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Apr 30, 2014|

the NBA has banned Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life from the team and the NBA, fined him $2.5 million and will urge owners to force him to sell his team...all because of racist remarks made to his girlfriend who recorded the conversation. Saints and Pelicans owner Tom Benson agrees with the NBA’s decision. Do you think the punishment from the NBA was too harsh?

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The NBA punished clippers owner Donald Sterling by banning him for a life. From his own team games and from anything involving the NBA. And find him a 2.5 million dollars and said that they were gonna work very hard to try to convince the owners. In upcoming meetings to vote to. Forced him to sell the team this is not this is or something totally new I don't remember exactly what she said. But not -- Marge Schott who was you or does Cincinnati resident of crusty woman. How does have a back in the eighties and I remember talking about this over the years she simply to the effect of well nearly be Hitler wasn't such a bad guy. -- achieved rates are very ignorant statements and to Major League Baseball. Basically forced her to to sell the team. So this is not totally unprecedented and again. It's not about freedom of speech this has nothing to do with freedom of speech. This has everything to do with being accountable for. This the words we say. And your held accountable I'm held accountable were all held accountable for the words we say. Then I I've -- get texts from some people who are trying to say well you know this is just about political correctness. And to -- that is just such as superficial cheap shot claiming this is about political correctness. I would agree. That political correctness in this country. Is out of control. But there's a difference between. Being ridiculous with political correctness. And also understanding that what we have learned through political correctness. Is to be more polite accepting and understanding of each other. You have the freedom to say rude things. But being respectful. Is not being politically correct. What we shouldn't confuse. Political correctness something that is a negative thing. To a lot of people. With simple respect. And why are we a weaker nation. If we're respectful to each other. Why are we a weaker nation if we talk about equality. We talk about the things that have always been an integral part of the spirit. Of America. If you wanna join our show with your comments your Felix tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. In a text number. -- -- 77 here's an update on our WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight was the NBA's punishment of clippers owner Donald Sterling too harsh. 43% say no and 57%. Say yes it was too harsh and they are people who still. -- supports. What he said. Support -- -- I support his freedom to say it but he's accountable for what he says again to join -- shooter -- -- numbers 2601870. Told 38668890. -- seven -- text is a 7870 the Escobar tonight's news. Is it is about people making excuses to. To support. Donald sterling and they're using they're using different things to justify what he -- don't stop making your excuses. To justify racism. And that's on our website at WW real dot com you can read and -- and also it's a part of our FaceBook conversation at WWL radio. From Slidell John your on the -- showed good evening. Thanks scoot I lived in law and thrown it in years used to your record you clippers games. Because. They were for more affordable and lakers -- -- -- -- arm leg and he and Donald Sterling was notorious for not paying his players not being it will keep its lawyers. He did have one good team government whale and and yet Larry ground Turkey didn't keep in court -- -- taller -- but. Donald Sterling one that a person who would make you score accurate. -- a lot just by the way in order. You know try to look at the whole picture appreciate it you go about narco Jennifer tried to trying to really figure out -- understand. Some of the bomb. Don't -- according to his story and look at history daily times which is. Very liberal and used to read our county register nobody ever had anything good to say about the start. Q is known its ultimate so long war. According -- you know he came out of law school. He he considered until oppressed minority student of the Jewish day nobody would harm our record edit -- launching. Make some money in real estate deal accord real estate properties electricity. Came Altman on lord -- it's quite so I mean he doubled sexual. Correct lawsuits. He settled the biggest state the biggest amount of money network to the Justice Department to rights division. Four -- discrimination against blacks and Hispanics. The -- apparently in like like people to quirky cookie on string or. Nice apartment buildings and he named in Korea hours Korean this Korean. I mean this man. I don't think -- really like people in jail much thinking like all longer. Just a minute feature. Won -- and lost and well being in. Woman. Professional woman. You'd like -- at court could live with my height of a long period timer and Mike apparently like women with and a skill. Anyway. That testimony tidbits -- -- he. Talked about his relationship with a woman around mature human and they're madame. But that the testimony in this thing would. Just beyond belief in would need insight on the here. This -- the he testified to and that he. Are pretty into into the opinion he -- like boxer. -- Hispanic. -- -- -- Guys this is is the ultimate hypocrisy it and I don't write a respect his wife for staying with him I don't respect his girlfriend for being with him because he's married and also because she had to have known. That he was a racist and and there are there. Were times in the conversation when she was actually apologizing going and I'm sorry that I've done things stood -- essentially I'm sorry I've done things have sector I don't remember exact words. And she said something along the lines of -- -- what can I do to make things