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Apr 29, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Good evening and welcome to our show on his Tuesday night Tim most of the violent weather stayed to the north of New Orleans it is still a possibility of some. Severe thunderstorms mainly on the North Shore. Overnight tonight but it's gonna turn out to be great day tomorrow. In fact I think the high tomorrow is going to be 74 degrees. Right -- Portland Oregon but it's it's hotter than it is here it partly it's getting up to 980 by the end of the week it is about eighty degrees in Portland which is very warm for them. And not everybody in in the city like Portland or or Seattle not everybody has AC. Actually -- without homes are built without air conditioning because they don't need it so much of the year. But it's going to be fairy and hugely pleasant here and then as I'm looking into the forecast for the final weekend of Jazz Fest. For Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday sensational whether. And it's rare that there's really basically no chance of -- but it looks like there's really no chance of rain this weekend. Which is in great contrast to what we had last year with the Jazz -- so. Make plans to get out and enjoy this final week it it's going to be warm high in the low eighties but he is going to be beautiful. Here's our WWL party general opinion poll tonight it will be tracking this throughout our shooter Knight who was the NBA's punishment -- clippers owner Donald Sterling too harsh. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com and one nature that is we have. Try to pull -- on our show tonight also the -- blog tonight. Certainly will gets a lot of comments. It's titled. Stop defending sterling racism. With -- excuses. And that is on our website at WWL dot com you can read it -- give us your comments if you like. It's also well on our FaceBook page -- dual radio when you can and be part of that conversation. But -- there are still people who are. Trying to find ways to defend. Donald Sterling racist -- And it will talk about them on the show tonight it's time for tonight's top -- -- date -- of the topic things we'd like tutored at which we begin our show tonight on WWL. Number eight. New -- could be bad news for the Democrats and good news for Republicans as we approach the mid term elections in November. The poll was done by the Harvard institute of politics and it shows less than 245% of the voters under thirty. Say they are certain they're gonna vote. In November. Democrats are hoping to at least maintain control of the senate Republicans hope to release maintain control of the house both parties would like to win both houses of congress. Republicans register lower in the polls when it comes to younger voters under thirty. So if you're a voter under thirty staying at home. And really this goes for voters in general sometimes staying at home and not voting is the same thing as voting for the opposition. I'm convinced to this day that there were so many Republicans and conservatives in this country. Who didn't like Mitt Romney and they stayed home and didn't vote for Mitt Romney because -- they thought Ronnie was was too. To moderate he wasn't conservative enough by staying home that actually helped Obama win the election. So if young voters stay home it's going to actually help the Republicans the question is who is gonna get out the vote. I'm still somewhat embarrassed. As an American I'm still someone in -- nets of voter registration in this country. Isn't is -- higher and that a greater percentage. Of of people. Don't don't actually vote. One of the reasons that senior citizens get to what some perceive as a disproportionate amount of attention when it comes to campaign issues. Is because seniors vote in disproportionate numbers to -- percentage of the population. So if you want. Your demographic group. To get more attention -- the candidates when you're young middle age or or older get out and vote because they are paying attention. As to who votes. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. -- Washington Post ABC poll shows that president Obama's approval rating is down to 41% the lowest. City has been in office according to this Washington Post ABC news on new survey. Now. A lot of presidents in their second term they they go down because they they're not that is concerned about. Their approval ratings because they're not up for re election. But every president wants to do well -- have a strong approval rating. Not only for his legacy but also for his party in the upcoming election. So I really I don't have -- in front -- be where how this compares with other presidents but I know George W Bush's approval rating went down. In his second term so this is not something that is -- is totally uncommon. