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4-28 8:15am Tommy, life support

Apr 28, 2014|

Tommy talks to State Representative Austin Badon, about his bill that would prevent pregnant women from being taken off life support

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I tummy -- great sixteen -- you glad you weather's we're talking a represented a Boston ban on now. About a long that he proposing cleared committee. And as I understand it it would forbid families of pregnant women to take them off of life support until baby is -- in morning represented -- you Dylan. Hey I'm good regulatory. Thanks for taking the time is you always do what is tell me about the bill in the motivation for it. Well you the basics still quicker behind them go to dual -- troop. Children who are not yet -- can't go out. Still the case in Texas when it looked like a lady in she pregnant and fortunately she are in yield and capital -- Oakland had a trip. Look at it and make a decision. As to whether to sustain her all the lights the lights support in order to. -- through neglect of the BP for some reason -- the credit he -- go to duke. And ducked it would of killed her and -- -- -- you know and in the perfect world we'd like to get hurt to have a -- opium capital life. But are in some cases that -- you know -- -- Politico. And but we need to give that -- -- -- -- give deputy Katrina satellite mobile. Basically says that. It is and it's a situation like there. That the hospital would err on the side of caution and I tried to do whatever it can't secure. Sustaining life support to go to the pregnant mother and shape the BB. Designate a distinction represented like Disney time is limited as far as at what point in the pregnancy or how advanced it is. Up at twenty weeks and expect if if the pregnancy at twenty weeks. Then they have to do and the reason why that twenty -- to -- shall there if that's because you know about the current abortion statutes federal in leaks. And so -- you have to be consistent with -- I don't know if let's say for example related to bring and it will keep on like seven -- In order to be able to you know what are the eleven and the baby are part of that little bit accrue and as usual punishment -- -- late I'm confused about the losses it would it would forbid family members from doing this in the first when he weeks or. After twenty weeks of the pregnancy explain how to -- and were the Stanley couldn't take off support. Right can -- take her off like. Because you know if in the first two weeks. Premium could make good decisions to abort a child no where without any -- record sort any -- Our question about it so. After the when we progress through that stretch you have to assume that -- -- every change. In the -- At what point do you balance and I'm just -- and the theoretically here and morally 'cause he had a thing about this before you filed a that build the build the -- -- the course of nature and and it did taking care of the child of a single mother any of that enter into this at all. Well you know that which you just mentioned -- you know you don't have to beat Kerry in order to get a trend in so you know -- the single mothers. -- people who also acting as surrogate. You know and you know there are Karen in the behavior of some windows and -- fortunate that they -- In a car accident and what have you -- so my -- you -- today and sure they know we need to. Do whatever we can because authority and state statute. Louisiana. Hole. Human life at the most part. Part of -- Moral. Soul. You know we are in the statute and when I want to give anything that we can do to be protected which. And I may have to go but think and it's through if if there's a special need child or deformed child in the -- that offending any abortion -- or anything and just as new. If there's nobody to care for the child and and you can't take the mother awful life support. Maybe it's an aged a grandparent. To be that's. He's the only relative this mother has what happens then. Yeah well you know there agencies that it would be able to create child and whether it would be able to put the child for adoption and you know people talk about XQ and where you actually can be -- critical it seems when you took a look actually you know we have. Mechanisms where they have any ammunition true would love to have that your with the adoption process. And you know that extra might be. An extra -- and the next. You know great Ryan -- you know well for future collector we want -- to do whatever we can't give the -- -- the community. Without opposition and that is coming up on the house floor probably -- from Arabia -- -- -- thank you represented about appreciate -- time you welcome Butler.

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