WWL>Topics>>4-25-14 11:10am Don Dubuc: with St. Tammany president Pat Brister

4-25-14 11:10am Don Dubuc: with St. Tammany president Pat Brister

Apr 25, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and gets his monthly St. Tammany update from parish president Pat Brister.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And it's Friday Friday edition of the think tagged on to -- in for Garland Robinette Golan will be back with you on Monday also wanna remind you we went -- to send you to Jazz Fest this year. Will you see legendary artist Eric Clapton Bruce Springsteen's. Christina Aguilera Robin thick fish and locals trombone shorty Aaron Neville Allen Toussaint -- and hundreds more virtually every style of music -- class food in one of a kind fine arts and crafts. And winning tickets to Jazz Fest is easy listen to me today at 1240. For you acute call. General contest rules apply happy fasting from all of us at WW ago. This hour those of you regular listeners know the last Friday of every month as saint Tammany parish update. Paris president pat -- joins us for an hour to disgusting goings on in saint Tammany parish. If you'd like to discuss it with -- directly you can call us 260. 187 he told 3866. 889087. We also have a text message board. It comes directly in the studio that simply 87870. Please text responsibly. Do not -- text and drive at the same time use a designated text. And will be discussing a lot of issues this morning in this afternoon so login in line and -- quick. Let's introduce our guest -- -- to parish president of saint Tammany pat thanks for joining. Thank you Donna Kelly -- -- the weather's been so nice and saint am and I got to do my fishing game report on the ball to fly river yesterday morning ball was hit radio. It is just gorgeous this is the weather we went Farley -- into. Yeah and we still got the the the the community is bloom and then you know has developed pollen out there but hey that's part of and a at a price and we get the big crawfish fest over in -- this week including great weekend -- ten. Pratt let's get down to business we just spent an hour talking -- friends though the president concerned citizens of saint Tammany and they are most concerned as most of the parish is all of us on this issue just kind of came out of nowhere about fracking in saint Tammany parish. And there's a lot of follow what the major concern is people want some time to have this -- studied find out what the risk is vs reward. And in doing so it's moving so quickly represented burns got a bill passed but I don't think line in this case to -- there's going to be some. Criteria before someone can apply for the -- a model alerting named in the public and alerting the median giving him more information about this. But what Rick has found out -- I didn't see where he copied you on this Lebanon should leave me with. He sent a letter to the parish council members explain to them a copy of the letter he received. From natural resources saying that these zoning if it is an issue. Will not be addressed by the department of natural resources in issuing -- denying the permit it will strictly be up to the past. And I guess zoning goes through zoning committee and then the council I don't know what you're impact is on this but -- -- I didn't keep the latter but you know we have done. -- quite a bit of research group. There are are attorneys and I have fifty page. Document here it has case after case after case and it. Plainly states. State law regulating the permitting of oil and gas drilling well. Pre -- to a local zoning ordinances cracking TV that statute number in all of that. I don't know I -- I is that they have not seen that letter and but I will and it is cities we get -- accountable look at it. And see what the letter says because. I don't know where that came from because every every. Activity all the way up to the fifth circuit. As a hill the -- that being an art is the deciding. Agency. That allows permanent ink and just what I just read. State law preempt local zoning ordinances that's Louisiana statute you know so. You know there's. There's a lot of a lot of information out there with what I've done. I feel very comfortable with all of the illegal. Com -- that have been sent to me that it is a state to issue and say. Issued the permit to. Once that permit is issued it is against the law for anyone to try to prevent that permit from being calm. Acted upon by drilling -- whatever it permits for and that dollar in these cases to. So after getting that. I -- -- biggest responsibility. Is to find out what we candid. If they do get a permit and if they are allowed to derailed by the date and what can we do it and prepare. So we have been meeting where it. And talking to other payers should they have this going on we've gotten copies of ordinances from. Shreveport area on what we can do to protect the environment. Our roads. And other issues. As such as that. So that's what I'm focusing on now because I act I can't argue -- all these cases that have been shown to mean by our legal counsel. The count that appears counsel legal counsel and mine that. Clearly states it is -- state issues that will. They will. Allow