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Apr 29, 2014|

Tonight on the Scoot show: the NBA has banned Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life from the team and the NBA, fined him $2.5 million and will urge owners to force him to sell his team...all because of racist remarks made to his girlfriend who recorded the conversation. Saints and Pelicans owner Tom Benson agrees with the NBA’s decision. Do you think the punishment from the NBA was too harsh?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The forecast for the final weekend of Jazz -- Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday is sensational. -- very slight chance of rain I think Thursday and Friday. And basically no chance of rain Saturday and Sunday a lot of sunshine high it's going to be warm in the low eighties by two -- big contrast with what we had last year was all the rain. And it's just it's amazing I think the high tomorrow's going to be in the mid seventies and forward this part of the country this time of year. That's a really a blessing here's an update on our W a pretty general opinion poll and there's been a big shift in our polls. The question is was the NBA's punishment of clippers owner Donald Sterling. To march. Early rivers 35%. Said no. And 65% said yes it was too harsh the -- changing right now 42% say no and 50%. Say yes it was too harsh. Give us your opinion like going to our web site WW dot com -- -- get back to your calls from old Jefferson and Edward here on the -- show and to be WL. He hi -- I realized I'm good neighbor. One -- that came -- Buttoning down Garland and I think his punishment was right. I think he got what was coming to -- And I think Silverman the right decision. Yeah I agree and it was a tough job for our commissioner who has only been in his office for a couple months. There and -- I appreciate you calling are showing is going to be interesting to see what the reaction is going to be and I'll I'll do the best I can to describe to you since I find out what it is. But the clippers return home to the Staples Center in Los Angeles tonight in their playoff series with the goal of state borders the series is tied -- two games apiece this would be game five. And apparently there's a story out now that the players we're gonna boycott the game. If the NBA did not administer the right punishment so Donald Sterling is. Banned from his team. Going to his games. Banned from any NBA activities functions meetings for life and find 2.5. Million dollars. A for battery might -- under the WL. Yet it's -- to step fitness is still ensure they -- commended I think he's a genius. What you do in black and making wealthier. That doesn't mean -- to -- friends -- them like them are associated with them. Belichick -- -- sanctity get it what it is. Associated ligament that these steps in the same ethical editorial. What do you mean the same category -- therein. Put himself on the level that black -- Nobody thinks and actor and sports that are there like animals are useful work collection groups say and the mentality to do anything else. And like you're racist. From -- Brian you're under the WL. While that call home. You know I applaud. The -- -- delivered the -- ambler thank you -- that was needed. I'm lots ought to listen to the outlook long recording. There's one thing in particular that really got out coming. And the fact. He mentions that he didn't report. About a quote unquote behavior. And the thing that really got stuck alchemy if you don't apology out -- if you want which -- the column scared bubble well. Because there's a culture that you don't understand it. -- -- Think that it speaks volumes about -- this goes much further than Donald Sterling Bank vehicle I think there is actually -- among some of the owners inherently. Well unfortunately your probably right and this obviously is a very. Deep rooted problem not just in sports but in America in sports -- system. And a microcosm of of America in general and it's no different these are business overseas that are performers these are entertainers however you want to. I've described him. This is about America and that's why this is a significant story because it's a very sensitive subject in this country. And it should be. And there are still people who are trying to find ways to. Defend what Donald Sterling sent well well wasn't that bad but it was a private conversation. How does sets dismissed the mentality. From India are rich you -- -- WL. Go -- -- -- Richard connect -- -- -- is every stage and from sports to news. Yeah good for our race city pit Scott -- year. I mean if you until it shouldn't he tell his girlfriend. -- He actually like it's okay former. That's what you went -- black -- black -- being seen in public enemy and that like the -- stopped at Indy guys. To me that. Just speaks volumes about his ego and here's the -- the image that he wants to project. And so the the best part of the