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Apr 28, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Good evening I hope you had a great weekend I had a chance to go to Jazz -- both Saturday and Sunday. And you know as much as I I love the food and smell the food the music and the sound of -- the different bands that all the different stages. I can't tell you I think I'd like people watching the best it's just amazing to sit back and watch humanity passed by elbow like. I walk around and I think for the first time ever I I've started to appreciate those who who who get shares. Set in one place and it looked like there were some areas under trees were there were families or groups of friends and that was there. That was their tradition to just get to this one spot and they all just hung out there. And I have just -- traditionally been a -- walk in -- around your assessment -- I can now see the wisdom. In just -- hanging out and in one spot and you just enjoy everything that that passage reply but I hope you had a great jazz festival weekend. I noticed it was and as crowded as I expected it to the now regularly more crowded next weekend but they were so it was walking room I was there -- it got even more crowded later in the afternoon. Both Saturday and Sunday but. You know I noticed it was it was very pleasant and it was warm but there was a breeze and with some cloud coverage to identity of really nice also agree weekend for the Zurich classic. And Jazz Fest kicks up again this coming Thursday and running right into the weekend will be talking about that till later this week in the scriptural. I here's our WWL a pretty general opinion poll tonight something we'll be talking about. Is America over reacting to the alleged racist comments made by clippers owner Donald Sterling. Think America's overreacting. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com -- attracted -- throughout the show. And give you an update to coming up a few minutes and the school blog tonight is titled. Sterling rants reminds us racism. Is still alive. It's time for tonight's top rated nature of the top eight things -- like you know as we begin our show tonight on WWL. Number eight. Another major concert tour coming to New Orleans beyoncé and Jay -- -- tour as a couple for the first time -- in the Mercedes-Benz superdome July the fortieth. Tickets go on sale only the second. -- this is another another big attraction coming to New Orleans on May first John Legend at the sinker. Bruno Mars June 7 at this -- king center Paul McCartney June 19 -- the screw the king center. Prince Mary. By the fourth it's likely the sixth Justin Timberlake August or -- -- senator one republic Lakefront arena August 21. In August 25. What direction. Over the eight. Katy Perry. When directions going to be in the Mercedes into that Katy Perry at the smoothie -- senators still. A New Orleans is the target the word yet another big concert tour beyoncé and JC. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. State of Louisiana sent a new world record perhaps you just tradition our newscast. If there Jim -- so set a new worlds are and where -- new state record in terms of the tourism in 2013. Louisiana lieutenant governor Jay Darden says the state attracted 27 point three million visitors last year. Which generated ten point eight billion dollars in spending and 807. Million dollars. In tax revenue and Jazz Fest to use it one of the potential that attracts a lot of terse but there -- a lot of thing to see in Louisiana. And -- if you live in the new -- or you don't occur quite often talk about. Those who live in the suburbs. Need to take time to come to the city. Those of you live in New Orleans need to take time to also visit things around our state. Mean I have always enjoyed taking a drive a data on the volume and it's it's so relaxing to me to. To see that there's an adjusted internally different way of life I -- down on the volume but also you can go opt into some areas where. It just so typical Louisiana. I've going to see here are some friends in a denim springs not long ago I just I really enjoyed the year drive across the bridge -- I 55. From my tend to like twelve going across just the dues that the swamp area and -- man Jack and that that whole area and then it I hope that if you drive the body -- -- at a regular basis like I hope you get a chance to. Just take a moment and appreciate. The beauty. I've lived in some great places around this country I'm from here. But I've lived in places where there are mountains of snow capped peaks a year round. I've lived on the water and Miami on the water in San Diego sort of look at some really great places. But I have really come to appreciate the beauty. That we have in our state the cypress trees the swamps and even though you can't see him there's something always exciting about the swamps knowing that -- That the sponsor just filled with with all kinds of a green life in and reptiles and and and mammal strategist exciting to build it that that's they -- The moss dripping from the trees -- release of a very beautiful state. And a lot of things to do around the state so if you're looking for we can drive sometime pick a spot find something to do in Louisiana. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. -- embarrassment -- will not seek re election. McAllister is a congressman who was caught kissing. Unmarried congressional staffer. He received harsh criticism even from many Republicans including governor Bobby Jindal told him to to resign. A fairly soccer resign but he stuck to seek re election. What are the reasons that he drew such -- criticism. From people including myself. Will not because of what he did it. Terry what he did which was she was wrong he should have done that. But what made it worse. Was -- -- he ran his campaign on moral family values. And there are so many politicians who run on moral family values. And they don't reflect those moral family values when their office and so that leads me to believe it all they're doing is using god. To get in office. