WWL>Topics>>4-29-14 10:10am Garland: on therapeutic group homes

4-29-14 10:10am Garland: on therapeutic group homes

Apr 29, 2014|

Garland talks with Dr. Rochelle Head-Dunham of the Office of Behavioral Health about whether HB 1155, a bill regulating therapeutic group homes, is a constitutional violation.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That cellphone Rogan talk about house bill eleven to -- and I think it is. Which is seeking to prevent their brilliant group home for children with developmental. Does some don't at least I think -- -- region. But verify -- straight we have doctor -- show had done -- -- Office of behavioral health in the engine department -- in the hospital. Doctoral booking the show appreciated. -- explained to me what is abundant is its licensing. Or therapeutic group home. Or you're suffering from mental illnesses that. Correct correct how Billy Evans -- inside. Was actually seek to limit the ability -- -- -- -- to have pack but at the light -- From the department now -- operate their city group on our children and let's. What it -- that ability outwit and start community and we. So don't certain providers and certain community can do. Give me examples. Certain providers. There are book buyers who specialized in this area here and back. -- -- -- such homes and we've seen and it currently. One is and baker Louisiana. And the other is in back Irish -- -- BO. And the other one is called company -- provision care residential services. These providers are licensed. On health standards -- -- within the department. To put. There tubing group home or not more than eight children. It requires. On site supervision by two certified professionals. Into her management of that but it. Is under the direction outlined several clinical professionals such a social workers. -- Krajicek like how does its. And so kids typically are kids who have been even. Aren't home what are they have not been. Cheer for and had mental illnesses. Are on top of that which I had heard that result of the on impairment dysfunctional environments. All are on complicated further by those environments and so therapeutic group policy dispute played them in home. At our our therapeutic we've managed. -- -- an accent to the resource does that in acute would have aren't helping cool calm calm hospital. Saturn -- In an environment that's not our issue so there is the -- basically just like our home on -- just managed our professional. And you say we have to the state now. Yes we do we have to when they currently. One is owned and operated by the BOJ. And it. Called -- -- center Carol drive in Baton Rouge and the public is. In baker Louisiana called provisions care and residential services. Old by Charlotte minor. Who operate that facility. And or the in residential area. -- that there. One has been there for two years and the other one had been there actually purchased over a year. No problems. No problems reported by. Standard on actually we will wrap that question recently into the most. And testified that fact that there has been no. On their personal problems reported with those to go. All right Olympic break your base from what you told me -- come back and explain to me why -- those who were given to say there against let's talk about the present all -- that the government it is and the proposed. Law. That would retain the present law it's important to. Come right back double bill Bill Gates have. -- 1053. Of them. And you wouldn't you'll -- these songs in your neighborhood no more than eight children and they residential setting and residential home. What do you think -- exit row 170 total free and vibrant country it succeeds dated 908. The Nevada house bill 1155. In the legislature. And the description sessions. Mixed Pro Bowl on the perished governing authority in which this homes to be located. A condition of licence for therapeutic group home for -- are open from mental illness. We're talking to doctor will show had done them would be department Hilton. Hospital. A doctor what Boortz the present law. So that the current. Law regarding video. To get licensed staying power parish government. Well well well. Not allow for. Discrimination. And licensing would be called I think in the end -- intended to. Shoot. Certain parishes. Now that -- have to apply it to the department -- that -- -- like. No limits on. The availability. License. 