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4-28-14 12:10pm Garland: on net neutrality and the FCC

Apr 28, 2014|

Garland talks with Wes Withrow of R2 Cybersecurity about whether the FCC's latest regulations concerning the internet will end net neutrality.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- at least for me perhaps for you to -- we've got an expert years go home and through this. I'm talking about is the FCC Federal Communications Commission incidentally. Barbara incorrectly that chairman. -- the FCC. -- of former lobbyist. For the the major phone companies Comcast Verizon -- company's former lobbyists that now -- -- -- and decency. The the more you learn about Washington the more you have to find jokes to keep lapping just keep from crying. It -- I understand it -- most basic level. We have received because of its thumb. Courts -- couple -- couple months couple years ago. Is -- Making a proposal that that is being debated and voted in fiercely. News is best I can describe to do bonds is traffic on the Internet took vanished in slowly each. And the rich and the knots over which. The basic -- and I think is. You have the FCC is successful -- what -- Proposed. If you've got money you re able get the real Basilan and if you don't you're Bure pulling up the rear. And you're content in the middle -- be in the middle it's all along with a wide open three -- than it is now bought a could be totally wrong goes. Like us have a lot of good to me is very competent we have whereas Withrow was -- Chief information security officer at port to cyber security in New Orleans -- yes. Welcome -- sure appreciate you come it and thank you. -- was -- wrong. So what way and if I was right. Put some -- on the ball now I know you're absolutely correct -- -- -- kind of the fundamental level what net neutrality is the net neutrality the term that you hear thrown around. And it's the idea of keeping the Internet wide open and available for people to use right. So you plug your computer in here in your office or you plug your computer and that your house are gonna have access to the same Internet right. And the idea of having and network it's not neutral right to be the ability for you to prioritize and network traffic right. So for example you say okay well this person pays more. They get much better access right the idea and that conversations happening right now -- The assessment that you've kind of made in just described as absolutely accurate it's the haves and have nots and how do you create that world. And that's typically. What you see and hear from Telecom industry right now being able to really start to throttle up on throttled down your network speeds. With -- with some legal -- -- and we see Telecom what bowl we talked about the cable companies phone companies Comcast yeah yeah exactly you're talking about the Verizon's that Comcast's. Brian -- you -- because they hole boom the big communication. Football. Correct correct today. They had you know they're the ones who built these networks I mean united I don't I don't like to bash Telecom companies because they do a great thing I mean they make. Our lives much easier. They're the ones that build the networks they're the ones that support the networks they do a hell of a good job actually supporting him keeping things Ron. Or -- going to further do to help you this okay. Comcast's yes. And I'm the guy over the original idea. -- that was already there and for a party and his Comcast's I'm going to do what. I'm going. Create a new system and Internet access that says if you pay. To get into the fast lane. Right your web sites will load quicker the videos that you stream or stream faster. Right so if someone logs in their computer now -- goes to access your site and your paying a fee for it to have better speed and access. You will get that on the other hand I'm yet if if there's a small company that isn't paying for here this type of access. Their videos -- upload right. Or may take them thirty minutes to load of media right and as an end user right hip -- logging onto our web site. And trying to look at a video with it doesn't immediately start playing I'm moving north so you're pushing people. -- in to the areas where people are paying more money. So yours it's like there is already in in -- -- a lot of ammonium one pubic can import bill and opera quote -- -- say. If you pay me detective. Opera you're going to be in the right hand lane. And you can go to twenty miles an hour faster than everybody yeah yes absolutely -- in the that are already there that he. Basically build an inference to it. That allowed should move -- correct our -- -- come right back. Young people out there I know you talk to me on a regular basis when it comes to technology. Something a mole is passes that -- -- your thoughts have you heard about this you're you're involved in this does this concern you that can have liked. Your studies this can affect your -- -- many many young entrepreneur awards. We've on the show or you can effect -- starting out of business if you've got a business it can expect Yahoo! and trying to increase -- from god. What are the comments thoughts to procedural one celebrity. Told for