better. While -- -- not gonna respect her if she's gonna simply deal with this guy because he has money and there are a lot of women who. Sacrifice. Their standards. And their principles to be with somebody who has money and it's a very very pathetic state of human relations. He gave her four or five or didn't at least warned. Com or Laurie won. A range broker. -- couldn't be at least partly in other -- And this being came about over one point eight million dollar Condo that apparently. It's quite. Barack I'll but he can. You want. -- eucharist and now eat the whole world long period -- And -- much that's about a major democratic supporter. Com he is one of the most current peace being people of credit. Peter -- what is this I think you know the and he literally a while only old man who. These some email tension and and apparently it. Sexual heat when you're so into toward victory at your age 2325. Whatever it is I mean he is beyond. Figuring it out to me. I. It seems to me like it would be very simple to describe him as -- ego ego maniacal very self centered person. You know I mean. Billionaires like yes. Are you know any company exclusive club the even more exclusive peak in early in -- -- and and early I don't know like David Stern didn't deal with seem much much much sooner on. Because of all the law into over the course what is he -- -- That to -- overt discrimination. Related to it is. -- and -- it's it's it's a day just for the record it's David -- the longer the commissioner it's a new commissioner Adam silver whose distinctive ish right Dickey took over in in February so this was a big deal for you. New commissioner to have to deal with. And so in an obscure this stated startled. Yeah I'd -- 1520 years ago I mean peak peak at some new Wall Street and and -- -- been known for a long long time market that he had chances table early -- clippers kings and he would never. People were always trying to you know their patent that could cause he didn't buy. Don't think its ability yet skewed the and accurately it is quite distant. Everybody thinks he has a couple of topics you like -- anybody -- at the world cannot let this man I mean like it used to retail at times and Orange County right. And those would be two -- two newspapers with a very differing ideologies. Absolutely you know nobody cared for much like a -- -- bolstering the well a nice building. Armed tumor through Beverly Hills and -- -- -- if you know failure in. And who the only -- he seemed to like were Korean. Anyway thanks a lot in. I can't I'm glad you called if you wanna join us your comments tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. Texas 877. Interestingly. This this guy Donald Sterling is. The the owner who always been an owner in the NBA for the longest. Period he see he's the not in terms of his his age but in terms of being on an owner of an NBA team he's been in the NBA is an owner longer than any other owner. Upper Texas Bruce you're on WW well. Yes it. You know are here and Nancy Johnson got a second chance. Lately has got a second chance on the crowd that got loses. Ownership on the domestic option being kicked out the -- and now and let slip before. Why would Magic Johnson have been kicked out. Why don't make a BA shipping now. Absolutely. It would -- other people risk. Well but it didn't have it that in Greek god. I think there there may be some validity to that continue to have to test every player and take every player out there was HIV positive and don't ever gonna do that. Well wait a second chance you know what happened -- two dead black kids at all. He'd do you know. But do you but OK but he wasn't convicted -- what is it that you know elaborate. I you know I I understand and I'm not make us. Domestic and get. Stewart went on that job -- For. I don't really see the direct comparison. No I think you make in an excuse to support not -- -- -- black athlete. What's your bill and depicted on this guy and powerful. Well Richard totally your opinion. I'm not supporting anything other than equality. And I don't I don't like people who have beaten on attitude but the mentality. That they're better than blacks. I don't like that mentality. -- -- Yet to -- important parts. Appreciate you Lebanese before. Members of budget a chance to speaking of -- -- James you're -- WWL. Well -- tools it needs. I agree we Hughes who Garrett believes that -- He -- he will run oriented black people and our one with the people we think about. It picked up program and despair and Putin's. If filed government came out with -- through our words I don't think it would. I don't think it would. Warn him in all through. James you know I think you're right there would be people who would say that it's different if a politician says that that somebody who owns a basketball team which is essentially is the owner of a and entities that provides -- entertainment. Two to be. That kind of person and be in office I'm sure their people in office who feel that way they just don't say editor haven't gotten caught saying it. So I think it would be people who would say that there's a difference. The the NBA. The NFL Major League Baseball these -- These are clubs these are very exclusive clubs and they are our rules and if you say something or act in such a way. That. It gives a bad image to the whole league. Then you're going to be punished. And Donald Sterling. Should've known that should've realized that. In it it in the same way they were all held accountable for every day they're there are teachers I mean I know teachers who. Have. Decorum. Clauses in the contracts that they signed with their schools and if they're out on their own on their own time. And they do something that would reflect badly on the school even though they were on their own time. They can be fired. And that's what the people -- down -- -- and speak Arab or Aaron. You make threats. Decisions to be negative. Wore black people that you are. Fuel our. Responsible. Forward she strayed toward vehicle. James I agree I'm going to call the show thanks for us into WW -- died right down to game against the Golden