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Apr 26, 2014|

Join Scoot & Paul Lagrange as they help with all of your home improvement & repair needs

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning and welcome to the home improvement show it's Jazz -- weekend so there are many of you who might be on your way to -- -- right now or making plans to get -- just a little while ago tomorrow. Now we've got the full Jazz Fest guide in the lineup on our website at WWL dot com and here's our WL project brought people this morning. What is your favorite thing about Jazz Fest is that the art food music or. People watching. You -- by going to our web site WWL dot com and we'll give you an update on that coming up here in a few minutes as we track that polls throughout our show now there are. Two kinds of people. There are those people who are -- go to Jazz Fest and and there are some of those people who have to. Stay home and and work around the house public Rangers are construction consultant with the greens consulting and energy and comfort solutions -- good morning and welcome to the home improvement show. It -- Paul I think we have just take a moment and try to remember those people who are stock going to suggest Iran. So many people have the opportunity to stay home and do something on the house maybe something's happening with the house and they have to do something in there. They don't have to go to Jazz Fest tonight it is that we need to. Recognized. Those people who -- forced to go to Jazz Fest and the others who. Had the pleasure of staying home and working on their homes. -- you don't perhaps a Mormon insults to salute the moment you approach -- -- just you know appreciate that if the north and -- if you're out if you if you got to go pick up something -- The Home Depot or Lowe's or Acer's someplace like that and you see people going to Jazz -- just gonna keep that in mind. You've got your work to do they're going to Jazz Fest just a dentist can keep that in mind. Paul we always open up the show talking about something that we should think about doing to our homes and took -- to our apartments and dissent this time of year. What suggestions you have this morning. So we're nearing the -- a year that if you want to make improvements to do yourself out there -- dramatic improvements in that attic. We reported near India that opportunity that would indeed closing -- -- Next month that would be so little harsh. And that attitude you must leave it professionals need those improvements on an attic. -- -- -- group will be like maybe venting of Batman saucepan. -- ceiling but you know penetrations connection between your house adding. Insulation. Peeling the dock or coach change -- technician could get into that point. You. -- -- Deep pass that mark. It could and so blows you don't believe that it would need that is code which must vote either. Our professional or wait until all you don't and so if you if you haven't been that you're back on -- number it will negate the -- and -- here now. If you have a question about home improvement may -- it's a job you're gonna do aura of the job we gonna have done if you need some information about who to call to get something done something's going on with your house. Maybe you're buying a house senior some questions about the condition of the how's your buying. And what might need to be done to get it to where he needed to be because sometimes that has something to do with. The price that you pay for the house our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Late seventy and a text number is 877. Pedestrian and -- on the home improvement show with Paula grange. Richard McConnell. Second bathroom. But he didn't. But there. One of those. I think that you know. This ticket agent in sports as well migrants. China the united man in canister to keep it. -- Italy and others relaxed. Out that. It into the an adult -- it's an attitude that. Handled that. The black stuff but he. About Britain can you describe that would have been that long string your flaky about it that are no great -- that. -- Black -- -- You know -- really built -- -- could be it could be headed toward. -- all. Not a long. -- not -- my mind directly -- -- then maybe sub summed up the growth. Due to global water would tilt toward -- tow -- However it's almost all of them. -- But said that the first thing that comes on. Site -- again. That person comes the -- nobody to war chart for poor quality contaminant images -- -- there. Well there's a couple of -- that that offers services typically that accompanies. Deep water drilling -- -- threats such -- inaudible what appears -- what works and they have their laboratory if you bring sampled -- to go on. They contested some Tom a little pool company would -- laboratory -- testing other than just. -- went well you know they have those those facilities Archie Cole. What are -- nick recommend someone -- that year -- A -- back that we used very often have anything to do it it. It's certain parts where that was in that spot when he did he could be in good shape despite that it could be growing. You know I'm not a natural to -- with some problem biological. Or -- I don't know -- get it out. Yet the -- certainly felt like it but again without media book and it -- ought to. And it definitely. That that typically in years. -- regret that helps you out. -- thanks. If you have a question about home improvement a repair. Do a job you're gonna do our job you have done may be in -- doing W house and you're not really sure who to call. Every Saturday morning here for -- you know -- WL we spent time with our construction consultant Paul LaGrange and he can answer your questions also consumer questions about. Protocol he's with -- consulting that website is the greens consulting dot com. The sister companies energy and comforts solutions and that website -- ECS dot GS. Here's -- WW a pretty general opinion poll this morning what is