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Scoot Show 4-28 9pm, Donald Sterling

Apr 28, 2014|

Tonight on the Scoot show: L.A. Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, told his black/Hispanic girlfriend not to bring blacks to his games and do not post picture of her with blacks on Instagram. There is an outrage from the President to the players. Why is racism still alive in 2014? And why is a 30 year old woman with an 80 year old man to begin with….could it be the money?

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Graduate us on this Monday night I hope you had a great weekend whether you went to a chess master of the Zurich classic horror of one of the many festivals or parties that we had throughout the state. How over the weekend it was a beautiful weekend along the warm side at least we had and a nice breeze. And you've heard our forecasters chants of bring overnight and into tomorrow there's been some really rough weather in the receipt and it that we got a story our web site. A bouts on about the tail end of a tornado touching down on the North Shore and that's our website at W of derailed dot com also the latest whether. Is on our web site to there's a possibility of for tornadoes. -- most of the of the flash flood area is on North Shore and most of the bad weather is to the north of New Orleans in Louisiana Mississippi and it. Instead of really here at northern states to the north of -- received and it's very very rough and this is. The tornado season. How we're talking about Donald Sterling the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers making comments that many consider to be racist and yet I've had a couple people call the show and defend discovers one guy said. It sounds like he's prejudice. Not racist. And he does say that he admires people like magic Johnson and -- Magic Johnson. Even told his girlfriend you could have sex with them. Just don't bring into the game. You can have sex with them just don't post a photograph on this program. Now this is the guy's. Girlfriend. He also has a wife. So it's it's all about money all the way around this the girlfriend put up with being with -- and apology. -- racist. Because he has money. And is his wife staying within because he has money issues when -- give up even some of the money. It just it's amazing how people make such great sacrifices when it comes to relationships. Here's an update on our WW a pretty general opinion poll do you think America is overreacting to the racist comments made by clippers owner Donald Sterling. 31% say no but 69% say yes America is over reacting. Give your opinion by going to our web sites if -- dot com would you -- update on that coming up again. In just a few minutes and the -- blog tonight is titled sterling -- reminds us that racism is still alive. Here's attacks that Reid says screwed as a white conservative Christian. The most insulting part of Donald's or links comments is the reference providing. Damn food clothes cars and houses. He's an old man. Who brings us back to the pre integration thinking that's the insult. He may be jealous of who his girlfriend brings to the games because he knows she might preferred the company of others. But he is attitude of control over African Americans in -- -- me. And in -- that was another part of the conversation he's trying to defend himself. By saying to her that he he likes blacks and look what he's doing for them. He's he's providing them with clothes cars houses. And money. Rather insulting also -- we're talking about the NRA annual meeting over the weekend in Indianapolis in vice president CEO Wayne Lapierre says that today. And keeps referring to liberals in the media. They are trying to take away your freedom to try to take away your gun rights and they're trying to destroy the country. Now. I'm not exactly sure how you've lost your right to keep and bear arms are or what has happened that makes you think you're not gonna have a right to keep and bear arms. -- also businesses in the conservative red state of Mississippi are joining the campaign against the State's new law that would allow discrimination against gays and lesbians the campaign is called. We don't discriminate. We -- but if you're buying we're selling. I guess this just goes to show you that you can't always -- a state by its color. From Georgia do your under the WL. There are doing. Group -- like American over -- -- work should -- it slowly over. What but it still roar. To pull -- act like you should. -- all about a dollar and it looked like problem go our way. It got started at. Eight. It certainly does Robert. Baker -- what is -- you're great but there's as acute. Yeah and and British and it's sad that there are so many people who apparently deal with things like. Racist mentality. Because of the money I see young attractive females all the time. Where -- older gentleman. Who. Do not fit the type of person do you think they would be -- And the only reason there with a missed because they have money will what does that say about the women who are with those guys. Well a little off there the ballclub looked at all -- -- the -- that would -- and no doubt about that. It has -- on -- candidate is better. There's talk about the body and that's what -- called. An eagle period yet but it probably don't want dosage and time again. Pedal problem that look forward other alternative. In the severe it'll work and Jordan. This past session of the legislature that's all they had a little weaker traffic to a but I want to discriminate against you changed. Well bidders could would not sure gators also. People who whatsoever between levels -- my