our will deny -- -- a permanent it's not our call. So the basic. Does the state law would supersede the Paris's ordinances -- zone. That's what -- -- -- you have happy happy -- how would cemented to Rick for zone living no because he's a different opinion and anti quota case in Pennsylvania wiggle. Local governing authority to actually prevent one from happening because it was zoning was an. But that but that every state has dipped aren't -- the constitution -- one thing that something is that gas station and another thing. -- it's so they may be able to do mapping can Colorado they were able to do that kicks. But it because there their state constitutional allow them to do that ours does not according to this this legal research yeah. While London if you could give -- your attorneys to you know quote that statue and maybe send the letter written that might solve the question. I you know there's just there there -- there's lots of information out there some compact but some worry some you know not not based compact that. We're trying to get at just the tax and how we can protect ourselves if the permit is. -- -- out is that you know. There again there's steps that they have to Guenter to get that they have to get a wetlands. Permit -- The corps of engineers and they cannot get there permit to drill until that court -- permit is. Given to them all stood out there lots of things kept it going on in we are getting every bit of information we Canada again. My main concern is if it is allowed. By and other agencies that has has that authority and we need to protect ourselves in anyway that we can't and we will. You can certainly understand the concern of the opposite talk to penalize the blood the water saint Tammany and many other. About it didn't that's true that -- and I didn't I did that's probably and I spend more time on on that issue talking to people than anything else right now. But it and and they just some facts out there that you know calm. Everybody has to look at the same facts and come -- with -- -- Conclusions. On mom how they feel about it pastime just this time there have been out there again much of -- I can't I cannot issue that -- nor deny that permits. But I can do whatever we can't can't ignore and getting the council passed ordinances that would help us make -- environments. Are dead on air quality of the water. What equality state. As it is right now. All right very good moving on to another issue one that we have talked about on the show for a long time is at traffic and development -- has become a problem on one -- there in man to -- and that representative parents. As proposing hasn't filed yet -- a lawsuit to try to get them moving on because has been some problem with the delays. Mean I had heard you know I haven't seen what he's proposing -- there was a meeting last night. You know that the council meeting medical council meeting DO TD was there. And they made commitments. I think -- that -- completion date is November. But they have made commitments to. Holding monthly public meetings. On the fourth Thursday of each month. To get updates status and hear hear from citizens sent. No exit the issue I think this state has been. Sending. Home the message that. That they can move along. To the construction company and it has been terribly destructive and I understand those businesses and the residents over the -- they drafted it quite often and I know what I meant -- And that cannot come soon enough and you're right right now the creation of the Levy district there was a bill looked up to the legislature successfully what does that can mean for saint Tammany. -- is it still has a couple more steps to make it next week it will go to a house committee and then my house sport has passed out in the senate committee and senate floor. That we want to be removed from the southeast to pump -- district both play control every district he's -- And in -- of being a part of that larger. -- -- district. Which encompasses Jefferson or -- several areas across like. We have eleven district already here in -- and the -- that we want to activate that. So we. We know what our needs are and to this point we have not been able to its. Get any not one company. Through -- larger district to do the work we need to do to protect our citizens out here while. -- -- has gotten billions of dollars and did they need not. Not angry that they're getting it they needed opening -- that we we also -- the distance. It puts that decision making in our hands out we want to protect ourselves. We've been spending our own money as we could get it -- gather it to do -- ring Libyan Slidell and as much lending markets we could. But we feel we need now to start looking at a different method to. Trying to get that worked on quicker. Very good to talk with saint Tammany parish president that Bristol. If you have a question and a comment 260187866889087. Email line and a pat. We've got to build abuse -- patrician Slidell -- lot of text messages coming in. We'll be right back to take your calls after this time around listening to the think tank on WW. Don't know what those dogs bark and happen anew in the middle of saints have eight. -- update with parish