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4-28 9:10am Tommy, veganism, vegetarianism, & diets

Apr 28, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. David Katz, the Director of the Yale Prevention Research Center & author of "Disease Proof," about veganism, vegetarianism, & diets

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Apparently. Being of being in means you can eat anything from like 42 states. And everything -- -- mobile Allman -- -- is on there I think North Dakota South Dakota. Or get -- maybe I have it wrong I don't know I had no idea that it was divided up and this day I may have it wrong I don't know let's go to doctor David Katz director of the deal. -- muddy this -- from Yale and I'm screwed around like this Jordan should have told me. It. Well let me let me introduce you doctor David Katz director of the Yale University perfected every surge -- author of disease proof. And doctor I'm sorry editor you for real when it cut up as much. All right look letter right I enjoy a good show as much as anybody else. I tell you about being in life -- a lot of people I think do. Are under the impression heads vegetarian is not. Well it is that it's -- in India on him and it might now. It doesn't look like what it is that it has become. I got an edit in the end of Atlantic dot -- -- a -- You know one. The issue is that there at the -- animal -- to general managers take the note there. No the just avoiding me he'd plant so basically haven't heard that and not coming from the -- but the issue most. No I've not given a deposition doctor I may have made that out. You guys -- role is gonna get ago what do you do. So the idea here is the guys have been studied if you put them together well and -- in Egypt plans -- -- an entry at the proteins. Sources like beans and mindful that you put the in together well. And they are arguably. Among healthy as possible. And the -- the most the insecure accident is not just that their -- -- But it -- -- for ethics and -- there's no killing of animals involved at the kinder gentler treatment of the planet it's better for sustainability in the arm. And so forth so generally all the bad is in the -- In the eight and -- players. Yeah I don't know what is that the focus but is something that is really important he's started out by saying united eating well it is so is boring. Painful. Cop car. Announced that it -- -- Right right we'll see I'm gonna push back there because my feeling is we can love food that -- -- that you think about the of the Mediterranean diet for example mean that's the part of the world many of us would. Happily travel is spend our hard earned money into the food. Everything is with -- and -- either glow in the dark kind of died here in the United States legalize it jumped. But you don't eat junk food to taste good and if you eat food that's both good for you and say good. Well you can enjoy feeling good and enjoy good food and I think that's the way to go. Visit England and it helps buyers is you know that they work out extremely hard -- they're active. And you know most of them eat whatever just to fuel -- lot. And -- -- -- and eat well but because they're young and strong work you know it -- but it doesn't much matter. But they get older and stop playing. And in droves they develop obesity and diabetes that have quite a few friends who are retired NFL players that they're real big issue for this. So I think what we're starting to see -- recognition. In professional sports that first of all food is the fuel that runs the body that it important that secondly it'll happen any place in professional sports for the rest of our allies. And if we don't get handle on eating well -- We're gonna reap the whirlwind middle -- in dealing with terrible chronic disease we don't want to happen and again that's really common problem. Now as the same things a cave man diet that people talk about her is a different. -- different but -- -- keeping a colleague and I just published a peer reviewed paper titled can we say what diet is best for help and our job was to look at. Across all of the contenders in this beauty pageant. And reach conclusions of the caveman diet is generally referred to the tally at that references to how -- -- secure the stone age. And and that it actually was. Comprised of a wide variety of wild plant foods but clearly also included mean we were hunter gatherers that we -- plant foods that we hunted -- The interesting thing there and it -- that the animals are stolen agent that is they were so different from the flesh of the neatly that it -- for example quonset. Agreeing that cattle that 35% of the calories come from that it's mostly attribute that there's no Omega three which we -- -- official. But if you compare that to say the question antelope which is thought to be a lot like kind of -- -- Pakistani agents yesterday. Only about 78% of the calories came from that it was mostly unsaturated fat and actually pretty rich source of Omega three so you know if you will fish oil. Is ample oil we just domesticated it out of modern. One of the things we tend to forget it the -- that you know these -- you are which you lead everybody's heard that. When she and her. -- that explains your -- to be answered. Publicly and overlook is that you know what we need is what it. So yes you -- animals that are -- died -- -- you know if you if you eat cattle that are