WWL>Topics>>4-25-14 12:10pm Don Dubuc: on alligators

4-25-14 12:10pm Don Dubuc: on alligators

Apr 25, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks all things gator-related with alligator specialist Mark Shirley.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good afternoon as the Friday edition of the thank tagged on the -- with you on this jazz this week and know him back we wanna send you there this year you can see legendary artists like. Eric Clapton Bruce Springsteen's. Christina Alec -- Lehrer Robin thick fish and locals trombone -- Aaron -- Allen to saint -- in hundreds more virtually they'll be every style of music world class food and warn of a kind fine arts and crafts tent. Winning tickets to Jazz Fest -- Listen to me today 81240 for YouTube to call in. General contest rules apply happy fasting from all of us. At WWL. And if you're going to be at the Jazz Fest on Sunday you might be able to meet our next guest Marc surely. Who was an alligator specialist with the L issue accent and Louisiana Seagram program and by editing here at a talk all about the alligator here in Louisiana you've got questions or comments. We invite you girls that 260187. Or you can call -- 866889087. And we have a tax border open for you and 8787. Please remember to text responsibly. The rules on no texting while driving please use a designated driver if you're texting is also particularly liked to get your favorite alligator recipe. If you've got one. Now how do you like your alligator -- guide student sauce pick on black and that's my favorites is black in Allegheny detail. Comic tastes like seafood walked -- and described. Let's talk to Marc surely see he's going to be cut in the Jazz Fest this Sunday and mark thanks for joining. Paid on. It. Haiti make it's now against citizens on top a while ago. Well nothing has got a ticket. I'd have a ticket and thought Libyan grandstand Sunday afternoon at 230 cook and some alligator and on do -- hostage optical. Old rule yeah tell you what alligator is a fantastic -- although. So people let's say it's a seafood some people say it's a meat has the accent had taken a stance on that controversy. I agree with that whole -- You cannot -- Well let's -- no people visible today sciences seafood import job as you can imagine that they're accountable basis. Yep are pretty much you know moll flavor -- like chicken but -- texture more like pork. Account -- on -- -- it. Is it can be tough city if you just go to Japan and -- -- and try to eat it you know flow -- like Abbott. If you cook it at fault because I guess tender. That their blackened recipes you talk about the that bank account sounds pretty good too. You know a lot of people surprised at how delicate flavor alligator has given the appearance of the animals it's. Yeah I mean you know if people like alligators you know bassist Pete says that -- -- looking just you know it's. You know it's that it doesn't look like -- -- be real good but -- I'll tell you mark the alligator is probably may be the most under estimated. A valuable resource here in Louisiana you know this thing if you would kind of go back to the history not to remember back in the seventies it was put on the endangered species list. Seem like the market for alligator home. Hides in the leather enemy and if I made the black market Ford and then boy what a job we have done and restore -- that Allie you sent him everywhere -- And Louisiana as you know really taken the lead you know on a worldwide basis you know shown people are matches this alligator. And you'll comparable or crocodile species elsewhere in the world the other all the countries have come. Account copied what we've dealt with the alligators for hours you know how he form of -- takes awhile return. Animals back to the law to keep the law population -- we have sustainable. While harvest every September. It's all verified with the tagging systems so that you know illegal -- can't be snuck into the process. And you know so you are crocodiles in -- southeast Asia and Australia -- the Africa. Those guys. All our copy will we be in fact in -- couple weeks after -- does the crocodile specialist group. Scientific meeting which is going to be held Lake Charles and we have. Quite a few people from around the world come to Lake Charles and talk about you know -- thousand alligators and and all the research that goes on there but that that's something else well let's talk about cook and that's the alligator -- Threw real well it like in the soft because -- speaks. And what -- cook and Sunday. I can't claim his bold. This came from operational restaurant. Years ago. The Coco they're James grammys he's passed away it appears -- -- a car accident but. Years ago he developed this recipe and Bob over their bridge also let me use it every year in like I give them credit. But