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Scoot Show 4-28 10pm, Donald Sterling

Apr 28, 2014|

L.A. Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, told his black/Hispanic girlfriend not to bring blacks to his games and do not post picture of her with blacks on Instagram. There is an outrage from the President to the players. Why is racism still alive in 2014? And why is a 30 year old woman with an 80 year old man to begin with….could it be the money? PLUS: at the NRA’s annual meeting over the weekend, VP and CEO Wayne LaPierre told the members that ‘they’ are trying to take away your individual freedom and gun rights as ‘they’ try to destroy America. Who are ‘they’- liberals and the media. Several possible presidential candidates spoke including Governor Jindal. What can a president do to protect or take away your gun rights?

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It was a great weekend weather wise it was a little warm but at least the Jazz -- toward the Zurich classic or wherever you were there was a nice breeze and especially yesterday there was a cloud covers that made it's a very comfortable for much of the day. I really thought Jazz Fest was not as crowded as as I thought it would be and it's not as Crowder is I have seen it in the past maybe a lot of people waiting for the final -- -- -- kicks off again. A this Thursday at -- through the weekend others so local band and I saw that I've talked about the show before called royalty. Infected journalists let's go to break with with royalties of one of their songs this is -- a local band from Louisiana. And this is a band that it represents this this whole trend that I I quite often talk about witches. Young new bands. Doing music that is very reminiscent of the eighties and it's it's opt it's it's it's positive for the most part and I think royalty -- has very very good career out of it. And there's a tornado threat right now this threatening. Fifty million Americans. Itself these stories in -- sell the senate in the southeast United States throughout the southeast fifty million people affected. And I'm sure you feel the same way I do -- -- when you see video of these homes that are just. Reduced to splinters. After a tornado what you used. You wonder how anybody ever survives. And yet some people do that this is the beginning of another tornado season so this is just. Just the beginning of -- it's a it's a horrible thing for people have to deal with the that we deal with things and in into -- military we don't we don't we we are obviously -- the possibility of tornadoes here but not the way to do it some parts of the country and these tornadoes -- Mississippi and Arkansas a particular. I'm just really throughout the southeastern United States fifty million people look at the -- of the tornado we've got a chance of some rain overnight and into tomorrow. The NRA held their annual meeting in Indianapolis over the weekend vice president and CEO Wayne Lapierre told members that they are trying to take away your individual rights. And your gun rights and they are trying to destroy America. They are liberals and the media. Now I'm -- approach this with a very open mind. If you wanna call me and tell me or send me text only. How liberals and the media. Are taking away your right side I'd I'd like to now because quite often people say this kinda stuff just in order to rile people up. Because the NRA gains membership. They gain money they gain money for private jets and and and and wonderful lifestyles. The NRA hierarchy. Benefits. From hysteria. So it's in their best interest to create. Hysteria. And panic. They're also supported by gun manufacturers. And gun manufacturers benefit when anybody. Tries to scare people into thinking that their guns are going to be taken away so I I I'd I'd love to hear exactly how liberals in the media. Are taking your freedom away. And taking your gun rights away and how specifically. The media and liberals are destroying the country. And Wayne Lapierre just went on to talk about the moral state of American direction America's head again and I'm not exactly sure how you can. Blamed that on liberals and the media. Everybody's contributed. To the moral states of America today. Conservatives. As well. Here's -- WW a pretty jaguar opinion poll the question is is America over reacting. To the racist comments allegedly made by Los Angeles clippers owner Donald Sterling. 36% say no 64% say yes -- could give us your opinion by going to our web site. WW real dot com we're talking about that also businesses in the conservative red state of Mississippi are joining a campaign against. The State's new law that would allow discrimination against gays and lesbians the campaign is called we don't discriminate if you're buying we're selling. And it just goes to show you can't Georgia State. By its color if you wanna join us with your comment to -- our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And a text ever is a 7870. David you're on WW a good evening. Talk about equipment. One quick question yet be -- from the the transformer and the. At beyoncé and -- C touring as a couple for the first time they're going to be in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. This summer -- -- tickets go on sale may the second I you know I I I hope not but if anybody can do -- she can't. -- -- The comments on the other the clippers. -- I think that it would become a morally repugnant. But I think there's going to be a couple of people are going to be -- double edged question. That that those people Cuba and because I think he tried that and having the -- -- about -- India. I think that that Donald -- but -- good property that you. Roger Roger who would be jealous because. -- that you -- on a strict disciplinarian they think I think that it does put the critical against. -- going to be. Liberty they couldn't think of it going at the commissioner in the first I would. Spotted him and about equal to the amount of profit with the clippers made the -- Second