WWL>Topics>>4-25-14 2:10pm Angela: on what to do in NOLA this weekend

4-25-14 2:10pm Angela: on what to do in NOLA this weekend

Apr 25, 2014|

Angela and Ian Hoch talk about what to do in New Orleans this weekend. They talk with Brenda Walkenhorst of the Audubon Zoo about this weekend's Kids' Zoo-To-Do, Lesslee Fitzmorris about this weekend's Saintsations tryouts, and Jude Borque talks about what movies to see.

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Today. Into the flow tribe guys was a real because one I really like music to. -- really like and they are quality people and they him there on the ball. They -- and we're going to be announcing. Grammy number one -- number 20. Now I really believe that they're very focused and very -- And they each other and just in to what it is completely and I just love it when you see you and the interest -- those guys as best friends the elements. That -- And mature enough to know that it's a business and that can do the right thing to sustain itself. You know it's our Friday and you -- my -- possibly in the world. Is with me -- -- I. Could last week at the great having him here. So enjoyed meeting her she was ecstatic to get to come to meet UNC where I work him and what might -- might do jobs like -- blasts well and I know you had a great week and the rest of the weekend we did we really did we went we got some kayaks on and that greatly in now -- national media are. Yeah of course we did that now is so relaxing we just a great food and just had a really nice relaxing week in and I'd get -- contrast that when my dad comes to visit. You know he wants to go like have these big rich meals and have all the -- cocktails and go dancing and stuff but. And that's great I love that too low when mom comes and -- just we just come out read -- even Michael Michael a lot of walks and just to that's and that's good. Yeah and -- -- have a big weekend -- I do my weakened its Q what's today about this this just kind of came to fruition while I was writing here on the bus this morning. I got a gig tonight at the World War II museum as a people. I don't know which beatle. I'm not sure they just like -- black pants and some black shoes in the guitar he can bring you shaven look -- of people. And I guess I'd -- and it's it sounds cool but I don't -- just don't know very much about it. Ice I think it's an event for -- veterans group or veterans groups whatever it is they do it well daddy shortly since I was I heard what the client wasn't on absolutely take escape this sounds great cause and have fun nine -- from -- to. But so like tonight and dress up as undisclosed people. With two other undisclosed Beatles and just walk around this party taken photos and I wanna hold you and Jack you have. This is annual from Philadelphia the mystery will be who will which of them which Spiegel do you think IA should be if I have a choice. -- cute and all they're all Q well Ringo Ringo Ringo was his own strategy was his own kind yeah. I think I'm more like a John Paul and cute yes. That would be good that's -- who is on the island George George I'm sorry no disrespect to -- there's -- George. Totally you will. The outstanding yes that's tonight and then tomorrow Munich go to Jazz Fest I'm really can go make sure you'll see Kermit and big -- I tried to see big -- and jazz in the park last night. But she suddenly has fallen ill and so decided to cancel -- get the very last minutes on the -- to catch that tomorrow in fish is tomorrow -- big fish panic followed with fish and collagen and just you know that played for like five hours it's -- it's time ago. Just lay out in the grass and then some day I have a crawfish boil and -- go to some friends neighborhood and then Sunday night. I'm a friend of mine who's a chemistry teacher at Gloucester high school is taking her quiz bowl team to Chicago when they're having fund raiser for the cynical place some pub quiz at -- -- and it's that you never Pauline poly Patterson was up and acting just you know a couple months ago so her bar on pink streak in the -- yes having a really cool pub -- fund -- on Sunday evening everybody -- pub -- should Peter -- -- -- Gloucester high school students up to Chicago for the national. You have to -- the heart as well as a good time yeah. Let me take another great thing we were all -- and Jazz Fest but there is a great party -- defensive and yes and they do when you say when they do well they do it beautifully. We have Brenda -- Horst. -- on the line who is the director volunteers and education at the zoo and it is all about kids tonight to the -- to do for kids. That's right we're getting ready right now. And it is just the most glorious party among animals and children. Idiot then we we have a lot -- children though it's it's. Not only do we get captain do which is enough on its balance so that no of course will be live animals but we have music we have food and giant inflatable and they containers and crap and -- Everything that child could want is a -- all in one place. And it is tonight our tickets still available as an event. -- available that