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4-25-14 1:10pm Angela: with local band Flow Tribe

Apr 25, 2014|

Angela sits down with three members of local band Flow Tribe: K.C. O'Rorke, John Michael Early, and Mario Palmisano.

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Happy Friday everyone I cannot get my mind off of those incredible man hanging outside the 49 floor of that building. And just so thrilled to be alive if you saw them on television embracing being -- ten minutes hanging their just put yourself there for second. And really be outstanding guy that ran up the 49 flights. And and help save them broke the window pulled them through but if you've ever watched window washers. I just don't think they're paid enough I think it's. An active -- talked any of them they really feel very say most of the time I don't know this adjustment job and on and on that confidence but deceived them dangling. Okay it's starting my day off right but we begin our Friday with my very favorite show opened -- Getting to know three people and to hear what's on their mind. Except many of you already know these guys three members of the possibly world famous group -- try. Me I -- I want to this is directly from their cover letter I quote. Straight out of New Orleans and into your ear holes. -- tried brings the funk rock with the delicacy of a sledge hammer. -- tribes diversity of sound is undeniable. With dueling guitars and smoking hot rhythm section accompanied by washboard. And trumpet. The energy they put out could light a city block. Will the glow of that energy is blinding me right. As I look at Catholic the -- -- -- John-Michael -- and Mario Palmisano. Great to be here and -- -- -- this is a thrill in my understanding of the little generational difference here but I guess who you walk and I have known. That you are internationally. Racquet. Well thank you so much news on that this case you -- he let it. This other have a flu which I would dismissive of the B units that's a lovely -- -- -- a great day for festivals then. It's great to be leading Angela I mean it's it's an honor and -- -- -- well there -- the radio. -- -- You or so ago. You are very very you know I'm I was reading your bios and I see that to a view from brother Martin and John-Michael from jesuit and a clarification. How did you listen. -- is a very strict paving -- it ironic complete gauntlet. What tests physical emotional spiritual but. You know that that's that put -- though about where an all inclusive organization in five and one. If there was. We do weekend but at just. Just beyond its means I'm like as of right now the news is -- -- -- and he's a multi and a great person and multi instrumentalists. He plays -- -- on a case things. Please keep bullets it was kind of a no brainer. And you're ducking the question look I imagine. The wrestling that 2000 for the spotlight coming -- should we were brutal and the brutal enemies both on our respective student council -- Groups yeah how did you let me and I was gonna then let's as well my question bottom line is going to be seniors so dancer he's got this news folks that's you hips don't lie in the senate to move both Mavis is here my mom and my grandmother for the news tips. OK and I do know Mavis ha ha and she yes Campbell just -- -- Booth she can move him. And I -- and it can't come I -- I -- -- back to the very beginning I think it is I can't believe that it has been ten years I'm sure you've either. But that means you were really young and did it literally start in -- garage right. Good you know being new loans that -- reports so he started on the back -- and based players you know Ted you know his house and it was just one of those things I think all of us have different smattering of late musical education but for the most part. We've all been kind of self taught and that's kind of in the form part of the processes. Showing each other just learning in how to be musicians and had and how to do that -- just just being professionals also. But it was a very organic process and I think that kind of reflects the name you know everything is kind of flowed in. We're all different -- similar so we're kind of tried so that's where the the name came from and -- I've biggest goal as it's always been to make the kind of music that speaks to us and that. Is a reflection of what we came from which is New Orleans then and we just like to give that back to people just -- -- Bible and and the vibrancy really of the city so. You and another guy started it yes right and then new. Sort of hand -- -- you heard about it and said Mario I wanna be in this well actually my last name being palms that and is less than being a Rourke we have a lot of times. Spent next to each other and lines through lines it's cool let's say they got over -- I -- it was just interesting to see how it came out of a group of friends and it's as nice -- that that friendship basis. And as time goes by it's you can rely on that and it's just easier when everybody's pulled together and it's not just some some random assortment of different people but really really team and so individually and collectively you decided on. This is our sound. We're still kind of decide that accident -- I think if if you see one of our series you know that we really don't have a sound which is. You know I think it's -- makes a live show a lot more entertaining but it it can also be something that holds us back -- You know as far as recording a record that has -- sound in one market but were really not as concerned with that. It's kind of like Casey said. But everyone come together we do have a lot of common likes and music we all like a lot of old. New ones R&B and funk Allen Toussaint doctor John Lee Dorsey Ernie -- we consider the man listen the songs over and over again. But then our rhythm section -- really likes the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I grew -- -- harmonica Severin like blues music -- -- bands Rolling Stones area. -- Austin Dillon and an Arab guitar rather guitar player Bryant -- Cubans that he brings a whole Latin influence -- went and so. It's just one of those things where we we're just trying to express ourselves in a way that if if if it feels good that's of -- that's kind of how you approach. Well you know what I'm I'm looking him mark and there and mark. If he's listen we're gonna we're gonna play one of their cuts but. Seventh album coming out and you're going to be playing at the Jazz Fest for the third time this is big time yeah big big time. We're gonna take a break we're gonna listen to some of those sounds. Out of the break. Out of the break we're gonna play so we're gonna take a break and then you can hear there's. You're listening to them. Magnificent sound -- -- time. I'm actually here exactly which. But he would probably not -- back home like musical closure. Love. Love them love and -- your voice and then you. We have three of the six -- front members -- -- O Rourke John-Michael early in Mario Palmisano and we are thrilled to have you here. And done annual you guys have done I mean ten years for a while you've gone to college -- accomplish many of the things. And now you're seventh album coming out going to play Jazz -- tell everybody it's may first at 1115. As you say graduated up to the Acura stage. Fix this this is that an honor lot of space another absolutely it is an honor. Let's go back to individually what do you do Mario for the -- Well first and foremost -- guitarists. Dor economic vocal chops. And I guess as far as songwriting goes guess because it's a coral and shipment. The benefit of being able to play -- maybe here ability or -- have to that. But it as far as songwriting element is solve. Is all bandits all everyone all the time. You know some -- -- idea this is what I think it is woke up it was -- it was in my head earlier this morning. But it was dug into the room -- for the real magic happens. And part of that magic castor. John-Michael you are multi instrumental. It's yes that's what. That's what they said. A complete one thing you can think about four. Meyers being pretty modest by the way he's definitely down. He was talking my chords and melodies he's definitely. Brings. A lot to the table one moment writing songs and can help us tell us that that's that's that she's not seventh court I just just let me. Give him credit for it the most musical now hair and yet another technical communities. -- -- music major. Music industry sources on oil Smart so I don't just we'll take back taken. Very seriously all of them. Thank heaven that everybody saying. Yes. You can be -- stand proud playing area is -- this now -- different. They're there to cool and so are more sports -- boards are cool yet so I guess I grew up playing harmonica a lot of blues harmonica. And on the first show we had am the first to put first -- tribe official. Gave was that -- talks on Sunday night. On for no longer there -- rest in peace friar tuck -- I take your opinion better or worse. This. I think gas in the loyal students likes to be on different tracks that friar tuck you know you there and -- and down. It was a life changing moment for me as well -- these guys at friar toxin suck -- who actually knew from student council. He was number Lamar and student council -- -- in -- and it's ten and we went to different camps and workshops together and they were playing a song and I knew -- to. Play harmonica to those that want to on the latest next week that will be here every Sunday. In this kind of back yeah well -- you know lose Tom Petty track. The last dance. And down so I started playing Monica realized quickly that I couldn't keep my job and a fun and playing along harmonica so bottle washed verdict that. Listen to as -- music kind of figured that out and from their -- other percussion instruments. Tambourine. Man Arenas then I'll always it. It's a delicate instrument it looks easy and it really is. He's just the matter of just keep adults and many in inebriated audience everything they can that they have created so well and let -- and then they realize if you're out there please grab. Bring your own every spring or whatever that's that's. But. -- play piano as a kid and I did not like to practice. And try and learn that again now -- to -- a few buttons and and a little bit there. He's he's been working his butt off. Bonds is can say I'm hesitant. For about the past year and promoted he's come a long way -- there it is. Let's test the compliments are covered it came up a couple of. And and the lead singer and played trumpet as well on -- Meier was saying. You know he played the coral instantly the guitar I can't really sing and play -- at the same Johnson is a limitation right there. But one of my big musical influences like Louie prima and Louis -- on and I just love the weighted. They just blended that that entertain them with actual great musicianship so that's kind of what I always had a though -- the next is yes you know. We don't take ourselves seriously but we take the music seriously so we're very approachable would be like to have a good time and interact with the audience and that's that's my main I guess go for myself as -- it was a link between the band in the audience though. Being a lead singer being front man and his China always incorporate the audience into. You know will be dealing with it's it's also very delicate balance you don't just be. Barking out commands that we don't want to be like you know PE class event