question how did you look at they want to look for have a pretty revolutionary. Yeah I know. And that's why do we that's why these kinds of laws that are supposed to support religious freedom or so in saying. And in ridiculous. Very much welcome -- judge. That's right and and countless times there have been calls and text on the show that I've shared. People think I'm Gary one. If somebody thinks I'm gay. Could they refuse service to me because they think I'm gay with a -- -- could I sue them because I'm not gay and they refuse service. -- -- -- But I mean you know well planned to do what you wanted to after a jury ought to. Well. I've hired -- I totally agree assemblage hosting Georgia placed calling. -- from the Ninth Ward rich here understood -- WL. They still pretty. Albeit it it. That. It is. I mean if we shall. I had to do. It. PG not that -- yeah when it -- A -- problem. That you. -- don't let the players and if the players are. Are locked into a contract that they don't have a choice believe they have Tuesday. I understand that understand at the yet the one he'd -- -- because legally obligated. -- won the war and not make the problem. In the land reaches an -- real -- all. In Chile which culture it's all well shall call a lot. He got -- global. He got. And it. Excuse well I -- And I hit my life yet but yeah like. -- We -- adaptable. Pulled the weapon. In big ol' rock which wall -- -- out. Struck. With. And and that equipment at three different at all old people. Out there. But -- you know. After the. -- the lot. Into it but it's all. The automatically striking. That are teaching first. Exquisitely. There are certainly cases there it's. That make you think that. Oh we. Well and and and and and those who. Try to dismiss that as a reality and you in your life never try to put themselves in your position. -- if you'll get. These people account you don't. The old world record -- -- statements. He's low round lead in the deep that it is actually what you'll react. He that it be able oriented. Rich are going to -- thanks for listening to WWL. And night. Here's a -- agrees the NAACP is a leftist hate group condemning sterling two peas in a pod. Two peas in a pod leftist. Are such clowns. -- well. I find as much humor. In the right. And I don't know that I would define the NAACP. As -- as a hate group there's certainly more liberal and conservative but I don't know. If I would do put them in the same category as other hate groups. What's -- at the two groups that really do look. Obviously. There is an agenda with the NAACP. Dot dynamic but to call them. I hate group I think that's going a little too for. For Mary Bryant here and to be WL. Excuse. My opinion on this whole sterling yet go. It is. I think it's a surrogate daddy situation that went wrong. I think I -- argue that mr. it's a lot lot more credit but a lot of people will. I think at some point comes on the news this guy with a ticket. -- outbreak this sentiment went on quite a bit and as a whole it program and what -- that broke the camel's back you've recruited. She got it out the PNC. And that's gonna get a fifteen minutes of fame. But I really don't see how this could be expelled crops he could spend that that be an epic that -- -- -- Yeah I'm not mentioned that earlier on bright and political I think that the the fact that she was with this guy. An older guy she's really parties and older guys who would not be able to attract somebody like just like I'm just being honest about this. It wouldn't be able to practice this beautiful young woman. -- -- -- -- So what does that say about him. -- this say about her. Rage if she was with a guy she's. Partially to blame. Here's a -- -- you a pretty general opinion poll tonight is America over reacting to the racist comments made by clippers owner Donald Sterling give us your opinion by going to W if you don't outcome. Tomorrow morning on WB offers -- -- Tommy Tucker how do you get fueled up to face the day. Big breakfast. Fancy coffee do you do it on the road or at home does it depend on how the night before ended. As one of the things Tom we'll talk about tomorrow also a new law would change your driver's license renewal from four years to six years. Should the -- with a mandatory driving test for everybody. Wake up to feel good with Tommy Tucker tomorrow and weekday mornings from six to ten. Under the WL. This is the -- show. And recovered right back and look at actual show on this Monday night here is set updates on our -- WL pretty general opinion poll. Is America overreacting to the alleged racist comments made by clippers owner Donald Sterling when he told his black Mexican girlfriend. Don't bring black people to my games. And don't put pictures of yourself with black men. Or blacks in general I guess now on -- -- don't promote that your -- out with blacks. So is America over -- 33% say no 67% say yes America is overreacting give us your opinion by going to our web site of -- don't -- Before get back to your calls of mortgage -- -- -- remind you that just in time for a well deserved vacation WWO gives you a chance to win a thousand dollars of our nation wide vacation cash contest. Just listen to WWL weekdays right before the top of the hour news at 7 AM. 