are available only online so if you go to our web site Audubon institute dot or. You can go ahead and we have early admittance tickets which start at 530 and those are for forty dollars or he can't win the general admittance which is that starting at 630. Members get in -- -- and individuals for 25. But again you'd get a lot for your money you'd get you know entertainment and food and drink and of course the money goes towards the good -- Absolutely and then. The next Friday is doesn't it do for grownup people. Right and that is I'll never forget my first did he do. It is just unbelievable. One everybody's in formal Wear so EU con man and everybody is dressed to the nine. And then these yeah it transformed into it is. I don't know how to describe you know you spend there it's just absolutely beautiful twinkle light yes and wonderful music and this year they really focused on making sure that everybody would have a great time that we have. A banned from Atlanta called party on the moon -- and dance -- you can dress up. Great cocktails and food and dance and dance the night away under live oak trees states get and they. There is no more beautiful setting there truly isn't and you get to see animals but right. And LB animals that negate righted -- continental -- views. Oh and that benefits the animals though. You're out there there's usually I don't and many -- it is there's peacock sitting up in the trees. Being part not only have decorations but wildlife spent years there. And and like -- said it's hard to describe how special this event is. Now it is been successful from the get ago. And I know just really became the place to DNN for the very best of reasons. But I love that the party is among the animals because that's really what you said it's it's all about. -- and and and it's it's just did good cause with a lot of different things for it though you know there's restaurants and buy it there's that lack there. -- if you would like to raffle on one of those gorgeous cars there's silent auction. There's lot of things that make this -- really great party. And it's black time or white linen suits for the guys and cocktail for the ladies -- -- Yet because -- apart. Yes and the zoo does it beautifully and it is the Whitney's -- do and this is what year is set to be close to home and thirty. Hi I pinky around there you might be 31 expecting -- last year talking about battery though we're in the range. Well again much success on both of them the one for the children tonight and next Friday night -- -- to do for grownups the wildest. Party in town that website one more time -- -- for. Help for the ticket politically admitted to -- not yet because they'll buy tickets on line itself 48 hours early admittance that 530. And then if you come in net Vick there he individuals can get a ticket for 25 and our members -- -- for two point eight. And that that. What was that. I WW dot -- -- dot argenbright at the top -- collect on either -- did -- -- -- is next week we're talking tonight about. That kids need to -- and you can buy tickets right there. Have a ball good thank you -- -- thank you -- very much our right to be a kid again. So on. Thank you so much we're gonna stay with this week of the things when attempted -- movie guide is gonna give us the latest stay with. Well armed man of the silver screen Jude -- how they're hard in Lafayette. This is too good. He and it is big duke pulled I hope that Hillary and -- I am having a blast here in Lafayette. There -- movies they're festival -- the all great time so let's talk. But stopped well first -- is being at the spring -- this week and and sudden. There are a great to reportage excellent. Comedy horror. Al's called the other woman. India has played. It's another great comedy and why the demand that -- with a portrait. Check out that there is is that -- -- played by. In the -- -- and meet up with another woman who's. Also what is necessary and that to re why revisions. Is looks like -- a part. And our Bible. Is it looked like -- going to be born the corn gluten out of -- -- -- Hollywood. We make funny. Movies -- actresses. And the other one I think it's going to be -- Let me tell you I'm so glad to -- say that because I'm gonna go see it tomorrow but it got kind of hand. And you know shame on them and. Well. For people who took it. The other audience out there oh walker actors and fortunately our way. Out -- your. Practically died in the called where it was becoming -- Rick mentioned. -- the undercover cop in nearly. Your typical. Under the carpet order goal with -- -- and do well -- -- People that would like action movies that have been here. -- -- that -- -- And it came out he'd play. Corporate account please call rate. -- -- -- Nicole is written to witness. In the movies produced. One -- Brothers -- -- all with. But I am sure. It. It's remarkable. Autobiography. But greatest officer -- -- war captured aren't -- open. Key beer. And war is captures wouldn't tormentors. And goes to confront. So keeping them -- I grew up watching a great job with -- what. It's one. Greatest soldier it's your court there. What