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Apr 29, 2014|

the NBA has banned Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life from the team and the NBA, fined him $2.5 million and will urge owners to force him to sell his team...all because of racist remarks made to his girlfriend who recorded the conversation. Saints and Pelicans owner Tom Benson agrees with the NBA’s decision. Do you think the punishment from the NBA was too harsh?

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Tomorrow is going to be a very pleasant day temperatures in the mid seventies and for this part of the country at this time of year that is sensational. Also the long range forecast looks like it's going to be beautiful color war but beautiful for a final weekend of Jazz Fest. Here's our WWL pretty -- opinion poll which were trekking through our show tonight was the NBA's punishment of clippers owner Donald Sterling too harsh. 40% say no. 60% say yes it was -- march and there are some who were trying to find ways to -- defend what he said. It is racist rant with his his girlfriend I do think it's a kind of ironic justice dead. Here is this guy who is telling his girlfriend. Who she can't bring to the game she can't go to she can't bring any black people to -- to the clippers skate to his game to seat said. And you know the NBA's telling him he can't even go to his own games I find that to be ironic justice. These -- blog tonight is titled stop defending sterling is racism. With your excuses. And there are people who make the excuse well if there are those of the other side who say the same thing in reverse. NYC being punished. I yet. So much important faults which reports falls on the messenger. Don't we hear the words come from the messenger is always part of the content. Of the message. And that's human nature whether that's fair or not it's human nature -- bloggers that are we're excited to be WL dot com you can read it -- gives your comments if you like. There's a new poll that shows. Something that might be bad news for Democrats and good news for Republicans in the upcoming mid term elections in November. The polls from the Harvard institute of politics and it shows that less than 25% of the voters under thirty say they are certain they're gonna vote in November. Democrats are hoping to at least maintain control of the senate Republicans hope to at least maintain control of the house. Both parties -- to win control both houses of congress obviously. But Republicans register a lot lower in polls. With younger voters. So if younger voters stay at home and don't vote that might actually give the Republicans. A lot of victories. In the same way that I I think people stayed at home I think a lot of Republicans and conservatives did not vote for Mitt Romney I heard many called a show it stated that they were gonna vote for Romney. Because he was too moderate. So by staying home in not voting for Romney. What they essentially did was contribute to the victory. In the reelection of president Barack Obama. So if you if you stay home when you don't vote you you you might actually be helping. The opposition win so it's kinda like picking. The person you like the most the person that you think is going to most reflect your ideology even if you don't like them 100%. Even if you think Romney's -- moderate I'm sure that they are a lot of people who would rather Romney in the White House and President Obama but they stayed home and ended info which may have helped Romney. Also MSNBC host Joseph Scarborough who hosted the morning show called morning Joseph. I believe he used to be Republican congressman. And -- Lisa post on MSNBC. He's criticized CNN for their continuing coverage of the missing Malaysia airlines flight 370. Now CNN's new morning show which is called new date. Has beaten morning show for the first time effectively over the last two months. A morning show has lost coming in third. Fox news' FOX & Friends is number one by far. And CNN was number two with their new show and morning Joseph was number three. Joseph Scarborough should CNN has made itself a punchline of The Daily Show for its forty breaking news headlines. And breathless coverage. Of random ocean debris. Morning Joseph topsy and and in the first quarter by covering hard news justice we have for the past five years and we will do the same in the future and to vote to. And won't be distracted by X-Files. Cable news programming. I would agree that CNN and in many of the networks. Are very loose with using the phrase breaking news to get your -- to win it's really night. Breaking news but they wanna put that appeared to is simply to get your attention because that's their job. But to criticize. To criticize CNN. For programming did beat his program. Is criticizing the wrong source. Why isn't he criticizing the audience. It's CNN puts on programming. That beats. MSNBC. In the ratings. Then why would you blame CNN. You have to blame the audience. So again there there are people who are absolutely. Ignorant about the industry that they are part -- now I'm still amazed that so few people actually watch the cable news networks. In the coveted advertising demographic of 25 to 54. Via -- show here in new date in April averaged. 