State boy yours at the Staples Center back home in Los Angeles. On the clippers leads the Golden State Warriors 61 to 55 I would be surprised if they don't go on to to win this game and I hope they do a series is tied it. -- two games apiece. I am still astounded by those who continued to make this argument -- It's freedom of speech he can say whatever he wants it's -- it's about political correctness and that's one thing that's wrong with this country political. Correctness. We are held accountable for for what we say. And by the way I got a text a few moments ago asking the question what does a clipper. It's a Los Angeles Clippers -- as a clipper. I guess I was old always under the impression that it has something to do with sailing. But if you wanna define at forest you can certainly call our show our numbers 2601 a seventy. Toll free 8668890. -- every text 87070. Repellent right academic WL I like his Spanish is so apparent more so yeah. Anybody -- -- songs and our sister station it's. On a regular basis. This is the closest. I ever get you up pretty general opinion poll has been tonight. It's sorted out very very lopsided. The question is was the NBA's punishment of clippers owner Donald Sterling to march. Earlier where it's 35% said. No it wasn't too harsh but 65% say yes it was to market it would when he got the 75% said it was too harsh but it's -- -- it was too harsh. Well witnesses closes it's been tonight 44% say no 56%. Say yes it's too harsh. Give -- your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com and order remind you that we're giving you a chance to win some cash just in time for a well deserved vacation. WWL is giving you a chance to -- a thousand dollars in our nation wide vacation cash contest just listen to W -- weekdays right before the top of the hour news at 7 AM. 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM for the code word. That text the code word 272881. To your chance to win without ever putting your phone down that seven to eighty point. Every weekday four lucky winners nationwide are gonna win a thousand dollars each. Now we don't charge for -- but individual plan. Text and data rates apply remember the times to listen right before the top of the hour news weekdays at 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM. And 5 PM. And good luck from Smart radio intercom and all of us at WWL. A from -- Jeff you're on the -- showed good evening. Couldn't talk and I. And on the -- but I do want to say that. I'll -- a big difference here and and the discussion has damage -- I'm sure of seeing American imagine has been all over everyone's FaceBook. However the problem -- that this is not just about. Racism or. -- Or prejudice a lot of times. It's human beings -- prejudices and actually. However the problem becomes. If you discriminate based on prejudice -- what we've heard in that audio clip and what's problematic more than anything else. Is the promotion of discrimination. Based on race and not just. I dis liking for one group or not -- good point. I think that's that's something that I haven't really -- too much in the discussion. And that's why people talk about freedom of speech and of course there can be consequences. That people have a right to feel that certain way we all feel certain way about something we already have certain things that we. The L aren't necessarily comparable with the used to those are prejudices that are already. Almost ingrained in -- when we act upon those prejudices and begin to discriminate. That's where we cross the line and that's what happened. Jeopardy that's a very astute point appreciate you calling. From. I guess this is so. -- Terry -- -- WW LB leading yes I agree with you a 100%. Respectable. It out there real strong about it you noted it was stakes being given NAACP. Awards in the united -- B. Been contributed Democrat. Collection for long term I think he is probable ball. -- operate burst on the Democrats. Fail through the years helped kill African Americans dying. If they use they have yet but -- it was just -- -- -- you know in -- Republicans are much more money one way. And I and I have strong opinion on it and his followers that the only thing is about this is outpaced the reaction was. Cold Beers which was just about 200%. Sarah Palin and there was people column or hold. It was or worse than some stuff police say it in they know -- -- -- -- -- can be used unit news channels. People are partners. As they were split. Written at stake out. And. -- -- I don't I don't agree I don't agree with that either blitzer -- is not part I'm not X excusing any of that and and I'm I'm critical of the name calling -- comes from the right or the left at nine of their people who love it when your. You're just so one sided mean night. I don't like Sarah Palin I think she's I think she's the joke in the Republican Party but I don't think that she should have been called derogatory things. So that was clearly wrong. I can't speak for everybody Ailes. But I mean old national -- instead they'll. Yes it this guy's year is. Mean you really. And today he's been diminished 40. I mean he's always I don't gotten used to play it -- yours here is James medical. And I speak -- -- -- you know. Again it was player first they'll be out cheers was that it coach there would they went back and you'll meet. He's with the clippers -- -- -- to be -- -- years or longer that are with a jeers yours though they warn you. And it certainly. You know your history in England and -- like 4000. Year. Anyone else in the music -- -- -- my LC gave Mike Brittany empowers it to accused. -- always been discriminate against. Originally he just Congo this girl -- years younger than -- and it is what to one missiles and gestured. -- -- -- Terry and I'm glad you called you know that's another sand thing out of all of this and we talked about this a lot the last two nights and it's obvious and I occasionally talk of early show and I I notice it but I knew you'd notice it and I notice it in there might be people who are listening or actually. A part of this this this problem. And that is