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Home Improvement Show 4-26,11am Paul Legrange

Apr 26, 2014|

Join Scoot & Paul Lagrange as they help with all of your home improvement & repair needs

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to the home approve -- showing this beautiful Saturday always doing ROW we will website to Jazz Fest out updates. And also the leaderboard on the Zurich classic golf terminal in the West Bank got to that is no more. On our website it's a Jazz -- weekend first weekend of Jazz Fest where there's gonna be great little on the warm side it's going to be great don't Wear anything new. Even if they are comfortable sandals if they're comfortable flip flops I would Wear anything new. 22 Jazz Fest you wanna make sure that your very very comfortable. From Harvey Amanda you're on the home improvement show with Paula grange. I. The question my husband is doing renovations to her house in the kitchen. And he had a wall and she won her client should -- the law banning now want it to be an island. The only concern I have -- that there's no country. And when I noted that I mentioned that her -- counted where we're at that can attack. I don't know com. It got a problem and it is sure aren't in my mistaken about the country -- good -- But -- when you picture comparing tomorrow and -- good -- of bought a wall the wall. Doing -- -- in the lower narrow. Residential resorts it's completely at all. It completely -- ending. Yeah. War bet that may pose a challenged Beck and certainly would be. Some -- of wandered for a so should -- -- wanna do it hearings. In the and that is something should check with the the plumbing inspector. And the scout leadership role as it -- -- or not. All from -- some jurisdictions. I have seen where they actually pretty -- in the capital. -- -- -- -- -- -- And it would happen that draws air in to prevent a while the -- culture probably but doesn't well it needs to get to become. In some problems. I've seen so is our current law that happened. But that will be a question only forty plumbing expert before. -- felt we should hear about them. Came by I mean I think ending. -- the organizers. What would normally do. They record. Go to an underground they actually have a part being target rate there someplace. And it goes up the walls. Are. Mean change. And I know that it's only right so if you have a horizontal. With that he'll work again it doesn't need -- from -- can win. -- -- -- -- -- Particularly all the you know. It is our resolve global war that it actually -- -- -- wants to. I'm. Looking and thinking and which politician. -- -- to have a nice weekend. As of Saint Bernard Mike you know on the home improvement show with Paula grange on WW well. Mike. Our rights and elegant New Orleans or Tommy here on the home improvement show with Paula grange. Yeah you can -- Oh boy. Gentility and importantly. What they're out there Erica or maybe. Would apology over there will be here and there -- -- to because we're out there and cry liable. What -- You on the ball. On the doorstep -- -- What you used it actually happened. It never seen me. Paul. You're making its plants or you -- -- like in the water that you -- into the -- never to console Caldwell damages and creed or color and so this -- first problem here and be concerned. How big important along. Oh. Years ago. Regular square foot. And the border and be there. Reduction I had ball well I mean my house rebel army -- a group of Portland you know going to be about to treat. -- -- -- -- -- That's how our -- and we didn't buy into usable. Now -- fatally -- They have to look out look out there with the Internet while in addition to that you're going to be there -- -- Absolutely yeah I would have -- version. -- in the -- on on arms. We had a week on the Orchard Park it might expect -- Albert. Actually it also will choose -- coordinate with cute term might experiment ever richer than good. Pre treat org or an applicable. Got you got you. -- of art will start to appreciate all that. -- -- -- -- If you have a question about home improvements repairs renovations that job you gonna do it -- and have done maybe you're getting some conflicting information and you're not sure. Who's telling it the right thing we can try and clarify that for you. Our number on the homophobic showers to 601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. Our text numbers they 7870. Onstage at digest us this afternoon will be bonds gangs. Also fish hits the stage this afternoon. Official start this afternoon I think they'll probably end up sometime early Tuesday morning. They have really what concerts and really like the concert is like to play three songs. But that's the kind of group that issues a big jam band and if if there's a hippie menus there's a good possibility like fish and I mean as a compliment not necessarily use those derogatory comment. This is the home improvement show I'm stupid or construction consultant -- grange will be. Right back on every W well. You might be on your way to Jazz Fest right now but then think about those people who are just -- a great time sitting around the house taking care of a job that needs to be done this is the home improvement show. Here's a quick update on a -- -- project a pinnacle. What is your favorite thing about Jazz Fest the art food music or people watching. Only 2% say the art 34% say the food 34% say the music. 