100 in 191000 viewers. Nationwide 1191000. Viewers it's not that many in a nation of -- 340 million. Morning Joseph average just a hundred and fife. Thousand viewers FOX & Friends -- ahead with 237000. But really. If you think about it that's not really that much overall Fox News averaged 988000. Total day coverage for the -- of April CNN 431000. And MSNBC 362000. MSNBC takes itself and in my opinion -- you seriously. And they have far too many people who look like clones meeting of these guys under the and it. A lot of them just look like look like close I think they take themselves too seriously and they're not. I mean I hate to say this but it's true they're simply not and entertainment. Savvy enough to get attention Fox News. It is is successful above and beyond conservative ideology Fox News understands the whole aspect of entertainment. Also before we get back to talking about Donald Sterling in the NBA's punishment. Our share with human interest story I found today there's a medical student. Who's 27 years old she's using the name. Elizabeth -- She is selling her virginity. In an auction on line. And her virginity she did on line on sale people been beating on it since March 31. The bidding ends may the seventh. And it it for she wasn't showing any pictures of yourself now she's put up some pictures of the winning bidder. We'll have to provide of this virgin and again and do what we know for sure. If you have a doctor certificate -- -- stamp I don't know. But the winning -- gonna have to provide her with proof. That he has no STDs. And he's willing to where content. And cannot be under the influence of booze or drugs. During the encounter. And can't treat her violently or do certain things she is open to the possibility of kissing. And she says that she's also open to the possibility that something more might happen that she might actually fall in love with this guy. She's -- I'm not ruling out love but it's very unlikely. She says she does have a thing for older men and told our guys and since this is illegal in the United States. They're gonna go to Australia. And do this where it would not be breaking. Any -- The highest confirmed bid to. Is 300000. Dollars. That did she's trying to confirm. Is 550000. Dollars and thinking you know for 550000. Dollars. You know I don't wanna be the one who knows every quarter to show me something but. -- way to make a lot of money. More -- might be an incentive to these sexually active until you're. Old enough to selling. Script like tonight is titled stop defending sterling says racism with your excuses that's on our website at WWL dot com. And RW -- you a pretty general opinion poll is it was the NBA's punishment of clippers owner Donald Sterling too harsh 40% say no. And 60% say yes you can give us your opinion by going to WW real dot com. If you wanna join us with that your Felix tonight about the NBA's punishment sterling and what he said. Our numbers 2601872. All free 8668890. -- seventy. And our text -- -- 77. And as always we welcome those of you were listening and you're Smartphones computers and you're tablets. Former Merrill Jennifer year on the -- show on -- WL. Good evening and good that -- I'm an African American middle aged female armed. And I don't agree with what is the order. -- or his view. But playing devil's advocate an account what you think about. That is. Hit back hit every day eat paint score as an owner of a scene. And if he channel -- not have people certain people based on every -- in it. It went right into money -- -- I don't agree with him. I understand not I mean I think you bring up a legitimate point and it's it's it's part of the it's part of the confusion here. -- he does have he does have that right. But you know we've seen the NBA we've seen Major League Baseball we -- in the NFL. React very swiftly when. When players or those who were involved with teams. When they say. Things that are racist or anti gay. And there are standards within these these organizations with this overall. Club known as the NBA -- the NFL or Major League Baseball there are certain standards that are expected to be upheld and racist and an anti gay comments or simply by simply not tolerate. Well let me out of -- bring that up to. I think it was no. Magic Johnson was. Considering purchasing looking -- Not now at the business it's a bit missiles I think it's in -- looking forward for. The -- and laps seeing my significant other have green at. Potential someone who term and at the dairy -- what -- -- and and trying to purchase. What I already. Paint. You know I am am I know he and we and it would make an event -- -- -- On a look at it from that point you. Com after it -- Hammond earlier. -- an excellent at bat I mean