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4-29 6:15am Tommy, best way to start the day

Apr 29, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dawn Jackson Blatner, a registered dietitian, nutrition expert, and author, about how to start your day right

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM this is the early edition of WW helpers -- they are all this is 29 this is 201429. On Tuesday not Monday asked -- solid as we celebrate the victory that we have. Achieved over Monday -- through it together and man stormy weather north of us stormy weather east of us are really announcement here. Don't goodness even the north there was included a couple watches really nothing severe to contend with and that's -- good as we get up on this. Now Monday morning. Don't -- wild weather. So I guess I can't take my way. EBT card from the state of Louise and I allowed to a bar and get drunk go to strip club and I don't hide used to monitor the way you can't swipe the card on the strippers to Easter power. But I guess you could use it used to be able uses the bar. I go buy some long rhetoric go get a tattoo. None none of that stuff so loud anymore than we did this story months ago are out now we're banning all that I -- finally now they're making it. This should make it real law -- I was an emergency rule before but now. -- people on welfare won't be able to -- to strip clubs bars. Liquor stores along injury shops tattoo parlors in other places that an -- -- essentials surfaces. Wouldn't you I mean think about it there's the issue. Unfortunately. Mary had to have a world fare card. And you had to go to the bar. And you buy and drink -- it and then you get you thrown a couple of lap dances -- you know as a way we can do about it. -- Guys look at that -- -- -- -- evidence scanner right there on the garter that he struck out and the card right there. So it of these that's the thing that is. Strange to me it was until this year that was legal. You can tell you could do that with your welfare money until this year why did it take so long as they wait a minute maybe we shouldn't allow office -- -- It's been banned already now it's just a formality of putting it in the losses that they can't be changed by the director of the department. I'm going forward it's caused outrage. We do have some fog out there. Fog reported that several stations the on places reported is visibility below courtroom miles in Okaloosa yeah way up. And the winds are relatively call you could see some fog this morning ABC any so bad it's hard to get where you're gone please Texas. And it's 787. Do you wanna talk. About the owner of the clippers today the NBA. Is going to announce the results of its initial investigation. In -- down subtle ones. On your tears that was just -- Barack. -- comments made. Have you watched or listened to the comments. -- yeah I've heard some of it -- we've got the whole thing on our website at WW well that time ago we have a video that actually has the subtitles -- well as everything he's saying. And to me some of the things that caught headlines initially. And Donald Sterling. Were not some of the most. Shocking things he says okay recess. So even more shocking than most of those are probably heard -- -- and I I guess people were trying to re somewhat sensitive in the reporting of and over the weekend. But Donald Sterling talking to his girlfriend. Is essentially angry that she brought it is all -- can she -- Magic Johnson to -- game. She sat next to Magic Johnson. One of the most recognizable. And popular figures in NBA history. Who happens to be black. And he's really upset that there she is at the game sitting next to of all people Magic Johnson. Who's. Magic -- well and I heard magic say that did over the years. Now so all Ireland and estranged sterling at one point in this conversation. Tells her it's okay if she's friends with black people. It's okay he says if she sleeps with a black people carry his girlfriend. He says guys are sex of all the black people you want yeah. Just don't broadcasted. Meaning put it on. Instead Ingram apparently people were calling him and things you know that your girlfriend Erica black friends mr. Graham. And saying don't bring them mama. Black people to the games. Don't bring them immigrants yet this year he doesn't want her he's OK if she's having sex with black people. But he doesn't want anyone else to know about. Because he doesn't want her to be friends with black people one in Ingraham or sitting next to black people. At clippers basketball. Brought the question I've had asked of me from a number of people it is said what can they really do to -- Well he's the owner of the -- being out I can force. But wait here's the other -- fall -- cheese. Half black half Mexicans he says. In the record and so he's okay having a half black girlfriend but he notes in the recording she doesn't look. On the record yet he says he tells me you don't look like you know what so it's okay. The maps and indeed what will the NBA do today well. We'll find out I wanna ask people if you were the commissioner of the NBA what would you do Donald stern. Anything you want. What would you do you force him to sell or Somalia is I think the other owners definitely could did you say -- the other owners as Michael Jordan. Anyway the while he is black. And thank you David. Race in America. Strange strange things that keep. 516 is any of -- surprise you hear the NBA commissioner what do you do and -- owner of an NBA team. What is your. Decision on Donald they're. Texas -- 7870 your forecast in sports with Steve Geller coming up Fred thank you for calling WW Alec yet. I am on yes you are. A comment