NBA punishment. Is dated gist chops down his ego he's not in control. He doesn't own everybody. And yes I I thought that it was something that really should stand -- and everybody's minds I don't care if you. Lying blacks. I just don't show opening game -- and don't put your picture warnings to -- Again it just did. That that just says that he is part of a group. That is so racist. That. The public acknowledgment of her with a black person is somehow derogatory. As she's happy -- are. Well what you brought. Op OK you don't work here got -- didn't Wear a black. -- enough in certain part about how. Cheaper birds the bad guy to. Talk about it should get actually match and the guy eagle -- out. Yeah I think this does speak volumes of her because obviously if she knew what it was like she was also with. A married man and that she showed up at court today. There were some kind of on related it's. A drunken driving charge -- short of the court today. She was wearing this like on -- shields. Tinted. Mask helmet kind of think like a -- wilders helmet she looked like the guys on in in in Daft Punk. That deadpan I mean just she was that this is a total free kind of -- like like -- Michael Jackson kind of thing. -- Now I would agree rich I'm going to calls. For the Ninth -- rich you aren't -- VW well. And school that stigma call will be clear on city. Not I am solely. -- should handle even agree -- -- it was outrageous. There's no law went into the -- the -- rates it's not I agree with you -- first call India believe. And remote it shouldn't make yeah shipment lol what they're now. But I say that -- make -- so well I think their goal and 24 and understand flat. I can understand in the import certain which they see light at eighty and really you know. The people. Well what about -- -- like to think with Brady we still have a lot to look forward to understand the point. -- ability to legislate morality. Bertans field in -- at all. So my point is it wrong and in the we agree with it. OK if you disagree with it make it knowledge -- that remote correct itself all black and India and the president. Protect -- immensely at the sump. But it's all it's also protecting the fans you know the NBA the NFL trying to protect its fans from individuals. Rogue on. Individuals who who do things that would may be a call for a boycott of a team net debt relief that hurts the fans more than anybody. Well maybe you got to make -- -- on what would you trio you know what shall. You feel stronger so well. Listen I love -- turning things over to the private sector I love allowing the marketplace to to make decisions. But I also understand at the end he wants to protect the fans that have been loyal to this team and they shouldn't be punished. And by saying I don't buy tickets to don't go to a game and -- it would be really hard if something similar happened with the -- it would be really hard for saints fans. Two to boycott saints' games. In the you -- but -- legacy in the first call Syria. He bought it in the that they could -- you feel as strongly about it. Then you're doing so meant to you for the change would indicate. To force in Brazil I don't think that -- -- we would. -- the races ago. But you've got to make it and it -- that -- that the blackbirds. I think we have black people spent too much tan. In the end and made them. That got Korea alone history. -- you know racial problem sort surprise that this vote naive about the bank that they had only one in the -- that bill. Then you need to go back to flaunt them. I mean if you really that concerned end up. Or rich right I agree with that pretend there are a lot of white people like myself or offended there were a lot of white people over offended by a sick -- and and that -- respect and that led to this civil rights active of 1964 so this is not. Just about blacks in the same way. That the battle -- same sex marriage is not just something that directly involves only the homosexual community it also involves a lot of people who. Favored just totally quality. A lot to respect it and I'm I'm not seeing. All the rhetoric and anybody about how he should -- and I am not put a blanket rule book -- all white people all black people are Hispanics. As a black person black peoples and let -- be in the industry expanded. So that by itself and you know you're -- I feel. I think we all have maybe not you or me but in general as a nation I think we have all -- gotten to sensitive we're we're far too. Offended by things. That are just simple words in -- I grew up -- a time when you were told that sticks and stones can break your bones but words can never hurt you. And we really should return to that whether it's about bullying or racism whatever words can't hurt you. But they're there is there is accepted. Decorum in the world we live in today. And if you an exclusive club like the NBA owners you're asked to simply abide by. The rules of that club. I do understand it