WWL>Topics>>4-25-14 10:10am Don Dubuc: on fracking in St. Tammany

4-25-14 10:10am Don Dubuc: on fracking in St. Tammany

Apr 25, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks with Rick Franzo, president of Concerned Citizens of St. Tammany, about whether oil fracking would be a good thing for the parish.

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And -- the Friday edition of the think tank is Don -- to -- -- for Garland -- glad you decided to spend part of your Jazz -- Friday with us here on the big -- seventy -- -- got a great show lined up for -- in addition to a lot. Fish and game reports that will be forthcoming now we're also going to give away a pair of tickets to the Jazz Fest. That's -- was saying you there this year you'll see legendary artists like Eric Clapton Bruce Springsteen. And the plus today's stars Christina Aguilera Robin thick fish and locals trombone shorty Aaron noble Allen to saint -- and hundreds more. It's virtually every style of music world class food and one of a kind arts and crafts and winning tickets to Jazz Fest is easy. Listen to me today at 1240 for your -- to call him. General contest rules applying happy fasting from all of us at WW well. Well we're gonna close of the think tank program out later this afternoon thinking about alligators. March -- He has an alligator specialist with the L issue accident or Louisiana Seagram. He's gonna be doing -- cooking demonstration in the seminar at Jazz Fest on Sunday. And will be asking you this question how do you like -- alligator fried stewed or just want to from a safe distance. That's coming up in the 12 o'clock our organ a dual alligator 101 fascinating creatures animals and really one of the most successful restorations stories ever as far as one alive they were on the endangered species list. Back in the seventies. And now off very thriving in a very very important point to our tourism. And also to our seafood industry here in Louisiana we'll talk DiMarco about that also coming up at eleven it's -- saint Tammany parish update. A regular feature on the think tank on Friday is the last Friday of every month parish president pat Bristol join us for the monthly patch update. Topics will be covering in addition to those you would like to bring up for her. Are finally getting some -- Some satisfaction in in solving a big traffic tangle on 19 -- there in man -- Also the bill that was pass to create a new saint Tammany Levy district. And of course that attracting controversy which in my opinion probably. On the top of the list of issues things facing saint Tammany parish residents of -- live work play in saint Tammany. I will be talking to parish president -- breast. But this hour again not talking about saint Tammany in that ranking issue. There's a lot of people who are very much opposed to it some have not formed an opinion some off for it. There is I land owners. Who are applying for a permit to do some experimental drilling to find out if they -- gonna continue and try to create. Oil and gas. Exploration. Actually -- facility. Just south on just on the north side divide twelve by the highway 1088. -- change there. I think most people of saint Tammany parish including the the leaders of the Paris elected officials. And really kind of been taken aback by the speed at which is things moving -- this is a very very serious and big issue. And it's kind of moving along pretty rapidly and a lot of people are concerned that they're gonna be swept into it. Before understanding it or even giving the parish is blessing that. One of the organizations as very very concerned about this is that concerned citizens of saint Tammany. It's director of -- friends of president that is of the organization joins us to talk about it. Rick thanks for being with us we appreciate it. Rick I can do this not think I'll let you do or maybe we can do it together for people that -- just hearing about fracking in this particular project it's. Possibly coming to saint Tammany parish could you explain in the simplest details what fracking full oil and gas is all about. So what they're doing is and they'll be trailing through. An -- aren't going into shale exposing going down about thirteen thousand feet. And know what happens is that then goes and ourselves direction up to a mile to two miles. Two caption. Under shell which it was in the -- is that a natural gas and they use. You know water and chemicals. Which really undisclosed chemicals to. Due to drilling process. So yes it's it's kind of experimental it's. It's been around. Around the country for a -- you know I guess maybe the last ten years so and there's been some questions. Whether it's safe for nine days. There's a lot of information out there and out job has been over the past couple weeks as we've been. As it's getting as much information out to the public to make any. A good understanding. And of what this is about. And what it means to think Cameron parish. Before going to further if you would explain your organization concerned citizens of saint Tammany know who are you and what