that entered that need to be out quality loan. Soccer a lot of different being back to lap when you and I just try to stay open and be reflect. At seeing. At the end of the day. Bill would double that hosting its expensive and I -- a lot of money invested and it we have no money. But it that was his wish. I think she should have respected. Now electing a climate where there -- insulting -- degree in just downright ignorant absolutely. If you know and and and I think that we expecting wish -- put it out there it. Well I I would agree I don't think if she is a reputable person she's having sex with a guy obviously because he has money hanging out with him because of what he can give her which essentially makes -- prostitute. He's married he has a girlfriend his wife staying -- wise his wife staying within maybe for the same reason. So there's a lot of confusing things about this to those of us who or. Rational people this was a private conversation. Bad it's that went public and there -- a lot of questions about. -- Howard became public it's my understanding that in the state of California to record a conversation. Both parties must be notified so I am assuming that he was notified. Now he has not denied the statements he's not denied that it was him. And he is not remorseful. For what he said but again Jennifer I. There there will always be consequences. Two things that we say and do because of the industry that we -- Created and they are -- there would be consequences for certain things that I did. Or said. Because I'm I'm part of of the of the company that I work for an and that's it's quite often the case with with -- there are a lot of people that. Or in business and dates -- to sign. On conduct behavior. A lot of teachers have to sign conduct behavior. And disclosures. Of what else can I public and so you know an educator but it but that -- We in the -- you're in the in the confines of your old car. You're -- -- your own. It in any place that it actually all it. -- should -- of the free speech -- say whatever you want no matter how greeting ignorant man that's how old eighty. He's grown up in an error -- a plan. Win slavery and then racism -- Well I mean. That the shouldn't. You -- it doesn't -- -- I -- I think this is there a great perspective. And recovering from an African American female. I'm gonna disagree because I don't I don't use a -- what we're used to and our lives as an excuse for not understanding the changes that have taken place in our society. Boring. And I and that I acting bit. At the end of the day. What what I get caught. I mean you know and -- and my girlfriend. You know it it depends on the on the severity of the applications -- -- will come about you know past that that was there. Exposed to. My children court -- I. But if you if you said if you said something or acted a certain way in a public place that might conflict with fewer agreement with the school. Then you would be held accountable for that. I realize that this is a private conversation but again it's my understanding that he was. Alert is that the conversation was being recorded. And if that's the case then wouldn't he be held accountable. I guess you know I guess this is another reminder that we have to be careful who we choose as our friends because somebody inter Alia. Right apparently -- that would that's it but I mean. And I until. I'm Jennifer I appreciate you listening to WWL -- and thanks for sharing your feeling -- -- tonight. Here's a text the girlfriend will probably be offered a very sweet book -- how long's it gonna be before she's offered to pose nude. Her magazine. As yeah that'll happen. If you wanna join us with your thoughts and feelings tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. A seventy. Our text Amber's age 7870 more detection comments coming up next artists do show. Like from New Orleans on Tuesday night -- -- WL the University of California Los Angeles UCLA is turning down three million dollars pledged by Los Angeles Clippers owner. Donald sterling and they're gonna return 425000. Dollars in its moment. But he's already made. He's the only announced this earlier today saying that he is a divisive and hurtful comments demonstrate that he does not share UCLA's. Core values. Now you can't hurt -- financially may not really -- and you get to a certain point where you you you have enough money. And you can't totally be hurt financially. But the NBA has hurt disguise in terms of his pride in his ego he's been changed. I mean it's a big shot this is a guy who thought that he was important enough to tell his girlfriend and who she can bring to gains. And tell -- your friend. Not to be pictured with blacks on instrument not to promote that she's being pictured -- blacks. Because he doesn't have to answer any questions. So that means he hangs out with a lot of people. Who share his feelings about about blacks. And it's just a reminder that there are a lot of people like that in the world this has never been about