stand -- sit down and watch over the dodge ball it -- -- -- but. He's got that and -- in Miami -- you know incentives to get a get a talent thing. China itself for me it's just a pleasure today kind of be that link to the audience and so also. Just kind of be the did the hood ornament the tip of the spear if you will and -- that the famous yet and the -- that front because. This is where the beginning of the group we start. And you do have an electronic -- Look I know we has added we got less support his political on the float -- and we. And it's a great group of people that come out and support this and that at some within their from the beginning so we need on the road and what a great event late Jazz -- as we literally play all over the country -- US Chicago new York and when we do a big event like this in New Orleans. All these people come down new laws in the I'll get the party and hang out and get the -- and -- because we love. Playing in spreading and music everywhere but it's is this something special about new Lindsay which so many friends and musicians. You know maybe they'll be you know I've but he might jump in a place acts Qaeda plays trombone so it's just such a great atmosphere to -- and and you know our families there friends and so it really in New Orleans that feeling we really we just bring it -- -- other -- the Jazz -- what would you say is that the biggest moment -- -- -- that. Level -- where the Kennedy Center and Washington. Step -- special moment considering all the other performers who played their bread and that was your own. Show -- as answer. We went there we did another big -- recently this year we played in the recruitment and then later at the city on -- now is such as the magical experience a -- XP and it with a really connect with you know people and Purdue -- forget it really and and it was -- it was kind of forget to look at that I remember -- that -- -- -- ethical and I was privileged that we -- -- -- And that's and and really just being able to interact of people that appreciate the music like the fact that anyone comes out. They can do whatever they -- Saturday night but they're gonna come spend their ties than their money that means that means everything to lose and I think that we're always blown away by that. And we're always just appreciative you know we're lucky enough to have kept this thing go and and to really be blessed to be was that in a group of people and have that chemistry that. We just keep putting that there do you and play regularly in town and these -- place people can now. Regular price wants. Once every two months will lead to play at the maple -- to the team isn't a blue now but we would like this better in new moon. And and at least that we on the road -- lots of but we're grow accounts until you're representing a beautifully like that is that each scout. No I want everyone to stay with us we get to go to the newsroom Obama come -- we're again going to hear the sounds. A slow -- -- You're hearing your. Look try and we got half the price it. So on. As we always do with this we always ask are are gifts of life kind of what's on your mind and and I saw an interest in three Mario you said. You're planning this year's Italian sausage -- -- the threat to when he fourteen. Or your family reunion this and how close you are with your -- Big deal expand the manly dignity don't tell me about Japan. The -- are that patriotic that vote -- and talk about sauces and let's talk that's positive because. Two to talk about my family. Is there a special thing in and it doesn't really matter what we're doing we're gonna have a good time -- -- -- this do that do foot. So Italian sausage and I as a recipe. It's a tradition. Those started years ago as a rescue my grandfather soda. And it's they were all proud and it is the best thing as a Assange whom. And you're in charge this year yes yes because there is so busy. I think. I think now it's it's it's so funny. In my opinion busy Saturday every ghetto make time for family and only time you know me. So so you put that to hold and you have to cook it note -- -- gets together I don't get together we mix. The men actually put these sensors into the casing and the women rapid movement is individual links. And then we have enough -- for the entire area. One out so it is a real family gathering of let's make sausage it is wild it is worthwhile out of line -- I was in a bottle of wine served. If one served that is mandatory. You can't makes thousands why don't think that's possible. You have many Brothers and sisters this one brother and four sisters -- you you are Princeton nine nieces. I'm -- nine nieces and nephews this and they're all stuff and those sausages. Well Liu we got a couple. Politico agreed horns. They're gonna they're gonna learn they don't learn it's passing the baton or passing the -- and pat that's right -- said better myself. Okay John-Michael on your mind. The new waffle house on a -- feel correct this is a very exciting moment to -- forward mean. As a child and try to commencement had to open franchise somewhere near our house. Tomorrow on broad street. Industrie has finally come true home we travel a lot through south. And one of my personal favorites is well for us all around adults are special is hands down. It does not even a question when you walk in why even look at him and you however the bacon that he now has definitely come in the favorite. -- -- really though it's about the service. I've had someone working a double on her birthday and my sitting inner table felt like it was the best thing happened to that. I'm telling you this is I had had chills this is a beautiful story that's a little thing it is almost got a little things. Casey used say you can't wait to