11 had applied and at the troop by the end of it could be. The certification form in -- -- -- the group and I sort. To do with the steps that are necessary and Sydney which is and the qualifiers for children. In these particular called the basic the ability need for children. Caught an entity -- Where oh where is this in the legislatures. And still being debated did -- in the community. Yet it's still being debated on it will be her house war. This afternoon. Been in for those against abort abort this Saturday. While that read that op premises or how aged. Department is. Having difficulty with this particular bill -- one it is not that it. The culture of movies where we are welcoming. Environments for individual who all want to live anywhere basically but by. Beijing. And number one. It was illegal because it violates the so there probably. -- disabilities act. Which are two oh boy discrimination negates outline. Because of our hero disability. Saying -- The -- Unconstitutional. Because. It violates the permanent. It's Supreme Court it's a 1999. Com which allowed access. To treatment in community setting. We quiet. And -- department or an Asian real symbol -- from -- institutionalize patient. To the provision of services. In community settings -- individual homes. And all that Supreme Court decision. Did wonders to help more ballots in that direction. Lot but it. -- backwards because it -- not to rely on institutions. Not community -- -- -- people who would do much better. And it community environment and finally. -- limit our ability. -- expand our network services. Across the it -- the end June. Are into now. I have now is addiction and how services. Or. On our way to world. Because we have -- for years. Was limitations. In available. Models had been brought to that state. Those two agencies that we mentioned earlier. On instituted -- models how problem. It is the expectation of the department that we will be able to all broke -- Court and that model across the state -- -- kids can have access to services liberal community. Without. And from. That back into the home environments. Which are there to be deputy. Some -- believes stores have come out of the legislature this session. Lack of money -- come under for a higher education. Taking out coastal recovery -- with -- promise to put -- -- and taken. Fifty million dollars from New Orleans convention center of with a promise of paying it back sometime in the future. Where a bird is the funding projects -- and how stable this. Well we and the budget that we are allocated by the legislature. -- -- Flexibility. In -- how -- you answered. You know one of the things that we prioritize is that what Margaret. Is now that we. And then restructuring. -- There are. Or opera and then they. Get there com are constituent. And others and I'm about re Shipley then there. That the very and -- Home such as there's been community watch it caught. An institutional setting one of the that we are working in the constraint so that -- that -- Lil little -- neighborhood and said do we agree would -- in Louisiana usually it is is open for diversity. And and taking people in that need help. But when we looked -- -- When we look at the continuing stories. Of the legislature. Not -- the legislature's. Setting up. We don't know we're going to have the money were -- rob Peter to pay Paul -- over. So vote somebody -- homeowners say where all -- would like the idea about it. We just don't trust the fact the drew gonna be open two years down the road Boortz to keep the legislature. From drew Q what they've done through mentally that is just comment and take your four and. Well actually issue really is not much of -- -- at the finding -- unavailable. For. That level care but it is. The issue. Caring for children. And making sure that. But that practice that standard comparable caught -- The country and have been opened to the -- been. -- period of time are also available in the state of the. And have you identified the -- legislate a muggy and humid and I'm but it you don't find. The legislate -- -- or against us. Except that there is being. The discussion and see how it all week. And -- Arctic. And -- department vote we have been named. To vote for our and the ones who vote getting. Otherwise we are not we don't have a little knowledge of who it score with a -- Bullets -- those aborted gates to -- -- aide to then look at the law and both federal and state. This it is illegal and unconstitutional. What did these. What we're currently in discussions now. Legislators. One. -- a different perspective. And what we're finding. The very slightly different action -- prevented -- Point. Com. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And later. In the it is. Illegal. That. Action -- educating. Our top priority right. Can imagine being in and high school. To Jude Law to kids in suing. It's pretty simple you look at -- small and that'll tell you it's illegal it's unconstitutional and -- we can't do it bud. If your state legislate tour or who writes laws that doesn't always apply -- A plan and a -- What Schwartz the next this board who would that Gorman health and hospitals and the people involved. In this project now pockets. What are in the Arctic now we continue to. -- To put in place. The providers. Alike and while -- provider. Within our state. Who would like to expand the model of care that have been identified -- -- area where there are children. -- the -- and back away from their home but we know that they -- And that they are at practice. Four children in communities and that we are out of work in other states. Clear. Clear evidence that they are. Good quality services for children will continue to bush. That -- Doctors pictures to look for the time did not understand this at all think I get a better handle on -- no good luck to you. Maybe you will -- -- we'll show it. There aren't a good hour -- a good day.