your favorite thing about Jazz Fest the art food music or people watching 5% say the -- 36% say the food two point 9% the music and 31% say. The people watching. Which is really truly one of the great activities -- -- stressed there's so much deceit. -- -- with our construction consultant Paula Granger will be right back on WWL it's a beautiful weekend it's going to be warm so if you're going out to the jazz -- any of the festival's throughout Louisiana this big and in Lafayette their festivals everywhere this -- or the Zurich classic. Make sure that you've got to hats as sunblock especially for the kids we've got all the latest information about Jazz Fest -- -- classic on our website right now at W of the well dot com. I'm -- -- construction consultant Paul -- this is the home improvement show and from New Orleans east Thomas year on with -- -- WL. But that's not accountable to. The opera. Pop out. But by the end of that time it. As -- Tuesday. At least and show renovated. Oh. Yeah the exactly what to do. -- -- Yeah indeed did the but he did -- -- -- -- -- he removal which it will be -- figured out where no it didn't take Peter. You know it's good. -- -- right there. And what I don't know is that. Like. You know -- -- this comment at -- -- or not. Stop and of course where I don't know that -- it take to. -- poll that that the news. All that bad news. Everyday. Book Eric within the Romans on the other that's someone that -- a whole wall. That way -- of the target is to to -- on right now. OPEC can you -- that voters in the other bathroom -- -- economic. Well. It is and it it's part of sorts mail order that Scalia yeah. So he can hear what you think about it happened that's what we're going with -- -- as a ritual completed. Is some problems the warming connection toward the air you know that I actually -- up -- the -- a group of plumbing accident. Got the proper subject is statistical bulletin -- -- -- -- -- going -- well. And also let them some gaps in the Batman yet so this look at go out root and not under. But -- bouncing our connection was disturbed it's -- Waltz of the Serbia and the wall. That's one possibility. The other possibility. Is that. If he could be something as simple as changing. He works for an hour and it will I. I -- -- silly people's civil and you know -- -- leaking so electric must be you know not stirred. But I (%expletive) word you know folks total loans were trading in assault that the actual problem well so visit to possibility of seeing that. Probably key to that yet. Okay one more question. That type of type that event spectacles up all the whales that problem. You know of on a rule would -- that it could it have anything. And it Ecuadorean or -- -- have to work. You know what -- did it doesn't happen a lot about it. I've seen -- walks -- will be -- and bird rescue happened mark Albers and Caitlin who thought that it shouldn't. That is a possibility but it just doesn't happen very often it. It kind of strange that started happening you know shortly after the conventions Mitchell so. You can certainly. Quality yet courtroom and so when you -- look at that the poverty that that did you on the -- that the child convention if you heading back and investigate. Thought that that thing no budget but I can call them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What times are we have a great weekend. And I do remind you this is suggest this weekend so -- you know a lot of people -- her going to Jazz Fest in and some of you get to stay home and work on your house and we can answer those questions for you if you have any questions. A from wasteland Mississippi State you're on the home improvement show with ball LaGrange. -- joke or -- -- to -- -- applause. They're over on the air conditioner vents. In the house. It seems like it's bowl. And what people Suharto's solution news is that the very end as they have all being. Around it where it's achieved rocked in -- -- be sealed and that's because in the bowl but it's around all of the beds. So that. Typically when. Mold you have some form of compensation saturation. She gets a warm air at some colder more in their own meeting and coal that is prolonged separation war. Aren't they the -- -- support. The growth of global. So there or -- and square and that. Cheap little box. Is on the that penetrates the steel sheet rock. Ladies and the actual that in some -- that they're compliment that -- box a little bit at the bottom. Jewel of the bottom sort of a plane that -- to -- so you need to. Makes and -- -- adjustments there. The years ago that register that you know that they're grill. -- used to -- the consultants. Used to have a gasket on the -- pops out of the salute you put into the it's human security -- of some -- they get it made it feel. Didn't sedate group -- in -- -- is all of that and more so you know that -- possibility that. You know she's she's getting some leakage between. But pop. A -- grow in the bottom edge of that metal box should they choose to get on the I'll also goats or it's taking some good quality -- -- and odds are that clock. And clocked between Chirac that -- metal box. -- -- I suspect that not the only place it's contributing to global I think that part of it and I'm not opposed should be as American Asian duck -- Label on all sides of claws and along -- you -- -- -- box and almost. You know it's indicative. You know problem just. Them did they do you know anybody up that way it does is Curtis. Well done and an excellent job with technician reduces or hated in the business outlook for far. In recognition built for two reasons because if it's more than just. Leakage between the student in the in the registry are actually and that panel box its its return -- weeks. Then direct connection dealer who -- distraction equipment you would be person to collect. Something most of and so and so -- it is if she has -- pitched. What's more like itself what she does describe in there in