you're all about. Where organized organization that is about the government and we've. We've been involved in a lot of different issues and we just promote good government and the like up we -- we still. The parish will be the best cheerleaders when they do right by the taxpayers. And and that stick good stewards about dollars. And if they don't want them differently and to be screaming and -- And -- That we do pretty often quite on -- with him. But -- we -- organizations. With poppy hill was 2000 members now we have a board of about 22 people made up with a diversity of talent. We have committee's legal committees -- the property rights zoning committees. This so we have that diversity of really talented people on and I'm so proud of the people that we actually have -- -- it was -- -- group. Rick go when -- this first came out senator. Tim Burns. As a represent him -- which policies on -- believe it's representative. Rate he he put together with Donald -- in -- very quick impromptu meeting 19 a couple of weeks ago. Invited the public to come out meet people from the conservation department who would be on to the the mission their job right I don't want to -- If you -- and not to provide a lot of information to Dubuque is a lot of people would never heard of it didn't know anything about this. And it came up all the sun there were a few people there who were in full support of -- saying that they've got knowledge that think it's a the save process I think the overwhelming majority knew there you heard of our calls to an -- but I think everybody including representative berms and everybody else. Feels the same way that this is happening so fest that the needs to be more information about about it. Before you can really take an opinion has concerned citizens of saint Tammany issued a formal opinion most. No we haven't made. Beautiful thing but we are getting information out there we have a lot of concerns about it but put supporter obviously is an important -- -- Tammany parish. You know it's a livelihood of a lot of people. And don't do -- Aqua farms is is it's a scary situation. If you have a problem obviously it could affect. Actually it's -- -- in the ocean with would be paid in the gulf. Yet where you can definitely and -- efficient and wildlife should just not good either but you're dealing with now people alliance and that's where it's more concern for everybody. In the past two weeks we probably had over 30000 views on just off Facebook's site alone regarding these issues and stuff that we post seductive and. Information and it means we post in both pros and con. On on drilling. And this fracking process. But. On those that 30000 or so views we probably have less than. Less than a handful of people that actually support the drilling process of saint Tammany parish. Right and that could change but again as I mentioned nothing people wanna slow this thing down and and take a good hard looked so that they can make. A wise and well informed decision before they support or outrageous. You have to look I and I Hewitt meeting and I was gonna wanna play I really appreciate -- -- question that you ask two department natural resources. And there are some questions that you ask that we're right on point and and I appreciate your efforts and that. Well as I told them got more than just one interest -- and of course is my job to cover these things but the other thing is -- two wells that they will penetrate you know to to give an act of resentment wells -- -- And -- gonna go through and is in my opinion on this thing I mean I have not formed a opposition or support opinion of this thing yet. Certainly I understand the need for more oil exploration and and trying to get this country more self sufficient when it comes to that. There's also very good possibility this could be an economic benefit to the past but we're not sure about that the one thing that definitely. Want them to prove to me before I supported his show me -- -- back up plan. Show me if there is a devastation what you mitigation and and you you plan is to to compensate for. At the worst case supposes there's something in the concrete of the casing that fails and it got. And -- and has happened until it we got we got yesterday we got a copy of. To sixty minutes. -- a segment on fracking. And then that they did it it was the pros and cons. Segment that they didn't on television. And India and they've had in cases where you have to -- list of illegal to a they basically put this. Collar around the piping and drilling. -- -- Any leakage getting into the into the aquifer. But they've had issues now where they've actually had poor workmanship and cracked in and they got leakage into. And that ability and I think and passion and I say all the Louisiana. There is a number of cases a number of cases -- we've had drilling problems. And and and that's why we need to be concerned 2005. They've actually been made to. To be regulated in to a point where. The regulations is so light in this fracking and and that it needs to be changed you know to at least not really getting