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WWL>Topics>>4-28 6:15am Tommy, racism in America

4-28 6:15am Tommy, racism in America

Apr 28, 2014|

Tommy talks to Andra Gillespie, an Associate Professor of Political Science at Emory, about racially charged comments from a Nevada rancher and an NBA owner

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And I'm open minded or are they better -- slaves taken content. Am family life and doing things or -- they very often a government that's the. I -- -- then -- and it's extends and I want to play that clip for you because it says. Com that Clive and -- said he wonders if the negro was better off a slave then be a slave to government subsidies and that makes a difference okay. Nolan says racism will always be prevalent in American League is African Americans will never let it go. And then there's one that says less -- comments answer as the race question basically what he's asking us to do ascetic sidelined in Monday's blatant ignorance and racism. But to listen everything else that he has to say -- joining us try to sort all this out as well as the LA clippers on. Owner's comments Andrei no less be associate professor of political science at Emory University. Morning on our party or are you good thanks taken its time -- on -- and jumped in that go ahead where you feel comfortable. While and you know at these comments are unfortunate and I think the way that they were. Or did click click the crop is very very extreme. -- have a lot to say that I've been -- represented different element I think we work it certainly puts him on the friends. But get public opinion data that's been taking in the last five years -- Barack Obama has been adamant that we can go back a little bit further to 2008. I can see that there's a lot of people in America who still hold stereotypical views of Americans because it Pratt does. Holes that got them back every attitude of forty years since 2008. One of the things the -- and very troubling is the extent. To which white respondents still -- -- -- views about black people like saying that would like lead the include cleaning described Blackberry well. The number actually haven't changed over the course the Obama presidency. A lot not a majority of Americans and it certainly not a majority of white Americans. It's still a sizable minority of people who think that. And that cause for concern that he'll make great relevant not because black people want to beat a dead horse. But because we're not going to overcome these issues -- -- we actually discussed -- an honest in meaningful. -- it's actually comes in and says mom. A -- it's a PC police most people including some blacks would agree that I guess they are better off conversely. I hate I hate I have the left because I always get these calls and texts every time we talk about this and inevitably somebody proffer is an argument that. They only really did have a better under slavery because they had meals and and a place to live and -- and -- in this -- made some money still feel that way where is that come from. Well I mean I think. And hard represent. Some of the practice that public opinion polls that -- psychologists are actually kind of happy and I think I'm a bit. Actually reflect certain ignorant of history. And ethnic ethnic discussion that it had about what the proper way to reduce. -- poverty and whether it structural barriers that would put it simply you know during slavery and Ian and period in Jim -- actually the opposite today. And what you do it sort of -- Black white gap in terms of poverty and unemployment and other types of things that he. At that guys. And explore all potential explanations for that. But you know -- -- -- that -- that they keep a black -- meal of the day I remember in college class African American history which clearly. Take a look at a lot of people haven't taken up an interesting article about. -- the allotments First Lady that was. There -- promptly corners actually said. Directly high fat -- Because they thought that the keep an energy the work -- know why should argue that that actually helping. Companies if you're getting them you know a lot of that very little routine. And yet the that they necessarily always helpful meal of the day. Got that view and op Ed piece that child well published in the New York Times this Saturday. There's actually split a breakdown of the longevity rates them. -- and in the United States during the income that appear -- a lot expected the lending -- for anybody in the United States. I think for black and so but at least sustainable system. Out of the act as system that helped in the country and help them or Shuler but -- what did physically for black. I'm at the end of the day it was good spiritually or any. One thing -- quit you know alleged take a break and coming to talk about Donald sterling and clippers. I don't care if it's white people and enslave black people I don't care for its black people and enslave black people in Liberia's understand it happens during win here for its. I'm not -- that densely dues Egypt in densely Jews in the whole history of slavery. Is there any evidence any quote any documentation. That a former slave look back and -- manners -- good old days. I don't know exactly I've got a historian. And -- the defendant played at at at much appreciate my freedom and and and it buried. You know are awful but respectful of the struggles that my ancestors went -- but I wouldn't wanna beat them. And even you know a few -- same bullet it was a good deal of the good old days on January -- bricks without -- of my goodness I miss those -- can imagine it. We'll come back with -- Google -- the associate professor Gillespie rather associate professor of political science and Emory University. Jordan's gonna check with courtesy of seeing a hang around after the news it 639. -- I would open a phone lines if you wanna call it 2601878. Toll free 866889087. At lady knows far more about it than I ever will also -- -- -- take your phone calls and and have a discussion like that Tommy Tucker six point six time -- traffic on them that. I data got a camera station about racecar on a decline and Burundi's remarks who. Apparently is upset about the federal government and some land and I can understand that I don't know what that has to do with. Talking about he wonders if the negro would be. Was better office slaves -- now the atlas freedom because they receive federal subsidies and again any and a member of the majority of people in the country that get federal subsidies are white not black now another one says -- were talking about -- anybody ever look back at slavery and said. He had those of the good old days not. From the slave owner's standpoint but from the slave standpoint. My own opinion we'll get back to our guest in the second is that I don't think plantation owners had anything against black -- troopers say they were looking added as free labor was strictly an economic decision of them and if it wasn't. A black people to be somebody else. And get a text here that says -- Moses said they wish we were back in Egypt we had flesh pots and veggies some people don't want freedom freedom is not free. And Arizona says it -- talk about Clive then. Much guy's name Ivan bonding thing. Wanted to talk about Jay-Z wearing a racist. -- to a basketball game which united I think about that so I looked it up and apparently. Some of those sites like -- Perez Hilton and others have a picture of him wearing a 5% nation medallion around his neck. And an author that wrote about the of 5% nations says it goes back to the nation of Islam believes that the white people in the double -- that are enhanced. Two -- if the medallion held any importance to many responded a little bit and I think the question areas. Does one racism trade off for the other or both wrong on drug lest we rejoins us associate professor of political science and Emory University. And if you have any anything that you disagree with her or do you think Clive and Bundy had a point that the owner of the clippers at a point. You -- gonna call in and express that now. Good doctor -- is yet what we welcome you back and let's talk about Donald Sterling in his troubles with the NBA in the clippers'. And it made one kind of small cut kind of correction I get his -- your notion that that labor it was purely economic not -- You doctor can say whatever you want that was just my opinion and everybody's opinions town all the years and we have a guess they have some research to back it up. Well thank you for that out -- -- and you know this is clearly economically motivated. Targeting and I can buy back safely did that become very recently. About because there'd be that I think incumbent meet them distinguishable. Made it much more difficult and I'm quite content to have it with her for a period of time -- this week that they could easily slip into it. The general -- What you're teaching me something here so the reason why -- you know I always wonder how everything got started this was so that needed. A most telling it was a Slavin who wasn't. -- -- -- Like it is quite been interpreted to -- But. It passes that they're happier that we could justify it wouldn't leave me an entire group of people. I don't that would stories that -- repeated that he is Gary. The period of labor it would just about black being played because they were in neatly and unintelligent and inferior. And I think it could be a line. And he'll be stored. What are they and it's how people rationalize the -- of other people. -- comes in right now slavery is not free and and and Centex in his outlook for you to call an -- and just present your side of it -- gimme an assumed name if you want I don't care. Tech's guns and -- slavery was not free labor of the people were fed closed and how nosed. He is that it was still cheaper -- -- that and actually -- people we didn't let them put an end and let them be for. But I think -- same thing you do with a horse are. And any other beast of burden -- you know the name salary. Absolutely absolutely I think the thing is that it a traveling. Exhibit that in Atlanta right now of the collection of -- I've collected has been quite team quite like art and historical document. It was one of the pieces that the cat -- the letters as being from one played corner to another is just part of the seventeen year old girl. The girl is but with purchase and our and hire illegal development he she is now going to be sent away. The -- in the corner -- the broker who was involved in the transaction to say. Played her why but immediately he told her because he. Needed money to build stable and not cheaper -- would force for the seventeen year old crippled well Hitler. -- and stable and what that meant breaking up and we felt like people were -- and then he. It's written into our constitution or enumeration purposes well so yes I mean that means people happy we got elect and the fact that. We're still trying to explain this sort of evidence of the fact that we don't have a problem with that same progress has been made. But he's heavily fidelity to take it back on apparently the fact that he can make -- comments