it would -- you know. As the rest of this year and next year and expect with the law topic. -- contact with anybody associated with the -- national all the nation. And then -- Which stripped about the operational ownership responsibility. And just to support well I would probably. Put in extra lot about the strange life. Operational. Of the stock options. Is under -- in the cultured. That they have it. And basically the operational over. The public while. -- suspended and not put district. It will be interesting to see what the NBA -- they can't do that much a lot of what you say would be years. Would be good punishment for the guy did but there are some people -- they really shouldn't be punished this is there a private conversation David -- I'm going to call. A lot of people are defending O'Donnell sterling saying this is a private conversation. Any shouldn't be held accountable for what he said in a private conversation. Well if he reveals what's in his heart. And in his mind in a private conversation. Are we held accountable for that. In fact. I guess if we knew what we all said in private conversations. That should be more reflective of who we are there what we say in public when we're all when where. Aware of of people paying attention to is that there's a lot of interesting things about this case not the least of which is money. The girlfriend. The young pretty girlfriend being with this guy. This apology older man. Obviously because he has money. And you and I see it all the time you may know women who are with guys just because they have money it's it's ads but it's it's a reality. And I'm not saying that guys don't have their ulterior motives when it comes through to women as well and as far as I know the -- still married. So don't surely there's so is his wife still with him because she has a wanna give up her lifestyle. If you wanna join us what's your reaction to these comments. I realize that he also said. That he admires people like magic Johnson. And he doesn't hate blacks. But then. -- piece of accepting of blacks why would he tell her. Don't bring blacks to my games. And don't. Post photographs of yourself with blacks audience to Graham. And then what I think he revealed a lot when he said. I obviously I do a lot for them I'd give them homes I give them cars I give them close. Meaning the players. Because he he pays them. Well. If he really feels the way he feels about blacks. And he's a hypocrite. Because he hires blacks. For the purpose of generating money for him. If you enjoyed our show the comets and -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. Or text number. Is he 7870. Here's a Texan -- Escude I think The Beatles stated best. Money can't buy me laugh yeah well. But nobody is -- I don't know if it's really true love but he can buy you. Money can buy an attractive female. To receive all the time. This is this -- show and we'll be right back on to be WL. I saw this local bands from Louisiana royalty. Jessica yesterday. I think this -- that is awesome. Song is called wild it's not a popular commercial now. This group on stage and musically. Just fits perfectly ridiculous this new eighties retro trend that if I keep talking about. Fans like to thank -- dragons. American authors. When Republicans steal the 19752. Door cinema club Saint Lucia. A band called the coldest. These bands are creating music for our young generation. That in many ways feels like the music of the eighties and I think royalties. Here's. And up and coming band it would be part of this whole the threat that we should be routed there from Louisiana but if you guys -- listings -- great job against fast. Your -- questions of racism are still alive Donald Sterling the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers of the NBA. Is accused of telling his onetime girlfriend. -- a a -- confused as to whether or not she still his girlfriend. A study on obesity -- is her name and some of said that it's his girlfriend's imitated his one -- go for it doesn't matter at the time she had this conversation with -- she was his girlfriend but he's also married. He told her not to bring blacks to his games. And to stop posting pictures with blacks and it's a ground stop promoting the fact that she's hanging out with blacks. Now how is that not racist. Outraged at the comments. Was immediate and very widespread Michael Jordan LeBron James. Were among the countless NBA a former NBA players that have -- -- A President Obama said. When ignored folks what to advertise their ignorance. You don't we have to do anything. Just let -- talk. And that's very true. State -- -- CarMax virgin American among the major sponsors immediately pulling their sponsorship. Of the clippers. It's perplexing to me that in 2014. Anybody especially someone who benefits from blacks. Would have such a prejudice mentality. And I don't even color and attitude I call the mentality. During the conversation -- the males identify it is Donald Sterling. He defends how he feels about blacks killing his girlfriend that he gives the black players on the clippers cars money homes. And I guess that's kind of -- suggestion that he only Stan. And maybe that's his mentality. -- there are a lot of people that have that mentality. The clippers are in the play offs they lost the game last night to the Golden State lawyers had Golden State this series is now tied -- to two games apiece the clippers with Chris Paul. Return home to play game five against the warriors tomorrow night. -- a lot of people are gonna watch that game just to see what the reaction the players will be. The players say it took off there. They're jerseys or that their their warmup jerseys that they -- inside out that the date they they -- the team. A logo and the team name under protesters they warmed up for the game against the warriors last night. Several hours before the game tomorrow night the NBA's expected to make an announcement about its investigation into the alleged racist tirade by Donald Sterling. Apparently there are