are their these. Are -- terms what. And that the so that is a -- with people who like the report by great. Are. Now. Winter soldier. Yet in. School so there -- some. So great. -- -- Starting we love. Yes. -- what. You aren't torn -- years ago. We thought that you do. -- which we. Expect. -- share. I wanted to go so badly but I had a purse I got the strained it it's sort of the last minute so I didn't get right up -- what's it like I've never been. It is seeing old for the meeting you -- Do you want to play here -- -- a great news. It is -- -- OK so elaborate -- what types of music they have. It's what everything. They are at it like -- titans -- -- -- out wrote techno. Perhaps it'll it is truly a bit. World music festival we don't like change -- accept. Yeah. And -- come on me nations and regions there are a little export be. The rule is that when you quit. Fusion. In that group here. He's strong and don't get. -- So it. What he. That followed by -- group. Quote itself that. -- -- While. Wow that -- -- -- so they're down the street at eight world the -- In recent years. The vote here in. It's is all right downtown right into our free. It is our -- -- Ideas indoors outdoors a mix of in between how many venues are -- it isn't very big festival where geographically. I don't lose it. There -- Theaters in one area of the city they're. One of these theaters. Aren't Kazakhstan and performances. Has that people come here so they are they're double -- The year is out the war. And so they're double the extend. -- -- there are stupid and -- PGA. There aren't used in the producer he had just gonna stand between that calypso -- -- well. They'll -- while. Yeah it is it is truly a wonderful wonderful. Got -- You know what -- open -- no shirt no issues no problem. -- you always find the fund that you really didn't. And it is our aren't yet you also say the food is incredible. I coaches and programs which is one of my. There is going to need. -- include one corner entry in Lafayette. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But aren't. -- Oh not use the town today in -- -- which in your fun and you know you're easing and that's what that sound like. Well I hope that you'll have a great weekend. I'm -- -- opens up dissect. Have a ball thank you Jude so much hears you and have fun. Everyone stay with -- we have a lot more going on in this area and we wanna hear from you was well now let's go to the news. It with my ability -- -- and we're talking about everything that's going on this weekend and if we get to -- Our next guest I want -- dimension. Sort of part of our family there is a beautiful young woman her name as national Smith and her mother works here at ten. WL. In June took it keeps everybody yours -- back. But shall Smith is not well and she's going to meal plan and so the family. Must -- quite a bit of money. Because they're going up there with there and so they're gonna have a fund raiser this Sunday it's going to be -- night to Columbus hall. Which is 3310 Florida avenue in Kenner. And that is behind discount so it's this Sunday and from eleven to 330 you get the best spaghetti dinner going. Fifteen dollars a person can't beat that and -- 4 o'clock. They're gonna have bongo nights and that's fifteen dollars per person and you can just you can win all kind of -- -- that Drew Brees football that restaurant gift cards. H two -- gift card lot of fun things but for a wonderful young woman. Whose line is hopefully going to get well male clinic so we are cheering on the family Michelle Smith against Sunday at the Knights of Columbus all. And they would appreciate anything you do it's a great spaghetti he taken in needed. -- that. Tell you something else that we love and our community. We love our saints but we endorsing sanctions yet we do and how lucky for us that we have problem and who. Who really is the leader of of the game and she is a legend in her own time lastly Fitz Morrison and so appreciative that your here with us. -- on great knowing you're here because you're gonna talk about. Let me ask you this is it too late for me to -- saints. -- networks. Slate act you don't hear you have a young woman party and to issue clinic in. -- forty girls showed up but I'm cheering for them. You know I felt that they take away only have to be eighteen years -- and our state it's Sunday. And you're turning making one -- issue Nikkei and and it got the matter how old are on the top of -- to be a little. Weren't. Bad either you know up -- everybody come out you know I think that you know won the Argentine come. So you're saying there's a chance. Let me -- anybody cripple a lot of the I didn't do I couldn't answer I can barbecue -- an and the reason we're -- is because you do have auditions and it is starting this weekend. It's Sunday at the saints' facility started 99 and and it's an open call anybody come up. Boring group your age and you know welcome arms and come on. And we're gonna elected in part -- Gotta make sure that we can they -- You know and -- -- start making cut its second round but those that make that our national interviews and