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04-25 11pm Scoot, Jazz Fest

Apr 26, 2014|

Scoot talks about the jazz fest lineup, what you can expect, and how we "should" act in other people's neighborhoods.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Even where they Arden -- where you want them to go. But Israel Italy teenagers just totally loose at the fairgrounds. A few and -- Russia with a comet tonight about any of -- stuff by our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy text numbers 87870. We'll also be talking about how to get there. And what to Wear and here's our WWL pretty -- opinion poll tonight what is your favorite thing about Jazz Fest. Is that the art. The food. The music. What the people watching I'm sure you'll like all of those things but if you had to pick one what he liked most about Jazz -- the art the food the music where the people watching. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com we'll track that Paula throughout our show tonight and until midnight also tonight I don't know if it happened yet but at some point tonight there's going to be a big truck crash. It's gonna crash into a building a Brinks truck is gonna crash into a building on canal street. Now it's not like I can predict the future that this is part of the of the terminate five movie that that their fielding and so is going to be big truck crashed. On canal street sometime but sometime tonight. And also if you would like to I joined the open casting call for the new Jurassic Park will be the new Steven Spielberg Jurassic Park movie. They're looking for a lot of different people. They're looking for people from ages five to 85 every race every shape every size international looks are needed. This is going to be at the grace king high school tomorrow 4301. Kris king drive in -- from nine. Until six. So if you were interested -- getting too old by the way all of these actress who were selected. They will get -- they will be fed. And they will have fun but they're looking for families a single men single women. They're looking for. I'm singles of different and ethnicities. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of paid background actors will be will be part of this and if you are higher that they may -- up to 2000 people. I if you are hired you will be paid fed. And they say you're gonna have a lot of fun during -- movie so that's gonna be great skiing tomorrow from nine. Until six your ass to bring a two things with -- or two of the following. Are you need to fill out to and on I 95 and I nine form I nine form -- have a valid driver's license or photo ID. And original Social Security card to -- -- or valid permanent resident card. Or valid US passport or passport card and you would agree skating there there should be a lot of parking available but I would think that that might just be a little crowded. Here's an update on something we talked about the -- show last night the had about a rancher a Clive and bonding. Who said. In an interview with the New York Times. That negro people. May have been better off as slaves. And he blamed the perception that he's a racist -- Martin Luther King Jr. Not finishing his job. Now this is the guy who was involved in the confrontation with federal agents he's been allowing his his cattle. To Greece illegally on government owned land without paying fees since 1993. And when the Fed showed up you may have seen this on the news. They were met by an armed militia. And there -- a lot of conservatives -- a lot of people around the country cheering this guy on saying this guy is a hero he's standing up against the government he's an anti government crusader. And there are people who really have this this mentality. And -- obviously he's he's one of them so he's not saying now that he. He doesn't think he's a racist. And he said though that may be. Blacks use the word negro. We're better off as slaves. Of the I've been being on on government assistance and I can't help but think. You know wow I don't think the government comes over and beat you I don't think the government -- sheer. Daughters and your wife's. So -- I don't know if that was really a very important. Intelligent thing to say he said don't let me see if like its face obviously -- tried to. Compensate for what he said he said. Let me see if I can say something may be icing and maybe I need to ask forgiveness. And maybe I don't know what I actually said. But when you talk about prejudice. Were talking about not being able to exercise what you think. Know you have the freedom to do that -- But if you think something and say it. You're gonna be held accountable for what comes out of your mouth which is attached. To your brain. So this guy just continues to dig himself in deeper deeper Rand Paul quite often talked about is a prominent candidate for 2016 for the Republican Party. The senator from Kentucky. I. Praised the sky as a hero in the beginning but now he's distancing himself from the comments that he is described as. Racist. Also the conservative red states of Mississippi. Has passed the Mississippi religious freedom restoration act which