I don't know just so so what I thought about -- I don't mean the yet the work -- I mean the but -- anytime we feel like tiger -- -- anger frustration. Apple would honestly know what it is we look around -- what -- -- -- what we attributed to and we say oh what's her for the bear or the game or whatever it might be. What can be in advances of female fan. Thank palm one on just tried to ask questions -- so. What does it matter if you just like the other team and don't hate you Euro. Partners team because it seemed to me about hey I love. The saints don't like Atlanta hockey can pull for Atlanta but don't -- in my face of the saints loser on constantly be put in the team down. Is that right. Depends upon how strongly not just that he is -- suggest you like working with the -- like the other team. Because. If if you have somebody who your attracted to but be be root for the truly hated team. And style those who thought I care what this person is how can she possibly here he possibly. Like that other team. It it -- it this inconsistent senior boring and you have these somehow. Make an adjustment in -- -- say all that popular not that bad. Or you say she's just not the right woman from. So it it also comes down to at some point you view it as a personal attack because it's like you know love my teams you don't love me. Are you make that my -- -- economy. Right well that's what happens with fans. Their self esteem become tight in Q how their team does. So -- attack on the team is an attack on there self esteem their integrity how they view themselves. And so that that incredibly hurtful and should there be that kind of investment because you'll hear it you know our team -- But you know you're on the team you're at the fact. But people but let's be realistic people have those kind of investment they think their houses with the color of the team they were ushered into peace they -- their -- whatever might be. That the -- and -- And on the other side of it done you don't have to necessarily has to do all of that but -- know -- saints lose a terrible Monday saints win great Monday. Gap and end it -- down it's a case where people actually get depressed. After a big loss because it's a the lot of them it's like somebody died for a short time hopefully not that severe but I've certainly. -- people mourn the loss of the team. I don't want to berated catchy flat footed here needing come on and talk about this but as much in some coverage of Michael -- with a -- a yankees had some pints are in his next thing timing dated. Early in the series against the Red Sox and again I think it was last night night before he got can't do one night before. And got a ejected from the game and it just seems to me that when something like that happens. The media somebody gets away from holding they tend the last -- -- him that. That irascible sign of a gun at Rask a little weak on him do one. But yet haven't steroids suddenly they're demonized and and should have anything to with the game -- and running game and just seems to me like cheating is cheating not that he grows ever was accused of cheating a throwing game or anything like that. But I just I just wanted to be a double standard because Hulk and something that directly affects what's gone on with that pitch be at sand paper to do whatever of these spit ball whatever you name it. How is that not cheating even to a worse degree and steroids -- of people view it differently. Well I happen you watch the game the other night that I am a Red Sox are today. And I hate the Yankees but but but but realistically. I went with economic she -- -- And whether they're right it could affect the game affect the outcome of the game -- that it would affect the performance of the players. It's cheating and I think -- really inappropriate when the media -- as though he is doing little little something. B. I notice they're not that that it's always is doctrine a policy related and try to get away with a didn't and I don't see the same. Crucifixion -- same outrage over steroids and I know it's you know it's a drug they can hurt people get all of that I just think cheating street. No I agree and I think he should be punished and he will be punished. And I think the media they try to make it joke -- on the acting funny how pot but dumb but -- cheating and he should be punished for. Doctor appreciate your time I really do -- a website or something that people can go to. Sure WWW. Dot doctor Jim Taylor dot com that DR Jim -- dot com. We appreciate your time a pleasure is always. Always thought thank -- that have a great weekend.

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