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Sports Talk 4-25 4:20pm, Andrew Brill

Apr 25, 2014|

Join Deke as he talks to Andrew Brill (Covers the Nets for ESPN NY 98.7FM) about the New York Nets Playoffs series.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is game period idea Brooklyn. As the nets and attain the Toronto Raptors Andrew -- over the -- -- in New York does not -- thank you so much for the time it. Go back to that first game. On last Saturday where in the the Toronto. That I guess. He was the -- -- so to speak and threw it at the pit grabbing -- got -- by -- but. That that those paper and you know probably organization and we've seen this happen -- sports for. Sometimes -- -- media organization at a certain seated -- -- -- go to that tied it was stated hometown network so to speak. But that that -- -- the the Brooklyn -- you know dinosaurs and so to speak jeopardy Roberts shrugged it off -- -- -- myself. You know why would you why would you do media thing I'll let him play that they'll call so called you know the political row donate your opponents are -- all the right stuff. Biology he would do anything dome like that and an -- -- up I was sitting watching a whole Atlantic. -- holder of that sort down the stretch though they came alive but he they stole game one in Toronto. At that -- right now at the at the all he had to do really calm out there with one win. And they they called at all or make you you don't wake a sleeping -- right in the -- let the sleeping dog lie. That typically not what you want to do with this team has actually it was a Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce who. -- you don't wanna we got up and you don't want to -- those guys fire out and get him read the play and that's really all -- did course the the Raptors have responded in game two but he said that you don't want you know would be making comments like that -- the pitcher on an all riled up crucial. And and a broken ballclub at this this is what the onus -- put together to beat this team does well they would -- series and pushed. Whoever makes maybe is having games -- to -- the moves that were made all season. I think they they all are validated that Brooklyn has done extremely well the second half of the season. And a fifteen straight games at home that was trying to -- -- home win streak in BA the season this is that this ballclub now that it really. Ridding themselves some good and group if they can beat these to a Brooklyn. Well you know you look at their record since Christmas -- really 2013. 234. Beat the best record in the NBA at home in that stretch. You couple that with Corrado not winning a play -- game on the road in 2001. They don't then that often at -- -- they learn how to play very well in their building it. Not a huge -- -- the whole half the -- and yet they're at a batter but it rocks when when the Brooklyn fans get going. It really gets rock and and the guys evil for that they -- They said look when our fans get into the game -- nothing like it when it broke well and you know the game. And they start cheering them -- they definitely the Brooklyn players feed off of that energy and just try and bring -- -- but the thing. When you look back -- at the landscape of Marta Rose seventeen it in the fourth when it does him had to be taken over the ball game it is is it is it's as simple from Brooklyn standpoint. Look just don't don't let him go off like -- in late game in this game. Well I think you're gonna find what they do did they were DeMar DeRozan tonight. Is what they did -- Joseph Johnson being -- they're gonna try and shut them they're big score. And I think you'll find Paul Pierce come out a lot more energy a lot more firing trying to score the ball a lot more also I think that a -- that. It got approved after -- want to come out. The game to. And that I think he proved that not only can he do it but he didn't do in the big spot on a big day. Now when you look at other and we like to look at here I know that's what we can do that the players can't but. I think well we're all of like debate possibly see a 286. Match up and then -- -- Brooklyn. And and the Miami Heat that I think there would be an interesting how and if we were to get it and how to they've met so. Well completely Brooklyn beat Miami four times this season. -- you'd have to say they'd they'd match up very well either what. Miami team that was missing. Dwyane Wade are up for what those being put they match up very well I think that. If the net and get to that point they will matchup with the -- very lone -- -- their money. And I think that they can that they can actually beat the heat if they play mayor beer game and making -- -- part of the problem went into the net. Was -- it any shot the shot better percentage. But they can't be shooting -- -- -- percent from the free throw line and expect to win the ball. -- and Andrew across the Brooklyn Bridge over there -- everything that is happening and sound and off its its almost like that this summer of Theo and I think Dallara and the expansive. A people who follow basketball or are excited but it's kind of like -- Well you know we we brought in big name people before we -- -- -- you know Ernie growth of -- a successful on an -- that it. The US air -- we have a guy like Isaiah Thomas we brought him there -- Phil Jackson -- one -- -- but. It's almost like a feeling from the outside looking in. Until the next become clear relevant again in. I don't believe. I think Europe who write and what they're trying to do -- say -- -- eleven. He knows how to win championships and that's what he's gonna do. And I think that he's not gonna you gonna take it from Jim -- and they look. -- my team media let me have my team and make me let me do. Well I look at your I don't need the job I don't need the money. Yet I in New York you want the the New York championship and I think it. He's got a good game plain and he will get these guys playing good basketball I think that's what they need to get back to. Really playing good -- Basketball and playing very good style that. One of the problems I don't think that they -- -- this -- off and. All spent the scheme and and you know -- -- and -- at the very good that they all went -- that he can build around and they'll play get players that will. Run in the off and that he can get coached -- to coach it. He'd begin really solve that problem and I think he'll bring winners in here and and yet it didn't expect going in the right direction. And out of the volley with a and at Brill. -- in -- at -- at my Twitter handle and -- between all throughout the net game tonight. Tweets that interest in fact about the games and what's going on and players and now they're doing and I appreciate you would give me shout it at the anger at Puerto. -- you on the on Twitter. Well Andrew team BA can still across this thing because although the Knicks and Lakers and not the playoffs they still have a chance to have a chance to get the LA New York markets into the fund. Absolutely. -- form. Andrew -- Andrew thank you so much a dog game three united Brooklyn. I pleasure thanks for our right to come back and we'll take -- local law the Washington Wizards up 20. In a series for the first time in over thirty years can't -- -- night. And just outside on base -- WW Oden whose time is 431. It's not -- first news we'll go to Jim Hansen.