president -- -- once -- -- she spends an hour with the senate taking your calls and questions. That you're ready let's go to bill in a -- spring season airline one billion wrong with that breast. I had they'll pay it back that you realize this is the spirit I'm talking to you about this. I'm talking about the century umpire in the industry we program -- -- in -- -- -- -- There's market in the markers -- road record structured right it would turn out. Well not on level street level street are likely that -- an awful lot you know what that is filed rise a little light on intricately he can't shoot and then there. You need walkers in the middle of the road -- -- Andrea if you go through there as well vehicle without a -- -- -- -- in -- but he's -- -- Well -- there we have spoken to. Maryland and an -- springs are public works department has spoken to him. About doing something there so they are. They are talking about trying to do that but it it and I'm I'm I'm I think I've got this right among matured it's. That's within within the Indian springs limits that we have to work with them to get it done. So but we are working on -- Make it as an opt out there. Public works director about it and he has met with them. No -- we gonna get there. -- -- -- -- I thank you for the call let's go to -- for Patricia Patricia Jones parish president Sampras. How are you. I am very concerned. About the last thing I haven't glad about that but I'm very concerned because. We live I'm thinking they hand -- at least -- And -- -- in Florida. The best citizens have equate to but I think -- insurance. In his vehicle in effect blasting ear and concerned. About this painful for me at career. That well it. Black -- is not part of what they are proposing. To. Do and contaminates it is they drill it is they drilled a district down. Alan that in that I had heard those questions too about -- You know I I ask. Oil companies. What would cause is cinco in that is if if they are epic that if they're. Extracting. Oil from -- they -- part. The home. Area. What. They are -- are requesting from the agency the department of natural resources. Is 813 thousand foot. Drilled well there's -- blasting. And that goes far beyond. Anything and -- -- -- down in the jail hard hard part of the art and it doesn't you know. I can disputed information that I get when I ask these questions so but there is no blasting. Connected with this at all. Well I don't. And thinking that we need from the -- -- To confirm that. Well good good good Patricia there aren't a geologist who on have to complete reports when the application is made. To say that the area is safe for that now you have to take their their word for it but that's who would be who would be up to whether -- area would be geographically suitable. Not to -- to do off fracking which is different than blasting the issue that cracked. Thanks for the call Patricia we appreciate it that in order to give the next our callers sufficient time went up against the -- so we gonna take a break. We come back -- the auto we've got Milton Wallace -- in home in dollars and man to bill and a bunch a text messages. All for that Bristol if you got a question a comment we invite you to participate. This is the think tank WW now. And welcome back into the Friday edition of the think tank we're talking about saint Tammany parish issues some growing pains over the got a question comment for a parish president pat Kristen she joins us -- Once each month for an hour to discuss the goings on in the parish pat let's continue with our calls we have -- and into lawless has a question online to Milton you -- with Sampras. Yeah mum on main question was about the the track in the ground. And I hope they stand by then because I'm so glad you brought that up -- will be one among reasons offered. And and also wondering why I would be wanna do that and they don't need to do that during the trekking -- here but that would be better ballclub -- -- it and. -- There's a -- you know overly. Mean -- It year in and that's the end understand what you're saying and and that that. They're business column you know I can't. -- -- it is -- can only do what the law allows us to did. Let me interrupt you but my -- I don't think too long but but it it is -- it. Condition beef for acting -- know where you read and -- at all shall not be at all period. But he is. The water supply first water and swamp water base -- not even be. Considered. -- accommodate all the big -- met with any of fresh water. At all -- contaminated the ball which they should and David did. -- the other issue is. Them. I'm certainly the money the money. Is not get its fair share of our two. As it stands now so before leaving the groceries and even -- Own -- should be -- that you don't appropriate amount of money on revenue from the oral or. -- -- And -- have you looked into one that comes in terms of severance taxes -- Yeah the Atlantic fault though in this severance tax is split between this state and local -- with the local. -- getting a 20%. Of the severance package. It's my understanding. It. That if they find oil there and if they pump well that there is no limit there's a cap on how much severance tax. Would