they take place Monday night and there are people in the community at all. -- inner beauty. Young contract and the fate how will they be in how -- in Iraq with the and then I'll explain -- at her I'm going to tell the world enough. And again at a panel of judges that comment and chart we have you know Lynn spears -- our -- the great Checchi who knows what. Like -- not young people who are active and you clipboard but it can't role model we realized you know we. I'm do a lot in the community and young girls look up to -- in girl who were cheering each patient. Who become saints sanctions and you know that's that should really what -- -- all about we matter and matter of the year party last night. And used terror for four years that the ball should you be patient I if you look at saint patient -- And I had set an all time out -- year and not where it was like a crack at no one wants the -- it really. Are you on we have armed with extreme you know a lot of teen -- at -- point but -- community and for each other. No it is and you know -- -- a wonderful element of a while we enjoy the whole process of the game not just the game but that the atmosphere of it in the sensations are part of it. I did not realize you have two teams. Yes we do an impact that's something that started last year. Because some people are really great technical thing entered and -- like you know because your -- are literally and it you can and Akron. Technically it -- it technical. And they wanted -- more rehearsal time. And people -- -- full time job but haven't counted and our apartment is in school teacher from Biloxi and they don't have the time to commit to all the rehearsal. But they still be a part of it. And aired yet and they -- that there are that you see on the sidelines painting and in champion square. And do in the media stop there it you know if you don't have a lot of -- meant to you could still commit to it by. -- -- And that is great that those who were on the they only are at home games they don't do away game. Well that we -- -- yeah. And we did get blamed for that it you know. So we had a great time hired they don't you wait quite a game but they do and -- in -- this year we went to the senior well. So we -- -- redemption there well when they had to enable mobile. So we did and you know I'd bring him to. -- due to redeem the calendar -- -- party com. Should we didn't beat Louisiana last year you remember that and a lot of fun because it would. All the great people can see we -- haven't alligators. You know we are. You think there. Straight alligators and make that a lot of history and I okay. Ha ha ha -- -- lineup. Let's they would break and then we get to 22 days. I haven't seen it on in the world are 28 video on YouTube -- about it at all it's a lot of fun and let me just as the Mercury are the girls need per game. They're paid and you know what it is you know and it's not at a taco you know they are. Yes tactic here girl absolutely because -- commitment of time and talent. -- commitment time and talent but you know it's also they all day accurate handle ceremony like it began and you know because people -- young kids. Well I'm young but like I'm old -- they're younger and I kept saying that you know that they. Did this program provides them with the opportunity. And get into to the content. Around people that they normally wouldn't be around the situation you know. How many people you know it you know do an interview with some much -- on TV are people get the key you don't see. People -- need help in the hospital and how many people they. Learn a lot of skill that are that are good -- them when they go out into the real world. I've been in these kind of situation that there and and so you know a lot of -- You know helping them -- how. Aren't we got it right club award in -- should be our presentation and McComb Mississippi. And you know that was really great to go to reach out there as well and you know that they it would have the opportunity and -- they understand that the school. And then -- -- job. That would normally don't it'd be pretty. You know interact with all sorts of people and yeah. -- we were absolutely right endlessly I appreciate you calling and again it is this Sunday at the saints' training facility. Open call and then from -- Good luck. If you eliminate elimination process in the -- for girl that it will look -- -- you know all in all -- -- -- -- -- an -- -- probably the day -- -- It. We will be cheering you thank you thank you so much excellence we have our right. It absolutely. Not that I nine's all the time about -- -- make everybody else look bad -- Become Jack sometimes every bank. But it. Well sure that's the hardest thing in the world. Yeah and. Three that subjective because you know mr. -- panel each time do we -- -- -- In there's no. You know -- -- so much I look forward. You Sonoma as it. -- everybody will be right. Just wanna say that there is much going on this weekend and something very special that's happening at nickel state university at the till you ballroom. There's a great group called the Louisiana center for women