29% say people watching him -- your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com and from frankly to mark you're on with Paul LaGrange under the WL. It all getting conflicting reports on what should -- just -- all my. Data files -- construction. It's got trust system in the route 1212 page on the part. Why all the on the back. Oh let's be and a thirty year land and achieving. Older adult paper -- -- -- switched. You like to open so close though. India. They've been made it didn't fly it out and -- while parked to one particular reasons -- -- -- Wanted to complete coverage and you're not a spread between. That the trust or is it -- across and so so what your all the student -- you looked up on you should see one. Continuous on the to a later. Open until a solution. -- at least which is sick artistic -- wouldn't do any more than. You're supposed. You gotta make it. -- -- from from the bottom plate called the -- could be in the cage with a hot air monster. The regional like open fell under the scenario. In the event that you have in recent weeks. By this he's probably the watered what computer and so part. You've got -- -- completed six the second -- like it is. Although at that -- home very rigid Bluetooth that would spears could be some movement. Of -- raptors should expensed contract from coal. Opened so our expert flexible on her car. We don't need I I orbit. But the coaxing that brought adequately trained weather conditions. So there's no need to go with great dancer insulation that are about. There are other reasons Scopes I won't go close so the president wanted to. You know at that Mangini -- -- You know on the influence of -- relying mart building -- -- quite close so old. And scary and it at that titans like. -- -- On the table and walls old console on Tuesday as saying that -- -- -- now it's two stories so downstairs. In the living quarters upstairs opened so ball underneath the war. That's a little bit of a difference in the area let's let's talk about what type flooring you can all of that while pork. -- foggy bottom floor is suicide -- on race. So it's level of rate and talked about in the you don't trust which we explore and check. You wanted to do something word you know -- So without Florida but that supporting. That would inspirational expects it to be our instrument I'll call that it's going to be a combo would be so oh in the bathroom. And they're booking. And what we kept -- to keep -- outside in the summer by the permanent. 77. Some blow don't sleep or do you edited. And at that point I what would you putting companies. And the last question would you -- and Eastern -- the -- Underneath that floor trusses is going to be oddly strange. Drywall it and him -- a better solution. Though walls downstairs. -- I would. People's cell product between the equal rights ceiling you're looking space above the regional -- close so product has to close. You're looking wore a -- could you unique animal control where in separate on the cold look simple product that is -- -- -- -- barrier. And -- -- patrol layers you look at something as the date for the water. Because that paper public garage space is one of them -- awkward actually withdraw our department. It would it would wood flooring. A polyurethane on the initial public school and concerns that if it's all sorts from the towel that's what's so little bubble popped up that big -- deal. As the paper. Go right through it and you start up your patience as a boat with a war in products like he's a -- and flooring. A real wood floor and all the years international war or -- -- -- that it stops that. As debit with our properties on the top. You have to make -- distributing the ball very apparent that he was sick also. Yes I'm doing natural he would actually agreed. And made trees well well. I'll call a current or soul. Or it's a closed between first second or open India that -- -- walls. That are. Me I appreciate your help. -- are ordering weekend. A from -- that sand here on the home improvement show with Paula grange on WWL. Hello Sam. And let's go to Berwick a BJ you're on WWL. There I got a question about the training Mormon could rock the war not a forty year old house. -- inside the garage doors trying to that that I can but well treated wood has been painted. It's a double our size and it's bragging about. Record gonna niche in the center. From the -- that's about it. I try to would screw used to pull it back Ian and it was going to be different in right into their. Will not pulling it back here. Thanks so it's it's it's important secure in the fighting moving forward just yet. Now the brick exit here with an -- it's important break below there. Asia and yet that would below that just. It is separating from the -- -- Have you tried using a global box in scorers such as. A couple of deductible options now that may be what do you it well you've written I don't know maybe -- -- -- -- might work. -- I was wondering if you put on car use in between the brick and wood and then jacket and -- in Europe and in. On glue it back together. Typically your your Brittany your shoes is not connected to your timing with the exception of Walt -- -- right up to the wall of target. So that the the parks and Walt -- -- -- prevent your bracket you fall away. So it is if you're actually running likable will be able room. And bought into the I -- boy that that's not a good idea. Now when I was I was trying to hit that would pregnant behind the break and because they're. I mean that but where oh anarchic -- The nail went into the wood frame. So the front port is an alarm and the brick in the backcourt that was training for the water continued up. House and senate. An independent. Exit requirement in the center and it is important that you're and -- its partners. -- kind of that particular -- that. And he Dayton be long sagging in the center. Is I don't know -- back in the day. You -- -- -- point