have they would. Day I believe that that the parish would get two point eight million dollars that the -- did -- they found all the oil and everything went as planned. So that would be -- severance tax. But there are other other ways that we would. We would generate revenue from matches is that the end sales tax. Permitting these things like that that did not sit there and multi multi million dollar. Windfall that they that perished. May it may get from a you know. And I would also have to consider the and the cost of the Paris as far as you know of any strain on graphical fire department and you know what to do with the wastewater also brought a lot to consider in this and I -- listings like this thing is moving so. I got what will you let me go to drop the ball well of the 19. The Paris own audit state that it might be explained that that whole area of that 190s my -- area. It's not -- 19 it's on 1088. Also are a dead center right and mediate an interstates. It is privately owned property if we did -- does not own any property there. Oh well diplomats in the question would be could you respond to that 19 is that a possibility that -- that 190 Yevgeny. Claim that as a parent so to speak might be with the expand all. -- We're 1190 is from. I did -- 19 is solely to the perished I don't know where exactly where you're talking about there's 19 in manned balloon is 19 in -- -- 119 Covington. I don't I'm I'm not real sure I understand what they are you talking about. Well the ones that they. Quote that idea on the phone number in between it will but -- But problems on the -- -- hip anymore you know darn it they need to develop an area. You know plumbing and men and game -- comment. You have we and and the utilities field we we usually you know happen right away. That that it did. Kari Jordan stated expect. State -- which 19 isn't that how way. They preserve the right right of ways there are -- for utility lines or whatever. But that that 19 interstate outweighed the -- does not own unique thing. On -- highway in any any participant and as a piece of property that we get to adjudicate it. So it would -- would be developed to the point where it was outside. Well yeah I'm I'm not saying that because the Department of Transportation if they widen a road and they make the catalog and at that point in time. That's again that this state highway. So there. I don't know of any plans to do that at this point in time but is now private. Own behind that but -- but they do on the -- wrote to -- -- sounds like you might be speculating. Why aren't there aren't an investment. And I'm a little -- Thanks to all Milton -- not real quick got to go. Wrong. You they got to think about a comic back Milton I would gonna take a break and we come back and dial in Covington Johnson Covington -- -- Oklahoma. And now a lot of text message -- we'll try to convince them in the one a lot of them that have to do with. Traficant transportation and roads and yet nothing on the website -- people get questions answered yet will be -- back parish president pat Brewster as well as from saint Tammany right back after it is. -- -- -- to the middle of the think tank this is the saint Tammany parish update parish president -- Brister is on with Johnson non -- this would be a good time to give out the website I have gone to the website and you -- number of occasions I find it very user friendly. Particularly with regard to the traffic questions -- receive on his program both in telephone calls and text is so many element that's understandable because. Anytime you have a Paris to grows as quickly as saint Tammany parish says and you relying on a slow moving. Department of Transportation with the state for much of the work to be done it can create a lot of concern and questions in frustration. So if you would give them that address book is not only is the Rhodes addressed him as a lot of other issues that they -- Very easily and will get the question directed to the right person much quicker than going Ulan and you bring it up today. Sure and ended is that acting I am not saying and I didn't have any part of -- developing and it is a great web site is very for an user friendly. And we have so much information web link to. Other thumb municipalities. To other agencies so you can go to that web -- and get a lot of information and the website is WWW. Dot and PP. GOP. Dot org. As TPG OV dot org and it's driving just Google saint -- pound government and go to an indication it'll come up now I'm afraid to tell it is that we might have to try to extend the shield to model we will never get to all of the questions that calls and I thank you for coming on. Let's try to get to as many of -- as we -- let's start -- O'Donnell in Covington on line one -- Leo with Sampras. Thank you are looked on that note. I don't know boats out Paris by a long run it up -- movie. You are covered an epic trade order are because those. And talk to all the wonderful things that are available. But it seemed to -- that saint -- art art and they can but I'm pretty. And it it's overwhelming. Activities. Are a lot of that problem recharged yeah hundred. 