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM for the code word. And -- the code word 272881. For your chance to win without ever putting your phone down that's seven to 81. Every day for lucky -- winners nationwide are gonna 1000 dollars each. We never charge for checks but individual plan text and data rates may applies to remembered times to listen weekdays right before the top of the hour news. At 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM and good luck from short radio. Africa the VW well. -- from the North -- minister Washington you're on WW LA good evening. -- I'm blitzer all right. I know -- -- the all American people react in these in the same thing people. What. I mean it's it's been that you go in we'd be able. We've seen it at that at mayor mayor. -- the -- you know -- Eric Berry is you know it away. You can change follow all you won't gain weight people feel -- Well you know you're right you're right about that you we can't pass laws that make this illegal because she freedom of expression allows people to express their ignorance. Yes it. He knew what. It was all our. Thank you -- I vote -- -- -- or it would have been able. Yeah -- -- But he came solely. I'll. Say -- it all. So. People kept it in it and in layout. Because I don't think I typically. An -- -- reforms so that Iraq. -- He's using them. Well you know now. -- wouldn't. It. Rate. At. Element between. You -- the ball. Back in. 08 K. Or not well. It is saying in. Acting. Well I hope you're wrong about that but we'll never know since the law is to change -- minister Washington appreciate you listen to our show and thanks for sharing your opinion. Here's a text about sterling. Two X comments. This dude said what he did during a conversation he didn't know was being recorded and people. Are losing their minds Larry Johnson an executive. With the knicks bonuses in a prepared statement. That there should be an all black basketball league. And nothing is made of racism is alive and well in America. And sword double standards. Well why I didn't know that's. Larry Johnson it and said that it. I am really surprised that I am getting summary text of people who were actually defending. What gentiles shall accent. He said to his girlfriend and I don't -- -- bring blacks to my games. And don't be pictured with blacks and posted on integrating. Now how is that notched. Just blatant racist. To join our show which -- comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. Tex is a 77. He also said that he admires of blacks like Magic Johnson. And he said that he's doing a lot for them because his owner of the clippers he's giving them mean the players he's he's providing them with cars homes. -- And I had a call earlier actually. Try to explain that there's a difference the disguised as prejudice. He's not really racist. From saint Tammany mark you're on the -- shown to be WL. Could it a couple of -- actually and I -- Or stop Hillary. I like people who. Will be a -- people for. If you're you know. It'll level -- Look. At one every two and -- as far as. From the clip. Personal and they beat you so I myself. That we would record an intern pressured our. Which actually say -- I'm close so much. I I I heard earlier today in California is there's a law and I could be wrong so somebody can correct me if I'm wrong but I heard somebody say exit. He knew he was being recorded because in California to record -- conversation. You have to let both parties have yet what the at a party knows that there -- being recorded I don't know that it. WP. She keep her little -- that. I mean it's for -- should be -- we are but it's all race as a country period. -- race and Wilbur. Community. There are actually don't like lights -- -- don't like black. All. The medal. At this -- -- -- at that. Black market. But. Archive. -- -- -- -- to disadvantage the complex to a question a year ago on the so it did. -- -- president at black art it's. They. Stick it out there there are more data and it. You have more points than they did some decent its -- Salt is that all our. On the data that may not go their way but -- there was more like go get some white people. -- -- -- -- point like that Egypt followed all -- And I appreciate. Artwork but I wrote -- But mark there are still there are at it if you if you could wake up tomorrow. And she used to be wider black which would you choose. It. Well and I think it's a great -- and everybody should be had yet if you don't. Say. It. That would help for it as well. It like to. Sit back and are -- 22. And a we don't. You know there are some white and there's some blacks and mark up on the Internet are there some people have that attitude. Yeah I mean if you. I eat them out -- people who would sit there -- the -- -- -- but it would sit it would figure out what do it elective. Well mark there's there's there's power in victimization and a lot of people on seek the role of being a victim because they want the power that comes along with being a victim and -- that transcends their race in socio economic boundaries. Are you actually. What people situation where the -- six. You won't see a lot of people. Not acquiring the label on the actual Roberts and -- -- They are offering quite offered comes up on their show I've I've -- I I agree that it's it's deplorable -- anybody. Comes into this world. With the idea that all they have to do is find a way for the government to sport to the -- that's a career that should not career. What ago that the -- that this made about people but all he's been car. We talked about people who -- a view that doppler. You look at everything they do as well what it means war. It well why -- I think that they're both of these people it'll -- in the car actually think people war. The NBA players -- just like. To get richer. I appreciate it and. Mark price listing and here's a text astute football season this coming up I don't want you to be talking. To any falcons fans on the radio and when they're here I don't want you to take pictures with them. Same goes for cowboy fans luxury -- you know. That's you know