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The Garden Show 4-26 7am, Gardening

Apr 26, 2014|

Join Dan Gill as he answers all of your gardening questions with precise expertise.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Or it won't be talking about -- going on in the early and senior guard over the next couple of hours in this and they superb opportunity. You'd call it that regarding questionable troops guarding information that you might get that -- once again is 26 so. 47 -- Europe struggle local New Orleans calling area you call toll free at 86688908. Seventy what we keep -- -- at first and then you start at call that a little bit gym all the big worry regarding activities that. Orders and art shows a player fails. Huge number of those are taking off for starting in March and going true. I opposed to towards the latter part of people are due to slow down just a little bit just in time my wonderful event for our area -- I -- in southeast Louisiana beat him and research station which is where the issue sooner. Does the primary amount of the double research. -- -- -- Research station that does the but I bedding plant trial -- Shalala recommendations on -- definitely she blushed. Beautifully planned to bench is full all kinds of -- -- Cultural blooming bedding -- other tropical on -- in this -- some of the or are we search on some. Part of the social tropical I am sure that we're looking great displays of native -- beautiful day collections. I'm just really marvelous sure that your. Four re sure sure is going on the I in the year in which that are most interesting to look to a lot of home gardeners and the research station. Egypt -- -- source the public -- visitors are always spot on vacation. But coming up by next Friday on me the -- and -- have a garden stroll into work going on. Will be morning and then kick off five not a clock in the morning and we'll do. I've been looking long term weather forecast of course and you beautiful day. With a clear relatively cool for this time of the year I'll have guided tour I'll be doing a presentation little clock. On the Louisiana super plant programmable and mr. -- this year and that will have permission to -- picture of our plant questions and -- gardening questions. Checked by the -- tangible master -- absolutely wonderful event -- what does -- -- the researcher -- an -- cutting -- plant. Are being evaluated displays toward Opel plant -- this kind of year you've been seeing them to cool street and I think -- peaking. A trial that didn't like attorneys and came in violin and our campus. Another cool and bedding plant plus the plantings of the warm and by the pledge to be evaluated. Over the warmed my heart trouble -- But again beautiful display garden job rule everything is extremely well labeled. So that you can walk through -- garden with a tablet. Injure your ourselves on your hand. -- flooding and take photographs. Make notes. I just become extremely. Useful just slightly walk around. On your -- looking at how the clincher at staples or bombing here in south east will be a growing conditions no questions about. Will this grow here will this -- occurred -- like a climate like our climate. If it's growing here it's growing -- -- rubio won the popular again that are coming up Friday. I will be from nine -- -- the -- -- -- research -- rocketed -- -- Should you wore mine all Covington highway. I am and others are great to a web site you go to -- more information -- are some pictures as -- and from talking about. And that is that I wish you actually true dot com. Forward slash -- and www. They'll issue sanction torture Docomo. Kalin and that they -- their website and you'll. And partner counter that -- coming up next Friday I take a lot already in this column and I am calling in -- Duchscherer. First and good morning -- again. -- -- -- -- -- With some really beautiful. You keep climbing roses that are just spectacular right hand. But I know that there are -- gaps in them all of a sudden. There it. Areas that they have that look like it drying up. And I don't know it sick could be applied I don't know what what did they exceed everything could be growing. So so if I understand what you're saying -- you're on in all it's only lightly. But when you look closely she quicker minor changes should just try and brown and gasoline has died yet. OK in -- -- noble and now. In that area that is. So little action. It should be. An anchor -- people. Will be called back and -- sometimes it will currently true roses organism addiction to do it in -- and other wage well well well -- the kind of rainy spring which favorite this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I also picture and governors and then -- ego -- it is also. -- people branches have died. All right okay. That indeed that I'm -- united now. Well not necessarily should be wondering at all. Okay. All. In. -- -- -- The content -- for aspiring nuclear equipment for all that needed to walk. Yes or. Maybe you're too much -- the polish town is particularly bad things and -- in your roses along the upper partly about contributing to this particular problem. And the top. And -- -- interpreting that accurately -- -- am. And again focusing on the shouldn't be dying -- -- is turning brown whipping up make -- -- several -- back into the green healthy tissue. And -- your -- -- with someone all the -- before according to. To used to polish prisoners lecturer. If you Israel can you know spread around in him to do this. To -- -- produce up to broke and that should be -- a new -- coming -- over the course of the -- to replace what are -- lost that -- -- And one that is if you play team and he'd treat my line with Kenya. With that we killer. Not at all in mostly killers the temperature limitation. Creating a temperatures in the upper eighties and in particular. And that's what we're looking for. To become more like that it seems a long slow right now so keep it implies staying in the mid may be upper eighties used to speaking by. Shortly later on next -- -- and certainly on through April and the apartment. We're looking at temperatures suitable for and on we -- How much. All okay to question. 