tougher regulations. On that I've been drilling process which is that could've. Affect everybody you know and I consent to but I always say it would do does -- risk justify the end you know and I don't think. From what we've seen reported so far. And the amount of money that -- would receive two point eight million dollars. Does not justify the risk when he's talking about it could affect you know 202 and 50000 people that -- sync and the perished if it gets into -- -- I don't believe it justifies it and I don't believe it would ever in fact dropped -- prices of fuel prices because we have does well and the missing. I've talked to -- legal firm in the launch vehicle on which is what is probably the. That they are rated number one. A firm on zoning and planning and I spoke with them about a -- do some research forests and honored as well. And at that point is once you open that to a date. Eight you've created where you can have wanted to front you -- -- get back. And then with the way it is no it is not stopping it and one of the things that I'm most. Upset about. In is the process and that's what concerns citizen doesn't look at the process who automation governments to write to people have to fear notification what's going on. And that the process is done right when I found it difficult might still have a tough time accepting is that. Parish president and and some of the people within government have come out publicly stated that the parachute hands up high. -- now Rick that's gonna get into the eleven and I've done in my hands that you sent to them so we're gonna take a break here we come back I want to explain. About zoning and also all know what your feelings on as far as what saint Tammany parish government is doing to protect the interest and provide. The citizens with -- enough information to either supported -- opposed. Fracking in saint Tammany hectic we'll be right back you listen to the think tank on the big 870. WW. We're thinking about fracking in saint Tammany parish in fact that is the subject of -- the opinion poll question that's up on our home page at WW -- dot com simple question or you for or against fracking for oil and gas. In saint Tammany and of course that comes along with a question given the information that you have now. Right now on 90% for 10% of dance -- think that's probably didn't change. And very early in the results under the W Al dot com we also asked that you can call in. It's a little bit later on were up against the news and we have Rick friends know who is the president of the concerned citizens. A saint Tammany parish and written we come back after the news this is gonna take awhile but I wanted to talk about. The communications that you had with the department of natural resources in what the response was that you got that if you would just comment. Maybe T a little bit and tell us what it was that you asking of them. Well oh or spotted in the meeting -- and when I got to speak I asked questions to the -- ministry sources. And I asked in the question is that the you know that the property. It's not zoned fortunately. I hit -- -- a rate which is. Residential. And I said it's not settled for that I didn't know who has precedence over that -- -- they have jurisdiction over the content doesn't matter what the zoning is. What you I don't know if you noticed but they look like the -- -- dumbfounded by the question -- and I would say don't cut it -- wrong it was more like they've. And maybe expect that question. And a and they kind would have answered but they did say that well that's vocal -- local law has decided. You know go -- the rest of -- I don't really think into the answer. After that was I had looked on on line and I found a recent report in Harrisburg Pennsylvania where market shale drilling. Was fighting. They issue a permit to drill in the area. And it was challenged by the local government on zoning what the judges on the commonwealth -- court ruled that and to think -- not require municipalities to allowed drilling. In areas where it could conflict with their zone. So that. Put polite -- -- -- -- you know I'm gonna go back and get it on paper from the pomp and natural resources -- what their position on this regarding. Issuing -- it. And it affected zoning have any decision in in in the process. So I sent them a letter asking this question and a dispute via some quick excerpts of it. They said they Soviet that they. Billy is state deal with the law is in the rules that govern in the office of concentrated relate to. Technical considerations. So if you -- associate with maximizing. The. And that physical drilling of the well. Do not. Did conservation authority to interpret -- -- -- local ordinances dealing with Sony not issues. That may affect activities in Hillary to the installation and operation of the well. To put that tells me is that indicative of a man put it up to the parish government. To decide whether or not they have to change zoning and. Got into this saying they stick with the science. They don't get involved in the six Atlanta right -- the trial