that's a challenge I mean there have been people who told you tell me that I I should -- associate with our concerns. But you know I mean their their fans that are -- our city and I don't mind associated with -- -- I don't -- -- I don't agree with their lifestyle and we talked about that on the she'll -- site. I think you choose to be focused because I don't think anybody would do is select to be a falcons fan or about cowboys and other choice. From Covington Henry you're under the WL. Yeah the recording people and stuff like him you know some might says so on the pressure they got a -- that they have a program. And so much as someone -- you know because the he feels obligated to -- don't know a lot from India. And put them. You don't get what he's either way it is here -- just like everybody does. And I know he's -- he's been church -- -- and always tell people. Probably should go to church Balkan. These people need to grow up to get paid enough. Because they're pretty dark colored people in the world and he got some girls are allowed Purdue and walk out there are taken pictures with certain people have a sense certain people at the patent certain people or are you got a lot of money. And basically everybody up and has too much you know -- But it got too much they don't appreciate it. And the trauma bash somebody that's got a lot a lot of people are tired of Mansfield and the people need to remember people feel -- a lot. Number listen listen audible audio recording can -- -- -- so. I'm really isn't aware of it all out. Grow up. There until there are feeling really sort of ordinary. In fact John might actually little sleep tonight after you made me realize. House or I should feel for Donald Sterling. The guy should be held accountable for for what he said I think it's really that simple. I'm from Indiana rich you're on WW well. It's good getting you know there are no good guy -- into its story on starting -- I mean you is that they warn you -- gracious. -- a law being a lot it's girlfriend -- wanna be polite. Like I you could call or you could call her prostitute if she's with the guard because he has money. Are you can -- second sheet appearances an eighty year old guy whose only income from Social Security check out. Off but the troubling I don't. There's not much do you NBA can't do. I mean. You can hear it should spend and you cannot go to a game for five years. At port under ten million dollars capital two billion box they'll be like your radio station camera you opt. We're finding new nickel. I under I understand I don't think there's much that they can do richer and I'm glad -- called the shows the NBA is gonna hold a press conference tomorrow and talk about their investigation into this incident. Where the owner of the clippers -- allegedly told a news black Mexican girlfriend don't bring blacks to my games and don't be pictured with likes and post opponents -- don't promo picture with blacks. A very ignorant ignorance ignorant thing for him to say Andy's being held a California my opinion. Are to your -- stay with -- -- and join us with your -- tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Series every text is a 7870. And Angela and I agree showed a talking about scan and can you rate your wife. And her blog is marital dates forcible. Rapists rape that's -- we're excited to be a -- -- off. I'm -- and we'll be right back at the NRA's annual meeting over the weekend Indianapolis vice president and CEO Wayne Lapierre told members that they are trying to take away your individual rights it's only -- And they're just trying to destroy America and they are liberals and the media. He also talked about the moral direction that America's going and but I'm not sure how that could be blamed on on any of the things that he wants to blame for the direction of this country. I will talk more about that a -- graduates with a comic tonight about any of this stuff for talking about. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. A text numbers 87870. -- a text to read sick and we've record your private conversation scoots and then find that one time that you said something. You wish you wouldn't said so we can expose you and hold you accountable view and then expletive deleted here. -- sure. You have to be really careful what you say to people and you have to be really careful. Who you -- in your life. And obviously. An attractive young female. Who will tolerate a man having a wife. Her character should be questioned in the beginning. His character should be questioned. Because he has a mistress. And a wife and to meet everybody's in it for the money. People sacrificed their standards. For money. Anthony called us earlier and he was upset because I called him a racist and -- -- -- is calling back Anthony if you're if you're gonna tell me that the saints are racist organization. And if you're gonna say that Drew Brees is a quarterback who can't throw the ball and only reason he's on the team is because he's white I'm gonna say you're racist. -- that well in terms. Let's tell me what will what -- gently black. You look at and so if you go talk about. What looked into. In football or bad. The ball well and you look at Tibetan. More -- It -- back in the BP in the immediate revenue and you look at Iraq and but let me. And Internet equity markets and maybe. About being known at -- forum in actually do and what a moment. The gimmick I've been on -- That's not true. And Tom Benson's wife is closer in age then then I think this will minister to disguise. A -- -- Anybody to go back I mean I gotta go back to you saying that that Drew Brees the quarterback because he's white. She says that. What