understanding it you know I am pretty much full commitment to the -- but that is -- And so important so. It'll it'll that would. Italy India. So it was personally I think that's -- -- -- and so does the -- the spot in the plains and the police is. Should take a principled stand. And full panic in the India itself shouldn't. Rich I enjoyed our conversation specialist into WW -- night. If you wanna join us with your feelings tonight to see a very passionate topic our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. Our text numbers say 7870 here's our WWL party -- opinion poll was the NBA's punishment of clippers owner Donald Sterling. Too harsh. Give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com I'm screwed it will be right back welcome back to the -- show on WWL. If your -- stay where it is -- get back to a more of your calls here's an update on our WWL pretty -- opinion poll. Was the NBA's punishment. Four lifetime ban for clippers owner Donald Sterling was that too harsh. 42% say no 50% say yes it was too harsh. There is ironic justice in the NBA banning clippers owner Donald Sterling from the clippers games for life since the punishment resulted from him telling his girlfriend. Not to bring blacks to his games. Surely don't demand that certain people not go to -- games with his girlfriend. Would beat him not being able to attend. Its own games of the team that he owns. He also also and from all NBA related meetings and functions and find 2.5 million dollars which relative to the value of the team and his. His net worth it's really a minor fine by two the maximum the NBA allows. I think the toughest part of the NBA's punishment of of Donald Sterling. For making these racist comments. Will probably be deplored it was ego. Men like Donald Sterling do not like to be told what to do. And that's exactly what the NBA did to him they told him what to do. And the NBA has publicly humiliated Donald Sterling. So above and beyond money that's a -- good and appropriate punishment. Sterling who owns rental property was fine by the federal government for refusing to rent to blacks and said really horrific things. How about black people. Horrific things. The sad reality in this overall reaction to Donald Sterling racist rant to is that some people actually support. His expression of racism. Some defend what he said. By saying that people like Spike Lee. Jesse Jackson Al Sharpton to the same thing in reverse. -- Sharpton Jackson. They have agendas to advance acceptance of equality for blacks. And that could lead to statements that might be perceived as being racist against whites. But the excuse that others do the same thing. To support sterling as racist rants. I think is looking for a reason to defend it. OK maybe in some ways it is the same thing but that doesn't excuse what sterling did you know today there's a lot of score keeping. And I often talk about this our show -- score keeping when it comes to race. If they do the same thing. Then why is a white man condemned for doing what they do. If a black can use the N word that why can't. White -- the -- If there's a missed black American Beauty pageant that why is that plays at their and his white American Beauty pageant. The ignorance -- that comparison is is is quite revealing. Because of the way blacks were treated historically in America there was indeed. For the despite American Beauty pageant and yet. For many that's a convenient way to point out what they believe this reverse discrimination and the truth is that this black American Beauty pageant doesn't have an impact on white America. So why are you so hung up on its existence if you're one of those who hung up on the existence of that. I think you're looking for ways to keep -- Look when it comes -- words. The source of the words. The messenger. Is always a factor to be considered. Because of America's history of the mistreatment of blacks. The N word comments about race will always be perceived differently coming from a white America that may not be fair. But since we're human beings are not robots are computers we interpret things that come from human beings. And we interpret the source. Of the information. This is really easily explain to comedy. And at the end. Well -- Comedian. Making jokes about that people's perceived differently from effect comedian making jokes about the group that he's part of I once remember judging a standup comedy contest. And a young white comedians say it's really derogatory things about black behavior black culture. The mostly white audience was so uncomfortable. As he felt it that he left the stage before even finishing his routine it totally embarrassment. If Chris rockets at the same things it would have been funny. The messenger. Is always part of the messages content. It may not be fair. But the source of the words. And where the words come from that's a human reality that isn't gonna change and and before you you defend the