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WWL>Topics>>4-29 7:15am Tommy, drivers licenses & tests

4-29 7:15am Tommy, drivers licenses & tests

Apr 29, 2014|

Tommy talks to State Senator Dan Claitor about his bill that would extend the time between renewing your drivers license

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dan Slater joins us right now state senator Dan plated talk about it. A -- -- -- he -- to have -- that would apply to drivers licenses good morning sir how are you -- great grew more reviewed thanks taking the time with -- tell me what Euro. Would you bill would do and and the reason why you wanna see this done. All right well it's pretty straightforward it just moves the renewal of your driver's license from four years -- six years are on the you know finance committee in the senate. And current limits -- most justifying the other -- And the question was posed to them how to reduce the weight that people have when they're in the office in the -- one it would -- either. Push it from 46 years in the driver's license renewal would get about a million people every four years through there and so that seem like a good idea to me you know move forward -- -- I would think if the superintendent state police said that he obviously thinks that there's no. Safety hazard when it comes of this and I think one of the big rules here's the big questions here's senators. To people not know the rules. And or do they just don't care because somebody had texted me away when we began talking about this and said you know they ought to give more driving tests but. I would also lost say now do you know as far as driving test how long year -- often you have to take one. Now my recollection communism I took the test when I was fifteen years old which would be. 37 years ago and I hadn't had taken another test since -- but you take in the -- test to make sure he conceded on the road. But there's no additional tests what you passed. Do you think there's anything to be gained and and certainly wouldn't help the wait times -- -- given more drive contest is. My own opinion is I think people pretty well know what they should do but they don't. Necessarily do it I guess there -- other considerations about rare road crossings it's utterly thing. Well I think experience is the best teacher didn't one year out they're driving these should be a better driver in time but. A lot of -- -- see people get confused about what that stick is on the left side of the steering column never uses a. That's a turn signal indicator though that -- absolutely but then there's sometimes you know people behind you that. Well -- like revealing your hand in poker once told that a note you're trying to do -- and I -- let -- and. Could be the case but I saw us sitting here recently that we have. Supposedly the worst drivers in the nation and I believe that is reflected in our insurance rates but. We could certainly do better one of the things that they attribute that to his just -- culture of drinking and driving but I think it's deeper than. And generally speaking this says -- you know there's not -- change anything in terms of insurance rates or. It's just a procedural thing that'll make it easier on almost. I says it'll say viewed aren't you won't be in in the in the line as long as you have in the past is a price on them. No it well it'll be probe will when he signal and a bit that'll be the same price per year the right -- -- pain in the past. Yeah not paying an extra fear anything. No doubt -- thank you senator I appreciate your time and I think -- man -- to go. No I just appreciated. That you all are looking into these things keeping Republican --

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