260870. Is an -- need to I'll give him on the program -- -- -- answer for. It can be back with art should or should aren't -- Which. -- And -- critical and regarding question. And calling from -- good morning. To -- well at the culture. And and questions oftentimes. With the first beginning and later is it too early and using. Lines become art and we. You know. As a situation where it's like I'd feel. And it's not quite. Feel. It and and you know it probably wouldn't be. Too late. Simply cannot do that they're closing content at times and I'm. Looking with this question. Actually the plant will be able to Wear. The ideal planting season. -- -- party -- from here in the local. Coastal area were unsure about. November 2. -- march. So important in the also. UST I fees and but they're certainly -- -- the tree will now because it took you know three weeks ago. The closer we get into the heat of summer. The left and -- patients it is harder it is the stressful it is on the blanket treason trial. It would incredible short of transition from growing and that they've done all your entire life and told her -- in the ground which is just him using transition plant to make. It Eritrean vision which is stressful -- it is it really stressful and -- complete match and she'll call to the wing so to speak. So which. -- some point during the cool times a year and place them at all possible time of year but people in ancient Angel successfully. So we're talking about you know some holes and your best ideas it is -- would be. Ginger -- apple tree planted. Picture -- convenient struck the longer -- now the colts where our weather and the least indentation it is. Illegal long answer the simple question. Ground on the island -- Our problem weren't there are. Liable -- the children -- -- what. -- That saw him well it depends entirely on the week strategies. -- out something and which is -- I'd like we'll see you hungry around that kills all. Gradually killer cleanup father raining out there and that's what good is because -- -- -- that we didn't break out in the shall leave behind. A resident there -- delete. Residue in the oil so -- just. Planning on using. It would be a good -- Here are. Accused of torture call -- hear an extra well we can color green bean morning. The wind and I am going to be -- you enough. Gallon. But about four feet high and that is that by about two years this year -- Euro. And number one and went into the green it. And it you can give it from soluble. Fertilizer or the people and fertilizers. On the bright yellow lean on appearing on a plan that would otherwise you'll certainly it will be green looking -- that I'm in the year. Actually old polish shipping and -- falling off and match the central city vulnerable you know all currently used it shall we shall maybe a solar. Well the plan. I turned bright yellow rational planted a reasonable bring color. Question digital we'd likely halt because you do about that should be higher. Than overall yellowish appearance Stuart other Arabian efficiency or possibly -- aren't -- -- -- you to concentrate more. -- in the new growth and under the circumstance as a fertilizer my -- typical world better. I cannot you can do -- like he'll leave others all these -- and all a matter what you want with the -- going to be you there. But as the old plant as election idol big -- appearance. I'll -- -- either action gaining national bank plant fertilizer. Or even and I don't for boys like look at aren't might be applied to mention Thanksgiving situation new traction at all you know so that's probably didn't. Yeah try to -- as a while being naked in nitrogen would. Yes good thank you again about. Party sure thing -- -- up next we've got a bill calling from gulf port -- important. Good morning. Governor and the question about the ground that you can actually used around the base of trees in Sinegal palms that sort of thing. It has built well. To be careful on what it is jobs -- commented Mike Green issue so -- -- which is the primary absorption of fat tissue. It always -- also -- -- -- just cleaned poll out. And then I sprayed with tramples the school roundup what is keeping a very. You have displayed on all the job of the plant. Our country used to protect some sort of -- coroner -- Laura maple -- tree with a good bar on that even some -- diplomat Doug Brown would be -- is no big deal typically speaking. But and out -- like critical solicit support the students are green. I period at around -- or something like that. Again -- can be real issues. Actually just keep it off to plant altogether I mean even after it has a strong on that other historians such a way that you I don't get the spray on the bark from the -- as a piece of cardboard. Between the the trunk of the tree and weed or even -- The trunk of the tree and a plastic before you do -- boring to keeping industry from giving a worker thing onto it. If you keep display all the deplorable plant altogether it's not bothered and and -- that we enough to wet the fault which and on. I can spray right flag next to a desirable plant. They're going to get display on the plant that's what can be bothered by. Okay great. Great that's that's really appreciated. Our attention to call. I can't be careful what -- college all remember we used outside replied as a local that we used to kill clients. And you'll hear putting something that kills plants and it here landscape which will buoyant. We really have to think things -- carefully if you're -- are important for the like -- like Australia being very careful about where we apply them until almost everything and the -- and -- -- along weed -- we need to make sure we -- that it is solvable problem long -- we don't -- minerals iron it will -- the kind that we shall we have a that we're doing that article -- architecture quick biz break -- an -- occasion -- your questions. -- important -- god changes in the newsroom. To make sure we know what's going