freedom of speech. Nobody's ever challenges. Freedom of speech rights. But this is about being held accountable for what you say in the business -- And and and doping hypocrite and say well he should be able to say whatever he wants the truth is that chances are you can say what ever dew point. Chances are you're held accountable to some standards. When it comes to some things that that that she would say. And if you say something in what you think is a private conversation ask Mitt Romney about private conversations. Ask a lot of politicians about private conversations. It's really difficult for any conversation to be private when you think about the the availability of recording and video technology. It and everybody cellphone. So. If you're a public place. Be cognizant of the fact that it really might not be as private as you think. Tomorrow morning on WWL first news Tommy -- gonna add to this conversation. By asking the question do professional athletes really have a choice if they know their boss is a bigot or racist. Andy you have you ever worked for somebody who had opinions. That were repugnant to you. And would you give -- the paycheck. I I have to admit. And I would hope to be honest with yourself I have to admit that. If if I was working for somebody who just hated my opinions. Hated me as a person. If they let me do whatever I want. These players are doing what they want their playing basketball. And they're making millions if if somebody. Hated me and aided by opinions. And they paid me what I. Wanted to be played -- paid me an astronomical amount of money. I used to work for. Now maybe that makes me selfish. But I'm not going to be hypocrite and now if they tried to control my opinions then I I wouldn't be able to to work for. If I was free to be who -- wanted to be in and pursue my my career my life and be paid a lot of money. I don't care if the person who owns the company that I work for a carefree likes me or not. If you -- -- -- with your comment on the -- show our numbers 2601870. -- free 866889. Is early seventy. And a text number. Is -- 7870. The clippers are back at home in the Staples Center cling to Golden State Warriors it's game five of their playoff series the series is tied at two games apiece. The had -- clippers are ahead 38 to thirty right now in a game against the Golden State Warriors. I'd be surprised if the clippers -- didn't win this game I would think that they are gonna be inspired to pull together and and win the game. Brad you're on WWL good -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So. -- the previous urge you talk about. But he. The freedom of speech and you'd go to before the -- it does that it in the -- that the court of public deal. Soul. The speech and he did it we. And and especially in today's. Society where they're -- and FaceBook in. -- It usually -- Geithner. He pictured in the corporate right so he'd he'd he'd purchased the clippers fifty million dollars. You many years ago. He's a war. All of almost 750. Million. Maybe -- dvd more than that and more. And so I guess in his opinion yeah. That that this man that basically. Haven't achieved our modern day slavery and opinion leaders. -- 7% for our reports. So -- there currently. And archer and and then predominantly African American. And -- when he said in the conversation with his girlfriend ended defending is such feelings toward blacks what he says. I'm something to the effective I give them homes I give them money I give them cars it was almost as if he felt like he owned them. Yeah absolutely and and I district at that that the earlier this -- Oh. I don't amenities that you ordered and -- -- and the previous -- brought up you know equaled that marathon. But I mean we you know we we. You have to. Don't know that's like that's like saying well you know I used to drive on the interstates and the speed limit was. Seventy announcement lowered to 55 so I'm used to driving it -- so do I have to follow the new law. Yeah that's a good point -- -- on. But it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Two and a million dollars which is that it. -- Drop and bought it back the that actual match don't be that MBA in. -- I think they've birdies pride I think -- change and and that's the one thing that they can't duty and that's. The one thing that they can and can't hurt -- -- maybe can't hurting financially. And it tells the team a few series have come out on top he bought it from somewhere between thirteen and eighteen million dollars a long time ago and for a long time the clippers were. We're losers the Milwaukee Bucks -- not a good team. And Syria and on a medium sized market for the NBA. And they recently sold for 550 million so that puts the value this team may be even close to a billion dollars. But there they've hurt this man in terms of its pride. And that's the one place that could -- -- I direct conversation -- nationalistic. From Vanderbilt -- -- under VW well. -- -- Appreciate the conversation. Like so