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. I love exposing. Total. Hypocrisy. Frazier -- cross also known as Frazier Glenn Miller this is the former kkk grand dragon. Accused of killing three people outside of Jewish community center at a retirement center in Kansas City. He was apparently arrested in the past. Caught with a black transvestite. Prostitute. This happened back in the eighties police caught him in a sex act. With a black male prostitute. Dressed as a woman. So at that point he obviously knew the gender. Of the prostitute he was witnessed. And not only that but here's a kkk grand dragon. Who always in this situation with a black male prostitute dressed like a woman. I'd I'd I don't. I I don't understand that I would think that if you -- as prejudice as a member of the kkk is. Is that you wouldn't wanna be with a black prostitute. It again. My mind is logical. And I guess. The minds of others are not always logical but like I tried I loved reading this and I I love. I love. I love exposing total hypocrisy and you know the -- just so proud to be a grand dragon of the kkk and in what would happen to gets caught with. A black. Male prostitute. Number four on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. House committee member was killed a bill that would have prohibited discrimination against gays and others. Under the deal which was killed a sexual orientation. Gender identity veteran status source of income. That's interesting. Domestic abuse victim status and conviction records what would all have been added to the list of things that landlords could not use to discriminate. Against -- So I guess if a landlord doesn't. Approve of the way you. Derive your income but I don't think we're necessarily talking about drug deals or anything illegal if they don't agree with your job they don't have directory. At times just still absolutely astonished that anybody would think that it's -- to discriminate against somebody because they're homosexual. Discrimination is wrong and I think we have come to to learn that and we've talked about the social lot recently. As the battle to stop. Same sex marriage in America seems to be totally lost it's essentially over. People are looking for other reasons to discriminate. Against gays and lesbians. And one of those ways is to say you can use your religious freedom to discriminate. But again if if you discriminate based on your religious freedom based and a religious police have you discovered again as discriminate against gays lesbians. Then. You're discriminating. On moral reasons. And everybody who walks into your business. Is a -- So and publisher why once -- -- is worse than another sinner but again you know therein lies what I think is a tremendous hypocrisy. And yet those who are so interested in promoting and perpetrating. Discrimination against gays based on religious police don't even see their own hypocrisy. Number three on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Businesses in the conservative red state of Mississippi. Or joining a campaign against the State's new Mississippi religious freedom restoration act. That's a law that allows discrimination. Based on religious freedom the campaign is titled we don't discriminate. If you're -- and we are selling. And I guess this is there a good way for consumers to react. On to those businesses that claimed they would discriminate against somebody because they're they're homosexual. On business -- I don't think they have a right to do that if you're a business. Injury in America. I think that it's use should abide by our our basic rules and laws about discrimination. And so far. Gays and lesbians have not been declared are on a protected class. So I guess discrimination against them is still legally possible. Although it seems to be totally unethical. But consumers do have the power to fight discrimination. There is there's a guy who owns a bakery in Jackson. And you know which are really proud to -- to hear this -- -- bakery in. Jackson. Said that he said I am a straight. White southern. Christian conservative -- I don't understand why Christians consider once in. More than another -- Again that's somebody they would find. A -- one on the show. Businesses are joining this campaign we don't discriminate if you're by and we're selling Anderson a backlash to Mississippi's law that allows. Businesses to discriminate based on. Sexual orientation. Number two what tonight's list of the top eight at eight. And already held its annual meeting over the weekend here at Indianapolis and vice president and CEO Wayne Lapierre. Warned members. That day. They. Are trying to take away your freedom that they are trying to take away your gun rights today. Are trying to destroy this country. As far as I know he didn't mention the Democrats by name but he did point out liberals. And he also he also blasted the media over the weekend. Now let's consider the motive of wealthy and are right now. I support Second Amendment. I supports gun rights the NRA has a right to exist. But the NRA is supported by a lot of gun manufacturers. Gun manufacturers and love when something happens. Tragic. Because that stirs emotion and that causes. Many in the NRA. An NRA leaders to talk about how you eat you can lose your right to Oregon did this this incidents that whether it's a sandy who report their shooting at the movie theater in Colorado or any any man shooting. At their good looks for reasons the dude gun