racist rant of Donald Sterling the clippers by saying that well others do the same thing in reverse. Think a doctor own personal reaction. To the source of words spoken to -- For example. You could say something about your sister. Somebody else to say the very same thing about your sister the exact same thing and you would perceive it differently. If you wanna join Russia with a comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a text a precinct seventy simply scoop like tonight is titled stop defending sterling to racism with your excuses that's a turning on our website at WWL dot com. And it's also a part of our FaceBook conversation at WWL radio from the North Shore dean welcome to the -- -- You've been -- I very. Over. Bit cute that the billions. On their recommendations. The only problem happens. We're hearing that they've been waiting fro like a lot to make a boat -- so we're just wondering. I know some unknown particle. Or a quarter of -- -- over something on this a while they were wary that loans -- -- vote. I guess they're that -- take a vote at the next meeting I I'd you know I'd I don't know feet. The inner workings of the NBA. Now I mean I do something so important. -- out. They're going to Iran front lot of people put and so on line. Our Hispanic. -- -- -- of -- gonna support. -- -- profile that come out immediately or at least in and executed them. I'm on the pelican are bent upon it as well I think that the capital. Problems. War and use -- -- -- amount -- we publicly. And say look you know I agree with that statement that lets you view this week subtle way. There and he says I'm not part of the NBA yeah I can answer but I think it's a legitimate question -- -- Like like skulls show thanks listening tonight. From Harvey teeth your -- WL. Yeah -- used to. A couple of things I'd like to mentioned -- that that that really. There's the silver in the oldest. Really there at that -- on -- Let's put it this way right now but the sterling. Dictate that pretty. But really it's all they really can't do in any except for what -- the annual -- But they've damaged they they've damaged his pride and ego which is obviously something important in the sometimes that's the only thing you can do to people who have. Announced money to buy whatever they want if if if there's not going to be a financial penalty the next best thing is to hit him. It with his with his deep rooted pride in any ego and if pride wasn't a big mattered to him than this would not have even been an issue and would have said the things they said there was girlfriend. Right but but he is nothing -- school he got these anti truck loans. Couldn't remember in the NFL Al Davis -- -- NFL with people down but it will be open races. So it's -- -- of these old album full. I mean they all bought. If able that beatle wanna take his -- -- away because then tickets to every -- tickets -- and yet. So begging him -- -- -- and talk net book. I don't I I don't know what the contract reads when it comes to owners I don't know what the specific rules or I don't know if if if they could soon mean anybody can sue anybody for anything but I don't know if if litigation is city is a real concern -- and English -- show from battery Al finger on WW well. I don't do now. As -- comment on about called epic coordinate our they did they understand -- in the isn't. Well you know it is a row and all -- -- on those you know they got together and made medio role. Stern and also are doubtful. So you already do you know what the rules what that they don't copy. Well I I agree and I I think we've learned whether it's the NBA the NFL or Major League Baseball I think we've learned that. That these these leagues do not. A tolerates. Racism or. And anti gay comments don't know let's go back to the 1980s I forget the a specific year but I remember being -- the -- talking about it. A Major League Baseball forced -- shot the owner of the Cincinnati Reds to to sell her team. The class she said something to the effect you know well Hitler wasn't that bad of a guy here or something to that effect. As she was a very controversial. Owner because she was outspoken. And Major League Baseball forced -- to sell the -- Right and it gets like he keeps stand that ball. You know -- for the right freedom must be tortured there but. It's certain stage you cannot say certain pre season games they have it right. It is like -- -- he -- -- -- he free to speak to see what you ought to and an apple. Well that would happen happy saint. There's no question. About freedom of speech there's no question that -- sterling has a right to say it and I I continued to. To hear people saying I get -- so what about freedom of speech. He has the freedom to send it to an end and yet somehow by bringing -- freedom of speech it -- seems to me that that's a way of trying to vicariously. Defend the guy. Right I mean he is and I'm entitled to say what I wanna save but I'm held accountable