if you're -- and the fact that. We don't have a -- problem. And -- it and it it will we look at sort of sort of what you said what is the irony of the fact that the girlfriend that he allegedly -- to. He currently is -- hat flat. I would like to talk to get take a break your doctor to get a couple more center I would because there's nothing to do with race I don't think that I'd like to talk to those sociologists or psychologist. -- -- Anybody in a relationship that says and I think -- an offshoot of this -- get ignored -- sleep with him if you -- I don't -- just don't post a picture of yourself -- And if it's me. I'd rather you didn't sleep with him and then -- -- -- -- you if you -- but maybe -- just -- -- We'll be right back that Andre Gillespie is -- -- associate professor of political science and Emory university and please don't be afraid to call live and we're not going to be too up or anything where evidence. Discussion about it opinions you the professor. Does have some facts because that's what professors -- we'll continue our conversation with him back Tommy Tucker quarter 'til seven at WW. You could do whatever you want you could sleep completely separate communities who wouldn't want. The little I actually does not promote it on -- and not really in my game. That's Donald Sterling owner of the LA clippers talking to his girlfriend allegedly that's audio that's been released people that know him say he added that Sam. And he he would have it would to me anyway I got its work with audio was like you would think that. It would take some do wanna get all of those words and haven't flows of seamlessly as to think that was a doctored audiotape. I guess doctor hundred Gillespie's associate professor of political science and Emory University whenever we talk about race because of some events in the news it. Inevitably inevitably brings out the haters like the guy and Michael Jordan is now instead bunch of anything and offers. So I'm glad you get that off your chest I would prefer that we keep the discourse at a higher level than that but. I I wanted to say that because then I guess some people do feel like daddy and another Texan says it's -- in this country when a person can down on the business because of his personal thoughts. Regardless of what he thinks and his remarks were not done publicly at his age. What about all the jobs that he provided for many people throughout the years and I will say it is the NBA bylaws which are kept secret. Those that knows they had done he's not to lose the team over this the only thing a -- out of the NBA for is. Anyone that's right money if you don't pay your bills. And they get a money just giving the other side of the clippers turn their shirts inside out last night. My data in refused to play some of that money motivated not doctor Gillespie associate professor of political science and Emory University. Me your thoughts on all of that. Well I mean I think there are a lot of things definitely other people can comment -- with with greater expertise just kind of watching this. And the only person. I think -- Doctors get punished at all will be governed by the indeed I have other purposes -- different person and me shingle out. But it is part of the deal that -- has its -- -- and eight do you have some say. I mean who's been out. And how people get punished Intel will let that that run its course and see what happens. This is the type of that comment that we had the -- it will likely help that kind of. And -- what you see is that there could be players to a free and to contractor. Who might that after the season picked up no longer want to work with sterling and that they might try to seek employment elsewhere. It has people who may choose ten naturally electricity and you know you know leave Iran -- you -- attracted. By the team. And there could be the last the end of the fact that there are no longer gonna patronize. Corporate it. Let me let me ask you relate to go and -- you know a lot of people that aren't prejudice are afraid of saying the wrong thing but it. It happens on both sides years ago Michael Jordan introduced a new shoe on -- David Letterman program and Michael Jordan's that he didn't like the Michael Jordan you because they didn't have enough light -- it. Well they didn't have any waited in the ligaments and neither does the NBA and threw it over his shoulder it was funny nobody left at last night. Charles Barkley said we cannot have an NBA owner discriminating against the league we -- black -- Now is that just an obvious statement of fact or is that. Something nets tinged with racism. At a white person's that it would be different. While and you know I think people. -- that this is my. Black spot. But they are to be in a yet they're making a ton of money to years. When -- -- players do. That you believe different scale. And I think that part about the fact that and -- one of the things that kind of struck me that if this. -- looked like an -- in the spine and neck out politically in his native and -- a black community particularly hard against. So that the -- -- right recently got a lot. Because of his comment about why it began on March incident. Actually you know it is typical Republican because it was right. Have been very vocal in their outrage against what -- -- And hit -- very close to home. Because you want to work where people who actually respect -- and that -- -- absolutely no respect for black people at all. Doctor with we're out of time I appreciate it really deal hoping come on again thank you.

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