we -- all about the starlet but what kind of -- All -- previous caller that. What you really ought to ports you're right it's not freedom of speech. The issue you know. This is the way it's supposed to happen if you have opinions and beliefs like this there are other reasons the market should decide -- -- like that. We're Mexican -- we're gonna -- -- and it's going to monetary and we have a brand like the NBA. It affects so many people so many billions of dollars and you can't tolerate that and in the market decides. On the other should say it. Earlier. I think a lot of people I'm talking about news. You know the EE mentions in the conversation. Jeetz calls from people they give -- grief about them being seen with black people in the post. We were very. Were these people I think part of his punishment should be exposing those people made either other owners. Our administration indeed. In the lead. And not a -- -- on and that's what happened and spiritually but that actually it's true anymore no one's talking about -- people are giving crap about this. And I am sure it's other executives other people he respects. Clearly an African Americans. But they clearly seriously declaring clearly she'll share his attitude and you know they're people who think that California is this a completely liberal stayed -- while it might via blue state on the map. There are a lot of ferry. Strong conservative areas of California not the least of which is Orange County which is not far from Los Angeles's Newport Beach area. So obviously a lot of people that he associates with share his feelings. About blacks and that's why he's in -- in fact he even said he doesn't care of his girlfriend has sex with blacks aren't just don't. Just don't show up on mr. Graham with a picture with a black person. It's despicable -- are very and we shouldn't just. Is the -- to cripple the fifty million dollar cost you about the tourism. Serious -- execs. Janet -- to go to show thanks for listening if you rejoice with your thoughts or comments at feelings tonight. Our number is 26 don't point 870 toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. -- -- number is 87870. Here's attacks that reads a sterling grew up in that time. And he's living in this time I think it's a good point. We are held accountable. For changing. Rules in society. He certainly access to changing rules when it comes to. The money that he's making now compared to the past so we just accepted the changing world in terms of of standards. -- freedom of speech but he's accountable forty cents. I'm -- were coming right back with your comments on a bit of hero -- NBA's punishment. Of the clippers owner Donald Sterling too harsh. As a -- -- pretty general opinion poll. As a -- we're dedicating to the UN BA commissioner. -- -- -- Got the power of the. Here's an update on -- coming up to -- -- Jack Russell the whole 41% say no the punishment was not too harsh but a majority 59%. Say yes. The punishment was to march again this year opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. They get to some FaceBook comments the -- blog which is doubts excuses made for. Sterling it's racist rant. It's on our our FaceBook page is part of the conversation WL radio so you can become part of the conversation here's a comment from grade. If sterling was black. And he made racist comments about white people he would never heard the first word about it. If he would for his first word about it there's now a double standard in race relations in this country. Bring up that on your liberal agenda show. Annually just brought that up on what some perceive as a liberal agenda show but you know you actually listen to the show. You're really stretching it to describe me as a liberal when it comes to a lot of -- but then. People want a conveniently. A pigeon -- you so like I can't control that here's a comment from Brandon on our FaceBook conversation. Donald Sterling is a low life piece of garbage. -- Charles Barkley. Makes racist. Remarks. It could be considered. Offensive by many will be NBA gives sir Charles a lifetime ban as well I doubt it. Well something that I discussed in the blog who wish we talk about on the show quite often and that is. There is importance in the messenger. We -- the words come from. Have an impact. And and that's part of human nature. And you or impacted by somebody who says something to you it's not just the word spoken but it's where the words come from. And you cannot deny that in our recent history in this country while things have changed you can't deny. That there was a history. Of mistreatment of horrific mistreatment of blacks. Now even even a young generation of blacks. Has first hand information from their parents. And their grandparents. That's not that long ago. It wasn't that long ago. When people were mistreated in this country. As so even young generations have first hand. Knowledge of institutional racism. And being mistreated I can't relate to that as a white person. I don't