is -- fancy name for a law. That allows discrimination against gays and lesbians it's one of those laws are we talked about that -- popping up in states around the country. In fact there was an attempt to get that through Louisiana but their there was at least a little wisdom in the regional legislature because it didn't make it through. This law I think is destined to be declared unconstitutional so is essentially wasted a lot of time. But is the anti gay crusade. To ban same sex marriages continues to suffer defeat after defeat after defeat. The new focus shifted to this vicious crusade. To use religious freedom to condemn gays and lesbians. And wouldn't that be unconstitutional. And could a Christian use their religious beliefs to refuse service to a Jew or. To a Muslim -- what is it that we haven't learned to all these years of of these battles what does that that we haven't learned about equality. Well here's some good news in Mississippi. There's a growing number of businesses who are part of this backlash. Against the Mississippi religious freedom restoration act. Some businesses have joined a new campaign. To condemn the ban and allows discrimination against -- New campaign is called we don't discriminate -- yet we don't discriminate. If you're buying. We're selling. And a common topic to post -- dot com website from Michael Moore who owns a bakery Campbell's bakery I believe in Jackson. Said I am a straight. White southern. Christian conservative male and I don't understand why Christians consider once in worse than another -- Mitchell Moore weren't fighting very comforting home on the -- show every night here for me to midnight on WWL because we talk about that -- I don't think the Republican Party realizes how much damage. These kind of of of laws. Allow law that would allow. Based on religious police discrimination. And that's what it again these are going to be declared at some point unconstitutional. I don't really -- -- the Republican Party realizes the damage that this is is causing -- maybe the Republican Party realizes it and just can't stop those who. Have this this mentality that you know based on their religious beliefs. They should be able to discriminate. There was a time when people thought that he was against God's will against the word of god against what god wanted for whites and blacks to be together. -- for whites and blacks to -- And the government had to come in and say. I don't care what you think is for your relations concerned this was a long time ago doctor what you think is torture bulletins concern that's unconstitutional. Whites and blacks can get married. And continue to do so today and I see more and more young couples. Who are. A swirl couple day if you will and they don't seem to have the same judgment that that my generation that the new establishment hands. And what I find so ironic about this instantly we talk about quite often on the show. Is my generation was part of this. Rebellious sixties anti establishment generation. That fought for equality. That that fought against. Discrimination based on sexual orientation. My generation fought so hard for equality in my generation those who are so against equality. When it comes to gays and sometimes still when it comes to blacks. Many of those people are part of my generation. Which is why I continue to refer to myself as a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation. Just in time for a well deserved vacation WW -- gives you a chance to win 1000 dollars in our nationwide vacation cash contest. Just listen to WWO weekdays right before the top of the hour news at 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM for the code word. And text the code word 272881. For your chance to win without good putting your phone down. That's seven to 81. Every weekday four lucky listeners nationwide. Are gonna win -- thousand dollars each. And we never charge for tax by your individual plan for text and data rates may apply remember the times to listen weekdays right for the top of the hour news. At 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM. And IKEA and good luck from Smart radio in -- -- and all of us at WWL. The -- blog which is still getting a lot of action stolen by heated to a blog and party heated discussion on our web site. Is titled is the power of the Pope. In his robes. Or is it in the man. And this was part of our discussion. Last night on the show about a Pope Francis apparently telling us Argentine woman. That she should go to communion that she was free to go to communion even though her. Parish priest. Denied her communion and the Vatican I came out and said wait a minute appropriate had a personal conversation with this woman. And he's not speaking for. The church and as a Catholic I'm just a little confused about all this because I thought. I thought the Pope was was a man. And I thought his power to -- just when he had the ropes on him when he was in -- official position as the -- again that confused me but. Lot of interesting comments and you can read that and share with your Catholic and non Catholic friends it's on our website at WWL dot