in government and business and they do a heck of a job raising funds and assist to help some young women. But they have a fabulous event on Saturday night and they've got three of four members of the cast of the Young and the Restless love them. And they're gonna do just all kinds of fun stuff. So it again this is this Saturday night 630 to ten. It's a -- stated that could trillion ballroom. And it's all four it's called Louisiana's got talent so you can see all kinds of people dancing and singing and at a good time. For a very very good cause. And some of my favorite people Christian of the law who's from here who's on the on an arrest has been -- twenty years this truly is one of my favorite people on this earth and he will be there. He was sorry he cannot join us on the radio. On another time we will have him and I hope very very talented I'd be really fun another important very good thing is this Wednesday. Act Delgado. Delgado an -- ER PR hosting a job fair. For older workers at fifty and older rate 150 yes there -- a lot of -- or the -- who want to work. That's going to be Wednesday 10 AM to 2 PM at Delgado community college the city park campus the student life center second floor. Yes Bueno. Also you know we have Lena prima here you have to live premised on I mean she's a -- and a wonderful person. I got a message from her another very talented woman is Ingrid Lucci. They are together going to perform at forty fest. Which is presented by flirting girl you know that -- actually real moment -- -- it's good to be at cafe is temple it's this Saturday. 8 PM show at nine. But they're doing it because they were not invited to gesture some of like so they're having their own -- defense that is so funny yes. Do you know washboard Chaz I think that's -- -- has spent Scott started as well as he got snubbed by the chief as people in the movies like fine in the got a bunch -- together and they did it for like eight years in a row or something -- There's no reason why not -- you just have your own festival you can admiral parade you can do whatever you want around here and -- the creativity -- you know within hours. In the water. Well it is but I love that they're gonna do that and she's very very talented and in it and it's an alternative capsule so many wonderful musical things happening in the next two weekends and how lucky we are to have -- Can't wait I really can't wait you know -- it's a -- I -- -- so much more crowded maybe in years I don't know of crowd has even write reviews just feel so much more intense play. You know IE. I'd love it I'd love cannot wait to be able to bike out there that's a really -- about this -- I can now ride my bike in the dedicated by -- all the way there. It's little by the only place I mean. Getting there is so much simpler I think this has never been so there's more and more people want to inside. You know it's crucial crucial -- pretending there is super -- seal you can take the -- can take the streetcar he can take your bike and walk you through close. It's and regretfully this year as opposed to previous years it is not going to -- I would be just fine with that if it did not rain one -- -- last year I went in not on a day when it -- play like couple days after it rained. And it's still like you know permits them grass is all play in the mud is all money it's just really humid -- and keep it. Alienate the Sargent -- rowdy -- -- sudden there's like cats are gonna stop anyone from getting out -- that's -- -- Enjoy stay with this will be right. Well I hate to sell promote I'm going to because tomorrow at 34 and five we're gonna run three shows we shot earlier this week if you missed our shows. We had three incredible women all the promoted strokes one of them was 29 years old anonymous 45. Unbelievable what these women have survived. But we learned a lot and then at 4 o'clock that's a three for a broken. We did another great trio on. Parenting and if you're gonna go to a divorce how to handle it with -- very important that did real well on social so and because it's legendary. You know people need to know to right and wrong way and at 5 o'clock we interviewed the founder of jazz -- size. Just human dynamo. Judy -- -- this and I. Love to meeting her she took an idea she was a dancer and like exercise put together and now 35 years later is in 32 country. Inoperable so that's Baltimore I wanted to make it's funny you know we just in the last couple segments we mentioned almost half a dozen people have been on your show since it started in September. As wanna make sure people know that your page on our web site. Has all the has photos of all the people we've been appear with as podcasts or your open book. The -- easier adjusted Angeles open -- there's a lot of really cool content. And on Angela hills page at WWL dot com so I don't look at it go check it out. All the podcasts and stories and blogs everything's on one place for all your fans thank you Ian and -- thank you always for being here. Our next hour important three people who are saying we're still suffering from the BP oil spill stay with this for the.