only come back I want you to talk about how that fits into what we're hearing from the saint Tammany parish officials with regard to. What control they may have on it because I think this -- beloved a conflict. When I -- Blu-ray right back Rick friends -- president of concerned citizens of saint -- will take you calls and text to but right now it's time for news. A sentinel the next -- on names with the latest. And we're talking about the possibility of fracking for oil and gas in saint Tammany parish of area hot issue over there in the Paris so right now sixty I'm sorry 80% -- saying they afford 20% saying against it. I'll witnesses Rick friends though the president of concerned citizens of saint Tammany and -- Rick and get some text in about some clarification on some terms. No one wanted to know what the Aqua for a while the aquifer basically is an underground underwater rivers simplify it. And of course go on thirteen thousand feet to research to -- in and extract oil and gas you would pass through. I'll certainly all the aquifers that are being used to -- -- minutes of Bally's and individuals who were talking. Thousands of wells systems not just in saint -- -- and of course that's with the problem -- -- -- some -- some kind of problem. That what happened with the well the casing. And could leak into the water supplies and what do you do do you -- watering and do you put on the ground pipelines from the Mississippi River what is the back up plan if in fact she need one. I think a lot of people need to know about the that the safety of this thing and that's -- the biggest question is now what you have done richt is. Fired off a letter to get confirmation from the people who will be issuing the permit. Can they deny the permit on do they get involved in any social aspects of their reply do you was no there's not. We strictly look at the plan if they meet the requirements of the drilling. Then we issued a permit it is up to the minutes out the of the parish -- the government authority to. Deal -- zoning issues if that should be the case now. Do you have any information that that the parish administration has taken a stand on whether they can. Time have a yea on May depending on the zoning changes required. Well not -- it's been stated publicly. Today. Field at the hands of time and I know it's been mentioned to them on the zoning. I copied every all the parish council on response -- got from the department national resources. Because I think the parish needs to. If -- consensus of the people. Who -- don't. Drilling to take place to -- and the parish I think the Paris has an obligation to the citizens intently than to say hey. We controlled zoning is now constitution in the home China. And based on -- precedents set in and not just here in in the Louisiana but in other parts of the country. Local law supersedes. On zoning. Opposite the seats state on on drilling you know they have to get the zoning change. So that process. Needs to be considered by the parish government and not just put your hands -- pollutants that we can do nothing and I don't believe that to be true I believe that I can do something yeah obviously things. Pushed the issue on the zoning. It may get into a lawsuit. And that I'm sure that's in the back of their mind that they would have to defend this. And defend their zoning. Issue but it we have seen obviously that in most cases. Effect indicate a vaccine is actually shown that the zoning wins out. So it's whether or not the parish. Tenacity and a backbone to stand up and say no. In a consensus in saint Tammany is that people don't want it. If they do want it well that's a different story this is and they may but from what I see right now it appears that most people don't want it and I think the -- stand up to say hey you know we controlled zoning you don't have to -- for you to apply for a permit with the zoning board. Then it got to -- before the parish council. For approval or denial. And and then they control it then obviously Ellis Ellis has an opportunity then I guess the filed lawsuits to try to fight it. And what -- what would happen and that you know who don't know which you know but I think. All these elect officials have to realize that the citizens put in the office in this -- to be result of representing the interest of citizens so the citizens based on. I believe based on that citizens want or don't want this is how they need to defended him. All right guys you know have club president Bristol becoming on the next hour and a plan as -- exactly that. But it what we come back from his break richt that one -- you fired off was just yesterday you like to find out what response if any you've got from the council members. We're talking -- -- friends though president of concerned citizens of saint Tammany about fracking for oil and gas. I do you feel about it cast that voted WW on -- outcome with economic call us it's 2601878. Text is also therefore he had 87870. But please remember -- text responsibly will be right back this is the think tank. Good Friday morning from the big 870 