about EE ER yeah. Genetic stop these people use that all come. They can't stop you at 8 PM at the audio out. Mark I've gotten text messages people saying the same thing once -- just get the cash at the ATM's of these -- cards. You can use like an ASEAN -- go to the bank and all the cash right out and you can go at all that you can go all by all the strip clubs at -- Tattoos. Lingerie you want that way -- Yeah I give you an example I haven't actually care. EP are. So I mean you still get money any more. Action. Guess some people could also give them cash for that hey dad and you know well this doubled him you know catch them I don't know. I guess there will always be a wave it. Is that a good thing the states at least trying to stop people from using welfare benefits for booze strippers tattoos lingerie and other things that are not considered the central. Then we'll talk about that coming -- dummy text messages and it's 7870 right now your forecast. We DC a slight risk for severe weather today that includes southeastern Louisiana and coastal Mississippi we could see some strong winds with any storms develop this afternoon. And there's a 40% chance for some storms later on still warm and windy today with ties at 84. In any storm should begin to wrap up around midnight lows will be dropping into the sixties overnight a little cooler tomorrow as well 79. With a 20% chance for a lingering shower then Thursday at 10% chance for an isolated shower and even milder with highs of 74. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist -- Tell and I we escaped -- round one let's see what happens with this continuing chance for heavy showers and thunderstorms right now cloudy. And 75 at the airport in Canada some fog reported visibility on the North Shore down to less than a quarter mile -- Bogle -- where it is 66 degrees. Sports now here's Steve Geller I'm WWL. Congratulations for surviving Monday welcome to the -- I call not Monday that. You referred him to use it yet so -- consent -- it's been good we made it through Monday and I would think that's a good thing 20% of the work week is behind us. Again Monday gun and if you yet -- -- percent office -- you were shot and where you'd be pretty happy wouldn't it. It sounds good yeah good morning everyone. NBA commissioner Adam silver will hold a news conference today. Record reveals sanctions illegal impose on LA clippers owner Donald Sterling concerning racial comments reportedly set by him and recording. Clippers coach Doc Rivers says he believes a very strong message is coming adding that he turned down an opportunity to speak to the team owner. -- -- Quite honestly I don't think -- now's the time of the places from media at least there and so I just a product. Meanwhile the clippers host the warriors in game five of the MBA playoffs tonight at series is tied at two games apiece. The top seeded pacers are in serious danger of becoming a first round casualty. The Atlanta Hawks only three games to one lead after six of their players scored in double figures during a 107 and 97 win in Indiana. The Miami Heat of completed a four game sweep to advance the NBA's Eastern Conference semi finals beating up bobcats 109 to 98. -- -- LeBron James dropped 31 points in this one and says that Miami is growing as a team. Mostly about the series that we improve every unit fell the most important thing and -- -- -- we Caremark you know that a man down. -- to promote same mindset as we are in game three and we turn the ball over. When -- good shots. And you know once again or third not to vote rich from folks -- so big time. Also San Antonio has squared -- series with Dallas at two games apiece by knocking off the mavericks 92 to 88. The game was tied at 87 until four as the -- hit a three pointer with 32 seconds remaining. Those Super Bowl champion Seahawks and free safety Earl Thomas have reached an agreement on a four year forty million dollar contract extension with nearly 28 million guaranteed. Thomas is a two time first time team all American it was the Seahawks second leading tackler last season while intercepting five passes. The St. Louis Rams have exercised their fifth year contract option on all pro defensive end Robert Quinn keeping one of the NFL's top pass rushers in the fold. Through 2015. Quinn -- -- franchise record with nineteen sacks last season which was second most in the NFL. Over on the -- in this effort scheme in Nashville was postponed due to rained. And ESPN reports that nationals outfielder Bryce Harper is going to be sidelined at least until July because of surgery on his left column. Today have four on sports talk the NBA talks about its investigation of clippers owner Donald Sterling. If allegations of racism are true what should the league do and would you buy a ticket to see that the clippers play. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports. I think some people where having issues where -- this in terms of do they go to the game hey you know they -- rivers yesterday shared. Fans should black fans come into the game what you go to the game you're giving Donald Sterling your your money right but you're also there to make a point so it. The NAACP yesterday gave back donations -- down sterling has made things we don't want your money. So it's an interesting dilemma Doc Rivers said he doesn't know -- -- to do they should do what they think is right he also said he didn't know what the players should do. Coming up in 2.5 meant to me to back in here with more sports and play cut from Doc Rivers. That is to me it was very intriguing talking about how basketball players particularly black basketball players live any fake. World they don't