human trial that allows libel and in person and I'll start. Meeting puts it at the bottom in the seat next on its top and that's what did about -- terrible so -- of denial. Of I wouldn't think any piece of would be necessary. Okay. All right let us throughout -- -- All right BJ have a great weekend if you have a question about home improvement -- an -- going -- and how should not exactly sure why it's happening or who you need to call. Our numbers 2601870. Tool free 866889087. In a text number is 8787. I'm -- -- -- searching consult the public range it will be right back with more of the home improvement show here's AW WL news update with John -- the man royalties. -- be performing at Jazz Fest tomorrow. Local band I'm sure you've heard this song used in a commercial basis. Young local band from New Orleans where it's not a lot of potential. Here's an update on our WWL project -- -- -- this morning was your favorite thing about Jazz Fest 2% say the art 33% say if food. 35% say the music and 30% say. The people watching it was your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com and from home Alex you're on the home improvement show with -- LaGrange. Technical but taken my uncle. Got a screen and patio with a statement floor. And I was debating whether to if there's any type -- I could put -- -- ancient uses. A seal. -- what would -- To do something with that school. Alan you look at it does and Colin and -- a lot of change to go away from the from the -- Column. Look at. Yeah you can use concrete -- You can use a concrete oval. Yeah you could be sabres you'll be ten papers. If you wanna use an epoxy. Thank you couldn't. Have lots options war coating correctly that. The kind of dollars. -- -- are virtually. Well -- -- -- wanted things to deal. In the past pays the patio and it -- it continuously -- it was -- house. Someone put something on the serve as the will be permanent. Yes so prevalence and no matter what would you choose would -- each you know preparations that are pretty could be crucial to overall. A -- and and also owned by Bob Reid and demand are -- got want to corrections on. But -- -- other parks and they have some problems but he cried that -- You know patrons and do a a country stating that actually doesn't entrant to the lord of the Spain. Which may require you to do some. A lot of support torture that -- can crackers. And so I think it does on the ultimate decision that he used I would I would. Probably -- there on the two different products. And and then I would be demand -- instructions on -- -- The country and go when you're most possible. Okay what preparations. 888. On the could be -- good morning the most common origin is pitching the country. And you would that you -- you -- -- in your view what they actually looked at my house solution melodic at -- and it implement that doesn't -- -- -- other contaminants in the country. And so the ports. So it shouldn't consider and -- the structure of the country. Would you put on the when he -- You know indeed what spills or if you want to be slippery. Some traction could have been pitched to slip and Kabila. -- walk and at that so keep them on as well. Making as citizens. OK with the Medicaid decay is is in the following instructions. And the preparation. Yes absolutely okay thanks so appreciate it. I don't have a good weekend if -- -- -- -- -- -- right back with more of your questions this is the home improvement show where we answer -- Home improvement related questions -- ranges are construction consultant from the greens consulting and also energy corporate solutions and we'll be right back with more. Robin thick will be on stage today. And Jazz Fest. It will be interesting to see if anybody takes any video of the working which certainly there will be some. All right there will be a lot. We'll be right back from more than home improvement show and -- of -- well one of the big stars the Jazz Fest 2014 is Eric Clapton and he'll be on stage tomorrow. As Jazz Fest. I'm stupid or construction consultant -- grange on -- their inaugural home improvement show if you need any information about Jazz -- recoup the full Jazz Fest guide. And also the Zurich classic leaderboard on our website at WW real dot com mostly by and check on Angela hills. A blog on on how people are still 64 years after the BP oil spill and Tommy Tucker asked the question Pope John Paul the second a saint too soon. And I wrote a blog about the Pope and the question is is the power of the Pope in the robes. Or in the man. All of those are trending on our website at WWL dot com from Biloxi Sam you're on with Paul LaGrange and have a WL. I ERR it would featuring dull and in my house and I'm just trying to beat out favorite. All that net favored name brand. To use. In the world. -- Archer all select. What. Where do you so -- Of the. Are mad I'm having trouble -- it yeah it would be would you repeat that deeply. -- -- Window. There's some sort sort of call call the bulk cargo. Who are doctors typically in the darker and also those solar local session. That. Should. What aboard. -- -- and at the collapse connect to define it. But rebel or -- yet there's and that will blow. Also. Spoke. -- The low numbers. Better forms that code example that. Or so called Christian book shopping or. Rural point 20 or more on those. Actual -- book or. And so local social. -- -- OK okay what do I need to know I want comic book -- put. To Google and you know. And -- out of -- which here as well we're certainly. -- also the wind events and it hurt so -- support so all the reports a couple of written development it's probably a bit. -- all right Sam have a great week and on the Gulf