08. Do put but the indecision and bit and on app for myself but my approach to sit -- but it thank you name -- Paris. But thank you do. Thank you -- and and I appreciate the comments because typically pay a wonderful retirement area. So we encourage that and we want to make. Available is many things as possible. But -- to the people that feel that they wanna be in an area that Saddam is. Is little safer and I mean that in day. Huge storm -- emergency type situation. You -- have to move. Every. Every time a storm might come we have areas -- that up. In north -- the pairs that. People loved living there because they do feel protected and safe -- and we want we want more retirees over here we think it's great in we will encourage that and I really do appreciate your comments. Just management and I don't go to church functions and now -- rods stolen it senior citizen and -- -- -- that. And and what I just think it's currently rate cut you know the hours -- -- But the -- says he can't beat a pack it up. Outlet current. Idiot in and out a -- thank you. I figured thanks for those comments now we appreciated now let's take a quick break it would come back. The live Floyd's been on all hold -- awful long time off from home will get deploy its called -- Tom does indeed John Kathy in the rest of UT 60. 187 back and after the and we'll wrapping up our saint Tammany parish update now with parish president -- -- and that you like a rock star today kind of lined up way let's go to -- in home Floyd thank you for you nations an argument all along that. I'll try to make it real briefly first golfer acting better around. Fifties and sixties did this back in Oklahoma Texas. In -- -- -- -- that it is yet to confirm delicacy and equipment defective equipment. But to compare what's going on in tangible and sent them an apparent. And what's going on in Pennsylvania. The black Apple Store just doesn't say yeah yeah yeah yeah you get to the bought anywhere from a a thousand to 15100 feet in fact that was one of the first oil field in the United States. -- mr. Rockefeller you don't understand it all right in -- to -- annual click here. If so with thirteen thousand feet. I respect. What will ever dreamed about Iran this in from top to -- And water and then they got one company that just completed the whale sort of diplomats that the suspect -- 14100 barrels a day. Sort of supplies for the actions in Louisiana and and and bishop any concern open all of the body is there a lot. I'm I don't know people understand what I say but. Like -- say it might have been I would have any concern at all. And maybe that there isn't but I think that people need to be convinced that the amount of risk is going to be worth the reward. And because you know you gotta mention two words deep horizon. Yeah or -- -- that was -- mean drilling has been affected offshore they've got permitting process and inspections they've got to go through and look what happened there. Can you imagine if that happened thirteen thousand feet deep. Well I would in how would -- surface again what is the risk isn't isn't acceptable and I think that's the answer is people looking for. Yeah absolutely -- -- that the way their due to there watching them. But in Pennsylvania. It is very very reports doubtful there. -- -- had problems would get this taken to a depth wore off -- and what have you got visitors there report but if you bowl thirteen 1008. Straight down the lord knows public well -- opted in the united successful group relative type. Okay thank you for your comments -- we appreciate it let's go to John on line three John year old Fabrice. -- -- -- ask that question and I know there. Saint Tammany parish council publicly stated that there are opposed to the drilling that would. Where you stand and are probably are you -- and in net and I think that's what we started the nation off today mind explaining that. We don't have a choice to. It is date permanent dances I love to maintain needle in a way that I'm always. Cuba I'd skip that question are not -- or not and that question because I'm told they're a destroying. Any -- our environment -- -- -- I -- I'm absolutely opposed to that. I'm not an entity the question you ask. All right John thank you for your call -- go to. Kathy in Metairie -- five thinking cap the Euro -- -- -- Where I well the bush Carter -- -- -- what -- What 34 comes then and how -- -- -- before. And just. -- I think about it maybe a mile and a half to two miles north of the damage today too. It is it give you 434. Comes all the way down from -- 36. But thirty to 41 which is the bush highway will be a separate highway that will come and support 34 just where explain -- I'm very good that we on a time limit. Thanks again for a comment on whether we really appreciate you coming on and remind every share. Early voting early going to -- Saturday. This tomorrow at 6 PM and at three locations W out. When you're out enjoying all the activities we have just got my -- won't take five minutes. Thanks again we appreciated thank you for next visit -- saint Tammany and I we come back after the news break. Which talked in gators Alec did what do you like to do -- them. That they do you back to talk about alligators at the Jazz Fest and emptiness.