have to experience that usually the same kinds of racism and other issues that people -- In the NBA or in this professional sports world may -- so we'll talk about that in point five minutes. Any indication from the analysts on what we should expect the NBA to do to Donald Sterling. I'm hearing it could be an indefinite suspension and a hefty fine now people are taxing us today 7870 some like that idea. One person does -- and ally in the millions and millions -- what I'm saying hefty fine definitely in the seven digits yet other people though -- -- actress that I wouldn't do anything to them why it's so bad that he hates people. We all secretly hate some things whether it's another race whether it's our neighbor whether it's our ex wife or the president it's okay to hate without hate. There would be no love. Mean I remarked necklacing is coming up thank you Steve a talking point five minutes here on WWL I am adamant that we escaped the. First round of storms are more common the front is not passed yet so we are still looking at another round of strong to severe storms possible today even though most of that was in Mississippi Alabama yesterday. We are under arrest slight risk here in southeastern Louisiana and coastal Mississippi for a few strong storms later this afternoon. Still warm today highs of 84. That rain should wrap up by midnight and look for some slightly cooler air overnight in the sixties. We're back up to 79 on Wednesday it 20% rain chance and Thursday rain chances at 10% and highs of 74. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm urologists are box itself. And people are really split on what to do about Donald Sterling -- and kicked out of the game mothers say -- enough until army has its freedom of speech. What do you think Margaret text -- and 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first is on this the 29. Of April 2014. Almost got a month in the bag it's Tuesday asked the daylights column not Monday yeah congratulations on making it through Monday and getting -- Tuesday. As you deserve to pat yourself on the back -- job well done I think just surviving Monday. -- -- feed our wounds and it certainly -- 83 year old Doris Cain is going to. Jail. On two years 83 and the judge thrower in the slammer. That he really didn't have a choice she'd just won't stop stealing things borrowers and Riverside California. -- allegedly. Convicted of stealing a diamond ring. Worth more than 22000. Dollars from a jewelry store while we're not talking about you know I think a lingerie or something that's not an idealistic golf. Yeah candy bar house it's a cloudy -- and prosecutors they've paid -- a rap sheet dating back in 1952. Although she's only served I think sixteen months in jail. After she -- 161000. Dollar ring in 2011. At a sentencing yesterday a judge ordered to serve two years under mandatory supervision. And -- -- away from jewelry out watch out the I think you might wanna get a picture of this 83 year old Doris pain if you have a jewelry story and the Los Angeles area and put it up and if you see this woman do not let her even ball carrier ring. She probably lowers the man under a false pretense it's like out yet oddly I think -- false -- that she's an old lady while that's what I mean Alex this lady got the news. -- this is to them look like Steve who -- that I don't know you know obviously thieves and -- don't mess look like these and hoodlums but. You don't expect him to look like an 83 year old won't announce a letter look at the ring and then we'll get back to you and a couple of -- -- -- when I go out this this nice young couple over here and look at data aren't really be right back ma'am. Well where the old lady ego with a 22000 dollar ring on. -- gone on thank you David was talking about twenty minutes to more first news here on WWL AM at them attack on Chris Miller joins us Moore joins us to talk more about this bill that says schools considered Christmas trees and have Christmas plays without having to worry about lawsuits right or wrong back after this -- more about them. One person Texas today 7870. About Donald Sterling says yes we have freedom of speech but we have to be prepared for the consequences. Someone else says he should be banned for life from the NBA but several others thank. That nothing should happen. -- one -- as it was a private conversations sterling had with his girlfriend don't do anything to -- we'll continue this conversation coming up. -- laden let's go live directly Eyewitness News forecast and it's a good -- -- As meteorologist Laura but now how well we survived Monday. So I -- called this day that most people call Tuesday not Monday right it has high Monday yes I want to emphasize how we made it through Monday that and we made it through the first round of what could be another -- -- two rounds of some pretty nasty weather -- No really. -- say the higher threat was always going to be north of -- Mississippi and Alabama and while we have that isolated chance for a strong storm. I really been kind of focusing on today for a little bit more of that threat here in southeastern Louisiana and while it still going to be isolated today it's not going you widespread severe weather this afternoon. There will be a few thunderstorms develop later on the we'll have the potential to turn severe. OK so any time from now really threw tonight. People and be ready for. As he -- isolated severe thunderstorm. Right -- I I don't wanna freak people out and make him think that what happened up in Mississippi Alabama yesterday and last night we'll be happening here but I do want them to be. You know calmly aware of what's going to be going on later today because -- are looking at that second round as you mentioned a strong storms. And so while again the higher threat will be north of us. Right you're north of the lake and up toward the state line maybe in Mississippi this morning just kind of had your plan in place in case -- watches and warnings are issued for you where you would go how you get to your -- spot. Because as we see you know these storms are destructive lots of damage pictures coming out of Mississippi Alabama this morning. It's -- be -- Eric keep your radios and you found clothes will give you all the watches and warnings and if and when. They are issues other than that we're getting slightly cooler weather golf this one. It's gonna learn stable air moving and I like that that means no thunderstorms for Wednesday Thursday Friday and cool to have its seventies for the end of the week. Thursday night -- for highs. House and now this we did the early part of the week we -- mid seventies for low right the end of the word yet seventies right now so but this second -- of the week and a mid seventies for fry an overnight lows upper forties to fifties -- -- providers very advanced that's Friday it has been a book and fantastic. Weekend to hold up weakened looks great at that eighty on Saturday an 83 on Sunday but mostly sunny both days days ago ladies and gentlemen mr. meteorologist -- -- -- now how much did your little Jack -- your way. No he weighs. OK well then you'd be good to take him on a train -- under -- six month experiment. That is beginning now. To see if they should allow pads on commuter and passenger trains so they don't know how you can bring a pat on a plane that you can't replied apparently not an -- we -- -- -- when you do bring your dog on the plane. Do you keep them. With U I yeah I have not ventured into that aren't enough experience now I don't get I don't think it would end well he high strung -- love some car -- that's on screen might might work for him right its biggest head out the window would train and wagging when he brought up and down -- -- then. Well this is an experiment we're gonna try it on just a few of the lines to see how it works out the -- in -- against -- twenty pounds -- -- left and right place at the owner's feet or under the seat in a carrier. Yeah that's our that's where that's where I I go off to decide -- the heat and scarier thing to have a veterinarian gave me a pill to make them off sleepy support that trend. But. I took. We tried those pills -- actors and -- to my cocker spaniel on a plane once to Chicago. And that she was in the bag on in my seat. And I that unity as the events on the side bet that -- -- Freddie had -- science -- to get more -- and she was a dated really what the problem. About half an hour into the flights as they're not at all. Now there as my cocker spaniel for heat up. Crawling under the -- going through people's beat and yeah it was a goal line bears. Has so what let me put -- down in the. Our goal line I -- you can't do that you really having people do it all the time I know I know it's it's it can be dangerous for that for the pets that don't do that but yet at you know. It's funny by my father in -- the veterinarians and he's always -- a -- got to stop this it's going to be great give on this or whatever and no matter what we give them short of a anesthesia a they've -- no matter what we. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're like it steal a car ride I'm gonna get real excited. But the man Jack Jack detectors. He -- announcer -- went and I -- ultimately Jack yeah enact the announcer what did you Greg -- all of a document like Jack interior let all hole like right now there is interrogated interiors detect nuclear corrects -- -- -- -- yeah he's -- announcer. In fact it's now or not go on for a train trip I taxing the thank you are like now live and direct from the Eyewitness News sports market text messages sports and some interesting comments from the clippers coach about. Do you athletes' lives in a fantasy world. -- hear what he had to say after -- 5:49 good morning I'm gave -- the early edition of WWL first news that Doc Rivers the coach of the clippers had this to say yesterday when talking about how this whole controversy is impacting the players on the clippers. When they hear the racist and I don't you know that was trying to tiptoe around racial comments he purportedly said there's no doubt he said it now there's no doubt it was racist. Good or bad you can make a judgment on that but it is racist so how -- his players dealing with that listen to Doc Rivers. You know we let -- make believe life is and sport. We do let's just be honest they remember in the it's so unreal the likely to abandon them right now there's real life. And they have to deal with it and hope you may be dealing with real life situations for the first time and so. You know we'll -- cultural and and then they'll be better people because. You get. Fantasy make believe world and he noted also Steve Geller that. These players their whole lives. Have been shielded from some reality. They have not been treated like normal people because they've been amazing athletes and they were children -- I don't think that. Race has anything to do -- that there because I think every aptly white black Mexican game. It doesn't matter. In -- to it a different standard as an athlete right and that's what he's saying is -- the and they haven't dealt with the kind of racism that exists in the real world because there millionaires they're professional athletes there. Living in this make believe world that is the world of sports and he says this -- the taste of reality so interesting comments and thoughts on