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Sports Talk 4-25 6:10pm, Bryan Lazare

Apr 25, 2014|

Join Deke as he talks to Bryan Lazare (Senior writer at TigerBait.com) about LSU's game tonight against Tennessee.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to the final. Half hour forty minutes or so of sports talk. Beat down make it through everything is open running good in studio I'm Deke Bellavia he would he'd sit for LSU find type of baseball with on and -- -- In about twenty minutes operated jaguar opinion poll at WW dot com these four offensive weapons for the Tigers offense last year. Quarterback is that -- and -- Jaime hill in receivers jobless man vehicle you know Beckham junior. Which do you think we'll have the most successful. And it -- careers you can can you vote online at WW real. Dot com legitimate covered those guys throughout their days in LA shoot some of their prep season. And of course a manipulation of any program for Michael -- dot com senior writer at the -- on Twitter. Is Bradley is our Brad thank you so much for the time and now by all accounts on everybody's draft boards that when they break it down certain positions. All photos -- as a highly thought of Brian the two receivers gave me you know and that meant -- The NBA I think another feather in the -- or less miles but it's also had gone to say look at where our guys are going to in his draft. You know I think all four amendment you know certainly expect them to go first two days or street right now -- up yet good question. I don't know which I think would be it's going to be good -- -- a lot opt we will be Jeremi -- I think he got -- don't believe -- aren't enough. You know I think he's somebody that that pan out in that throwback. Yes will be interesting to see -- because I'll think about people really buy into. Where -- running backs are ranking and has made -- because the position he has changed so much of a look at how quote of running backs used to be drafted vs now. And got I would be surprised to see both backs. Jamie here and trade Mason. Ejected above I would be surprised if how refers I just think he did did did that even those that are a bit different list. Hit it and it felt coaching -- city's -- -- so differently out it'll barely at that one guy you know. Divide up the well then keep everybody else these. You know you'd -- attic could be Toulouse got an injury. You know yet nature running game we got out to a lot of gotten better there. Bradley -- -- -- it with Dez Bryant and now we're looking at at Kentucky the big dog in the conference basketball wise and Harrison boss says there. Nick coming back. What does this do now moving forward for four -- duty steal. Kentucky Florida into -- -- maybe a few steps and hit it in the -- also both whose fourth. Did did you know that announcement of Reading it again as help -- -- -- a photo they've got one coming back Johnny O'Bryant. Is it gonna go what do what does that do used UCL issue may be and in a pool about the fourth best team in the conference. It will I don't hit it in the pool one in your own thing it could be he had -- you know. You know -- he'd bring him for top thirty players out there. And. The first I'm not a fracture in the -- He he repair our land now that they're both coming back out -- colleagues on the car out into post player to come back. Alex portrait. You know that pack up player he'll be here next year you know he's coming back what -- -- It there. You got those six guys who have all -- coming back on toppled -- top thirty recruit. There are a lot you know Florida lose -- being yourself I think next year going to be he would stop you know -- in the at the city. You know Florida still going to be good Tennessee lost a lot and with a new coach -- gable or relish that underdog Brady. Think you know I think and it being -- you know backtrack a little bit. You know I think Alex is there upon it felt like -- -- -- your. -- -- In a 345. Picturing it all depends on how things -- Pan out it exactly where they meet in it yet. The chemistry right. There are being worked it -- -- a -- and make an Iran. And resiliency -- or -- did you know be like we're last year and he is like another you know on and now I'm back. And it that occasional they won't make the and TH there. Right now we look at the big games in big series this week -- the course I ever rise to even out Alabama South Carolina series that -- tonight and thank you talk about LSU. In Tennessee tech video -- things closer to when those teams beat. I the next few weeks and that is LSU and Alabama but that's interesting series right there and also Ole miss -- Kentucky so. I Ellis shoot outs that got of those three probably don't do we go home this weekend from -- standpoint. But Alabama South Carolina LSU and Tennessee yet and any Ole -- -- -- a logjam at the top of the wins -- that that's an answer these series now this week. Right people have to keep in mind. Yet because we're in the way that it means that you. You know everybody expects the international -- but it not. Automatic and hoping to win we eat whoever win the western going to be too. And not that delicate got to be careful watching you know at Alabama South Carolina the year speak that South Carolina. You don't want them to get hot and closed -- -- a ten of the last twelve games that did that stick gate. You run the -- that well gate at the end of the year. You know the baseball may look at the well looks like it that deep yet be the -- out -- -- You know goes to urban -- -- he seen that in -- the national. So. I don't think LA LAQ yes we got that one South Carolina. The league felt that we did I don't think they went out here honored to get it all is such a good start -- last month of the regular season. So ot think -- you need to institute one either way it. Look Alabama yet not yet you know even -- this in south Carolina at lord -- if you admit that day. You Alabama and -- -- -- So a lot. I think -- she basically got it you know take here bit -- Either the number on and -- twelve conference eight laps. Cold period at Alabama and Tennessee and road series. Again expand Albert they get to nine conference games remaining Al or state and Northwestern State. I'm -- -- it Belichick he built and and all and that would put him at 41. Fourteen in one and I would -- out -- -- at that record and yet speak German the pocket. You know Newton -- -- the term you know get the national -- that that's where I think that would be legal for Alex. Bradley you know I made about hitting in so for the most over this program because I haven't hit it -- while world war on ballclub that that just how the ball all over the the pocket in and out of the pocket to gorilla ball. But I saw big -- attitude today you can talk about how that numbers always low as they've been since Sammy three wood -- we use so. -- -- down all over the country. Right you know it did you know the back and regain -- Capability -- -- dollar bike and the changing media. That the game and he certainly add pitching and defense up and help -- body -- play your. In the college World Series they'll get a little three home runs and get out picking debate politics year. Lower. Lower in the city and that probably. They people will help that a lot but he all all that back. With less you know drag from the wind but you know at right now it's pitching and defense and you know. But on top deck on guy like out spread sheets struggled here eat Italian eat you know -- talk about now. You know scene out there are doing everything possible it out and last year about what eight last year when you pay Alex. You know you looked a lot in their basic -- being your sixteenth hole on we got it right indeed it. I'll rate for on what country hit near or at or -- can't let indeed it won't bet that you -- And right it was the number three dot accurately worried about the -- didn't beard. This year. Pregnant without. So -- Whitman shot tell you -- that we can't beat it out and ate it up -- you know it didn't hit as many good picture at and you have to. Except that mentality. Speed beat and the guy do you think he did and appeared and -- I eat I just stopped more. When you know taxi rides were accepting -- responsibility let they would being an actor at -- all. I'd have found out ECUs series now this weekend LSU Tennessee. Well I I'd be -- about you know when Thierry. And I think they they certainly should be in position again we. Note that at the is it is what their pitching. Selection and I -- -- guy like that early years -- -- opting out of the bullpen. It's like a lot of these cylinder in beating the rotten night even though and -- can use their real good picture is what's our shot next to me. So you know I think I'll definitely do our history and you know certainly. Gonna have a chance at the sweet. Brian saw and DL -- on -- tech does great -- tiger -- dot com Brad thank you so much a -- the game tonight. All right LSU baseball coming up -- the Tigers a three game series against the Tennessee volunteer strike year on WWO.