com. And you can give Chicago its reach some of the comments that there are a couple of serial. Com enters. Who post really ugly hateful things. And I guess they think they're somehow getting to me I find it very humorous but just understand that there are a few people if you read -- because it really is it it's very funny. And and quite often some of the some of the the comments after a blog. Don't really directly refer back to. The block. So it just goes to show you that there. Some people aren't a mission and again it's it's part of the business I don't really care but I find it quite humorous. But all of that is so we're excited to be W dot com also we have the latest when it comes to Jazz Fest. And you've got the schedule we've got a chance to -- guide for all and information on our web site. At WW real dot com. This is a very abbreviated version of the -- show on this Friday night as we head into the weekend Santana -- Jazz Fest earlier tonight. And will want to talk about some of the people who are going to be there tomorrow and Sunday it's going to be a beautiful. Beautiful weekend for Jazz Fest. I scoot on -- WL. All right you know this is a tradition every Friday night on the air here under the WL in our show. We played a song because it's the beginning of the week and Friday night we are heading into the weekend you might have already started your weekend. This was the first day the first weekend of Jazz Fest this -- classic is going on there are festivals going on all over the state. So just take a moment. Reach over there crank up your radio. And just enjoy this Friday nights because this is what you -- more than four. So what is your favorite parts of Jazz Fest is at the art. Is -- the food. Is that the music is that the people watch you know I realize you probably like all of those things but what is your favorite thing about Jazz Fest 5% say the art. 37%. Say the food Tony -- percent say the music and 29% say the people watching. I would have to say as much as I enjoy the music. And the food and the art. I I have to tell you that I think the thing that I find the best part yes Estes is the people. -- just and just getting out they're seeing people and you know there's there's a there's a little bit of it of I hit the attitude at least in so many people can people who were too young to have been hippies at the time it. Is it comes out also -- you can walk around the -- has ground to really get the feeling that you're in Hawaii because there's so many Hawaiian tight shirts and so many people -- dress like they're either in Hawaii you're going to Jimmy Buffett concert. Is it OK -- -- teenagers go off on there and Jazz Fest well you know it's really up to you and onto your teenagers. I would think that generally speaking 1112 would be too young maybe even thirteen but. You know 1415. Sick and you know and -- had teenager and I let them go. It Jazz Fest I would just make sure that they check back with me and I saw them like you put eyes on them. And regular intervals and then they always have this feeling that you're you're still kind of they're -- you're still kind of watching -- just say OK you guys go do whatever you want. And even at 1516 eucharist go to whatever you want. And and we'll see you -- relief. I wouldn't I wouldn't do them I think it's much better to have this Constant Contact with your with your kids. Say maybe every hour OK we'll we'll meet back here in in one hour. Not just -- but I would actually and actually were put ice on time maybe maybe a real again that's just that's just my opinion. And also I guess we should give some advice to be Jazz -- -- those who are experiencing Jazz Fest for the very first time and there's a possibility that. Some people are driving into the city right now the city is a very very Crowder and it will get even more crowded a tomorrow. Make sure that you have a -- to make sure that you. Have as sunblock. Can you bring up a bottle water in -- -- can bring a few little items but to just make sure that you. You've got stuff to take your view it's gonna be hot tomorrow. It's it's gonna be beautiful but it's going to be very hot also there are people who live near the fairgrounds. And you're going into their neighborhood. So so be respectful you would want them to be respectful of that came into your neighborhood and it's got to be tough to live around the fairgrounds and have all these. Crowds come into your neighborhood two weekends in a row. Three days one weekend in four days the next weekend. It's gotta be tough. And I I hear really embarrassing stories about people urinating in people's yards and it is isolated. But that should never happen. On -- respectful okay it's not your neighborhood fine. But there's -- there's probably something to this whole karma thing. And and so it if you would -- them to treat you were certainly if they came to your neighborhood than you treat their neighborhood a certain way don't -- driveways. Don't park somewhere you're not supposed to part because it's possibility. That two -- gonna get towed or you'll get a ticket. And a lot of people like to complain about that but if you park