the map details about sports. Good morning and happy Tuesday everybody we could certainly learn that what the MBA players to do with LA clippers owner of Donald Sterling the league has called a news conference this afternoon. To make an announcement about the investigation involving his racially charged comments attributed to him. Clippers coach Doc Rivers says he opted out of a chance to speak with sterling and does believe it's the team's owner on the audio recorded. I haven't given him an opportunity to Ridgeway himself they're quite honestly right now don't want him or one objectively so I'll wait for that. -- -- -- Rivers is getting his team ready for game five of their NBA playoff series against Golden State tonight that series is knotted up to two. -- the Dow hit a tiebreaking three pointer with 32 seconds left to lift San Antonio past Dallas 93 to 89 evening up that series at two games -- Atlanta is up 32 and a series with the pacers after Mike Scott made 53 pointers during a thirty to six run in the second quarter of the hawks 107 to 97 victory at Indiana. For Paul Millsap knows it's not going to be easy for Atlanta the close the door on the pacers. We don't don't come out you know guns blazing it's getting so. Thank you rattle you don't come onto -- -- -- -- completed a four game sweep of their opening series as LeBron James scored 31 points to lead the two time defending champions past the bobcats 109 to 98 in Charlotte. In NFL news the Seahawks -- free safety Earl Thomas have reached an agreement on a four year forty million dollar contract extension with nearly 28 million guaranteed. Thomas is the two time first team all pro am with the Seahawks second leading tackler last season intercepting five passes. Saint Louis exercise the fix your contract option on all pro defensive end Robert Quinn keeping one of the NFL's top pass rushers in the flowed through 2014. Yet 29 and a half sacks last two seasons as the second highest total in the league in that spanned. And this -- game in Nashville was postponed due to rain the two teams who make up that game tomorrow as part of a double -- -- -- on sports talk the NBA talks about its investigation of clippers owner Donald Sterling if the allegations of racism are true. What should delete do and would you buy a ticket to see the clippers play. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports -- fifty. -- they've gone Steve Geller with you on your radio do you think of that. Professional athletes live and reality do you think they live in this meek. Believe world in little more time. The make believe life yeah I don't think college athletes. Live in the real world either now -- -- -- they're treated like other students -- way and the I don't think that they have to be held at the same standards that academically yes they have to pass their classes but. They get help they get tutors they -- other benefits. They're going to school many of them not all of them as the stars or go to school for free. It is interest thinking that you know this opens up so many discussions and so many different things. The NBA today could announce some action against sterling right they could as early as today. Laid down some fines penalties including. -- suspensions and more. Yet a lot of people are calling this -- a ground breaking moment in the -- so. Very harsh. Sanctions are expected to be handed down like I said. Fine in the seven digits you know millions of dollars and also I've been hearing an indefinite suspension from the league for for Donald Sterling. Thank you. -- talked about fifteen minutes more first news here on WWL am FM and act now one person tax on that. And for a few racist comments at the bit ridiculous. And other persons says Donald sterling and his girlfriend both belong -- -- what all good people file. Mortgage text messages that. A person says we've lost our freedom of speech and text message date seven days after the if we offend anyone particularly about race they wanna put you in front of a firing squad. This -- obviously in defense of Donald Sterling but several other people of Texans that yes you have a freedom of speech but yet to face the consequences for what you say. Then your forecast. On this Tuesday were warming back up into the mid eighties like yesterday it's going to be muggy and breezy and we will have to watch out for a few strong thunderstorms this afternoon and evening. We're looking at a 40% chance -- we are seen a slight risk for severe weather today into the evening time. And that we get decent storms up until about midnight tonight after that we -- cooled down a little bit. Temperatures to be dropping into the sixties overnight it back up to 79 tomorrow a little bit drier but still at 20% rain chance for Wednesday. And Thursday were back to some sunshine at 10% chance for shower and highs in the middle seventies. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark -- out. -- 75 of the airports some fog there visibility Vogel is a less than a quarter mile flight out cloudy and 73 I'm Dave Allen thank you for starting your morning here on WW well. -- -- -- 878 felonies does why would that lady record the conversation like she was gonna use it against him. I think there's no doubt if you listen to it you can listen to the entire thing at WWL dot com. She's trying to get him to specifically say things that she wants him to say. Divide it sounds like -- things she's he said to her in the past. Much more to come throughout the day on this. Here on WW well AM FM and dot com thank you for joining us and talking about it here on the early edition of WWL first news. And all of your text messages a -- 78 SE I can read them all.