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4-29-14 12:10pm Garland: on oil fracking

Apr 29, 2014|

Garland talks with Eric Smith of Tulane's Institute of Energy about oil fracking.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back thing about energy this hour we. Have done the numbers shows over the years on. Energy issues. -- -- in particular were acting. And for the first time. I've certainly seen lawsuits concerning protecting and -- -- -- coon -- arm whose. -- don't agree with the concern about it think it's hurting the environment and are against -- but I've never seen a jury. And I Google it couldn't punish that mean it's not there. Couldn't funded juries that have agree and this I'm a dead in taxes. Jurors. Gabe apparently three million dollars the they complain apparently. Have this rocking world setup. -- think about a half a mile from the house that complained that. Lot of sickness. And kept spine livestock dying claim to pour some. Out of their house. The doctors description the -- -- from will open sores. Compliment troubled standing. One government of rations and swords so severe. Doctors had to commit and vice. Daughter in the first grade nose bleeds so often wake up soaked in blood. Went a different doctors couldn't find out their problems. Have form birth defects that begin to die. And neighbors complained of similar ailments. And this. Family apparently was only one and that left -- and go to jury BO and so called. -- report. So. The obvious question becomes is this an isolated and have been on these issues that are. Popping up all over the country yeah it in the thing. Has helped improve for a column media created jobs -- -- economy a boost and made -- Quite a bit more not energy independent but less. Dependent. On where once supplies for hacking programs and she was always one of questions on the energy. Called professor Eric Smith to -- institute of energy proposals are once again that you were you were. Well have they do. And I cover a couple of articles. Took the trouble blocking out the actual case final reading through it's about forty page title. Make a couple of points. -- county jury. Trial in. In the origin it was -- statewide jurisdiction normal sort of federal. Case is certain fertility. Court. And update -- ultra 66 billion dollars players should be to treat -- dollar. Award. So certainly be. -- Always happy about it and perfect -- territory procedural via the funding. For. Our partners -- couple of points to where you read the -- Corporal claims are kind of equally weighted very very wary talk about page ten before they have the -- -- -- And it's quite a bit of discussion of things sort although. Organic -- that are missions the diesel engines on the trucks and patrol or some. No doubt that they were irritated. At the appropriate. -- turn their order which pretty pervasive and here is our courtroom appeal. Part have very strong feeling. -- will appeal the verdict will be overturned that next level of protection score it's. And they and they have the pew. Portland and try and in. Hard specialists. To test area and suggested that we do that saying that have found PT. Been easily been. -- -- At Tibetans in exile in all those toxic chemicals. To broke -- in petroleum products. That something you -- in the air and you're acting. Operational are. I think you find it anywhere you where burning hydrocarbons are the question of sorts for the concentration. And it doesn't need. Or is it followed and norms should get out which the local regulatory authorities which protections were -- protections. For a commission to their version 30 PM today. Are these companies contend that it was always within the limits -- percent for a partner to regulations and our. One of the big differences in the war between the 66 million in the treatment in worship nobody can prove to be sort of malicious intent. Or gross negligence so -- -- what's happening here is. This family name park probably -- attention problems. And and it can keep them altogether and player. In in on differentiated better player -- the result of people throwing. Fifty -- so well and -- general laborer. And unfortunately Ruth withdrew seventeen and so. -- is this something that's very isolated Horry is this popping up as fracking. Becomes more immoral. You know. Well I think it's popping out. -- -- Detroit is more pervasive than people. You know not catching any aspersions on the part but in general where people if they're not benefiting from -- Hydrocarbon extraction process. Their vacancy with their lives from their doorstep are going to be pretty irritated and I don't. Remember I don't think porous destroyed on the property should personal projection -- All right let's -- quick break your word -- just joined us. We're think -- about the -- you're -- that I found concerning for a acting in and clean -- and -- six. Apparently Texans got three million dollars but as the professor said. The oil companies says they did nothing wrong. They're not responsible -- of -- the big you know legal operational all within guidelines and they're going to appeal. Come right back what do you think of asking did something that. I don't think everybody can that guy is help this country economically and job paused what are your thoughts double the bureau will be. Our web -- good about fracking itself -- Texas jury you provincial jury. Ordered three million dollars to a local family. And there were made sick by a nearby fracking operation. And ranking is spreading all over the country creating a lot of jobs increasing the economy a lot of benefits. But some are beginning to a question the safety in the and the idea behind protecting. We have to pressure. -- -- with the two links institute of energy. And Milan and we have juncture and your room with the purpose of human. I don't -- Where. The jealousy. The program on HBO. -- land a plan to inquiry. Are they wish you don't have whale tail. Don't animation. I'm not an expert watched and it in -- light you can create. You always him in the war. Well I think the other thing is that gasoline and pours a lot of people against the idea for asking a lot of an accurate information. Even even. Reference you're