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. City of -- -- ranked number five. On a list of the best cities for food according to the new Conde Nast traveler's readers' choice survey. New York City was number one. Followed by Napa California. Sever Cisco. Charleston, South Carolina you know I'm -- sure Napa and Charleston, South Carolina and should be ahead of New Orleans. On dissent readers' choice survey by Conde Nast traveler. A New Orleans was listed as number five on the list of the best cities for the best food. Mentioning -- -- gumbo red beans and fried green tomatoes. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Bill is known in Louisiana as the Merry Christmas -- won unanimous approval by at a state senate's. By the states apple states senate today Baton Rouge. The bill allows public schools to put up Christmas tree. And to wish students Merry Christmas. Happy -- Or happy Kwanzaa mean any disagreement -- -- is bill. I this -- is from our representative Alan C bar Republicans from Shreveport he says the bill which was crafted in such a way that. There would be no. No constitutional conflict he said that this is very similar to a law in Texas that has already been declared constitutional. The vote in the senate in Baton Rouge. Was 89 to nothing I heard that that I guess this was -- in the house so now goes on to devote. A signal OK now goes to the -- this was said this was in the house was 89. To nothing. So it's that it's it's interesting that. There are people who still don't -- -- be able to say Merry Christmas which is ridiculous. I mean if you're an atheist. Be an atheist. But -- wishing somebody Merry Christmas or happy Chanukah or happy ones hardest does that affect you -- -- it doesn't really hurt you. And I would think that those who wore. Just so opposed to any recognition of of any religious holiday if you appeared atheists. I would think that that just shows a lot of insecurity and that you're just trying to prove. Trying to prove a point rather than. Doing something that really matters. And and what about -- and -- for -- sports. -- what do you -- -- kids. Happy whenever. So I'm I'm glad this bill went through -- -- -- while I do recognize. How there should be total separation of church and state. I don't think there's anything wrong where if acknowledging Christmas or Easter or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or Ramadan or any religious based -- And there's. There's no played anybody can show that this really does have a negative impact on them. And yet there are some people who -- get all excited about anything it deals with religion. Never for a tonight's list the top eight at eight. Illinois State represented -- Keith -- -- -- Who recently resigned. Now faces federal child pornography charges. The 66 year old former state Illinois representative. According to the report. Talked openly. Web chat. About sexually abusing a six year old girl. He went on to say that twelve. Is about as old as I can handle I love -- 67. And eight. This is a 66 year old -- You know there's a lot. Then I understand. I try to understand things that I I don't even understand -- I I try to appreciate things that I don't even understand. But I said this often in. Possession of child pornography. Interest. In child pornography. Is so sick and demented. That I just I don't I don't even understand it. And here's a guy. Who wears a suit and tie and hi I'm assuming he's he's straight but I I guess we don't know. This guy is not criticized. Until it it's reveal what he what he does but I think this goes to show you that you can't be so quick to criticize. Like homosexuals or are a lot of different people mean that the sky is is flying under the radar in terms of his deviant behavior. But there's just something so. Sick and about anybody who. Is interested in in in child pornography. I mean I would love to be a psychiatrist and try to understand the mentality. Somebody who is who is interested in and turned on by news. The state represented to resign marks the nineteenth he claimed he was dealing with serious health issue health issues but as it turns out. On this was not a week about a week before the federal agents came in particular to search warrant. I in his office in his home and removed computers and electronic storage devices. Number three on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Police say -- had a 32 year old woman died in a car crash moments after she was taking so fees. And posting on her FaceBook page. 32 year old Courtney Sanford. Posted that the song happy. Made her happy. I mean how many people are gonna die you know we're never gonna stop people doing this. You realize it doctor -- people are gonna be we can be passed laws that people are gonna steal a text and drive taking self these. And posting on FaceBook while she's driving and look this is not a teenager she's 32 years old so. You know if you're to -- Kantor's step past the softball well at -- -- teenagers do it. There are a lot of adults who do this as well -- to ruled