for what I say. What you say and that's right -- just like if you go out and in about -- -- a nice neighborhood I DNA community. Visit to notre rule. Right typical you don't -- written about the about -- Can dictate you know on the because you know might get an if you keep you grant this surgery I don't know the due to cut. They can they'll match as it did just don't understand. -- a village called and thanks for listening to WW -- night. Want to remind you that just in time for a well deserved vacation WW -- giving you a chance to win 1000 dollars an -- nationwide vacation cash contest. Just listened to WWL weekdays right before the top of the hour news at 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM for the code word. And -- the code word to seven to 81 for your chance to win without ever putting your phone down at 72881. Every weekday for like you listeners nationwide are gonna win -- thousand dollars each. We never charge for text but individual plain text and data -- may apply remember the times to listen weekdays right before the top of the hour news at 7 AM. 11 -- 2 PM and 5 PM and good luck for sort radio. -- And all of us to DaVita Q well. This is the -- show. If you want to share your feelings witness our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. It's every tech state 7870. Your calls your text our next. -- WL the fans in the Staples Center and is they'd reduce the clippers are right now are holding up signs that say we are one. And that's with the clippers puts on their web sites says the words we are one with the Los Angeles Clippers logo. And again compare this to the saints in a mansion. Saints fans saying we are one with a Fort Lee and just a logo. Of the -- I would be surprised. If the clippers don't win tonight being tackled their series with the Golden State Warriors is tied to games apiece this is game five. It's at home for the clippers. And guess he's not going to be there. The owner Donald -- The interesting thing is Donald Sterling can't go but down his girlfriend. Can bring anybody she wants. Even blacks. Here's a Texan -- Cisco I've been taught to choose your friends by their character. And your socks by their color hopefully more people learn to think this way. Here is another text. Scoot too many people keep saying. We are losing our rights yet nothing has been taken I agree there is hysteria in this country about we're losing our rights. Whether it's gun rights or freedom as to where we haven't lost those rights. People want you to become hysterical about it because it fits -- agenda. When a reality you have a loss freedom of speech you have lost your right to keep and bear arms. From mobile Julius here on the -- show and to be WL. OPEC is screwed up retreat. If it was just the tapes to bring peace you don't take. They keep it in the world this Stahl. -- all the the use to it BA and it was me and so he -- -- wallet spoke well on Wednesday he'd be. And now that the light of day is being shown. In the NBA -- get the black and they -- correct it. If mailed out stated. That no good correctly. Nobody in the right Matt one course to change. David Stern. The former commissioner he's gonna have counsel to a lot of -- -- able to get. Yeah I just don't know I don't know how much of of what he said and did impacted his his team we know that he was signed by the federal government for you as discriminate in Beirut with -- -- property. Well. He's an intraday. And it just chaos to -- a club like on the India. And if he was still yeah in the local response. No group collectively personal coach. He's got killed his team he will be glad to -- cause he'd be one talk cola they play. That deals is all Petit. They all even mic on -- reagents. Gets so he's Olympic. Slogan one billion dollar in because it did. Yeah I don't know how easy it is to dissolve a team in the NBA though. First. Hi Julius I'm a place you like you gave -- is breaking news on this new show. From they'll chase William here and -- WL. Is that going in there. Well -- -- -- -- on all my questions were suddenly your investment that. Lamar and I. I'm concerned I mean I don't know if he is in any sport. And at what price. -- breaking -- -- so that's what they -- they eat that artistry question. Because. It's seen today and let the market out there -- so it is spelled it didn't. Do but it's ultimately more and he moved the. Well I think owners I think owners have to -- and is against somebody and correct me if I'm wrong here but I I believe owners have to approve of of a new owner. There are separate but -- that I can pretty senator Levin wants. Ought to be about it. If you sport that elegy and Aaron that the candidates that's been spent. A report that ballot when that idea what price and it is relative that's sort of problem that I. I think there I think that would be a problem I would assume that there would be market value placed on the team like there would be in any other