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4-25 9:45am Tommy, canonization a whitewash?

Apr 25, 2014|

Tommy talks to Father Jim Weiss, an Associate Professor of Theology at Boston College, about the canonization of Pope John Paul II

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Other Jim Weiss joins us right now and associate professor of theology at Boston College a friend of -- has been on before and we appreciate you taking a -- right now father Jim. That's always a pleasure to be with utility and be with the people -- Portland. You know priests are -- -- line when it comes to me. Hey let let's let's get on the pope's Pope John the 23 as I understand it one. Miracle requirement wave there when he comes of Pope John peoples act in kind of fast tracked and -- I love Pope John Paul the second I don't really remember seriously John Paul I John and 23. Line. You know I get a big problems a problem when process gets in the way of sincerity or there's some kinda different motive to talk to me bundle -- -- yeah -- and things up. IE I have to agree with you tell me I think with the process. Would processes is put in place of prudent. There's trouble in this case of the Pope. Who never -- other people to break the rules is breaking the rules in both cases. Pope John Paul the second. Case was not subjected to be useful. Are tightening procedures which are very strictly the government of etiquette in the case -- Pope John the 23. We're two miracles a record for canonization -- -- suspend that rule. And the skin and I think it would only one miracles -- -- the leaders of political agenda going on here. And it's it's in one case it's it's it's a nice agenda. But in the other. But there's a deeper political agenda which is. I think that they'd make that what -- -- on Sunday it really tragic like watch. Glad he -- idea that that gets my attention and and just of people and to know from background it was Pope Benedict. That. Has suspended the second miracle for John the 23 it was the other way John. The other way around the there isn't mandatory fight you're waiting period before you open the case to make some of the saint. And Pope Benedict suspend that rule under enormous pressure from the polish church. And the previous courtiers John Paul the second all of it indicates it is so Benedict suspended the five year. We -- period and a hope France's realizing that the that it was it was he was facing oncoming train. -- -- decided that does to balance the canonization of very controversial Pope with a lot of negatives on this record. He would categorize -- much more liberal Pope. Who is you know safely in the distance he died over fifteen years ago. But to do that appropriate to set to suspend the two miracle rule so. Is part of this with Pope John and -- third that. You know Catholics bird in the -- lot of tears not just Catholic Church but they're trying they don't wanna die out just like. And oldies station on the radio they wanted to constantly bring it on on to -- and seriously father Eric -- casino where he if you look at the average person that. The idea either remembers or takes part in it is sixty years old you know. Well a lot of people. Are not gonna be around if they do use your product or conversely if you had problems with the before not trying to compare -- to a product. But that they won't remember. You understand an insane and is that part of our. Why is him is when -- man. -- approach to marketing I think it's. -- slightly different -- you are on the right track but I'll say. I'd like to turn you about -- degrees. What's happening here is that Pope John is seen as the Pope who opened the church who asked bishops to. Speak freely who encouraged change in the church and didn't worry about where this change would lead he said you know we we can handle. Controversy we can handle differences of opinion John Paul the second practice and all of that. He replaced bishops with people who all thought the same way he diminished the power of the national bishops' conferences. All he broke the rules to make things happen that we want them to happen. And he is that he treated the bishops as as his acolytes. All of that was a very differently from the way that John the 23 in the way to all the six but the Pope in the sixties the seventies. Had been treating the church so I can both of these. Chris this is is he is giving gifts to. I hate these terms liberal conservative but they'll have to they'll have to. The place until we get that but candidate into the 23 is a gift to the liberal candidate John Paul the second is a gift to the conservatives. And big differences way of saying let's -- together. And there is some controversy. Some from some groups talking about Pope John Paul's second I think you follies ordered by bush before -- in terms of what exactly went on under his. Watch in -- concerned father Marciano Mae's CEO I guess I say his name at legion of Christ. Yes and not just in the just step on the field but -- the bishops who protected the priests who have been abused children. Including one cardinal who. Abuse to -- before he was cardinal and the the evidence was was. That the evidence was on a convertible. But the cardinal in Austria. Has. Justice seminarians and teenage boys. When he was in charge of boarding school earlier in life and that the -- -- -- it and stay in the -- that required the when he retired which he took his time doing that that he retire to a monastery. -- apple the did everything he could to ignored Toledo. These sexual abuse scandal what Bernard Law from Boston. Had to step -- because of his handling of child abusing priests. He was given other posts in the Vatican all of the absolutely yeah so you know I think it's interesting is totally. Well when -- went Pius the twelfth case was brought forward for canonization in the Pope during the Second World War and during Cold War. The -- case was brought forward a lot of Jewish people -- official said you know. His record -- dealing with the Jews is very unclear it's very spot. You should look forward to candidates in this sort of acted prudently took that case also the -- I think it's very strange that the Vatican would not respect another -- of victims namely the victims of clergy abuse. All of the because John Paul presided over there. John Paul presided over and maintained the bishops in in interstate. In this status who had tolerated child abusers so them. Somehow abuse. Sexual abuse victims. Fill out the vote in the attic in that argument. Sisters were able to use to two. Called for more prudent in the case supplies at all. Paul has a couple of huge sting to his credit and the clergy have talked to are all divided this one so. I I don't want to listeners to think that this is that he answered. No no you're you're you're your your listeners especially with -- of the world. Need to realize that the church is helping them grow up by learning to make their own judgments carefully and prudently. But what they think about decisions of the bishops in the that it because the clergy I've talked to about this canonization. Are divided right down the middle just pulled a couple of great things okay he. He helped to he's helped bring down Communist Eastern Europe in ways that will ever built because that because this scene. And he also repaired relations with our Jewish Brothers and sisters. -- ways that nobody thought possible he's the progress he's made a Catholic Jewish relations. Is one of his greatest legacies and it and everybody it's. It's it's been -- tremendous healing process it's silly it's still in progress. But he made it clear that the church had to repent all it's sins against. Jewish people. And and went the extra mile so there were predicting the -- pulled it. But he also opened up a culture of corruption and that the administration. And he simply ignored the cries to remove the troops who tolerated clergy abuse increased. Was -- woefully under informed anyone plausible -- ability where he did -- nose so he wouldn't have to do anything about it. That's what people are saying but there hasn't been enough time to analyze the head. Of the some people are saying he wasn't informed. All of in the case of cardinal law of Boston that's not credible then. It's also the credible but he didn't build up certain bishops in the United States. Whether he knew about father may feel we don't know precisely for that reason it's too early to canonize him. Until we know what can do and how he knew it and what he's decided about it. This canonization is is simply slap in the face to the victims of clergy be. We have to ask this question before -- go to at least I do would it be more accurate to say Pope John Paul the second. Predicted protected had a files are protected the system that protected data files. Oh thank you for asking that would be very clear he protected the system that protected the pedophile. But I appreciate your time -- James. Jim wise and associate professor at Boston College you are not a jazz going I don't know -- thought if you. While I hear a confessional interview you gave me a promotion by the James Gretzky. Also I guess early if you guys and the town I'm telling you we're gonna commanders towns who's been about four hours or talk.

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