anywhere in the country 866. -- dollar and zero cents. Are welcome back we're whipping -- about something for me a little call in available go to -- with the that's holding my hand throughout this hour. The FCC the Federal Communications Commission that. Controlled review broadcasting team couldn't think of them being the duke and radio. They also control you. And are proposing. An idea that basically divide traffic in the Internet to the bestseller and slowly and those Jews -- -- the -- in the power. Is slowly -- those -- -- money and power go to bat -- in those with a little money going in between. We have what the -- would throw. Chief information security officer Hortons cyber security. A lot of people talk to me young people in particular when we do you shouldn't. Make sure we're go to some of the callers that a couple of them up down -- Euro -- whatsoever project echo. I'll think. Yeah I think -- -- a terrible live by the FCC I think it limits on freedom of speech. Internet -- Basically an alternative news source now for many people. And it unions independent opinion is symbolized another news source of information and -- -- -- Just like they were anxious to court rulings on allowing so much money to -- into. Political system. This same pack I think. And and kind of damper on free speech. And also your -- Basically. -- saw her in the ruling. Italy more money in the hands of fewer people. I think it's terrible move and engaged we should work to defeat it. In Ohio admittedly. I'm not well educated in this little in that the same exact. Dealing in the and believe pluggable and read and look at the so voices. Linda column. Absolutely. Dead dead on I mean this this is a debate that -- has been going on for years and years and this is kind of the first time that it's bubbled up to to this level to where they are a lot of the American public cadence getting more exposure to it. And and when I share the exact same fears use that if if we create a system of haves and have nots that something is. There are relatively new like the Internet. You know we're just creating and -- system to widening gap between -- and have not particularly with it with information and and that's what's the scary part is that the inability to access -- communicate information. This is one of the fundamental rights that we just need to. To leave in place. You know Underwood in the show we're calling thing tonight because it's usually the first thing I'd do soluble. -- And then I've -- this proved what I think. And play doubles -- it here. I'm old enough to remember. Television when there were three networks. Okay. Now the -- is where three were for the people. Need the Internet. And three people bill -- and a couple of other people. With a ton of money total influence both politically financially. Winner and then opened those portals to bet for re. Owned by the public channel and -- prodigious sums of money. But other. QB solutions -- locally regionally. Then cabled and it is is this something we're looking at trump clothes. Or Wednesday you know. It's gonna -- -- -- a couple of few people -- entities. To control. This system. When maybe this system more than is something bigger than we can say them absent. There that that that's that's a valid point in the sense that. You know we're we're looking at it you know from a completely selfish perspective on those in the sense of how does it impact me directly as consumers and American. And you start to think OK well you're playing -- Africa would it create a system where. There were new markets that are created that were open with the new opportunities for new businesses. Right went. Which you have the opportunity as an organization to maybe partner with the Telecom company and become a reseller of one of their high channel. Networks that high speeds. But I AIG's I don't see that on the agenda right now I mean you look at the article that now where we're basing this conversation off. There's still no agreement on what the true term of net neutrality is. Five years ago and I had this discussion you know ten years ago and I had this discussion. But it's still not really agreed upon what the actual terms are and what the true impact is I mean I don't actually people who just -- who's in net new trial the -- Net neutrality is the idea is that the Internet right when you access its free and open. That if you plug in to your network at your house you're going to be accessing the same Internet that TP plugging into. Let's say at the coffee shop down the street is that no one's kind of got this big umbrella power. That really tells you where you can and can't be time and space and lesser paying certain. On boom when you set down we're talking real apparent you mentioned here right now if you've got the money your corporation. One -- 52 in different locations. You go out and via a better. Right right where you can buy higher speed access which -- veterans -- better Internet right and you pay you pay a premium for. And you can also buy private networks that accurate location so you can actually pay. To have New York, New York traffic managed in between those locations. And him when we say that you know one side and saying it's too well. We