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Sports Talk 4-25 5:35pm, Chris Haynes

Apr 25, 2014|

Join Deke as he talks to Chris Haynes (Insider for Comcast SportsNet Northwest & CSNNW.com)about the Trail Blazers Playoff series.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to sports so. I'm big ability coming up in about an hour LSU fight tiger baseball tonight. Right here awed at WW TO -- get operated jaguar opinion poll online at WW dot com would tell us your office to player. Whether that's Korean NF failed -- quarterbacks segment maravent running back Jamie hero. Wide receiver Odeo Beckham junior. All wide receiver and Jarvis Landry you can can you vote on line. At WWL dot com remember he can't pitch at David WBO show you can listen to the parking -- I can't. Any -- Disco too awed DVR that's what it's like this is like one of the fields that you have at home. Go to WW dot com. For the big podcast but it's on the top right hand corner on our front page or find your favorite both go to the -- Mark Shields and schedules and click on the name. Real simple so convenient. Podcast online at WWL. Dot com well it is the Houston Rockets and Portland trailblazers. Coming up. Retains. -- -- -- the Comcast sports northwest and C as in in W dot com is our special guest Chris. Thank you so much for the time out very soon entertaining games thus far between the Rockets and the blaze. Yes there. Their -- are probably do. You know -- -- -- -- up to. -- to shake up properly that a lot just to trial it. Experience on that -- You know they just completely unraveled and pictures are you coaching hard here kind have been financial. He'd like powers. You can go for it by an excuse because being in has been they've they've been route -- before and totally different other number right now. What what you know and at this Portland ballclub they just look at the risk that the wiz who would you see things the way things that they had been hectic Chris. Now I mean it's kind of one of those things where you don't you going why aren't buckled to public by just yet. Which took it -- Dallas is with San Antonio and the Dallas privacy and that we wanted to get to spring we got it but they could be up two to zero and Oklahoma City. Aid in Memphis now that's a favorite of their. Grizzlies it's it's dogfight between the Clippers and the Warriors in Portland I mean they're the only team that's in position right at a really take control. In this series it and the way things a plan out if it's become looks like has become a little bit more wide open in the win. You're you're definitely apparently. Think about the last couple of what Western Conference and seeking -- -- overwhelmingly -- you know. You know what nutrition store you know so. If it scored this situation that the Blazers are able to get -- to look -- throughout this elections you know. If we were. Well caution people different but if they do it was well. Out and able to. Over com China told you. Lately you know true to our situation to pop it in the Western Conference finals is -- wide open in the Bible in right now and not let. Chris when you go look at look at a guy like LaMarcus auctions said in years at 611. I mean they're they're very few people. In yesterday's game to be that holiday. Like LaMarcus Aldridge had a I don't -- use those same but in the eighties. He really a lack of glad about the why he's he's gotten better with aids. I think he's this year Izzo are right now and it's clearly got some left in the tank I mean it's got to shoot an unbelievable level right now. Well what it is though that there wasn't that -- just -- The way he's been able to do. Is that phenomenon you know he he's always been that that that on the range actually the bird. She always had held in the past. Vick -- -- Norwood the potential shall we should use in this you know he's in the it's footwork. You know usually people is so old now teams this season. Haven't been able to check him because you know where you move and do a great job. -- -- Actually conduct all glory shall. He's really good -- look for guys that can provide real cute and drop the ball around that you control. Puerto. Smaller title in world pulled located veteran route so it's so cute but we do a potent weapon and right now he's playing well. Ought to get your body responds and realized I made mortality. Answer to all the pictures -- naught because. Arguably the top fortunately. I think will be stool right now I think there -- content fail right now but I'll forward figured. Doubt christening its at the Comcast sports. Nick -- west the CS NEW dot com breaking down game three of the Blazers and the Rockets entertaining series the Blazers can't really. Really make it -- Rockets I think to a 30. And Chris a lot of excitement from -- will watch it you know this is that a ballclub that had some great teams. Over the years it it seems that what great and I think good enough to win championships the clad teams. Even it. A late -- team -- -- it would eighteen point lead over the Lakers had Doug Peterson guy Pippen Rasheed Wallace and Stoudemire. And now. A lot of excitement about. Well Aldridge Hughes and it got my game and it just these two along you know it'll take five superstars they would get not hit -- Tampa -- NBA jam. You gotta have a few good pieces that don't look at. It -- some role players and look they've got to two big important pieces and the mother that I -- team that has grown an awful -- you get out of this series Chris. In the future -- let's start to become one of those teams that. In no way as this where you know yet they can be a top Al team to maybe step in that next step it is a contended the. -- it -- -- you know what what what what -- waiting. Comes confidence when you start winning games when the games in overcoming. You judicial -- and that -- would but shouldn't be useful as well in this. You know they'll get as well as well they will thank all of -- -- -- and it. Looks. We're able. Beat Federer told you'll. All are and what would change the mavs through what he's been in an incredible -- -- -- -- even actually has got its okay we got that we got the -- Now that could tell that -- must come out the -- there's no reason why you think about. Didn't know the story from that. The market all like you mentioned that you battle -- it got a little notables. Stepped out of their culture so the question that -- Give this a true god like I believe potential pick -- -- to court and look at their the option but it missed about. What do the penalties and are far and tomorrow and be able. Sort of huddle to no and that is what opportunity. There's only one older they -- definitely the right. City of roses Chris in ritzy rip city will be Rolen tonight at bats and that's a whole big -- It's hard to play it in those fans this though and I think they can vacancy it's that day. There's -- -- you see blood in the water but they can sense that the Rockets have barely hanging on and it could be a huge advantage in the night. Yeah definitely you know lol yeah this is going to be and -- dollar bond and unions and the you know to come to come back that route to another tree and just change all that is if you actually hasn't been able to have -- You have noticed that in the traditional hole today that she forced plays. Didn't what will look forward to the basket he's really going to be your water and not you know shall. Have been complacent or guys in particular right now that I expected to be a really into the game -- spectacle down to a for the water. Played you know it usually does and doesn't that this man that should pretty much like so. Chris talk -- folks -- all excellent. All of a couple little -- and if would be -- Be as important change each -- why India actress yeah. Man Chris good stuff that John McCain and I'm -- I'll be watching a good atmosphere is going to be fun to be here. -- Okay Chris thank you very much Chris -- Bring it to you rip city but those you historically though that gone all the way back to the doctor Jack days in the early seventies and its series with the Lakers. Yeah college Jim bought -- the long shot. Rip city. That's a tough home venue one of the toughest in sports and they're up 200. With a Houston Rockets. Not a surprise is gone -- to the playoffs right now the ability this is sports talk on WW.