it's tried and true recipe -- -- great every time. Let's talk about different recipes does -- -- your accent and policy grant program heavenly recipes also on the website if someone is fortunate enough to. To get some alligator -- really to talk about how you can secure as some Malaga in the certainly is available to. The commercial farms but if it's going to be gotten in the wildness to try and regulated. Yet the idiots and right now with the popularity of alligator -- It's. It is sometimes hard to find in this one compact. There's a few restaurants to do you have. You know -- limited supply of alligator. And you may or may not get so -- get the form -- now here which is just too good or better. But most of it the processes -- Lafayette area in over top of the Lake Charles there. They process. A vast majority of all alligator. And that they can't supply all the restaurants that called -- book value meet not just here in Louisiana but you know across the south. And even across the country. And again in order from restaurants in Chicago and up on the West Coast in Seattle when does all over the place. So it may be difficult as far as what it -- Not to. Mark -- -- gonna take a break -- we come back don't wanna talk about also the tourism aspect of alligators how valuable player on -- seemed like what you hear people community wanna see an alligator. Then some of wanna -- alligators and -- -- valuable resource would talk with Marc surely he's an alligator. Special as well as -- bags and currency grant program you can meeting this Sunday he'll be cooking up some Gatorade to SS will be right back after this. Now welcome back into the thank tagged out to be -- for Garland Robinette on this Friday afternoon -- Jazz Fest we're talking with Marc surely mark is an alligator specialists of the L issue accent you'll be doing it. Cooking demonstrations and seminar. Sunday afternoon at the jazz that you might wanna stop by and say hello mark. I'm mark we talked about little bit about alligators as far as their value is a product -- commercial entities here for Louisiana and value to the state. But boy it's untold how much value they have brought us in terms of tourism -- talk with a lot of -- guides in tour guides and it seems like everyone that comes here wants to see an alligator that's the primary mission when they come you always -- in Louisiana and I guess the reality shows want people start and often that it's spread nationwide. World. It it has spread worldwide I was. Last month have opted to go to Australia. Small town. Come not in the far out back but almost in the outback and -- into -- group -- our school kids there. And the other all apt question about alligators and you know -- -- has sealed. Public all seen or heard of the TV shows what people. If all the he would rate the tea. -- thirty kids in the classroom resented this intensity. High school in no lieutenant akin to the Australia. You also. -- people around the world around the country no alligators you know because of that show and those things. Get a badly did this. It's kind of shows Olympic -- lives it's a little bit exaggerated but. You know Lou. It -- that we do our that we do you do have a sustainable farmers who we take care of -- while. Resource. Mobile phone reform and in a while. And and yet did people just fascinated values that's the only come only Kennedy got the value which -- these you do. Yeah it's really a very fascinating animal I think before a lot of research and studies wood on the alligator that was -- regardless regarded as a big gold domed. Dinosaur logo there are out of intelligence but they've found that it has a lot of well motherly instincts of the young in the truly strange things -- I remember right depending on the temperature in the eggs or incubating. That determines the actual sexson in the off. Yeah and that. Discovered. The paper that was written was 1982 by -- mark first and he -- a researcher came Rockville refuge Gerry Cameron parish stayed a couple of summer with its. Run out schools I'll work there for about five years. And that guy came over and we have to collect alligator rate for -- is doing the Bible studies on the embryo development. And he took real meticulous notes and -- he was the first guy that made that connection and from that point on 1982 on. All the science books you'll be in high school college whatever -- be re written because it found that you know the effects of reptiles whose term the temperature not by XY chromosomes like we learn how -- not -- so lots. Yeah. They are fascinating though my aspects of it is that we're still learning. But it's. It's a good renewable resource the former collect the -- some wild. They after return 12% of -- -- actually. So that keeps -- population goal and last year as the 2012 numbers. Former produced 292000. Formally