average people on the street. Should understand it shows for the Brit in the lip reduction at the we have is that where it always has been that we continue to -- But then I think about no Comcast Verizon etc. Have the tow operator. To be interstates and speak -- That we need and right now. I'm getting HBO and right now I'm getting my sports and right now I'm in college loans. And you have today you are able to put dissident. They can they can say you're gonna pay a whole lot more for all goes right rushed that you were. Owing to visit consumer to sort of a lot more cost Buckeyes. They're going to say well HBO. Decided for you. That this was more important than what ESPN decided. Was more important for you right so -- HBO pays connect via an extra amount of money. Right and they're getting a higher price higher priority speed right the faster lane. And ESPN decides that they're not going to pay that premium will guess what it's no longer use deciding as a consumer. What's most important to you it's someone pulling the financial levers defining for you what's most important. Hope optimism saying that you still have control you can quit using just saying aren't -- -- and I didn't do it. I mean that that is certainly an option but that's like saying that you knew you could quit using interstate if you want it to writer. You can you could quit you could quit going to the bank writer who could quit brushing your teeth and we don't have options right but. How many are real. Option Judah is. That part of our our physical life and it and financial life and everything else there's absolutely. When it would look at some good things and notes that took place might. Small or content providers and again in the NC content providers that like a little Comcast. Right he talked about content providers. Here you're really talking about and that's kind of a nebulous term to begin with right well defined take content provider right these are all things that are still out there. Right to to be determined but he think of like a smaller contact -- let's say that I have a local business in New Orleans and decide that. I'm going to start providing light streams. -- -- Jazz Fest right well I don't have the money to. Pay millions of dollars to make high priority traffic right but my revenue stream. Is going to come directly from his views my content and who helps provide me financial means Turkey to sign up and running right that if if you go to login to my website in the contents not provide. Is nothing it's all broken up because it's so slow that I really. Don't have any options for right but there's someone bigger than me who could become you know larger content from so we could literally squelch entrepreneur who -- -- and innovation and read to them now absolutely absolutely because you can start to. Really control where people can and can't go right but has yet you have the option to. To go to that content provider does have high bandwidth and that high speed lane. But you're not gonna get much from them so really your bureau only reactions going to be together to who's providing the content the fastest -- -- becomes. Really their content becomes the ground truth for. Let's go back to compares him with in the state. If I go to go brand power and Comcast and on the holy moment real prayer for relief wandered through through four. I can sell you mile Britain Italy and on the interstate for you from doing much faster than anybody else. But probably the Max would be somewhere around 120 miles an hour is there -- -- Acts of what speed you can die on the Internet. As a company so he used the example we talked about having multiple locations. There is not a masks Brill all right so if I want to buy a connection that's. A hundred times faster than what I'm giving -- my house. As long as you have the money to pay for that you can at least say that you quote -- least those lines in between your locations and have prioritized traffic -- paying for yourself. Welcome back talk more about. If you just joined us. Can ourselves what -- else that Erica. Conversation over technology but I would submit something that. Affects each and every one of those and potentially. In a really big way. -- she received Federal Communications Commission. Is proposing. A change in the Internet that bill would revive profit. -- -- of fast and slow lanes you get the -- counseling if you've got the money. Don't call 2601. Into opening comments questions from -- -- you -- experts. -- three anywhere in the country 86 irritated -- zeroing celebrity news time. Admittedly. A conversation that doesn't sound -- and deleting search always -- talking about the Federal Communications Commission FCC. Here in the United States. Proposing something that can dramatically. Affecting Internet so why dwell on almost all those views via Internet. And what they're proposing. Is kind of nodding and I don't think it's hypothetical dividing the trial on the Internet. To those that can afford fast. And the best. Compared to those that can only report this slow in the east. And two veteran willingness and takers than intricacies. Of what -- she's he's proposing. Revoked whereas with through -- this cheap and provision