eating something cattle should be eating underground of animal that -- whatever. After though a double the rate the flash of the animals and change the quality of the meet their own diet so the Italian diet would be game. Negative crap that cattle or bite and that kind of food and a wide variety of plant foods and Egan died again is no animal products whatsoever. And a vegetarian diet is usually mostly plant foods but generally includes the area aches and sometimes stations seafood. And what we -- -- in that paper and we they would is that for help. Is that the basic means of eating well on and that is eating well for pleasure eating well for good help eating well for weight control. Is that died of real food you can identify it is that foods that you know -- -- in the glow in the dark. Mostly plants but you can't have a tally a diet or Mediterranean style side or vegetarian diet or eat in it. Or any other variation on the theme that eating well. And you can still get to the promised land again from me the promised land isn't just the pleasure. A good food for the pleasure good help it's both the flooding food that logic that we can get there from here. You know I think financing Aziz after -- doughnuts French Fries corn chips and lollipops. Can qualify -- -- in if they contained vegetable oil. Instead of butter or -- so. Really point you're. The critical point and that so you can -- you know of people. How Leo. You know -- but they're reading the -- corned beef and it was donate time and some people that imagery that right there eating you know all plans based on any pure sugar. -- -- in -- so what they'll. Well and what -- in Iraq for second people always say well it's natural and -- those opium and Harriet heroin but -- Rattled things and you take all that they acted and things old Garrick. And Katrina was actually a failure of the levees and just be clear Petrino -- -- the consequences. -- The nature and and and then -- got together and that that yet but and it is saying is what we. Caller it isn't what matters it matters which really the -- delete -- -- write to you get to the indicted junk food that's not good for you. And get a -- -- died on food which is why what we've then we reviewed the literature is. Really it's the limit eating whole foods -- in nature mostly plant. So we're talking vegetables fruit. Being black apples nuts seeds usually including whole grain and then you can include or exclude -- if you want fish and seafood. And lean meat and you know essentially you can design is the -- -- that the networks for you and your family. But what you don't want to do was leave the scene behind -- needed died of junk food because then you're just look around he was like it happened to. You mean look in the mirror in my case. Well. I look at it you trust -- word press so seriously somebody once it started trying to conceive of being in die it is for them do you. DA jump in with both feet or do you candies your way and. Well I think what what works of people terms of behavior changes very personal some people like the cold Turkey approach you know it's there to commit -- -- given -- and -- Japanese and other people get it once that the -- -- -- that they tip. There's a really nice book a colleague of mine called becoming the and it -- -- and Moline and EL -- -- two dietitian. And for those who are inclined to try the -- them. Either for their help or because it is better for the planet and it's kind of that is BP. All of that is that. This book Adelaide that you're that you Belichick for the bigger variety of recipes and so ultimately it's the night resource for those who want to move in that direction. Becoming -- and I did and Molina. I'm just curious have you tried are you're big and -- trying to. I'm not in the -- mostly. Plant spotlight is frank she grew up in southern France so if she sort and we have five children if she kinda called this shot here I eat mostly. -- -- -- -- fish -- -- regional free range -- I don't need mammals at all. And and frankly you know it's partly about -- Partly -- environment but the other thing is for it my best friends on the planet -- for a late at three -- and force and so -- that relationship with another species. Because of the fact that you think about them united its target and dependent dinner after the. And while doctor appreciate your time I really do -- and ideas and I'm not joking alliance -- -- And you're in use the didn't golden years on the way to put it on Salmonella. But -- is there a way to develop a taste for vegetables that you never really and. Let yet the great place to land it absolutely an infected in my book is these group is the whole section call -- but rehab. Eight budget malleable little el Amin when they get in with a -- you think you love they would pull up the -- where it. If you start treating you're your food choices there's more holes in short is shorter ingredient list. You actually come to prefer. More wholesome food you cut to prefer food with but that it should elect that it -- an -- introduce more vegetables -- -- that you absolutely acquired taste -- in the list. That you're looking for direction that good food and could help -- Again yet remember if you if you can eat the food you love love the food UN killer Philip would you quit thank you doctor appreciate time hope we talk to you again likewise.

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