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Sports Talk 4-25 4:35pm, Micheal Lee

Apr 25, 2014|

Join Deke as he talks to Micheal Lee (Wizards beat for the Washington Post) about the Wizards Playoff series.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to sports talk I'm big Olivia. Coming up. Off of it WWL. Distance not that well deserved vacation giving you a chance to win 1000 dollars on nationwide vacation cares. Context we -- right before the top they outings at 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM we gave you a code word. You take -- -- worded text it to seven to 881 for your chance to win you don't even have to up what you phone now is keep -- right there. And texted the -- 7281. -- a week before looking as this nation while 1000 dollars each remember we that would charge for text. But individual plan text data rates apply remember listen we -- front before the top they outings at 7 AM. 11 AM 2 PM and five -- good luck for Smart radio to come and all of us. At WWL. Dot com and main course LSU baseball forthcoming at night as the Tigers are taking on. The Tennessee Volunteers are very interested -- over the course of time you talk about. Small ball in the bats and different things as where College Baseball -- and advocate this morning -- villages that have very good piece that you baseball -- Is on pace for its worst offensive year. And the last time it happened. Is -- wooden bats. Where you. 1973. It it broke down. This -- bad air as the old -- there in Valencia -- -- and the batting averages through marked. So the batting averages through mark mid march Ortiz 68 that's well -- -- to 77. In 1113. With a new Betts kicked in the place. Home runs it down. Runs -- down. And right now. The last year winning -- that batting average with. 266 it's 268 right now. So very interesting you -- team built for small ball. And rightfully so they could use him late last year I did it with pitching timely hitting. And then you start seeing more more -- days though Lebow. There you have it that's what College Baseball will be a -- and I don't expect too much -- on the flip side from. Tennessee as Aaron Miller go to the -- night but he LSU Tigers they all the Washington. Wizard the last time they started off as strong any series they were the Washington. Bullets Michael Lee was -- beat writer for the Washington Post. Dog -- now. Michael thank you so much for the time we appreciate it what what is the excitement level like in that area. But he's young ballclub they've been able to draft at the top of the draft the hand for the last few years a lot of people were excited but now. People or anything like -- start -- by Ian took it to the new look washed -- with. It's taken a while probably -- court -- fourth -- and then I think. Tolerable and that you gain and now the city's early on it I think it. That's gonna be really excited are meant to the six years that have playoff basketball here. And -- interest and see how players respond because -- they went from being an underdog in this series now being up 20 and now there. The three point favorite going into the game yet the how they respond to be in -- team and expected to win attitude is different environment different and it can get that they put. The -- response. And wont -- look at this ball club on the you know. Quartet Malario -- The veteran guys on the and in the young front court -- the young backcourt with a wall in deal. But let's talk about the coaching that is acknowledged his bulk of the locked -- the innings is hard to get these young guys you just don't know about it playoff experience and although it was close. It was closed down the streets for the both to come back and forth all the time the other night in it was to win. Winning their kind of game is is much more to just say oh got out here with a win that -- gold back we talk about young people being in the playoff experience in. At that -- that helps him get in the -- even further hit it. Was that he knew that Bradley do the youngest second unit players in the entire playoffs. It's likely starter at least. That play well play out here at nine that would -- that -- points for so. And he didn't appear rattled at all you know down the stretch you know we just kept in victory to victory in. He was strapped to the basket meaning he is not allowed dean lose and for a twenty year old key. To come out on it stayed in the spurs' playoff experience and to really be looked upon to lead incident finished. As civilized about it he can be he heated -- players in the history. The score twenty points before return point line. And realistic guys that he join them like magic Johnson and Carmelo Anthony Kobe Bryant straight victory Tony Parker -- Pretty impressive players of who have done and and be on this stage in his. Kicking your name BA do the last that he's gonna be in -- plane when it got -- La lecturing here though could. One of the best young point guard in the league led the league -- assists this year so. They're young they're talented that they you know people talk about experience. But you gotta have talent -- is that we have a lot of the players. Michael Lee with -- beat writer for the Washington Post game three tonight in Washington the win is up. 20 over the Chicago Bulls and Michael going to be series Iowa we broke down the playoffs going two week though first round a week ago a Saturday. A Pete was saying well you know the Bulls -- interesting because -- only -- they've met so way out they've had. History the pants though with the Pacers though with the heat even though I don't have air growth they could be a team. But let's just looking here at -- lot of different myself. If Boston were to come out of these series how would they how would they match up on notice that with one of those Hawks are that the pace. Well it has urged them with the Pacers. When they went down the pace is Roland I think we -- it. The pages that are playing right now at saint bases that are playing in early November. And then December January. It was about two games to. They met them what they are struggling and destroy him here in this building so. I think it was too confident place -- Pacers right now that he even their struggle against the Hawks. At for Atlanta. Only in the loss to Atlanta when the Hawks Al Horford. On the other three games they pretty much been in complete control every one of those games so it stayed home court and is he talks. Because he bikini thing they make it look at property the conference finals. That would be a -- I don't that would be that would be -- mean that were really beat them the whole countries off the bottom was even boy that's a huge door. Yeah absolutely that they did that's one of the things that they -- while we're. -- a fairly equal opportunity yet I'm eighteen but the city that really great he's. And I think they can beat balls and then get around in that matchup again thirteen ATP. Nate victory in the onion and a cup and when -- lose. All of a sudden we're emotion fourteen people are going around it a couple of years especially. When you think about expected when extreme Brett twenty. And picnic in the -- -- open to be huge record that they should create its. Michael we see it in in the eighties sports baseball basketball football EE eighty there's always a better bat it's brought hand him the point out this year. What he's done info Oklahoma City are right now the good Jermaine O'Neal got in -- who. Seventeen years it is obviously giving you guys have a guy like Andre Miller. Put -- that -- by eight points but the value he brings from the and then the was so long to some young talented. Backcourt players talk about what he has been able to do it roll. Well the one thing is salute -- backup point guard position would have been a problem is adept at -- -- our -- not a starter purples. He was on America and I'm really played well Kirk brown because he can offer tips and pointers and opposing guards and those little pay that you may take for granted otherwise. And once once they treated Turk. John on the left on his own account develop to figure out. -- he's done well with but not a under -- here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which it's pretty impressive he's done it under the radar back career. And that to be -- before this year started Ito on bracket. You know in the -- first round and eat as many playoff series win. As John and Bradley's fifteen years so. -- lucky today this is happy to be along for the he wants to win because he never done before. So so I think we have yeah who Smart who you know. And it is still get it older age but he had yet hungry in addition. There -- -- the last and its volley it or two games each. -- score eighteen points and all of that that's important. Michael Lee comes to Washington Wizards for the Washington Post Michael how can folks probably won't win. And mr. Michael lead back. Mister Michael. The. I thank you so much mom and I appreciated dog game three is the -- yes I historian it was it's these are you don't know how to practical time out a couple of years ago Derrick Rose goes down the home. You know the benefactor of it. Other teams you had eight seeds playing well -- -- a first round in Dallas him and also in Atlanta. And just think about if Atlanta where we -- in -- once he will be the home team in the conference semi finals. And with basic I've been a favorite. The -- their conference finals just don't know. This is sports talk on WW.