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Sports Talk 4-25 5:20pm, Bobby Hebert & Anthony Caruso

Apr 25, 2014|

Join Deke as he talks to Bobby Hebert (WWL Radio/ Sports Talk) & Anthony Caruso (Sports Law & Entertainment Lawyer) about College players at Northwestern University have a vote scheduled to unionize. If it happens would all college sports players now have to be paid? What's going to happen after the vote? From both sides? Is this good or bad?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to sports talk today players in the university of all -- scheduled to. Secretly vote on to unionize and not the case came by the -- on -- also opposite welcoming Anthony Caruso sports law and entertainment -- Anthony. Thank you so much for the time -- -- this thing up -- -- -- and the for those who may be listing him and British don't understand martz. What do what does all of this mean for four athletes. Well basically the athlete football players northwestern. Had the court is a former union and they got your initial approval of former union however the review board on top of that district that decision had started a second look at -- sort of on hold for now what their what so. It what -- you consider around noon time. And the boat -- not -- -- -- -- file but it is determined by the review board. Now. But he when you look at the ball and realistically this April union. All are nonunion. We -- matching its applauding. But to me. If I'm -- look at it a common sense perspective and you know looking at college football and -- -- think it took repression and you probably double what should take as far as. You know -- -- definitely take action is on now to the corner. Park -- back with a point I think there is a growing concern that he NCAA has not been kept. Up to speed with current. Our current guidelines and current situation that are happening in big -- sports and there are number. Of -- happening all over the country either shooting happened on the way it goes. About whether players can't control their brand unlike mr. video game. What they control their autograph. Our situation. We have it written at northwestern we also had an injury. -- court and NCAA. Question whether the NCAA -- -- concussions in the lightweight so. -- a couple of a crackling of the foundation that doubt on your note here you don't play her. Mean now achieving what record seems to think he's a common goal to protect the culture. You know I don't know we look at it would alternate and I. -- sure if you went against Miami I don't know that -- in the right term but he's become a -- -- -- The medical issues the only players that maybe could you have guarantees scholarship. Well forty year period purses going. You know in 1930 year old would take the typical ball well. What a long term affect -- ankle Peta there'll be a settlement. And the whole. Preparation of the year Derrek Lee guidelines I don't think this is gonna actually go to. In the -- and whereby. College players are now forming unions I just don't see that happening -- you think that northwestern. Will continue to fight this until they get the results they want which would be. No union invasion of college players but in the meantime I think -- go away at our pocket or started. I'm a quick track to change a lot regulations. And never closed for approving a new regulations that would get the -- part -- conferences -- cultural war. Almost complete autonomy on how to handle world athletes so. It's it's ironic now that -- really order out a lot of changed the last couple months. Were simpler when -- you're definitely has has happened. Now when you look at -- individual college sport or what but it made it professionally or not. -- being here as far as the compensation. I only feeling -- weren't competent and now we're all educated now like concussion. Oh look what that come into play that it's a player that's at -- are going past college football that. And maybe. They'll get that kind of competition are they're counting on being thing here that that's been kind of you know you know swept under the rug. And then it fell hard as bill would that obviously. Probable what is your take that -- college football. I'm getting involved I'll. Would that issue but maybe coinciding with -- NFL that the L you know probably wouldn't. -- -- -- Believe the college player should be -- -- arm I'm and sports what are college fan sure I think. It would game of college sports that they're there it would be Tate I do think there needs to be. Some more remediation of treating and currently in our young players where maybe there are kids that are not going to be. For Clark what's happening now -- not to just make envelope -- Warner aren't that ultimately aren't. Disability insurance. Light and -- -- -- types of packages that yet he'd double it should allow colleges -- -- college I replied. First you're having what many of the media's reporting that the main target being our players wanna be compensated players aren't ready. What our very practical I don't think -- College players picked up by newspapers -- -- -- -- using old Mary. From university university -- -- the -- and could you look at the resource that's written. SEC. And he looked at me convert and Burke is still divisional congress is that retort that GG. You know looking at -- CC or whatever but you'd think you'd think acted. Like each individual. And yet I think about what part of this award and eat all the lines of college players being able. You know what would be. Our local players coming into college would be able to bargain in good. There and government college quarterback that played in the a CC cricket he. We -- more remote presidents of corporations so it beer. But very strange landscape that their decision would be upheld and but I don't know about border will occur with other universities well. It is. Probably. About that. What my Falcons teammates might -- and does garbage hybrid. And then he's going create that. Moment. -- all -- look at how well we gain from. Here you look at a ball experience. We have like 35 years of playing the original -- well. Mike and I waited. Aren't aren't being. -- -- look he ever at Texas. And now to -- the bottom line here than in real program alive. There's a bit -- I -- them now -- college football compared to we were playing. You know in the late seventies early eighties. And it's unbelievable. Guarding times Archie -- I -- you know only about this team is really good course. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- not only being a sports attorney Gil wouldn't you know issues but also a father of the division one college player. Who I can see firsthand put a lot of what are your that you practicing going back to camp as well what were in our. A short -- break in the back there there's a lot of work going on but I think there. And the recall he old fashioned partners and -- college football players there primarily to get an education. Secondarily. Excel on the playing field and as long as we don't hold back. The better -- to help these kids all away with certain things like. Unlimited meals for instance which just came about at the suggestion. Why why -- Take forty years in in litigation to get these kids more English premier that it it doesn't make sense. Oh -- some good will come out most commotion. Anthony Caruso sports law and entertainment lawyer Anthony thank you so much for the time we certainly appreciate it you know. You're all right coming up next we'll take a look at the Houston Rockets and the point -- blazes meaning the three leading candidate daughter -- trip without TO month. It's. Actually it -- -- sport fishing or right out the again in my group irks. Both cute guy at Beagle reputation in the bowl nearly John Cooper and a guy. So I think that. This -- would be a place to be in this all important -- medal yet. I'll write that -- eight campaign daughter as the week in without -- might. All right we're preview game three of the Rockets and the Blazers coming up next of the deputies that's 530 ones have a person who supported him and so.