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WWL>Topics>>4-29 9:10am Tommy, plastic surgery

4-29 9:10am Tommy, plastic surgery

Apr 29, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Oren Tessler, an Assistant Professor of Clinical Plastic Surgery at LSUHSC, about the pros and cons of plastic surgery

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Not to -- Tesla joins us right now associate professor of clinical surgery at DL issue Health Sciences Center school of medicine morning doctor. Tell me about. The evil I don't know Lisa -- plastic surgery here is is there -- new name for. -- -- -- -- -- Some people were murdered cosmetic surgery for the -- I think what you're talking about earlier that the reason. But you do a lot money comes to burn victims and accident victims and so forth is to restore the way they -- right. Especially in -- in the academic centers. Reconstructive and the critics certainly. They're part of the spectrum. You know that there's a great what my first members that are Tommy that. Part of the function of note the look -- goes so you know you have people weren't follow war around. Other kind of situations where it disturbs their. They're conscious that it will you reconstruct the principles. To rebuild -- -- Their face -- body in the period that. Israeli an approach from. -- In terms of elective procedures I just wondered how you draw the liners whenever it comes to. Com ruled that people wanna put of them out there they want a skylight appeared always seem counter intuitive to me he's got a rude people -- hole and it. And it seems like the same thing with surgery there are risks and complications involved with every surgery rarely does it happen. But if I don't have to undergo it I'm probably not but yet some people think you know one is. My -- is bothering so much bothering them so much they got a he would done. Well yes and you see -- people all different expectations and desires and partly try to these professional. To guide people through that and exactly you know are -- realistic what they want something. That would cost too much risk -- are called the Clinton chapters or it's something that your realistic conspiracy. AA and that can actually provide them what they want for example. They'll see some people seven stroke you know you call -- -- and picture that they -- interpreter so that it that it doesn't. Olympics communicate with people even in the air and it in the workplace. So sometimes if they're a good candidate. And they want it to you -- you'd columns. I would certainly opera for. That the result yet there aren't that. A -- well a bit and have it works or what. So it is really care what people want was to present and what we can offer a manner. I'm just wondered when it comes to. Older workers and a work force and and not been able to retire like they used human being afraid of being replaced by somebody else if if there's not a move now as far as cosmetic procedures. Could be able -- -- done here there are so they look younger. Yeah well I think in general. In an increase the first we use. Or where you're delaying the agent process. That you used to that overall. Right now. We. -- you look at some people that want to work longer wanted to have a more. You orders look at a criminal. Or certain procedures such a lesser but a -- order Hitler. And that they think it will make them. Our mutual in. That they reasonable expectations. Further achieved -- -- and art you have checked everything based on the individual presidents. So do you tell him you know and and a man trying to be funny when I say this out -- a long time ago that if you look at it catalog with suits and ties and and a handsome models you wanted and that sometimes if you put your hand them a joke in here over the face of the model. You write you realizes does that Jack in that time is no big deal there and he relies you know when you're trying to get and I guess the way this model looks and a ninth inning get editing -- have to tell people who come in with a picture that. Ideas -- now and I guess you do with a computer screen now does no look like this and that's gonna look like that and and is that part of the procedure where you X managing expectations and and do computers command that. Most important part I used to -- there's two programs. There are now. All of you and especially -- pressure construction and as our Asian. You can get a decent looking -- but yet here with computers and it -- Well and there are ideal situation. And that they should be aware that. Don't waste your body you know is based on the -- in the O'Meara mentioned that. So excited to be. Able -- pictures of whoever's. I think they're oh where another. I think it patients are generally aware that there are gonna look like and that abuses that it simply remind them there -- -- -- -- explain that. Turn it hurt or not and and what what is possible. Yeah you know you realize you just mentioned conversation with a patient you realize saying your rid of that double -- But a guy you look at his 64 in your 55 that's not gonna change drag understand it is. Exactly and I know you're -- yeah. Yeah that no one OS you'll wanting to and I'm not -- and I try to be weird here but you know occasionally you seen men that are shirtless that. Would appear to handled. You know all the things that women handy is that like a reduction surgery do you ever do that on men. So I think we're very -- -- -- -- -- I just kind of fed guys and have -- -- I think is what I'm trying to saying a layman's term. I answered the procedure probably increase over the last they're they're catered to. And basically it's trying to. Restore what many men on in situations where ever they are cute -- time like man developer and it's an infancy and elections and then when they get -- And that often do with hormonal change -- sometimes corporations -- permanent but. Article master generally refers here. -- grass -- -- soft entry to it that just plain like structure. And we can only get better results. You'll see yeah. And Auckland. In -- when he couldn't rattle in this industry in sixteen years they've gone through Internet and deposit. Everybody changes in the order restoration and and -- an actual results. And before religion go or they generally speaking as I -- it -- patient to patient but. Procedures that are maybe safer than others and and that does that factor in the patients deciding what to have done. Front part of perfect in certain process that occasion and part of what they need to understand it chooses all the options available in some very simple saying that. There are temporary or permanent. Procedure generally. The more permanent. War the patient procedure and the dollar -- so. They're just like Q were you discuss with any anyone whatever and certainly any investment it is is the biggest investment and make the numbers and other body. You know you do with -- decide they're risk profile island and what they're trying to get out of expectations -- Are reasonable. -- you try to work on the proper solution example. Are safe level we. Bringing mentally agency and not -- long. That are closer true. They -- the -- right back to me. Where two more invasive procedure that they stayed overnight but it can last anywhere but sixteen years. So. There's there's more potential war some are actually true warriors but it worked and the patient or they want what they're going to go. Doctor has been very interesting and I appreciate your plane along when American around. Here.

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