security are preacher pill or -- cyber security. Here in New Orleans and let's bring in some approach losers definitely view you or on with western producers call. Just wanted to mention real quick. Card's -- -- the credit -- -- -- call. Historically in the way it developed. Everyone. Kinda -- -- You know very. Top cap coral Netflix. There is -- -- -- that would be any. Equal prize given -- -- -- entry. Is attempting to. Stabilize. It's a little bit about our people like -- -- -- the war. Boris talked to -- -- -- then as things stabilized the issue net -- column. Worked out all together form. But what's happening. I would need actually. To understand a little bit more about what he means by state stabilizing them I'm trying to wrap my head around that if. Well. It. Academics. And it equaled a crawl. Well it was recently. Aren't -- -- it. And they can report. A better. Comcast. -- What they've proposed it is intended to. Great. And develop the no. Part about it yet there. Are. Many people thought that the rule for the proposed your art -- utility. -- -- all. Now that makes sense that makes sense. But by putting -- appeals to you see you want in and would that do what and suggests and that's a great collateralized that this child like good dose exacerbates the. Well it has the potential to stabilize that if if that was the you know 100% of jumped right if he came in and said okay let's set up a minimum standard that every organization regardless of who they are what they pay. Or what type of political -- they have. Right they all get a minimum level of access rights are guaranteed at least this or else right but. This I don't think really will Tressel and I think what it does is its crease he it's really starts to create the argument like we step back to the haves and have nots. I don't really see how this is going to just set up some minimum standard just yet. We're we were talking about this earlier. I've been having little show I've become perhaps it is. By how many scenarios we are seeing now between -- haves and have not a -- -- 10 o'clock about a bank. That those import export. Loaning to foreign countries. If foreign countries should to cape alone nor are -- on their -- -- -- expert report. And President Obama is against the bank and these Heritage Foundation very conservative call that they were against it not -- Or watched keeping it from going who then makes little puppy that's a -- Well they just threatened not to open interest campaigning. So. -- Those with a lot of money overall I've the president mile and states. And one of the most powerful conservative organization. In the country. Now you're here talking to me about the Internet. Where were moving towards -- ago a lot of money his company got a lot of movies and individual. You will be able to purchase speed. On the Internet and went right. The volume of so. You continue to your advantage. Of gathering information selling information. Right. Right absolutely and you basically. Take. Right because the Internet has has access has equalize stripe and the and it created a system where more people have more access to a variety of services. Right and so that is essentially taken the playing field and level to an extent right so the best way. To create that competitive advantage brightness to just make that spread a little bit wider when it comes to. Dominating how quickly and how much access is available to you were services. And one and one goes because it -- that true capitalists funeral and and capitalism. To me capitalism is a vicious. Idea. A lot of times. There is sure longest survivor in the week is stone and I understand all of that. But this begins to feel like something that takes the competition. Out of capital. That it has the possibility to and I think when you look at it just just since said the discussion so new right now and we frame around kind of our fear of it. In other via their could be the opportunity for new markets have opened it nu -- new companies to form right in new ways to exist inside out. Yeah that's -- this new tide you Internet. Being in this debate which has been going on a number of years right. That the Comcast in the prize and some water would come out and actually. There's going to be better because and so far around a campfire and for our network trigger -- -- -- windows. We're talking about the federal government. Getting ready -- is proposing. Basically the division. Of the Internet. No longer via. Open expressways interstate -- use to. It will be shortened do you have lanes for high speed lanes for slow speed based on how much money. And and political -- -- what do you think comments questions to 601. Rates up. Mayor -- -- sure bush got an expert in studio worst would throw a lot of cheapened provision security officer or to cyber security. We're talking about the Federal Communications Commission. Proposing the division of traffic on the Internet into fast and slow lanes and in my words nobody else's. Looks like potentially two million to use some rich with money. Those without. We have Michael from the north through where this by ware appreciate it -- Euro would weapons. My issue here yet I'd agree with you know I don't like in net neutrality. Proposal. My