environmentalists. Would never step. Courthouse steps and claim that Kessler and is accurate or even truthful. Or do the same shop for example of the flaming -- Turned out not to be our -- that somebody's house and it was a -- -- the separation tactics that you would expect to connect. I think that that there are issues for McCain it is or levity in any process. But I think we have to start out -- accurate information. I think -- Fox's efforts are. You know outside the pale in terms of being an -- There were there was. Investigation. Afterwards -- -- below what it says. Are OK we'll -- What you gathered -- a nation. I mentioned that I mean. Higher educated scholar and much object -- the networks. -- -- about suggestions. Starting from sources like the eight PR the American Petroleum Institute there's an arms in the rule that the government users what they're evaluating. Neutral sites support you're. -- chapter verse what was wrong with the chancellor -- I don't get darling Arafat Hollywood but he's not a -- in the world. Why not watch -- 11. Rate but did. Watched it on its new program vote on the outside -- That game and talk about it. And gasoline history. Actually. -- and it -- each. It's just that call from. Apartment his church and started. Interest rates on we enough. And -- well proven track about that we. And -- program. Money would law -- and chain we'd. -- -- rule you know. Well let -- let gasoline bishop is. An additive that future. -- from. In the debate before but it started in -- -- it was one produced in diapers -- the majors largest player for. Protector model that has nothing to do refer -- or. Real and our. Candidate saint and the ability and -- it's. That -- the big dance company's biggest bubbles. Didn't want him keeps him as an odd -- already refuted what yet. So I don't window. -- to true I mean are you with the gasoline companies again petroleum companies. No on the couch and so are you -- little -- and personal terms call out are trying to do and there are saying is that. I think. You know -- Josh talks is very good at making. Movies. Prepared documentaries there it is on concern people updates on promotional claims and went. Ever -- industry has come up against his -- to disprove them. You know he's it should that the people -- intrusive can authorities go out there terror. Entertainment value probably earlier versions so maybe it's section and they and it's not -- -- -- -- -- he shouldn't present it is being. It documents that people should act. And Joan of view Google and gasoline and a rebuke. You won't buy and all of the documents and they're not. -- -- look at them and produced by these oil industry review so -- was some. Those of professor what would what John was talking about. It's something -- talk about in the shown a lot during a lot of different subjects. I don't know if it's the instantaneous mass communications. Will we seem to be hitting the period of who'd you frost. And I asked him -- and why it has in the answers other. -- I trust people that think exactly -- like I think. And I don't wanna hear anything else. They got to accompanying sentiment parish. Once you do for a Q over their -- -- the company is already bought some land program million dollars. And there was a -- would kill meeting in the people said you know we -- so entrusted we we've got to. And southern -- pack for word. Concerned about drinking water and we don't want it. We don't we get to the point where people just don't trust the oil companies. Or do what they say they're -- I think that that case. Better which is -- coral which is sort of -- company here in New Orleans. Are. And the fairways the oldest land is here in new -- interprets sort of involved or mentioned sort of saint -- And over again. The company is is played by the rules but does this sort you know succeed -- -- -- -- withdrawal. Hundreds -- world beyond. But my tendency is to do is to trust the people haven't done it before. The people are critiquing things what. Really cognizant are extra source of the problems. We help with some regulations and city people writing the regulations. And they legislators floating on the particular. Programs may be with the best -- intentions. Simply don't understand that this should curtail. Ended do you see in the program in the ideas. Any initiatives by the oil companies. That works -- or is getting to be Bobo for everything begins explaining to -- what's happening. And and have a name agreed to -- based on education. Well I think they try our rhetoric it's it's a pretty poor try to sport I think. The CPI has been doing some outreach work and other organizations like national offshore industries association tries to explain to people. -- What these various activities are course. Bedard and education do their best that we run -- -- territory to take people who were engineers. And give them some of the facts. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The ability to counteract things like this Josh Fox News in very deep deep we we can feel good about. Providing a document that refutes everything he -- this -- becomes six months later in the movies already off the shelves -- -- the quality ball. -- -- Refuting some exited Beecher doll. That. Closer one of these days some would call you -- something simple but then again that means I'm never gonna called news I'm a destroyer in the subjected comes. But to some. Professor Eric Smith threw -- institute of energy. It just human and move would come back to its eggs or 187. I think broad -- brought up a very interesting. Point kind of inadvertently. It is it is something like gasoline come I'll watch it in a win now or that is that current events. That's gonna kill rocking all but killed drooling all the other. And then I'll -- the -- Stewart and basing bow that haven't seen anything back. The other way. -- get to a point where. Well wouldn't reading something conservatively. If you're conservative do you believe that if you're liberal you don't -- experts. All are we going to point in almost every direction we'd load. Where there frost what do you think two's are general one lead 72 Oprah. It's six X rated nine and zero or so ago and rub them with a -- coming right.