out drugs and alcohol cause of the accident. They got a phone call at 833. Miller got two -- and got a phone call 834. About the accident. Her FaceBook text. Was posted at 833. So police say that in a matter of seconds. A life was over. Just sole woman could tell some -- -- friends. That she was happy. And if you've been doing it. I don't -- I'm not lecturing you on just reminding use it. Nobody who causes an accident or dies in an accident. While they're taking itself he -- Posting on FaceBook or texting. Nobody thought they would die. In the same way that nobody who died or caused a death or serious accidents from drinking and driving nobody ever thought that would happen to them. And the more you text and drive the more you object your FaceBook page while you're driving the more you get away with it the more you kinda convince yourself. That if you can do it and you're okay doing it but here's an example of not a teenager. But at 32 year old woman. Who apparently according to police. Was taking self -- and posting on her FaceBook page. Telling your friends that the song happy. Made her happy. And within moments of that post she was -- Number two on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. I'm a -- MSNBC host jokes are liberal criticized CNN's continuing coverage of the but missing Malaysian airlines flight 370. After the ratings of CNN's new show. I'm new day at bigots and they show CNN's new morning show beat morning jail which is Joseph score over -- show on MSNBC. And I find this really interesting now MSNBC is last in the race and there are a couple reasons for that. A Fox News continues to to dominate and and be number one. Liked for the for the second month this new morning show on CNN new day. Beat morning Joseph in the ratings FOX & Friends was still number one in the coveted category of 25 to 54 year olds. But boarding Jo said this a quote CNN made itself a punch line on The Daily Show for it's -- breaking news headlines and breathless coverage. Our random ocean debris. Morning Joseph top CNN in the first quarter by covering hard news. Just as we have for the past five years and we will do the same in the future. And won't be distracted. By X-Files. Cable news programming. Do you realize how silly it is. For Joseph Scarborough or anybody to blame. The programming of another network that does better in the ratings. Four game losing in the ratings. Why would you blame CNN. Would you blame the audience. -- again and put something on television. And more people watch it. Excuse me why would you blame the network. For putting it on that's their goal to get ratings. It's CNN actually. Has always been known for continuing coverage it was a continuing coverage of of Baby Jessica in the well that put CNN on the map. They they were on their way down. And that the constant coverage at 24 hour coverage of Baby Jessica. In a well I've remember the story sure you do as well that puts again and on the map so I just I find it just absolutely insane. The -- score over I would respect a full of himself by blaming CNN. Reporting on programming. They did better in the ratings and -- That the truth is the audience decides. And if you wanna blame anybody you really have to blame the audience. And and not CNN. -- again fox is is number one now the average 88 the average April viewing among gone 25 to 54 year olds. A new day on CNN had a hundred in 191000 viewers now when we talk about network cable television. We're talking about a country of follow what 340 million. That's not a lot I mean these these cable news channels. Generate. Lower ratings that I I I would've thought. And we've talked about the social -- so new day according to the latest ratings and 25 to 54 which is the coveted advertising demographic. Had 1191000. Viewers morning Joseph had a 105000. FOX & Friends on. Fox News had 300 I had 237000. In the 25 to 54 year old. Nine age group overall on the average fox for the total day for the month. Averaged. Over. 980000. Viewers CNN over 430000. And MSNBC. I just over 32003363003. Or 62000. So again when you when you look at the overall ratings and then you look at the few people 25 to 54. We're watching all of these networks you really get a sense that that the cable news networks are dominated. By by demographics. Older than fifty years old. And finally tonight. Number one on tonight's list yeah Tony and a the NBA and clippers owner Donald Sterling for life. From the team. But he NBA finding 202 point five million dollars. And -- urged owners to force him to sell his team following the release of the audiotape where sterling tells his girlfriend not to bring black stories games. And not to post pictures of her with blacks. On its program. Saints pelicans owner Tom Benson -- Mark Cuban the Dallas Mavericks were among the NBA owners who would agree completely. With the NBA's punishment I think it's really ironic it sterling told his girlfriend not to bring