circumstance and I'm setting the standard I guess will be the Milwaukee box team that is not doing well. A team and a a small market compared to other NBA markets its -- 550 million recently. So that does set a standard for a team like the clippers a winning team -- in a major markets like Los Angeles. Yeah they have the in my opening -- -- delicate -- That they the personal opinions of the commissioner. Although not emotion that. Sacrament that I think he should have been a little -- On the table that would probably open up. As well. As comments speak also. The injustice was. But what is. It called. -- people -- Personal reaction from the commissioner. And the vote so well on. And I don't think he just reacted. First. I don't all the time that -- yet about work. Well I would probably call at a crisis in the Adam silver has not been NBA commissioner for long I think he took over -- for a David Stern in February. William I'm glad you called a Sheila I've got to get to a break. However there is now a report out that the players were gonna boycott the game if the NBA didn't. I didn't have swift and immediate action against Donald Sterling. Thought the guy has money. To -- money before he bought the clippers. And about the clippers for somewhere around fifteen million give or take a couple of million the -- is worth at least 80900. Million dollars. He has money you can't hurting there. But he has been she ain't. And this man has tried so the NBA hitting the one place they could hitting his pride. This is the -- show. And your comments are next under the W well there is a new poll out that could be bad news for the Democrats with a mid term elections coming up in November and very good news for Republicans will explain that in the next hour. Also MSNBC. Host Joseph Scarborough just made himself look foolish. What are criticize CNN CNN is now beating him in the ratings with his morning show. They have a new morning show in their beating him for the first time he's critical of a CNN for their continuing coverage of the missing Malaysia airlines flight 370 we'll talk about that in the next hour as well also there is a net student at a reputable college. Who is on line selling her virginity. We'll talk about that also coming up in the next hour we continue our conversation about the NBA at punishing her clippers owner Donald Sterling. Is -- banned him or for life from clippers games which again I think is ironic because he was telling his girlfriend it -- more harboring. Like two games will now -- NBA's telling him he can't even go to his own games in his playoff game going on right now at the Staples Center against a Golden State Warriors for the clippers. And he's not there -- from Dallas Jorge -- W well. -- Yeah rush -- yes again. Our. -- look at all day and tell me years. That people wanna compare comments that you know such likely -- somebody's. You'll -- -- But that different between were issued a tragedy I think everybody. By his opinion about shall. And that opinion on we agree or disagree they can be very danger they can be outlandish. But that is different how she would you put generation did. Its tragedy and our power. Yeah that ability to him or lightly she can't commissioner GPU. And optical polished image. Because that in addition chit chat with that kind of opinion negatively impact shall lie directly. Something negative about somebody. I'll -- the camera or -- actually in there and you know -- -- that. They can be at bat he can be treated that very day. To -- it brought out all the charm you know -- people ratios that are or are you know. -- Battery -- that other tragedy. Man comment in my mind -- Yeah -- I I I understand the point you're making it's it's a matter of semantics and and and since. Since people use those words interchangeably. Racism racist in and prejudice. That's how it comes up and in conversation. But I I figure -- anybody can be prejudiced but not everybody has the ability to impact somebody's life with their precious. Right absolutely. And the players. Like that you think. Do you agree with the comment that you know they're convenient actually in -- been sure what the players. You know what they're treated work. I'll let you know there -- a lot and they are reacting because of punishment that big. -- topic they believe that that any release mentioned Li Chu Chu who watched early in shall be keywords like they. Just saying hey you know you can be or you'll you'll you know I do so that you know quietly move. But they in they -- white chipmakers. Today. And issues on the same page that quickly you agree or disagree -- out here about. I -- -- understand in today's terror that they are here. Go well or did -- the comment. You're the country. Where race relations is so important on cold days. Lori I've gotta I gotta get to news Franken appreciate you listening in Dallas tonight thanks for your call this is the -- -- hang on we will be right back. -- -- --