control activists are gonna look for reasons take away your guns. It's -- -- they stir up this hysteria. That seems to me that. The over the weekend and I guess this is no surprise because he's talking to. It is his group the NRA. He's trying to instill hysteria and panic. Now several presidential candidates including Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal spoke at the recognition. Hoping to win their support. But I'm just I'm curious what to what you think -- president can actually do. To either protect or take away your gun rights. Can can a president really do anything and and yet. They beat the stance of -- president when it comes to gun rights and abortion things like that the president doesn't have any potential for those things. The president can say what he wants but if you. Remember basic civics the president doesn't make the laws the president -- accuse the laws that are passed by the legislative branch. Which is the congress. House and and the senate. So so much emphasis is placed on presidential candidates when it comes to some of these issues and yet. Presidents really don't have that much influence over those. Those issues. And I do it's just it's obvious to me. That's the NRA wants to scare people. Because I have not seen or heard. Of anybody losing their rights. To keep and -- -- Had you lost your rights to to have a gun. Has the government taken away your rights ever be even during the assault weapons ban which I believe. Ended in 2009 was an effect from 1999 to 2009 and a little vague on their but it was in effect for ten years. As far as I know nobody lost their right. To keep and bear arms. So why this hysteria. Are you concerned that liberals. And the media. We're taking away your rights to keep and bear arms I mean is it Brian Williams can be your house or Anderson Cooper can be your house and try to take you -- -- -- I'm not exactly sure I understand the logic of how the media is taking away. Your gun rights. If you wanna join our show with your comment tonight about anything we talk about our numbers 260. 1870. Troll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a text number is 877. And finally tonight's number one. On tonight's list and a top eight innings. -- heard about this over the weekend I knew wouldn't be talking about. Us on this -- of tonight's LA clippers owner Donald Sterling allegedly told his girlfriend. Not to bring black people to his games. And do not post pictures of her with black people on in Stu grant because she is promoting. Being with black people. His girlfriend by the way. Is black. And Mexican. There was instant outrage from President Obama to. Former NBA players and current NBA players. What's your reaction to these comments allegedly made by the owner of the LA clippers to me it's. It's 2014. Are you still surprised that there are people who. Have this kind of mentality. And there're couple things to to talk about concerning this. What are about the girlfriend. Is she at fault for being with a guy like this because a number of people have said they're not surprised this is his attitude. So why is the girlfriend with this guy for so have you seen her. She's really attractive. Have you seen him not so much I mean he's kind of kind of apology. Older white. And she's a black Mexican. And is she with him just because he has money apparently this is -- his mistress. And why is -- -- still within the as a mistress and a girlfriend. -- mistress slash girlfriend. Is she within because she doesn't would lose her plush lifestyle is they're all about the money. I know people. Who have attractive girlfriends. Because they have money. And you see it all the time. You see. Attractive young females. With. Men who are not attractive. And you can describe that anyway you like they're not attractive -- they would not have picked dispersant. If the person didn't have money. And I think that's really have a very. Sad state of human relations when it comes to when it comes to individuals. Sacrificing. Everything. For money. And what's your reaction to the comments allegedly made by clippers owner. Donald Sterling. It's 2014 I'm tired I guess I'm still surprised that there is just such. Blatant racism and it's somebody would be so stupid as to not only say it to actually think and believe in their heart. He does what his girlfriend. He's very it's what his girlfriend to bring blacks two games or two to promote the cheese with blocks. By posting pictures of her with blacks like Magic Johnson on its -- the scoop but tonight is titled sterling -- -- reminds us racism. Is still alive if you wanna join our show with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And I text numbers they 78 Saturday a -- -- running on our website at WWL dot com if you can read it and share with others also give us your comments if you like. And here's our -- WL party jaguar opinion poll tonight is America over reacting to the racist comments allegedly made by clippers owner Donald Sterling. If it's your opinion by going to have a WL dot com and I'm -- it's a Monday night the -- with us and we'll be right back into the WLU think America is overreacting to the racist comments allegedly made by clippers owner. Donald Sterling. Telling news black Mexican girlfriend don't bring blacks to my games and don't post pictures on mr. Graham have you. With blacks is America overreacting. A sort of give you a pretty general opinion poll tonight here's a quick update 20% say no 80% say America is over reacting. And the scoop but tonight is titled sterling -- reminds us that racism is still alive. If you enjoyed our show with -- tonight our numbers 2601870. It's all free 86688. -- nearly seventy at a text amber is he 77. From New Orleans Anthony here on the -- show good evening. Yeah. I'm