blacks to his games. And now the NBA is telling him. That he can't go to which games. The -- -- tonight is titled stop defending sterling is racism with your excuses. And it's about the ironic justice. About the NBA banning. Sterling -- clippers games with a punishment resulted from missed him telling his girlfriend who he didn't want her to bring two games blacks. And -- I've I've heard comments and -- read comments today even on our. -- -- W radio FaceBook page for people saying that this is really not important this is not a big deal. And there are more and more important things. It is unfortunate. That racism is. Is still a big topic. It's unfortunate that people. Will pay attention and respond to a stories about about racism. And another thing that bothers me is Donald sterling and the reason he didn't want his girlfriend. To post pictures. Of herself with blacks -- -- to Graham. Was because he didn't want to get phone calls. Explain it. So that means that Donald Sterling is hanging around a lot of people who share his attitude. -- that means that there are other people. Not just Donald Sterling who feel this way. As I said last night it's it's 2014 it's just amazing to me how anybody could be so. Myopic. In there thinking and their beliefs. That they would pass judgment on somebody based on on skin color. What's the punishment. I'm Donald Sterling too harsh that's -- WW a pretty general opinion poll if you wanna join our -- like our numbers 2601870. Tool free 8668890. It's Saturday. A text number. It's 87870. A -- -- more of your text and your calls are coming up on the -- -- what's the NBA's punishment of clippers owner Donald Sterling too harsh that is -- WWL pretty general opinion poll tonight here's an update. 28% say no it was not too -- 72%. Say it was too harsh. Is an amazing view it is to me. If you gonna give us your opinion go to our website WWL dot com that's the poll will be tracking a throughout our show tonight and the -- blog is -- -- stop defending sterling some racism. With your excuses we'll talk more about that is the as the show goes on what defense is there for a Donald -- -- comments. There is -- and yet there are people who were so desperate. To defend his comments it's it's amazing to me. A couple of the text that I have already received. On the show. Are just amazing and just reminders of players vital filth. Listening to our show. And ugly words are used. One ugly imagery. Is used and yet. These are the people that wouldn't have the courage. To even call the show. An attempt to have a conversation. They hide behind their text. Essentially they're cowards. If you enjoyed -- show with a comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And a text number is 877. From Covington -- on the -- show and to be WL. -- Good night ships carry -- problem I was just. Fiat met every all of your quality and number eight so. I think I probably could say so about the first rocker as the top. This according to -- I didn't hear everywhere that conversation. But the -- -- and here. It is not just the N word which or any -- allowed but -- -- -- you're not -- use it do you wanna use it and put it but it's you know it's the way society is changed and different things have become. Not politically correct so you're that you're gonna descending sterling. Well industry and it goes right to free speech. I agree that it wouldn't sit and so we are anybody else what to write the same. What he thinks and feels. In this country. I'll let Arnold like. I'm a little curious who are who they said he doesn't have a right to say these things. Well okay they're so -- won't pay. Per minute and all of -- to come to games against themselves business. Responses just pull out an app -- supposed. Ended have a problem with this -- I don't know that they have the right to tell that he can't come to his own things. -- responses to the parents and the players. The players to search and why players walked out. It's now skiing and -- the players under contract. Well debate right but it -- -- and so you -- well. Look slow and others that depend on. That would be a powerful and more popular socialist then. Is that I'll get a structure to the ground it was a complete. They want to deploy of course everybody in the -- -- -- Why don't responses pull out the way and you know I think if it is -- -- If the person as the people don't. We want to participate. Don't go to buy a ticket and that forcing. Just felt a bit and it's for the support for -- right now. It particularly. Different jobs. And a total cell. -- -- -- they're -- they're not telling him against a sale at the two right -- prominent. Well they're they're gonna encourage the owners to vote that he forced sale that there -- quit quit quit like the ending -- senator. The NBA -- o'clock blitzer it's specific business where there are specific rules that I don't know what business you work for your business for yourself but there -- animals. There are rules within your business community. And if those rules are or broken depending on the position Korean. You might be held accountable for breaking those rules are for us this is clearly -- rule that was that was broken and something that isn't tolerated by the NBA and he he should have known it. Well we're still still fit most -- supplies when you especially truck compass and some cute girlfriend. K. Could be reasonable expectation of privacy. And -- Far enough as far as I know California you have to like both parties know that it's you do what terrible series but I've I've I've heard. Well Mike I'm not that I'm not that Mike I'm not denying his right to say it I have a right -- or whatever I want but on the you can grill you can hold me accountable for what I say. Were. Brought to you that if you on the business Egypt's because. It would depend a license and it would depend of the business -- I did the NB a around the rules within that club. But it's still does and you're an eclectic. -- free market take its course. And that the net that much and probably some that don't go to is. Best. All right Mike how many saints fans are comedy saints stands. In dispute over the saints -- -- stance we wanna give a their tickets -- saints fans should have to give up their tickets and their love for their team of watching their team play. Because -- ignorant comment that somebody made on the team. That's right you're punishing the fans and so the NBA's trying not to punish the fans that supported the team that made disguised. As -- as he has. I did -- but I take it might what's -- -- really bothering guy like this is his ego men like this. Tell other people what to do and they wanna control others and he realizes that he doesn't only control everybody. Even though he's got money and will hold up we want their money out of men like this don't want to eagle groups which is what he told his girlfriend don't bring blacks of the game a duplicate that blacks are -- mr. grant so this guy's ego has been chop down. And that -- the best aspect of the punishment. -- Larry I'd just keep. Keep going back to free speech thing. I just feel like every day were more rights. But we're not but our society but our society our society changes and we're always held accountable for what we say everybody has the freedom to say it but there -- different standards and as society changes if things have have have changed and will continue to change and this is nothing to like I've got to get a break I enjoyed our conversation. If your -- stay with us if you want to react to Mike -- you wanna talk about the NBA's. Punishment on -- sterling are numbers 2601870. Totals 3866889. Is nearly seventy. In our text is a 7870. This is the -- show live on a Tuesday nights and we'll be right back on -- WL so the NBA punish clippers owner. Donald Sterling. He's banned from. Clippers games banned from all NBA related activities. A banned from everything for life fine 2.5 million dollars. And it is just too harsh there are some people who are steel. Trying to find a way to defend. What he said. WW a pretty general opinion poll is was the NBA's punishment of clippers owner sterling too harsh right now 36% say no. And 64%. A majority. Saying it was too harsh. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com which reckon that pull through our show tonight after 10 o'clock or take about this interesting story. There's a -- student. At a Providence college. And she's 27 years old she's a virgin. She is auctioning off her virginity. Online again we'll talk about that after. 10 o'clock a pedestrian and Jason here into the WL. And I don't and I. Good armed look bought the last caller was criminal where they'll -- -- an opponent and an owner that donut. All the gay people or are right there. And over the now -- of the expansion -- fine. And BA. Player so he Asia where the spokesperson that they don't really. Official title. Yet. There are guys that there that -- -- And you said that the player or prepare a boycott pretty. If there he wasn't banned for life you know and so I guess you know -- commissioner. Dot ordered that the players were going to try to do this. And you what got to protect the brand -- gonna protect you owner and protect the players. And and it and everyone that there are that he did. That you -- he quoted at that the only didn't eager to. The NBA has to do it it can to protect the fans and again there -- something similar it is something happened and in New Orleans Saints fans were told well a boycott by not going to the games. They wouldn't wanna do that and they shouldn't have to do that and the I understand shouldn't have to do that either. I am absolutely. The one that it's such -- high percentage of in the opinion poll is Spain to -- and creepy. I don't think -- yeah it that much to virtually. I say when you talk about the Democrat because will be. And you know part -- the courts are like