where you're not supposed to park then. You can perhaps expect something's gonna happen. Now what are the best ways to get to the Jazz -- will talk about that coming up in their. Someplace that may be some people. Don't really think about I mean you know other they are but you know consciously think about that civil talk about that we can back. Robert -- I believe is going to be on the Congo stage. Tomorrow afternoon. And Jazz Fest that'll be an -- to crowd. This is Cisco show and we'll be right back on to -- WL. Nine years ago when I was doing music radio here in New Orleans this way it's one of the artists that I've played. -- gags he's going to be a Jazz Fest on Saturday. And also how Robert Plant and the sensational. Space shift -- will be they -- Robin -- bus gags and Keb -- among those performing 20 by the way. Fish it's gonna play tomorrow and I think fish starts at 4 o'clock. And tomorrow afternoon. And I think they may and early Tuesday morning. And that's only including likely Sox officials one of those jam band spiked egg you know a very very well. Fish is one of those -- that has a very very loyal. A fan base so it be if in fact if if there are going to be hippies anywhere I am a citizen or negatively at all but they're going to be hippies anywhere they'll be that we had announced. And finish tomorrow afternoon and then on on Sunday Eric Clapton Vampire Weekend Charlie Wilson. Boehner -- Galactic. Irma Thomas. Chocolate milk rock and to see in the zydeco twisters and royalties. Royalties the very very good local and that I think is is gonna go places on their song is called wild and I hear on the radio a lot royalty will be there tomorrow as well. I hear is a final update on tonight's Evian you will pretty general opinion poll what is your favorite thing about Jazz Fest. -- of the -- the food the music of people watching. -- percent say the arts 36% say the food. 28% say the music and 31%. Say that people watching I would have to would be -- for myself in that category. Now don't Wear anything new. Two against -- even new flip flops new sandals as comfortable as you might think they are don't Wear anything new. The Jazz -- picture you've got comfortable stuff. On your feet. And believe me I see women especially at weekends. Every day of my life downtown in the French Quarter. Walking around in very high heels. And I know they're not very comfortable no nobody's gonna Wear high heels to Jazz -- but -- everywhere just make sure it's very comfortable now what's the best way to get there. Well you can walk if you're anywhere close you could light up like you to take account camps are very very of available. And maybe don't retreat to camp the whole way but yet you know come down close to New Orleans or somewhere downtown in the take care from there. You can also take the street cart this is how I've gotten industry current canal street. Now the -- filled up and hurry and they Ed bosses. To this this run. Opera canal streets all the way to in the beginning of the city park there I'm very close to the fairgrounds at the end of or the beginning of esplanade. So you predict the streetcar or the boss on canal street sold just you know points of where to park and then take that. Or you can take the they suggest a shuttle. Which are starts at 10:30 tomorrow morning and Sunday morning. And runs until the -- closest. Now the chance to shuttle we'll take you right to the grounds and that departs at the steamboat Natchez -- on Toulouse street on the river. Also at the Sheraton Hotel 500 canal street. And also city park near Marconi drive and -- so if you're coming from Metairie -- or from the -- shore. That you might wanna get close to two city park recording drive and Harrison and take the shuttle like to thirteen and from that point it's not going to be a very far. Pride at all. I'm scoot on WWL and get out and enjoy this weekend it's going to be hot but it's gonna be beautiful and if you have a -- to even if it's not your favorite hat. I would find a hat and I'd Wear a diaper hand because mobile 1% to -- also for those of you were gonna enjoy some of the many many fast. The same rules apply for any faster you go into this weekend as supply to -- Jazz -- and also -- could be a great weekend warm and a great weekend for. The Zurich classic. Now we had a very abbreviated children right because LSU and Tennessee played and it went until the it was a long game went into the bottom of the ninth inning L issue point 88 to seven LSU just half game behind Alabama in the west division. So it's a really great news in the game two is going to be tomorrow when you'll hear that tomorrow afternoon. Right here on WB well we have a lot to talk about Monday we'll have a full -- show Monday night for -- to midnight. There's a lot of stuff going on including the NRA annual meeting in Indianapolis this weekend. Anderson interesting things going on with the NRA meeting and I need to set the record straight about a couple things -- event on the show Monday night's. I'd give him with us for this this brief moments on the air having a great weekend. Be safe. And as always. Love -- New Orleans.