not surprised by what what happened is because if you pick up. Bet would be to grant program. Britain was one recruitment out on the well. It to David -- two months ago. So that would be the fat idiot -- more -- -- bit and did not domino. Did you inhibit currently -- it would be. Intermittent and what you can. So I want and at the I don't know I don't know that I'd -- I don't have that information -- and that was -- that was along time ago or remember talking about that says that race -- ulyetza. -- -- -- -- that thing clean out. And -- and let me let me keep. That Anthony. Anthony. You're racist. That simple. -- from New Orleans east terrier and a BWL. They do that eagle -- Outrage -- that you know it is my immediate guy. Who would body in those sports franchise. -- in the majority -- a player Obama. My mind I'm like. How is that going to regain and you animal -- put. You know. I I totally agree on this night is it is it about the money did this this guy has no problem of paying blacks to -- colony. But he really doesn't like talks so it's it's about the -- You don't like debate. Eat eat is safe at the data back it's authentic woman you know and in love only -- -- -- them and Twitter and NATO but. You got a guy in Nevada whose director whose door at all at any chain of local election. We -- -- flagrant vote and -- and its outlook for looking at Pratt and others were just stuffed animal is -- people who makes you know. -- I guess I say I guess I say I'm I'm surprised. On I'm not I'm not surprised but I'm. I am surprised I'm not surprised that there are people like that because doing that she'll know that their people like -- are out there. Might I am surprised that people still feel that way you're talking about the Nevada rancher. Like in party who many conservatives. Many conservatives. Jumped to disguise. Disguised aid and support. When he was fighting government and then immediately. So people looking for heroes they're they're looking for symbolic heroes. They jumped to disguise aid and then Sean Hannity bill Riley and so many people right now are what the -- it was terrible. All right and the site. This coming up -- -- just spoke about it you know what the country is coming in and come out and then people like that. Terry I it's -- in its and I appreciate you calling in thanks for listening to their BWO doing. I'm from party teeth you constitutional. Right to. What thing -- one mention what you're talking about companies sell what albeit as the seller. You know split. It out there are senators there's a campaign in Mississippi to counter their new. -- new law that allows discrimination against homosexuals based on religious beliefs there's a new campaign. -- we don't discriminates is -- and we're selling. Okay and not think that. That that's good school -- thing nobody. If you ever bit as you should have to sell that's what you -- -- business on the net battling makes sense to me. So the -- again. What about these drug companies. Who want who law at the drugs fought legal injections. Now one Libya morality in and say what we don't want silly drugs to state like -- couple more Michigan Ohio. Taxes because they want you to put -- now. They got a lead drug itself. The federal government on. Now and then there are there are some pharmacists to. Might wanna use their religious police to what to -- birth control pills put all these businesses benefit. From being a business in the United States of America. And why not why not require them to simply followed the basic -- spirit of this country which is a don't discriminate. Right you're right and -- on all. On TV tonight he might wanna get -- -- -- Judy Woodruff but it's yet to look professes all on. And one of the guys it legally. They can't they can that make himself seen because that'll open and be up the impact. Yet I truck loans. That they have buddies what sports means. Yeah I don't think that there is sick he's going to call I don't think there's much the NBA can do the NBA has scheduled a press conference for tomorrow several hours before the clippers return home. To take on the Golden State Warriors they lost the game last nights in a series is senate -- -- -- two games apiece from Mississippi Bobby -- on the -- show good evening Bob. They're very good. And that I mean now -- my big compute on. Middle -- -- It -- our poll we kind of knew it more around here about well Richard room that our battery and compact. And I heard no matter and matter are back to bury. But he period. -- -- -- -- I don't know that there's a big difference between the two I think we're real proud -- semantics. Are all great and -- -- great on paper our. Willie could be argued that he doesn't like blacks you can go as far as saying that he hates blacks which is why he doesn't -- around likes it as a wondering videogame. But it card like I know that. But they want to okay why would -- tell not to bring blacks to the game now that they are now they're. You don't. And our poll Richard -- dramatic murderer. I don't I don't think Britain will he didn't say east didn't say don't bring Hispanics he says don't bring blacks of the game. When I'm at and tell me that being prejudiced that not me. The may figure socially you're so we scoped. You don't -- hang around Abacha. Directory won't Bartlett an outlet their bank -- spin rate that. Powerful more in the category in parts that are. I'm Bob well you're certainly entitled of that observation I don't. I don't know maybe I'm missing something here but I don't see. Announcing a big difference between being racist and being prejudice immediately practice on a lot of different things. But if you prejudice against blacks then I would say you're. You're racist. Yeah Donald Sterling did say that he admired magic Johnson and a lot of