the inquiry could be evaporate the -- in the blow over now thirty. -- to be cleaned. Could back in and also the refrigerant that's real level also these are hard to be current. You know when -- Chicago. Oh yeah she -- call. United there shouldn't call you which is that what plot area of. You know brought united brought it there so you should do those so called that it looks. Good -- IQ. I'd sit and have a great weekend -- -- -- -- -- a pretty general opinion poll this morning what is your favorite part of Jazz Fest is it the arts the food the music or the people watching. It is your opinion by going to our web -- have to be real don't come -- give an update on that is attractive throughout our show. It's 1030 -- scoot with our construction consultant consultant Paul Le grange on the home improvement show we're coming right back with more of your questions about home improvement. Hears it every every real news updates Don James and we welcome you back to the holy prove it show and it's a beautiful Saturday and April yeah it's going to be a little warm today but it's gonna be great to remember last year there was a lot of rain Jazz Fest. And this weekend is this going to be spectacular also the Zurich classic is they're going on this weekend and we got all the information on our website at WW well dot com. From -- Judy you're on the home improvement show with Paula grange. Good morning Paul thank you for taking my call. -- I had a two story. Sixteen year old building. That is at the they do. Jobs could be done kind of peeling and there are some other small things that they should be collecting. I'm wondering do you think you could -- that package have come look at the buildings. And count me on the that this. Job. What else I did get the building the so much better. Eat at a commercial building. -- commercial on the bottom floor that top story residential. As described it as well trucks and you know it didn't block building -- -- -- building. -- -- Don't think it helped shaped like rectangles the bottom of the first floor like -- plot and the second is just. Well regular life. Well we we offer those services we're going to consult -- carb reduced construction consultant in. You view ideas it can force things to make improvements for a number to wage war. Like for attention most of our inspection you -- -- -- problems like we're on the investigation of thought it was a built in failure -- teaching -- sure. Or copper problems rhetorical problems but there are occasions when all sorts of problems were -- EG two consultancy. What -- can be achieved to know more -- of built in order to department building in preparation forced sales gorgeous. They had Jason Eric this building just bought this building I need to know. I need to improve -- reported which ones which steps to be done first. And also on -- -- on some decisions all wood products used to make the as a group so we -- off that record consult. That they're not really about what I see I need some come help prioritize flooding but it got very radical by. -- -- -- -- At commonwealth has some Monday in and dug deep this column make an appointment would you do that phone number. He Derrick -- 858. Or -- 2148. 9858452148. All right thank you very much taller but you know. -- I do have a great weekend. As for river ridge out here on the home improvement show on WW well with Paula arranged. Hello well. Felt like we lost contact with the rebel. A -- of Europe what's to remind you that this is a great time for you to get that real deserved vacation -- -- we'll give you a chance to win 1000 dollars in a nationwide vacation cash contest. Just listen to W will weekdays right before the top of the -- news at 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM for the code word. And text the code words that you're here to 72881. For your chance to win without even putting your phone down that's 72881. Every week for lucky winners nationwide 1000 dollars each. And we don't charge for text and messages at all but individual explains -- generates -- applies to remember the times to listen weekdays. Right before the top of the hour news at 7 AM. 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM and is always good luck from sort radio intercom. And all of us to -- WL. If you have a question about home improvement a job you're gonna do a job gonna have done it recently started happening at your house in -- not exactly sure what is happening. Or what to do about it which can answer those questions at 2601870. Toll free 866889087. Text 877. I'm -- with the construction of multiple agreeing to we'll be right back on WW well this is -- to prove -- show where every Saturday morning we answer your questions about home improvements and job you're gonna do the job you gonna have done maybe your. Maybe buying a house and you're not exactly sure that the price is right based on some things that need to be done we can answer those questions as well. From river ridge out here on the home improvement show with Paula grange. Yes thank you have -- home at about sixteen years old with various political front. And those that maybe isn't soft spots in it and certainly it needs to be refreshed. African faded as well and should that be handed with the stock can be read. Until approach that. Well -- -- its spot in. And that's our problem what did you also insult spot well like although they do. Slightly slightly I don't know that just the way he was distraught that certainly didn't really notice it right away. It just seems to be there. And so. Last few years. Thank in the soft spot that -- specifically around the worse or not. Don't know enough -- It's like that it just could be the -- it was constructed vision that we just never noticed it. I would would I would bet you get what he grew up in the all. Star. The terrible what -- -- opinion in the that you watch something shots. So all without incident should be news column. Don't invest -- delivered more