leaders. Okay in and that's on top of the 35000. Or so while values -- the difference currencies. So you know -- we are you know significant well -- we are these sources of alligator leather -- for the world. Texas as a couple small farms as small seasons. Florida has a few forms and and the very limited season but you know nothing compared to Louisiana. Mark if I remember it correctly there was always saw a problem will we will losing revenue in Louisiana because we had the alligators we had the product. But the process of tanning the hides was not -- in the belief that we ship turning them off to either France or Italy to get that done and then. When they came back we lose and all that marked up as it do we finally have some processing plants in. Lou there is. A plant in Lafayette -- Subsidiary of war different companies. There's also American Kenny over in Georgia that does the previous job. But is even -- over here and in Louisiana that they use some of the hides. Here but still a great number of the go to a couple of theories in France that are. Can't control -- is fashion house. Gucci. Old ones and also mean the well to three of in Italy and then there's another legal foreign Singapore that I think while the other fashion houses recently bought so. Really it's getting being in the realm of hot fashion of these fashion houses. They won't it make sure they have the supplies you know for their products in that come on up the calories and it. They also can you know talking closely Lou with the former -- here making sure that they can you know get there. Are required number now ovals or skins. So it's it's really -- world. Business. Global business that is focused here in Louisiana. You know I must be some and is it that difficult to tandem is that technical process that it. Can't be just comfortable could open up shop here. Yeah it. That the pain of values crock now is countless specialized. A process that. Really. France and Italy have been one of the last hundred more years that develop those processes in. Not only deep in this solutions and that's solutions stretch and drive in time and all that but even the final stage of polish and -- -- put -- final glaze on it. That's all very secretive and that's been the main drawback -- And it you'd probably on the book did you could and alligator. But it would be the quality pitching needs for a you know thousand dollar wallet or you know 20000 dollar purse up. You know and that's what. You know these government is Gucci Levy talked items you know that's what they they go for. You know so will we don't have that kind of expertise right here Louisiana org or you can get to start -- -- you and I could just start. Cannery in and jump into like yeah. We talked with -- surely alligators specialists of the -- issue -- -- if you got questions. Like -- a special recipe maybe you found that's good for alligator -- love to hear from you. At 260187. ER 8668890878. Mark with regard to it to the alligator in in the processing. Do is LSU I know you provide some assistance for farmers and Morrissey food marketers and soft shell crab makers -- commit. Is there any thing to get someone started an alligator forming -- someone thinks that would be a business they might wanna get into. A lot people. You know call me and and ask how to get into that in really. The markets -- limited based on just the availability of aids. So with if you want to get into the business you know happy to have your own private marshland where it because they. Or you'd have to go compete with a without reformers to you know you'd have to outbid -- the other forms to get a song -- -- land. So -- The number of aids erupted here that that's living practice of the businesses seeking to expand more than would audience. So unless she gets some kind of a quarter of the market that you can you know and should ensure get those -- It's it's hard to get in the it is you'd have to borrow some money out. In. You know -- there. -- capacity whether it's their own land or their old. Leases you know for a probably and so that's kind of limiting. Factor people get into. Very good marked we get taken news -- in his they would meet through the break or all right will be back in continue our conversation is elected jaundiced. You're welcome to do that 2601870. RE 66889087. If you wanna do it quick and -- We got a text -- comes directly in here one says so yes you write down now I'm hungry. And that's an 87870. But please remember a text responsibly will be back with the think tank after the news. And tomorrow morning at 5 o'clock -- economy right back here for the outdoor show in that goes until seven and and from seven and nine on our sister station three WL will be more outdoors Todd -- -- -- is gonna enjoy omitted talk about the speckled -- station and more. And enough from eight to