blacks and injury admires the blacks are only the clippers team and making a lot of money. But to tell people that just tell somebody your girlfriend. That you don't ordered to bring blacks of the game. How was that of racism. If you wanna join our show with your -- tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. Texas states of the this is the -- show live on a Monday night's super coming right back with your comments and your text under the WL navy had a great weekend -- had chances are year. Kind of in a quiet mood today but he is another manic Monday. On the -- she'll graduate -- tonight. A the FRA held their annual meeting over the weekend in Indianapolis in vice president CO Wayne Lapierre did what he does which is tried to to get people hysterical that liberals in the media are trying to take away your guns. I got a great text about this says it challenging me to say that I'm not a supporter of the Second Amendment under today in just a moment. Here is an update on our WW a pretty general opinion poll is America over reacting to racist comments made by clippers owner Donald Sterling. 26% saying no but 74%. Say yes America is over reacting. Give your opinion -- going to our web site WWL dot com ultimate city Alan your on the -- show good evening. I can. Good. -- vote and they. If you. Vote thinking and yet here people. -- the being poor. You book. In. -- In the back there and I don't really want to use that gays should mean should he show me. In and the third and seeing. This in because you know exactly where it is on -- and -- -- Each in view. He knows. He will be. What teachers. And income and emotion. Going whatever. King. It's been. Seven. There -- I agree that there be one now in my. It one day ago. Where it will mean. -- and. Well what you're what you're saying Alan is that it did then everybody would be racist and disguise as just expose himself as being racist. And I don't think everybody's a racist I don't think everybody say. But that would. There are. And well being created in the missions. Oh and it. One huge change. Your own. Don't who. Are Americans Latino and managing. And I -- goes. Or be -- And then -- break up -- Through kitty today. That. -- -- -- I agree that there are and I think what you're saying is that there may be a lot of owners in sports who benefit from black athletes but their their prejudice and they just have -- expose themselves including precious. -- It'd be muted. Opening. -- man in I mean. I'm. -- about them lose. But -- even more. Low. -- You couldn't really do you call. If in group. Thinking. And that work. Who didn't get. And you took it to -- Clinton that there he. And then. You know -- Libya. You. Could say I don't want to look back whether. I -- Tuesday. It was. And interviewed. BB. -- And and he spoke the future. And things. I appreciate the compliment I've got to get to a break and thanks for your thoughts I've I've basically agree with you. We're also talking about the NRA convention over the weekend and I've got a text that challenges. And knees saying that. Challenges that the fact I should not say I support the Second Amendment would get to that Mort you're comet's next. On WL is America over reacting to the alleged racist comments made by Los Angeles Lakers of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. That's a -- to -- a pretty drag opinion poll tonight 32% say no but 68%. Say yes you think America's overreacting. Give us your opinion by going to our website WW real dot com also the -- blog is about this we're talking about it sterling rant reminds us that racism is still alive. Here's a text about a comment that I made earlier about the via rail and I support the Second Amendment but here's a text that reads what the question Lance was. Has has the government or have any liberals or the media as we -- suggest. Taking away your rights to to own a gun. The text reads -- you chop down a tree one swing at a time every time someone passes a law to make it harder. With a common law abiding citizen to purchase of firearm. They are slowly but surely taking away our rights to purchase and bigger arms I haven't heard anyone say. They have had their rights to own firearms taken away. Wake up you can't say you support the Second Amendment. If you're okay with the state of Louisiana wanting to pass a law that says every -- who buys a firearm. Pass to take. Asked to attend. A safety class. Well first of -- I didn't say that. And I also consistently say that all these laws that are proposed are not gonna stop the ridiculous gun violence that we see. Because those people who are using guns to commit the violence are not gonna pay attention to the laws. Anyway. And I've I've I've said the other night it would be a really good idea if everybody who buys ago. Took a safety class it would be good idea for everybody who -- gone. Cared enough about safety to take a safety collapsed. But I don't think they should be forced to take a safety -- but that would be a really nice thing if your -- -- -- -- -- come -- with the more of your comments. We're talking about a number of things tonight also India the conservative red state of Mississippi. There's a campaign it's titled. We don't discriminate. If you're buying we're selling. And its businesses that are revolting against Mississippi's. Religious freedom restoration act a law that allows discrimination. Based on religious freedom. And we're gonna continue to talk about the your comments to a lot of people are defending -- The owner of the Los Angeles Clippers. Said while he said he likes blacks he said he admires blacks but he told his black Mexican girlfriend. Did you -- to bring blacks to his games and not to be photographed with and and showed on mr. grant so how is that not racist. Will be back.