needing. Final of big soft spot or you release all work -- -- you know. It will be in. You know you stock -- should flux at march. If it saw that saw her -- mean the tree hardly. You don't walk bonds or its its decay. Either way you need to address -- and that will you trust why they sparkle install. And there's less specific folks that would have to look at that. Yes are you know of anybody that would be that it sent. You know and there are on supply houses that its supply. The materials to the stock closed policy. So at what specifically -- -- recommend. However you can do -- -- local management company. -- you -- -- to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that supplies the the -- -- struck -- In the gravel that they should accompany person and stick itself. And in the pick or recommend a few folks that these Stucco but expect rapidly to the truck operations as receive those folks some members. Of the local home builders association. And also -- the better business world. And -- you get some suggestions and can't have a couple -- look at 2000 tips and suggestions -- court to work. What is the name of that company again. Well any any. Make sure a couple of forced to -- -- -- it -- will be one of the folks that outlook contact mr. products and Gupta is also developed. And it and I would it was so Scotland have been suggests -- recommendations the installer goes all the girls are OK appreciate it. Thank you. A good -- have a -- -- good weekend if your -- stay with -- -- coming right back -- questions about home improvement here's a quick update on -- WWL pretty -- opinion -- this morning. What is your favorite took part about Jazz Fest is at the art food music or people watching. Only 3% say the art. 35% say the food 32% say the music. And 30%. Say the people watching and have to put myself in that category I mean I -- of the food I like the art. All of the music. But people watching that's the best part -- -- It was your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com -- -- -- construction consultant -- -- will be right back on WWL every Saturday morning it's the home improvement show -- WL that's where we answer your questions about repairs or renovations or something going on with your house. From Baton Rouge Chris you're on WWL with ball LaGrange. An expert technical. I have an enclosed garage it's automatic garage. Door and a couple months ago I noticed there was some cracking along to beings on the on the ceiling of the garage. And first out photos so moisture coming through and -- some so cracking on the being so. -- -- training. A couple of weeks ago like last week. I am I noticed there was a little little quarter coming to the flashing. In the group like some birds would get to be no way. Flashing boot order in the atmosphere and flashing. -- you know I thought that have been an issue but that's built into. Currency notes and cracking along ceiling and they'll know what a time of moisture coming through the I'm and it's really just along the beings in the garage. And you know some of them against the -- outside as cracked and actually on knobs and a kind of you know wondering. What may be causing. -- -- -- moisture it could be in the garage door does that's pulling too hard that's causing it to critic and so you Cheney's condition before it was we've got to ceilings in the garage. True so Urquhart. Probably would you choose them and vibrations from the opening the door won't open. But it was watched -- So what you fall while watching you do what you've opera Cordero worked a -- have a lot of slope. Shaking and ended it -- bonded. News or night. And smooth. Seemed like the maybe a little bit appalled like you know -- little bit. You know. -- -- -- Like when I got pregnant just beyond the power. -- much going on some and not to adjusted and that's something need to be done. You know it is normal like you to pajamas and O of the company that installed a political unit where you could cause it's not ships. The opener it's also dispersants and look at those big long holes boring on top or near the top your children at the war. I also. -- adjusted and -- -- he's been located or. They've been you know wheels on the so yeah these two wars -- in the usual Bullock argues mark that -- news -- -- and and on debate between -- -- so they did a lot -- abuse and an occasionally did it feels. So -- it. -- interest pork and folks insult. And it makes sense like get the year ago spring dust in my garage -- replaced. I'm by accompanying notes -- you would recommend that cola company and come down. Take a look it and -- it on. I would and -- just -- -- park model on your voter actual vocal critics felt typically does not. All -- more sensitivity adjustment of the of as the -- -- -- keeps to the bottom. It's something in his ability of workers and aka. Will Andre has less considered being used which troop ever it is it which is not so good so. You know again back to behavior in the -- comes to build a -- well at its -- adjustment. -- bench or in the opener and it sure that accurate as well. Okay and that's not something you recommend you know this that the average person and kind of do these college with a professional. And a David. Leave it to the professionals from the emirates and could be beaten -- or entity. Saying -- chips in the on and in the second problem more important is that scoring match and it broke a year ago and replaced. It's better and the -- growing tension you don't know how to do the tools to do it. I've seen individuals -- do so -- -- -- -- -- but themselves. And typically gotten hurt. In and it's not anything important this is very. Good at spring so tightly wound conceal that. Definitely Els and one more thing. I know I've I've got to get to a news break did did you hold on. Yeah I'm. I appreciate information on Chris. Thanks so much if your -- -- repellent right back with more of your questions on the home improvement show. Under the WL.