know what that's I don't know what that's like. So the best thing I can do is admit that I don't know what that's like it understand if I just I look at generation tonight a look at that time span here. There are young people today who have heard stories from their grandparents. I'm sure you heard stories from your grandparents that that affected the way you feel about. World War II about maybe the Japanese. Or the Nazis. And of course your attitude has changed over time I would hope. But that doesn't mean that you weren't somehow conditioned. By the stories that you heard from your grandparents. And your grandparents talked about their -- so this was really not that long ago it's not that removed. From the world today. And again much has changed but there. There's still a lot of races -- and justification. Operations. Here is a comment on our FaceBook conversation from Michael that reads. And yet Larry Johnson has suggested. An all black basketball league avoid of whites. He should lose his job also. Because racism is racism. Well if he was a team owner. Perhaps. There I don't think Larry Johnson is a team owner right now that might have some impact on his job again. If we're all honest with ourselves. We would have to admit. That we are accountable for what we say if what we say reflects negatively. On the company we work for. Or the industry rent. If you wanna join us tonight on the -- show on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. Texas a 7870. Will be right back as a song Bruno Mars. Young girls. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But activists show on history tonight Philadelphia tomorrow's going to be a very pleasant day. No rain expected tomorrow and the high tomorrow's going to be in the mid seventies. I talked myself earlier in the in Portland and its gonna be eighty. Two -- in Portland. And closed in ninety by the weekend which is really hot that part of the country because not everybody has air conditioning in Portland Seattle and it's ever Cisco and that that part of America. Sorry it's really really hot if you don't have they see it believe me I've lived here without -- -- -- did very very hot. But he here it is in the mid seventies tomorrow in this part of the country. This time of year what are very pleasant to moment this is a from New Orleans Michael you're going to -- WL. I viewed like that that is done first involved -- he shouldn't use connect. Between. People who are brilliant. And your doctor. Yeah. Billionaire. When I knew it would be. Black African Americans Latinos. We all. Went the other are about this that the other week. -- I'll. And yet we get together at the end of the -- there's no problem with that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I think that. Now. I wouldn't you try and do. Where that line that is. -- vital and again and -- tomorrow and the and yeah. I would yeah that was the equipment and we knew we would looted and that would. Yeah. Yeah. You know and then -- and to get that. None of that matters. And. Michael I appreciate your. Your passion. One thing that I steady throughout my career and and in very early and in my career high paid attention to. Communications. The relationship of the media and society and the just the process of of human communications I was always a big fan of Marshall -- went on at this is why it was so so boring and -- when I was a kid. But executed but when I was -- much younger. I'm really appreciate abortion a clue and who was a communication guru. And -- I always respected is the source of the communication. And if if you're. If you're working with somebody. And you're using the N word if you're white and if they except it's the intent. The intent. Of Donald sterling and the clippers. Was to. Judge blacks as being less worthy not equals. And there's also parallels what goes on in his in his business life he was fine by the federal government. It's all about intent. This was not a guy who is joking around with his girlfriend he was telling -- don't bring blacks to my game -- Don't -- pictured with blacks. On -- to grant don't promote that you're with blacks. And when it comes to the NBA. The NFL. Major League Baseball. These organizations are not tolerant. Of this kind of ignorant judgement of others. And we've seen it happen with the NFL. And comments about the possibility of gay football players being openly gay and and playing in the NFL. And there are some players that debatable really ignorant comments. About. Their feelings concerning that. And the NFL has just been in swift. With judging them. And punishing them. So with in these organizations within this business world within this industry of professional sports. There are standards. And if you don't live up to those standards should be held accountable there are some people who are arguing that this is about political correctness. It's not about political correctness. -- set the record straight on that when we come back this is this crucial into the WL.