limits to what the leak can do against one of its owners. Some have said they're not really surprised. By sterling racist attitude and that this really reveals his true character. And -- -- Why does anybody feel the need. To feel that way. The first thing that comes to my mind is what this says. About. About people's desire for money. Donald Sterling apparently had a girlfriend and a wife. -- his wife stay with him because she won't give up her plush existence. Q what to do she obviously should we get a lot of money if she divorced him especially he's cheating. But there are women who actually. Except. Husbands and boyfriends. Who cheat. And I've known a few in my life and they're not exclusive to them and they they don't like it but they they know they're cheating. And they they accepted because they they just against wanna be with that person I don't understand it. And did this very attractive much younger girlfriend and stay with this point she all the rich man. Because he had money. Many women sacrifice looks and infidelity for money. And the keyword I think you sacrifice. During this conversation which surely allegedly criticize his girlfriend for promoting her association with blacks. There were times when she said she was sorry for making him angry year I'm paraphrasing here and she said what could she do to make things better. His girlfriend is black and Mexican. Why would she have a relationship. With somebody that has this mentality. Unless it's about. The money. It certainly isn't about his looks. So it must be about his money so she sacrificing. Her integrity she's set she sacrificing who she is. To be with this guy. I grew up as part of a generation. That criticized the establishment. There was very precious. My generation stood for equality. And it's always embarrassing to discover that there's another member of that generation it continues to promote a racist mentality. Ironically Donald Sterling. Why is set to begin a lifetime achievement award for the NAACP in Los Angeles that no longer -- is gonna happen. I -- a text earlier for some -- civil obviously he's done some really good things. Well I guess he hands. -- If you reveal that you're ultimately a racist to be that you have to wonder why did he do those good things to do those good things just to benefit. Or did he do those good things because it was really in his heart. And before fans. Condemn the apparent racist mentality of the team owner but the clippers. -- asked themselves how much respect they give blacks. Who are not in the uniform of their team. I'm sure there are many fans of the clippers. And you can maybe even say other saints. Who don't seek color when a black is wearing their team's uniform. But there's still racist at heart. Total hypocrisy. I disagree with conservative pundit Bill Kristol who yesterday said on this week. That's -- the comments were bigoted. Reaction has been hysterical. Reaction to blatant racism in my opinion is never hysterical. In 2014. The racist mentality of a wealthy white man who basis part of his fortune on hiring blacks is simply ignorant and unacceptable. If we have learned anything as a country. We should've warned that it's wrong to judge a person by the color of their skin. There are a lot of white people that I would associate with because of their character. Not because of their skin color. There's obviously no justification for the judgment of blacks or anyone. Who judge is -- individual by the color of the skin. Or by their nationality. It reveals a deep rooted insecurity within that person I think it people who are racist or. I don't matter what they're afraid of but they appear to be afraid to me they appear to be scared. And there has been a tradition. Of perpetrating racism. On the part of politicians. Who use racism to get elected and that can be said on both sides. Of the spectrum. I guess the good news. Is that freedom of speech. Gives people the opportunity to. Reveal how ignorant and racist they are. And here's a text that reads which do we lose the right to freedom of speech. This is not about freedom of speech. This is not about. Him having the right to say this. This is strictly. About what he sent. You have the right to say a lot of things. But in many situation you would you will be held accountable. For the things you -- This could block tonight is on our website at WW dot com it's also part of the conversation on our FaceBook page at WWL radio. You -- join that conversation you can read the blog -- share with others -- W dot -- -- -- sterling -- reminds us that racism is still alive. Give us your opinion by going to a -- WL. I don't comment also lecture that -- others here is a text Disco at the privacy argument. Is a cop out on the movie to help could be considered an attack. On privacy ocean you know what I have not seen help and I have been told I really need to see this movie so I'm gonna make a point. But it does -- to help aside I really can't comment since I have received. Here is a text that read says scoot I wonder if someone stated. Why are you associated with Jews. Or Jews were better off and concentration camps with the criticism. Beat overreaction. If you wanna join our show with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. In a text number. It's 877. Also the the NRA held their annual meeting over the weekend and and vice president and CEO wing -- here. I told the members that essentially the liberal media and liberals are destroying the country. Exactly how is that happening -- have any specifics or is he just saying that and are you just buying into that. Now I agree that the moral direction this country. Is not going -- good direction. But I think it's ridiculous to blame it on one group because everybody. Everybody. Is to blame every different group is to blame this cannot just be blamed on the media. And if you allow the media to manipulate you. Then you've allowed the media to manipulate. And you you should allow the media to do that. Think for yourself don't buy into the rhetoric. Don't