Michael Jordan Magic Johnson LeBron cheese. I -- you or your Portman on the speed of the arguably the most part we'll need everybody knows they are. There are that it that well. And when you had that type of people coming out saying we don't need -- -- -- on wall. And in rural who I am not surprised by it I'm surprised that. And -- the bend over the play offered and -- well. You know -- welcome the longer term solution that foot putt well and that -- talk about it in a statement or off the bat pretty pretty you'd draw and I don't want -- -- I believe it. Jason -- I agree and it's going to be interesting to see what reaction will be tonight. And we'll follow this as best we can and and related to you by its Los Angeles Clippers returned to the Staples Center tonight to play game five and their playoff series which is tied 22. Against the Golden State Warriors. I I would think that the clippers would have so much unity. And so much inspiration to win this game in fact I I hope the franchise does really well because the better of the franchise does the more focus is gonna put on. -- Donald Sterling is -- ignorance. That kind of ignorance is no longer tolerate it and that's obvious. So is that an infringement of freedom of speech or is that just respect for the fact that the world is changed. If your -- stay with -- I'm -- and we'll be right back and -- -- well we're talking about the NBA banning clippers owner Donald Sterling for life from the games -- anything NBA related anywhere soon find 2.5 million dollars which based on the worth of the team in his words. It is really nothing. Some people say it's a two arsonists or W you'll pretty general opinion poll was the NBA's punishment of -- time of lifetime ban from NBA activities. Was that too harsh. Give us your opinion by going to WW real dot com here's a text that -- says everyone is being watched now but especially high profile people like this guy he should've known better. Here's another text is all about the money. Another -- fortunately the more money he will make when he sells a deep and bought this team for I heard somewhere between. Thirteen and eighteen million dollars a long time ago when the clippers were terrible terrible team. And now they've become a playoff team. So the team is estimated to be somewhere. Worth around somewhere around 800 million dollars maybe more than that because recently the Milwaukee Bucks not a very good team so for 550 million. So that would mean that the clippers in a major market like Los Angeles would be worth even more for the West Bank Larry you're -- the W well. You look like the nuclear program go reasonable long. I'm hopeful that -- Tibetan book proposal because me -- discriminating against minority. In the pot countless. You know you have a history ultimately. You know in -- -- point forty feet and some people who you know. -- -- shoe hasn't been mobile would it not be lost in the table. And a bit -- shall. Did it. You know one of the -- from active and who. Which -- won't affect the become the possibility. -- opening at all. Oh whatever -- yeah this is not about freedom of speech that a lot of people try to say won't she isn't he entitled to say what he wants to say of course has the right to say what -- wants to say but we're all held accountable for what we say. And they are -- and people say well this is unfair yet if if they really. Thought about their position in the world and their position with their business and in their industry. There are certain actions that they can take certain things that they could do that would cause them to be ostracized in the same morning. But the mean people can't -- -- you. Can -- -- all of them back. We constantly active and and we. To settle. Can get there. But Larry I would I would I would say that since that wasn't directly related to the NBA I don't know -- the NBA would pretend to have any. In a jurisdiction here -- -- since that are separate but he was so I believe he was signed by the federal government for discriminating split angrily saying her radically. A -- racist things about black tenants. -- I've -- so yeah I agree Larry English culture of explicit. If you're Arnold stay witness over hitting close to the the news here let's get to the news. And then we elected back to all of your calls the -- blog tonight is titled stop defending sterling is racism with your excuses. And yes people are actually making excuses. There are those who continue to say well what about the spike Lee's. What about the Al sharpton's. What about the Jesse Jackson's what about the rappers who say similar things in reverse what about them. You know what about them. We'll talk about that coming up in the next hour if you wanna join us with your feelings tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- -- taxes they have the seventy scoop on is our website WWL dot com. Also -- give us your opinion are. Are not people are going to WW -- like come.