WW. Are welcome back and now we are talking about fracking in saint Tammany parish -- friends though is -- C is -- president of concerned citizens of saint Tammany and in case you're just tuning in what has happened. This has come up very very quickly this whole issue. In order to trotted to get this slowdown will be at represent the Tim -- is introduced legislation which probably will not -- applied to this particular case where. -- oil in the land on -- seeking a permit to actually to kind of an experimental thing to find out if it will be. -- practical for them to continue with a and I whole operation to put in a facility that would -- and only -- the shield and also extract oil and gas right in north of man to bill. By 1088. -- and concerned citizens of saint Tammany have gotten a letter in response from the department of natural resources saying. That yes. Zoning could be a reason to stab -- that it's not. Under their auspices to do that which strictly between the saint Tammany parish government and the land owner in the oil company determined that. In response -- provided all the parish council members with that evidence that you know it is up to the parish. To determine whether this is something that can be done in -- controlled by either changing the zoning -- keeping the zoning where it is have you had any response from them. Now Inez that's in just united. I sent -- with full deliveries each requested it and about half might have opened it up that vaccine. The only one I actually got a call back on with Jake Grove we've district seven and home. And Jake obviously -- -- settlement zone I think he says very concerned about the idea of drilling. And and district seven and then also attending the car. And militant testing done. And you know we were litigation with the parish for a year and a half on what chances station that they wanted to get into -- With ISI corporation. And it was we floated for a year and hand as we didn't want it right off the bench and so. Oh to exit at like twelve and 434. To complete so much land put it somewhere else and and door meeting. -- -- We sat and I did that. I said the people McComb don't want me why you continue to defend I guess I why -- continuing to carry on with this lawsuit. I think we don't want -- put it back in the woods somewhere and began to laugh -- -- -- -- -- in the car. I think -- I -- to a and I it and kind of later I knew it was a real but I just wanted to throw it and it attacked. Yeah it is and this is right before they -- mediate that it was completed -- pat what and you put off the radiator exits and moreover that nobody was there -- And they -- it that it and it and it joking way. And she got very defensive lines and all we can put anything that would protect all these interchanges. Throughout -- an entire -- for now on and I said that's great pan -- glib I'm happy to hear that you know and they did it did. And in my opinion is a contradiction to what -- said in that meeting with me and this is not a protection she has an opportunity I believe to. Protect the interest of of the citizens and protect. The development of that area. And 1088 as you know is is one interest what is now would demand Novo. And and once she started. You can see -- -- -- -- -- -- high school may have thereby. The drilling site -- discerned from the by the environmental aspects of it as well I have a lot of concerns because when you go NC. They -- failures there are accidents. And because of -- the water it is so tied into saint Tammany parish and the act of far away -- it swirls into this entire area. It's a concern they have to because it is concerned when you think that that amount. You can again and what -- really benefit from. Now we're just at a service here is the risk and reward not -- the -- of burns would have put something in about that when they apply for the tournament then have to. -- kind of an economic impact statement as well Rick we're out of time we got to go thank you for being with -- -- May thirteenth as a hearing in -- should all have either before -- right after that the disappointment when. Too good to know it's -- make good business meeting in a beater on April. I mean may first at 6 PM they gonna do what town hall meeting. And then there's going to be another meeting at the testing center on May twelfth that -- -- he's going to be doing regarding this drilling. -- I would have a notable make more mentions we get close to thanks again Rick and I thank you so much Heidi we'll be right back after this with the cash. Contests giveaways -- I coming up next hour or parish president of saint Tammany -- wristed joins us will get her take on the fracking issue also talk about that traffic mess on 19 he also the creation of the new saint Tammany Levy district. In anything else you'd like to bring up the phone lines will be open for you to call -- to saint Tammany parish monthly update. And that to become an open and after that we gonna talk to Marc surely all about alligators Yasser alligators in Louisiana it's not only eight tourism boom but. Pretty good dish to.