biggest issue is that fact that. Most people in the country don't have any competition. -- you in New Orleans Baton Rouge slot -- All want to. Go to high speed Internet -- they go to -- go to Cox. -- -- anybody else in saint Tammany intangible all its charter there isn't anybody else. And when somebody like Comcast. Has the ability to say what we're gonna Ronald net -- There's no competition. And get somebody to go to hold that we won't Ronald Netflix. That's my big issue. Good -- homeless that's very good point I mean it's you know I've done a lot of work around the state. And you know there are very very very few option -- Who when it comes to who your Internet service provider is so here you're absolutely correct you may say OK well I'm not happy with two amusing for -- idea. For the music right now. I'm gonna get option B. Well the go and and try to look further the that the buffet menu of options and guess what there's zero of them and so European typically -- is stuck in one spot. Look -- played doubles the Connecticut and back in the old who's been BCC BO CBC. Good grief I heard that same argument you would be we have some of that word we we could compete. And back in those days there was no way to do it because a few more rich you couldn't get it done. Or win the same position where Michael is absolutely right. But to get the money to build another Cox. Where do you get it who's got that kind of money. Charter and Comcast has that kind of money Charter Communications. On the money. On an extension. -- But you that the local telephone company revealed that manager -- network and -- But but I how'd you get cops in the others to. Two of two of you have competition where does the media competition come from. But part of it comes from the City Council that the government. The city government has. Jim Cox exclusivity. To that video or over the man who would all come to -- Charter Communications. Would come from the North Shore right down -- -- Arlen. All our country. Okay. What you think well I mean I think I think it's a great idea it did it seems though that. What is that kind of thing not happen it would seem that would be just. In capitalism that for reasonable. Kansas City to take inter that market is extremely expensive. And it. It's a huge risk as a company I mean if if you're spending millions or billions of dollars to create and lay out a network. And ANU you know what your breakeven point is right you know what you need to do and how many people we need to convert over -- and it's very tough to do that. It's extremely tough crowd as clips that complicated one -- -- yeah. Lungs -- pro life to live client if there's grooves in effect with your PC. Make it impossible for users to access -- service like Skype. What would that become impossible to access. So. Talk about a lot of services that exist out there that give you the ability to make quote unquote free phone calls or have three video chats right. -- -- order to have those types of that interaction over the Internet you have to have some very good band with a you have to be able to. Operate with some stability as you go through a network right because if you're streaming voice or you're having a video conference with someone. You can't have lag time frank you you're the picture can't be distorted -- your voice and it can't just drop off and come back all. I'm so the idea that OK well if Skype decides that they're not going to pay for high speed access. And guess what all of their traffic's going to be routed through the worst possible equipment that we have available. Which means people no longer use that service and. And -- company or to cyber security. Could you have started your company unit to you and that was divided into if you got the books -- in. They would have been very very tough. Very very tough to do it the kinds here when your -- starting a business. You're just dumping money and dumping a lot of money in and -- your -- paying your monthly recurring charge to an Internet service provider just say your web sites accessible. -- then you probably going to opt out of having a website and what's the first thing you do when you gonna do business with someone you meter with their company. You just -- to check to see if they have a website because that's the Mary that's the litmus test of their legitimacy right do they have a website. West's you're in cyber security regional out of chosen on technology we will call you didn't. Preacher should come and thank you forever. What will throw we use that chief information security officer or to cyber security. We'll be back. Aren't doing and our goal way and -- come and I'm going to be great show. Right at the ran up to those at 1 o'clock hour. They're gonna do or should have been asked that question can you raped or sexually assault your wife does know me know even in the marriage. And the gonna talk about should the man in charge resign and number one man should say Bernard parish president. Stepped down. And they gonna talk to us Abrams and of Walter Malaysia a in Clancy Dubose talking about the legislature. Gonna -- billion very interesting ships they would essentially. Acts of a -- again it's a pretty -- 53 yeah.