buy into just what you. What you wanna hear people buy into what they. What supports their opinions. They don't want to but it when he hears something that challenges them they don't wanna hear something that makes them think. Audiences in general. Seek. The news would be entertainment or whenever. It reflects. Who they are and I know how much the generate benefits. From hysteria and panic. And it bothers me that they will try to instilled this fear in people. For the purpose of generating. Revenue. Revenues through. Through membership. There's nothing wrong with being a member of the NRA. But it's a strong political lobby group and and for those who don't like lobbyists. Take how many do you support the NRA. There a lobbyist organization. But I just don't understand exactly how. Healthy in -- can say that the media and liberals are destroying America mean -- is there a specific thing that you can point to. And and can you blame the moral direction of this country. On liberals in the media and if so how. Got an open mind and I'd I'd love to I'd love to hear specific about it. It also there were several presidential candidates well possible presidential candidates in 2016. Who spoke including our own a Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal. Why do people think that a president can do something to either protect or take away your gun rights. I don't understand how a president can take away your gun rights and yet so many people look to the president looked a presidential candidate who's gonna stand up. For the Second Amendment -- Well what can the president actually do. And I'm missing something here. If you wanna join our shooter rights are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy and a text number. Is 87870. WWL pretty -- opinion poll tonight is titled is America overreacting to the racist comments made by LA clippers owner Donald Sterling. If -- opinion by going to W of derailed the outcome this is the -- show. On a Monday night. And we'll be right back on WW well. As we come out of this break we get back into our show here's another song the the man -- Louisiana royalties. This line -- it was a song they played yesterday. I -- get some audience participation. For quite diverse crowd. And royalties they were not only young people but also words of I don't know if they were played but they were. Or close it -- it's that I actually thought again I'd I think royalties that very area. Intelligence -- grant. A tornado has been confirmed touching down seven miles south of Tuscaloosa Alabama. -- -- fearless -- our show tonight you could be in some really rough weather severe thunderstorms most likely to hit the North Shore in this particular area. But most of the severe weather and most of the tornado threat is to the north of of the New Orleans area. That would be -- Alabama Mississippi or Arkansas -- north Louisiana and devastating tornadoes hit Arkansas and Mississippi and that has been all over the news we're just getting into the beginning. Of the tornado season and as soon as much as we don't. Like hurricane season. I I guess if I had to. Pick between the two. And my house was either going to be the target of a tornado or hurricane. I take a hurricane even alive wooden board and make their choice. When you when you see the remains of these homes that are just reduced to something that looks like a pile of Lincoln logs. It's been. It's just it's it's amazing that anybody survives and and yet many people do and there's so little warning and theirs and so. So little you can do you really. The only thing you can do I guess would be have a basement or secure Rula a safe room to go and -- and -- tornado by pitcher area. Or should there be tornado warnings but you can't. You can't make your home tornado proved you can do more to protect your home from hurricane. And you can't from the tornado. I hear is attacks that reads. The president can create. A way of executive order. More stringent laws concerning gun control if congress fails to pursue his agenda. Just Google executive orders enacted by President Obama during his tenure. The proof is there every president has said -- used executive orders. However the Supreme Court is not going to uphold. A gross infringement on the Second Amendment. Has an up to this point. This is not the first time that there is there have been questions about gun control this -- the first minded. That that people have tried to instill panic picture about to lose your right to to keep and bear arms. And just think about the motives of the messenger. Now on both sides of this issue. There are people who try to instill panic and fear in people. They are the gun control advocates who will use a tragedy. And say -- you're gonna lose -- you're gonna you're gonna die by guns. If we don't giver to guns. And then there are those who support gun rights to say everybody needs to be art. And neither groupies. Is totally right. But they simply. They simply. Find that the rhetoric that they need to support their opinions. If you enjoyed our shooter might -- number is 2601870. Toll free 86688. Nines nearly seventy. -- -- -- -- Is a 77. Here's a text go ahead admit it. Their old people at the concert too I mean come on you were there -- it's. I was at royalty I love a lot of the new music that is it that is out today. Even though I was on the year playing the music of the eighties when the songs were actually has but I. -- I it's I've seen younger generations adopt the eighties music those hits as their own date they love it and now. The manifestation of that is there are young groups. Doing new music for a new young generation. And that music sounds very similar to the eighties a -- James you're on WB UL. And the James. A couple of comments weren't I think that the reason so many people are concerned the young -- that conversation. It is in the Indian blessing to be -- Incident and even just going back Communist C. Story right. In -- right French principles they only two people shy. Have a fool and that at