nine it's talking guns with Michael Meyer of the Jefferson. Gun outlook Indian in the shooting range will be talked in all things about stuff so to listen to that and then. But this time tomorrow you're gonna find me in Slidell albeit the for -- park location. For the annual crawfish -- off on got the tough job of being a judge trying to find the best crawfish out of 50000 pounds is going to be lots of teams there. A tickets at thirty dollars and advanced 35 at the gate at all the crawfish you can meet its tickets for ten and under only five dollars and it does include. The kids own activities in -- my favorite performers is going to be out that little Amanda Shaw. One of the real up and coming -- stars of Louisiana. Music music is going to be there along with cowboy miles so it's going to be great weekend. And I'm sure you can find some crawfish at the Jazz Fest which is also going on this weekend and you'll be able finds some alligator. Thanks to Marc surely he's going to be done assaults that caught there on Sunday afternoon about 230 mark what state jurisdiction we UV. See that's going to be in the heritage says that the parents -- -- to stage. Ground level in the grandstand. Very good I'm mark just talk a little bit about the DIY. Is -- do it yourself well you know I have found out do on my outdoor show -- -- report about some of the the law -- is called bad boys of you have to ask don't -- all told us started getting tons of them in. On alligator violations and accept -- the department and they said that they attributed that increase. Very much too -- -- the swamp people in the all -- things about you know it's cool to be an alligator hunter and people would just taken in their own hands. In some thinking if I got -- lies is Arkin and -- not understanding the laws it's very very highly regulated and there are few channels if you wanna do that in getting -- alligator. Yeah. There's some public plan that is put up for a lottery system. To where -- can -- name in the hat and get drawn you can know hurt on certain lakes. Origin -- to. There are some -- services that off of that needle the accounts -- -- you attribute your special delegate licensed. And your export license our. Attached to a certain people -- and he'll that have been taxed so it is pretty regularly eat -- Egypt has gotten kids alligators in. You still you know. Bigger stories about be well keep gravity and its alligator was the only -- -- caught team. Didn't play Wednesday that -- -- it goes. Don't do that you that you get in trouble. They're very very expensive fine yeah mark I got a text and you're familiar with the Cleveland steamer. This is from a small business alligator farm that invented a machine to help stretch the -- Any calls at the Cleveland steamer he wants to bring more tending job to Louisiana. That's an order on me up. Get -- out Damon and -- was is that when his listeners may be can contact you what's the best way to reaching. In contact me here in the extension office and -- Louisiana at 337. Two that's the 8984335. It's 8984335. The accession -- the spirit -- built in area code as a precautionary 37 -- yeah. Well while you looked up last demos and have a Villa had a guy stop means only he was going to be starting the commercial. I'd do it yourself crawfish operation when people could pay a fee income in in new and bring in nets and -- the crawfish with the kids and take all did he ever get them enrolled. See epic has buried to see -- the place just north of Kaplan. That beat got bed and breakfast and then. Try that's him I was at keg restaurant that famous one is -- blacks. Probably shocks to do. And right next of what used to be black and yeah do we treat from. Boxes do police at alligator sausage with the saying Super Bowl yeah. Yeah they are yes it is good well that's where I ran into him and he never did get back to because I get a lot of people. That wanna go -- lot to -- crawfish and they won't do in a safe place in Boston won a growing operation that'll be. Yeah both you run across him asking to get in touch -- mes article will now. And let's see but the hobbies servants some the a little taste portions of -- -- is soft on Sunday afternoon so well. It -- by jazz festive if you need a break from -- walk around listen all music. Stop in the grandstand -- 230. And you can have little taste of alligator in perhaps more questions now I'll have little. Discussion about it as -- -- And yeah it is a bailout fund. Very good. All right thanks spa visit mark we appreciate you have a good time at the best looks like the weather's gonna hold up. OK and which could be go up just sit there across this it's a tough to -- you you really mean it is that is -- Good luck on that thank you. -- -- I thank you mark appreciated yeah that's Marc Shirley alligators specialist for the LA issued accent.