Coast. -- battery John you're on the home through a show with Paula grange. -- -- Yeah a simple question. Every. Double and like you. On the walls separating from from the back. I need to sell -- I don't have the ability. Not keep going I don't have the space. Not the wall tolerable -- I am having it removed and probably cheaper are on one side. My initial thought so at that at all that cleaned up its cherished Brady. -- close cellphone. I'd like your thoughts on that and -- real issue channel. What -- -- so yeah it's. People people talking from one side to the other. But -- it. Close so about it. That -- on call one I know you spoke on national many occasions that -- showed him yeah I just forgot. Several of them are better off we're open challenge -- -- At all with -- -- so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- because Obama of course they'll -- flatter. Irregular shape that it happened that so -- -- and so those that -- so elections -- But consider. It is output from. Talk with a group of folks out of -- -- double. That. Or. You know of course result along the walls. Or -- -- -- at that -- And unfortunately. -- sigh. That people back up there. Master bedroom at quartz. And I ought to warm up that department wants forty cents and bookshelves. Other types of archer. But I don't wanna change where it meant -- bedrooms are situated it's not a low end salacious a very high end doubles so. I'm looking for. You know wait at least not most shall I opened don't get at all but. It and say no and shell spray that and then put property. Which you recommend is there. Continuing to use that operates. -- different. Density out there. But the poverty. There are not watch the scroll saw it in short the stock that will occur on the salt or. -- -- -- get injured actors and walls are. Now. OK so order or rock and and the result is that body. Well I think so. Stock -- all of our partners and without. We are being let me ask you this without being defeating the purpose. Instead. Go on them all the Mets historians. The insulation. Foam insulation. What do just as well by removing all the sheet rock and install two layers that have damage quiet rock. And thought it. So -- all out in the open so I got to go. Advocate in what they did airspace and that themselves. That could vote could acquire rock and hit it super recruits should book itself and balls back or unity so you need -- vote. That didn't know what that there's not -- small -- yes. Our general and held out. Once in church and all because. They don't have to ask you to hold on John can not gonna get two breaks or just it just tank guns. And we'll come right back at wrap up the home improvement show with Jon and with a couple of our text here on WW well. It's a great look at Saturday floor of the chess master and also the Zurich classic it's going to be warm those who keep that in mind sunblock Hanssen make sure you've got all of that with you. Let's wrap up with that John and energize you had a comment for Paul. Yet just one quick comment poll. Security. Contractors get caught this same. Problem he built the 12 story house. The patient guy comes and -- to try and low pressure lines and all those -- in the -- Nextel and they thanked in efficiency and -- spray them. -- stereo walls was open or close cell phone. Homeowners move and the measures. Are unbelievable. -- from that tree on -- once through those two lines. I think you're making a point -- on -- program should tell people whatever you do don't spray foam. On exterior walls anywhere near real launched. OPEC I have not aired that issue. -- don't want -- -- Real culprits are Wall Street -- That plan but also that there are many many many lawsuits should and he 24. Right now as a result of that. Noises around this. I would that we reached its. Essar. John thanks for the information. Well here's a Texas says so last week you spoke about the envelope of your home and -- energy efficient your home is what can we do to make our -- homes. To improve the envelope and make it more energy efficient. It's a great question and you know one sentence should focus on the which ordered the heat. The content or houses is certain cereal and then yeah. So what and they include improved comfort and also won't operate cost. Each of them actually you look at consistent all the crooked. They -- barrier of over. Feeling separately -- space on the non what inspired. So you would. You know all the other currencies -- salutes and rock. Will be airtight all the recent satellite -- ever since satellites. Will be airtight. -- any hold strode urban rural from the animal. Of the walls answer and extra walls the -- In that you can have a good not interrupted complete. Insulation. That's a problem burger there at the attic floor. Something at least in north dirty probably are 38 values. Makes you get to -- collection. The second thing outlook. Is making certain legal and that your books that you've figured out weeks immediately due to correct it. And then -- consider crew which sweetheart pension system. And then you're you're -- -- -- in the lighting those you know war already it would work you're welcome just. -- every Saturday we share our construction consultant Paul LaGrange with you on the home improvement show Paul have a great weekend. Didn't hold -- Paulus with LaGrange consulting the website is LaGrange consulting dot com and a sister company -- energy and comfort solutions and that website is EC -- -- GS. I want to thank John -- studio producer all right get out there and Georgia has fester or fixing your homers -- classic I'm scoots love in New Orleans.

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