did you look at the second. Right and you're gonna get the that this would -- that we are that would be. Any group. So pretty cool but you couldn't tell them. That you got. Anthony you're racist but I appreciate you going to show. I'm from New Orleans -- -- WWL. Yes. I don't know exactly what point that. Gentlemen -- could get a delicate China that they. You and it's said that about what the owner of the Clinton. Fed. When -- -- couldn't believe it. I did that cause I give them a couple of them thinking out. You can't give them Mexican town like this sitting under the -- talented and he thinks that her life. Then Brett about that I am at it that job they get paid a salary and when they get their take checked. Just like you did you like you can buy a -- what have you went by the humanity. Did it definitely makes me want to -- it would eat like Benson and -- outlined by club I would think to me can mean to you -- stupid. Now I've hired by agree Jansen on Politico and -- -- earlier Anthony who is is attacking it Tom Benson. Everything I know about -- density cities are very reputable person. In many many ways. And it's it's absolutely ridiculous cheap shot. To. Save it paying Drew Brees when he was paid discriminates against black players. -- is that theory that the saints paid through breeze too much money and that didn't allow them to have other players that they needed. But it had nothing to do with race. This is Cisco show and we'll be right back on -- bureau is America overreacting. To the alleged racist comments made by clippers owner Donald Sterling who told -- is should black Mexican girlfriend. Who is very light -- I don't bring of blacks to my games and don't promote that you were hanging out with blacks by posting pictures of yourself with blacks on mr. Graham. I -- they do admire blacks like Magic Johnson. He also said. That. He'd. Doesn't hate blacks but how could those comments not indicate that he. Is a racist. Here's RR OW BO project opinion poll is America over reacting 36% say no 64%. Say yes America is over reacting. And if she is with this guy for money. She's not with a stifle and I'm sorry that it comes down to this. Legacy shouldn't be sorry because it's not my fault but there are a lot of women. Very young attractive women who sacrifice. Their standards. To be was somebody just because that person has money. You see it IC it. It happens. John -- studio producer just typed up on my screen she's a garden tool. Okay yeah she's a girl and she's not a shovel. As she's not a -- But she's the -- garden tool from mobile Julia your under the WL. -- as possible electricity. Sturm got the one his principles involved racial what did you -- it always seems to go down Michael the quarters to sixty bonus it. Bureau not a there's just me. Now it's such issue. All and and it might be joining us this is it unscientific poll this this is on the but it does is -- this is a that this is a result of people who responding to the pole and it is possible that did on more people on who feel a certain way are responding then then other people -- really. It's not really a reflection of of how the audience truly feels. OK but followed this case. Okay when he says these black and and called. We brought to it was great in the bowels. Not a good work so -- on new. All flexed their play basketball and ran down court it made a lot. Mike don't -- so you know -- yes. Okay. So we're we don't want it might not only -- and so. But -- government. Has been slow all will be well. He's risen to sexual. He's been -- -- blacks and Hispanics that you -- In wanted to go to the field and it worked well. Well people don't decide to open up a tree. We'll make me want. And number 200. In this girl. Just like this -- Law collect a million attribute it to told now. All she -- while ago. In the group out here you -- Sort of what you say three people -- it and put it this long -- good -- And that's -- not gone off -- in all. Of national well believe it. That's right. I really I'm really pulling for the clippers in the playoffs because the better they do the worst it's going to be for him to more pressure's going to be on him the better they do. Well yeah I'll let you heard a million. He'll be humiliated. Let me say that I want to mic told all us little people that -- -- dependent. I Julius I appreciate you calling a specialist Robert mobile. If you enjoy listening with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Or send me a text numbers 87870. We're thrilled to have mentally ill in our radio family and she has some interesting stuff coming up on her show again tomorrow at 1 o'clock. Should we use stray animals. To rehab prisoners. There's a program that. Is out there that saving lives in giving renewed hope to all involved it's called pen pal animals shelter adoptions -- Angela talk about that tomorrow. Also she's gonna talk about or they're too many T shirt shops in the French Quarter. The battle continues T shirt shop owners are fighting back. And against the city's crackdown. Is that fair or unfair. And what's the best future for the Crescent City to an -- hill tomorrow and weekdays from one to four here on WWL. Oscar -- tonight is titled does sterling comments remind us that racism is still alive we'll talk more about this also the NRA is trying to. Trying to do is scared again they're trying to create panic if you're gonna lose your right to keep and bear arms. They had their National Rifle Association. On annual meeting in Indianapolis over the weekend and they talked about the moral state of America but he is that to blame for those who disagree with the NRA. We'll talk about that in the next hour.