on good morning on good morning things are jointly on the garnish or talking -- -- have job calling from different -- first the segment got one job. Good morning. I have a question this morning and I have a predominantly. Saint Augustine on. About two and a half weeks ago I put down a bonus as with -- the actor is seen as the active ingredient. Torrential rain the next day so -- to it's been diluted so I didn't really get a good. Killing of the -- Contra. Is it too early for me to take connectors and spray and spray the art now. Telling. At least two weeks 204 weeks as well normally recommended. A between herbicide applications so I've just been released two weeks -- you which certainly gave it away whip it and on the contrary and catches. I hear in the area -- hot spots. I you have an option when -- -- like that you go into the spot treatment screening higher long periods for the grassroots strict about Contra. Is being out competed in the regrets is holding its own is not as critical to retreat fears it would be and spot for the scratch maybe -- to collect our country is. In particular -- more years -- you could actually do that not even do the whole long if you didn't want to. -- they at least two weeks and then. Optical -- structure application. Thank you very much already jumping to a call. Cheryl calling from comedy and good morning -- Question -- -- -- expert at tree canyon now. It'd been you all on the -- I don't know if it rains a lot my name -- recently actually gotten -- out and all that rainy. Came into my dog registry well. Flowers bloom it was beautiful when I saw. It can't an alcoholic time. At least -- and I don't know what the problem that I'm not too much water at. Up to it. That's ultimately good thing you know we're looking at a campus behaving differently. That has a good -- -- history with -- And company and took note of that plan went almost always think about what's changed and plants and -- The first that we think about and went in that we you know the only thing I can think that's happened shall -- put on the on -- house and now a bit you know that the group run -- dream -- -- -- comes and flows across my -- where this tree is located with -- over in whispering. In his little water. In -- as a kind of a difference you know we do -- forty this year. When they've been there for years too well and I think you probably hit the nail on the hit that to -- under possible alcohol level which staying true that the ground distinctions saturated. Will make to -- them. Eager to be believed the system on doesn't agree. And of course to -- can't be any help you and its roots are and that's it should would directly lead to an upper part of the tree. The sprawling -- poorly isn't growing well as forceful because just simply not -- LP root system to cool the water and minerals -- the opera broke needs to be flourishing. -- -- I'm not want chicken which can think it will way to re direct water. Perhaps was from trenchant social and strangers on Longo on. To help redirect a -- And it is bad things that treatable. Chronic back. You know -- I cannot tell you want to trees start going out and sometimes if you improve this situation. There's been an image that occurred to that point. The prospects of recovery here all I shall I can't say the tree ligament that it would be something you do to achieve it would. I hate it and I sure do appreciate check out our racial already start -- that right here about a treatment or. Are running out for calling for engine Julia offer good morning. If you want him I have a five year old Florida came peachtree and and the -- -- that peaches out there have been market between recorder. An inch in diameter. Our concern is. 01 considered now Cooper and -- of worm infestation. The issue -- about every day. Are you doing any -- I haven't gotten any Spring Hill yet -- to protect you put took to protect our troops from. Our duties like -- the and insect like are the ultra Chile which YouTube the leading. Are -- with fruit industry effort on the ballot and maybe fourteen date basis -- they -- with the kind of rain we've been having. Are you wanna pick up or fruit trees great from the local Orchard Park center combines both insecticides and fungicides and you have one indeed public. Arbitrator ruled out of these problems in insect problems. -- -- -- -- regularly and we begin squaring the tree right after flowering finish shop took the -- chelios. Argument had booked a very tiny cages and then they can attack the -- is later on as they approach like -- so -- -- -- after flowering finishes this great lineup the harvest although watched a label directions -- went to stop spraying. Before harvest. And I hear that trouble like. -- out very rarely -- there. All right thanks -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- out -- -- by -- and the other morning. -- keep our costs and running manipulate shipments signed in early July my time in college cracking in on me and I can actually about it. And I. To. Good shape because we -- it's. October. -- failure in great shape. Okay and that second part is. It's got mr. mildly anemic market -- I have a carport. Which is under the statement this time in that area. Am wondering is it going to be on our program and. It is due to -- it will be now can feel like the agents -- have they have summer so it's worth giving it a try. The Paul Mendelsohn Augustine is considering abortion. In Chile considered optimal shape aren't or practice and all -- Is welcome -- sort out a fairly good shade tolerant among the San Augustine shall we were giving them a try. But it ain't but it doesn't take -- into out and straight away. -- centers is not about like here. Then you wanna come up with some other idea that area -- way wish developing financial. A ground cover -- ground cover you know some other solution. And inflation -- wouldn't that -- extinguishment -- on there didn't get completed. But not to completely different kind of grasses. As -- have a under Dexter are typically their best local real high order shall focus while -- actually most on Dexter -- as opera for. -- -- are greatly gamble touching the issue that is. They'll develop all that -- natural leader in their church. So that from police catching means to be done. But sources are outstanding we have great crashes but mutual -- Augustine and saint -- to choose. But again in this country if you were chained. An apology you tortured while testing. Right -- you can match thinking of that thank you for the call our idea roll call from then. Don't look at morning we're gonna do euphoria. It borders are I have a few questions. One well on Monday night cherry -- -- -- -- negotiated that what about the play. And I'm not quite sure how to use I know there's a lot on Wednesday is in. You know different I got bluebird virtues I'm not quite sure what the best ways to use over use them at all out of that is ammonium nitrate or. I'll believe though and pitch for art and use it in and out there and plastic. It's been a popular bucket plant that book you with a little. OK so there's so that that was a correction. Not sure what it is. Not a Donald. -- looking. To give you advice I can tell you. That it took it to him nitrate or shall I mean people. Just that everybody out there and when you take a product that original container. That you agree with the image in the future or. She will be there it is. It had to use that. You know corrections on on on use. Amounts or anything else so everybody keep in mind that you always keep your fertilizers and -- effort -- -- -- answers as well. In the original container out because here's -- -- -- that you are currently -- So fortunate situation now in the paint -- I can't tell you exactly what it -- it can be money in my treatment in salt say. Or some other kind of -- -- elections you don't have any you know I develop alternatives. So I could be hard to tell you now. I'm -- -- highly concentrated. 33% accurate and so you didn't very tiny amounts quarter cup for. I'll bet that might be. Hundred square feet -- group out of ammonium nitrate could very concentrated. Our -- -- -- all. But again no no it is in the direction of how to use it to integrate its advantage. You know just trying to use something and thinking. Just doesn't hurt anything. And that's it disadvantage at the corrections. You know also -- -- a couple questions. I have no idea all of their plan. And I argued that took it to active. It's not it's just like I don't. What we call those arguments and they have little comic strip so what. And one at one point who's you know. It'll green and until agreed not trying to learned that vanished green. -- hold -- -- now -- put it upon -- that upon its -- What an underwater putting different to what it -- -- doing well well it was it was given it would be about Sonny gave them alive. And on and on the ticket oh pond and all the groups were crammed. But to that was blocked a bunch of people are able to double check. You're lightning and water and everything Donald I mean you know if you get an LP plant gonna start going downhill launch in that garage and you're doing something. But it's not like one specific thing if you. A fallow periods and doing as well -- as -- like they can't just say oh you're doing urgent wrong. I you know but you aren't you know you are doing something major is getting lots of bright light. Outlook here is don't like a lot of our direct shot -- trying on the -- I'm but it likes some -- -- -- -- financial sorting a little -- afternoon. Make sure -- watering too much is recycling plant designed to do. Growing like climate show over popping it put it into a larger pot and then wonder how shall we won't make out Q well. Just to -- you can -- go on line. Look at some information to share calendars and our -- compare that what you've been doing and you may be able purchasing garage doing wrong -- I'm good I'm on the Bloomberg was I don't I'm so sorry got a break right here it's like got a long. Open. But I public opinion email actually buried Donald -- being happier for question about that trip to. Was double -- coming up right after that thanks for joining -- that we're talking gardening and that brought back at all Barbara calling from grand good morning Barbara. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You wait until after flowers Barbara but it's -- -- -- -- did you actually possibly have to move right now. Now you're not gonna kill two it's going to survive but really be better -- -- -- bloom. And because that was thinking it might mean a -- The war on because that have others that -- you know that aren't alone and -- one said. And so. If the one that's booming I would not to cut it back the other ones that are looming legal hidden to. And -- had and let's see how we got. Crude up next Libya calling from Chris calling from greatly -- and -- Go to market. I eat. Dirt like -- Bartlett and I bought alive. -- well. I would say moved to Wisconsin. And -- -- yeah. And agenda that it is and that's nick as I mean you're live in the climate with a really hot summer. I -- -- rhubarb and rhubarb or not tolerate. Are really hot -- so regime has grown up and don't -- maybe you don't then a little bit but we don't tricks and or so don't -- what the Summers. I tend to stay in the seventies. Days getting into the -- are on visual and special care -- in the eighties and mild day in the summer time. Should the way it is and let that happen slippers as workers. We bump up against a plant that simply has not suitable for climate and you're right we would like to grow it. There is no leeway in that -- definitely wait so you can do in the future Libya if you -- to roll -- rhubarb is deployed at the plants in the fall. Grow that over the winter get a great -- has often been in the spring and you're rhubarb. And then watched play actually die in the yeah where -- -- began. And how we're cool. And -- -- house plan. Arafat is now it's not a -- wiping its full -- limit. That's not an option that would indicate ultimately got Gilbert. Are -- digital art --

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