the stores -- located in meg. Definitely should think either stayed at C dot com all the time. And what I'm saying is this despite -- operations in eclipse at first and make something makes me think that maybe -- would be staged in the leading to pregnant and just to give you an idea of the perception -- the mentality of these. -- -- which you can argue might consider. Those whatever and -- -- to support the Second Amendment and and -- good. You know moderate -- Give people -- -- it's important transition you. I think it. I see the -- and gun advocates are seeing. You know if he says -- dislodged from the -- business they're doing great -- Issued its targets. It's like two people shot -- anybody I've read this story. At Yahoo.com. And enemies will likely send in troops overseas now Eastern Europe right now. You know the country's print money in these other bigger issues. And and it's like we keep talking about that that you say something to appoint. I don't want controlled controlled in the world. James. All alleged finisher your comments. There are people who think that tragedies like sandy hook were staged I'd I don't know who -- stage that night I don't think they're staged -- I'm not gonna change your mind if if that's what you if that's what you believe. As you know if you listen to -- issue aggregated basis IA quite often talk about how the media. A sensationalized as those stories that are quick to capture attention and it's something fits into a preconceived. Hysteria or panic it's already deep rooted in America then the media picks up on that and and and people follow along. Agreed they were just having a good debate here and he's -- and I despondent as fuel what was your comment to make sure they're on this. What she said he -- them according -- what has the -- immediate and that affected will probably continue so what did you think that. I think advocates -- And I are well what is the NRA is in in my opinion trying to instill fear. That to our guns are being taken away and Joseph Wayne Lapierre of the vice president CEO of the NRA. Said at the annual meeting over the weekend and Indianapolis that it's vanity it's it's liberals and it's still liberal media. That are responsible for the moral direction of America today. Okay I'm academic that dragged on day and at securities backed up and I am and that kinda creepy. And you know people -- -- these -- change on that spears -- you don't. And as an example but it's racial debate I don't know -- This style sterling and I have one comment about that at the end of this. I give me an example I think there are did not live in view of apple didn't think he'd be minimizes -- problems. -- -- in the Middle East and over. Any -- to read about it but he had to be. Read next that the -- into that -- As -- -- and you play and the Bon Jovi. Think I think. Don I gotta get to a break. A quick one -- -- You know the offense and that could be. Caught in that racist too. -- actually took depiction -- -- and immediately you're virtually in. In that you -- at a good point. When it -- congress nation should have. And that there's been an urgent. Need that the only. -- -- James I'm -- get to break a critical if you -- stay with us this is the -- showing more of your comments are next. WL is America over reacting to the racist comments made by LA clippers owner Donald Sterling that's -- WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight. 37% say no but 63% say yes. This is not a direct reflection of the hearts and minds of the listeners this is a reflection of those who are responding to the poll tonight. And that's the case with all of -- polls if you wanna I give us your opinion go to our website WWL dot com also this group blog is titled. A sterling ran -- reminds us that racism is still alive. It is -- into one of the things that really stands out in my mind about it about this whole thing is that people will sacrifice. There their standards. For money -- -- is this girl doing with this married man if she's nobody for the money. And why is his wife still with him. And while he has the freedom to say what he said. It's not something that he should've said and he'll be held accountable a from Slidell done your under the WL. Thirty but really wow. That's the main thing. Well I'd get I said that when when Obama got elected the first time this first I'm I've said watch the races. Just rise to the top like cream in the whole milk that we used to development that was that back when -- don't -- In the topic you. Can be written to them is -- bed now with a heavily changed -- we don't. But it's almost as bad now as it -- in 61 his -- going back to when I was in jeans models. 101112. I think it's worse now. In the in the in the way that it was back then now I know they'll beat somebody up -- -- they not it may be right. Well done enough I've talked about this too I mean I I do think K you're right either way it's it's not the physical segregation that it once wise but there is still a lot of very deep rooted racism and embarrassing for me comes from my generation that once stood for equality. Yeah and you've got the Supreme Court -- racism. And you've got Fox News. You've got conservatives stills to -- racism is still. It isn't -- every day we see it every day in what should people fall in his second degree anyway when you got does does this or does. Basketball team say we didn't just. What five or six days to the -- this guy step in a way that would -- zone in the globe got its way. You can do. Crispin I mean. That's like. It's just it's. It's been a point of speechless. You know. And I think it's it is your way to describe it I've got to get some news break here but I appreciate you calling our show yeah we're gonna do an update will give -- an update on the Nevada rancher a -- and Monday. You know they were so many conservatives to. He jumped to support him and his battle against the government. And now they realize they were too quick to support somebody they should have been supporting more on that coming up.