get out of the studio to get a -- boy from mothers. That's. Very much in doing -- It is I love motives and think well legalize that you've coming in with a little. With little hairy moment as -- the hopefully get a a little break. Also opens the needless to say I just loved the food team. And that you independently did not know what each other was putting them cancel it would have we've been -- is New Orleans. So southern music and food through that sent contaminants such a wide variety -- from making your own sausage to the Waffle House. To you can't beat mother can't -- on the campaign mother's okay -- -- unknown. What do you wall are doing besides music and I know that you have like day jobs. That. -- the most we don't we don't they have like some the little side things that we do but it really is Elkins 100 day -- for -- in the studio for not practicing them on the road and you know we don't have a whole lot of time -- to -- some other things and I think. Really to be a professional and you can't you have to dedicate yourself and you really have to throw a 100% effort into it because the music industry now with. It's just really tough to sell any physical albums -- CD's so it's like. You gonna have to do it but -- so. It's it takes a very large -- and but it's also for me personally the most rewarding thing you know any kind of artistic. Endeavors is this really did it I decide to be so rewarding being able to connect of people and -- things -- -- them. I mean we reduce them a moment town couple days and has some different people may do some some part time work. One guy puts out fires with the fire department and do some construction work -- to teach -- high school a couple of years ago and so I still stay involved with. Don't observe some of them many first year teachers. That are still here in town and also work with a group called it back to -- -- or yes helps train folks to get ready to assist people in case there's a mandatory evacuation. The case of the hurricane C news. Giant fourteen foot sculptures looks like a person with. With its hand up around the city and -- of the pickup points where people can. Actually get on a bus in the case of mandatory evacuations of the work with them for about five years -- terrific yeah it's a good great crew that we have -- Very committed people who are and we're kind of when I'm hoping for. Another storm that's big enough to have everybody evacuate -- were just preparing every year and growing every year in nature that -- -- everything that was learned right and doesn't. But we haven't had to evacuate mandatory evacuation since goose out in 2008. So every year we get a little bit more we get to prepare more but we down. You know kind of growing in numbers and trying to build awareness and to basically the main mission is to build this culture of preparedness around city says. -- we do one program in the schools actually -- the -- -- kids where we go in and over six weeks will teach children. How to build an evacuation kit how to collect supplies. How hurricanes -- formed. Kind of debunks the myths about storms with a lot of kids who grew up. With Katrina are still very whenever young are still very scared and frightened when there's thunder or lightning so on. Try to just kind of gets more information and spread that. -- -- -- -- -- culture of preparedness in the city you know civil will never be caught like that again re examine what we've learned about to be able take your pants. Yep yep that's you you can take a -- and kennels are encouraged we do that's he's there on site there who can help out as well. -- and great to bring your pets one piece of luggage. Terry -- he's. Giving his entire schtick. After one piece of luggage and one pat yourself stand there by the guy in that they can't you can stay with their fans a regular family members together. No firearms. Now on the drug's -- favorite track about -- -- hey you -- on a tree and listen to the sounds of Florida election he'll be great news. And and that's what we're gonna do when we come back to stay with this ultra. And I. They're listening to the sounds of local. Many of you know that because you've been around ten years. -- you're traveling the whole United States. Seven albums. You know how to how to people get out. Four grammys that night and I like -- you in your mind John-Michael has for -- -- does this visualization. That's it. You can -- music of Fallujah dot com are also on iTunes you can download it. You can stream us on Spotify and the best way to really build -- so let's hand sign -- however many (%expletive) whose. During Jazz Fest and also -- says that you can to get up -- -- that's on the first. At 1115 at the Acura stage so. But also coming up this week this Saturday will be planned public house. The new venue on threats you were very excited do that the kind of kick things off for jazz so if you wanna get the whole late night full on show did you know. Long show because as -- is this is a shorter set so you want the full experience that we -- that the public knows this Saturday. And again you're going to be playing on May first jazz as a inaccurate at 1115 yes and people will want to know that. Tell me about sort of the journey you've been on from I'm -- -- high school when you started. And all of a sudden when did you realize. This is a business. And we're gonna have to have an agent we're gonna have to have people. Sure I think it's done its New Orleans you have a lot of a lot of people wouldn't give you advice is like a lot of big Brothers and sisters around. Because as you know people of new loans and we just stay here if you didn't come here you grip here you just don't leave so we have a lot of people wouldn't call on. For advice in the city. On the other hand -- New Orleans is an essentially an industry town like you think of Nashville in New York or Los Angeles. So if you're looking you know there's not a lot of people are into the music. But it's harder to find someone. Who you can get business advice from so I think just a matter of talking in different musicians. -- we've grown up watching. Local music genome even in high school trying to get in the bars and go to festivals and that's what one thing we all in common in the band. Is that we're all went and -- music so we could see what worked and what didn't what fans were more successful which ones -- and we just kind of start asking why. -- media asking each other asked me to Sessler questions and eventually found out that. You know they Colin music business for reason and we love playing music that's where passion is but if we want to. Continue to play music we have to take some steps back and you know hire some professional management hire professional looking publicist lawyers whatever -- And you didn't so we didn't so I mean it you know it's it's a step back force. I guess financially for a little while but we're basically we're all on board with it. We don't play with any other bands in town I think it's something that's to our managers -- all. 100% -- tribes we have 600% plus another 110 for -- -- -- sound tech extraordinary Anthony but -- you have 710%. Come in and together towards one point and that's. Me one of our one of our biggest strengths -- where we're willing to take a step back and make a sacrifice as we see it as an investment for. You know hopefully a year two years five years down. And and the biggest thing is this is is a career and so on no matter what we're we're putting our efforts since of that and we just always. The biggest thing is making -- the kind of music that speaks to us and and if people see that we're enjoying it and we're into it and they'll get into it even more so. That's that's the main thing you have to -- satisfy those needs -- and and then -- Democrats and it is a business then you wanna make sure that you have all your ducks in Cairo and it just takes awhile to kind of figure out which -- formula with that thing now that we're the best but. It's been a great journey and and no matter what it's been it's an honor to play these guys and and the chemistry and I think. You know the main thing that people walk away it's it's a good time it's it's -- background cranking music it's it's that feeling of a second line that the based on opinion chosen and just. Does that feeling of inclusiveness and that's really what we try to put out there you can be. Eight to eighty years -- doesn't matter it's just if if you like we're Dylan and the parties -- the door is always open. In your writing and in your work together. Have there ever been disagreements and I asked that because all too often we hear of you know The Beatles broke up some other -- or you are you sort of semi conscious of that. The thing disagreements are bound to happen and it -- six in view of six different thoughts on how things should go. But. They've been good thing about this crew is that when we do talk to each other it's like hey you know. You know did. 101 for a second just kind of talking. It's passion -- there is everyone who gets the the bigger picture which is a blessing red. And music is so subjective I mean Mike Myers thing -- six different people so. At the end of the day as long as you like taking a person on as long as you know how to communicate effectively that's the biggest thing in and because it it's a very precious thing you're bringing this idea and it worked on this thing and those that instantly. I hate that. I don't know like that it's going to be a difficult road at that everyone understands it look we're just trying to put the best thing out there and it really is a musical democracy it's late. The best ideas go to the top and we -- kind of vote on it in. And -- or whatever feels. So that's that's always -- what makes us feel good is afloat -- who. Stay where they will be right back. Well in our last minute there's a lot wanna. -- -- -- -- You're hopeful future for a few things. You first. -- go and travel and tour the world or bring what we have here in New Orleans to. China China go to China. It's a Tahitian beach would be nice to get through them there. -- element on -- yeah good for you. And I agree with Mario that's great to very inspiring to be ambassadors for the city in and bring this. New Orleans feeling. Although all across the country be -- to bring that. Across the world go to -- and now -- in Brazil. Brazil goodness yes south of the border is where we'd love to head but personally for me. Just to be able to continue to -- these guys -- continued to you know its also funny to see -- Kind of wake up and yeah we've been doing this for ten years so there's a next generation of bands -- and -- yes and -- it's a pleasure for us to kind of lend a helping hand and said. To bring those guys considered to be a part of the community to continue to have that presence and also to work with some of the deal again as they would it be. A total Bergen County side B I'll go to work -- that you're listening. You all aren't the best I'll talk to Allan thank you -- -- stay where you are the best and good luck to you. All right it's a 1000 dollar vacation cash contest the code word this hour is train. Text the code word train 272881. That's 72881. For your chance to win 1000 dollars nationwide without ever putting down on your phone. Chance of an easy 1000 dollar vacation cash is just one text way listen for the next code word before the top of the hour news at 5 PM. We never charge for text but individual plan text and data rates apply.