sacrificing. Your standards to be with somebody just because they have money. Or staying with somebody just because they have I know people who actually miserable. In their marriage. And they stayed for the money they say for the security. We'll kind of happiness is enemy. I know people who are important married. And they -- totally separate lives because they don't have the courage. To get divorced. UCLA. Today announced that it is turning down three million dollars pledged by. Clippers owner Donald sterling and they're gonna return 425000. Dollars in installment that he's already -- They said that his divisive and hurtful comments demonstrate that he does not share UCLA's. Core values. Opera -- David you're on WWL. Hey you're right and David. Looked at it you know aside arrogant -- today you know obviously whatever early that it completely out or. On it yet be prominent -- the level. Is. Unfortunately because organization that -- And I bring it like being a -- that have not been. It's certainly -- like in the pat. And it just really were bringing up that conversation let -- be talking more -- out interpret how we address straight at them. Just it would be in the NBA like in life in general. And it's. It's unfortunate that it's not been -- -- it that's part about it that archway at of one. It has been art that chain on there you look at that. -- -- That that how that they. Yeah it it it. It opens up a lot of wounds. That this country still has scars from from the past and it reflects. This. This problem that we still have and those people who say well it's a private conversation those people who find ways to. Somehow. And support what he says that they don't support what he said that they support the idea that he -- say -- certainly can't say if they don't like him being held accountable like this. And then there are those who try to vicariously justify. What he said by saying well. There are people like Spike Lee and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who do the same thing in reverse -- And maybe that's perception of some of the things that did they say because of their agenda to promote black equality. But that's -- be used as a way of supporting what -- said and because of the messenger. When you when a person who is white. Says. Something about a black person. That lens itself to the past like slavery and ownership. That's something that is simply not acceptable today and certainty. Completely Gregory and you know it just -- -- trying to bring -- before it. I I completely agree that it they it's important things that were talking about it. You know it is unfortunate that it coming out and -- the situation. Arm but it's an important thing that everyone is really green light that they're up in the -- -- and fortunately Adam or. Dealing with -- center spot polite. David guys called it does it does bring up this conversation from -- -- or WWL. They are you -- man and a they had kind of question about it this kind of -- Coppola but I had a proper conversation. But -- -- And I heard there -- secretary of the California. In the -- to -- the power countless things sort out to people known as PT. So I had not related to the president -- -- as an MBA. They have to watch on they get their proper solution taped it Smart to put -- the debilitating I would look at the initial public it was but it lies. I think you're right in -- to do there were owners like Mark Cuban who said that this is -- sets. An interesting precedent for the NBA. However after the NBA announced it's a punishment. He totally agreed with the decision -- the NBA. You know I would I I would agree that this scene is far reaching implications but this is. This is part of the club of being in the NBA in the in this same way that. You and I are held accountable for actions and behavior outside of work if it reflects negatively on our business. All right -- but I should appreciate you calling. Here's a text that -- against the clippers owner was wrong no doubt. However is obvious. That he was set out. Why not address all the racism against women whites. And other races in rap music. -- calls women. Blank blank except for a and other degrading insults banned their music and performances. For life and find them. Well that would be a clear case. Of infringing on first amendment rights. Now as a consumer you have the right to buy or not by somebody's music. Push for. For the government or for anybody to. Two. In a in a man's way. Band music I mean this was a conversation that came out years ago with with two life -- To band. Music. To -- expression that is infringing on first amendment rights. This is not infringing on a first amendment rights with Donald Sterling the 'cause it happened in the context of the NBA. It's not my standards is not your standards it's the standards of the NBA. If you wanna join us tonight with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. Our text number is 87870. -- here's a text. -- I'm not surprised with your poll we live in a red states in that needs we live in a red state that needs to be blue. Holding on to the past. You can't judge estates. By its color. This is the -- show. It will be -- -- Hugo we are thrilled to have Angela hill in our radio friendly here at WWL and once again she's got some really great stuff coming up on her show tomorrow. At 1 o'clock local psychologist battles childhood obesity. With three simple rules. But those rules may also help with our addiction to technology. And a lazy lifestyle. Do you need tools to help your child overcome obesity. -- if you need some help with that picture you -- -- Angela tomorrow 1 o'clock 2 o'clock shall talk about to weather out there should be a streetcar line on north rampart street. And at 3 o'clock -- do you have an outstanding warrant. Are you scared to be arrested -- -- municipal court announces new amnesty program to encourage those with -- outstanding warrants to come to court and clean a record -- -- Angela hill an open mind with the legendary Angela hill tomorrow on weekdays one to four here on every WL. A for ocean springs big surely you are now on the -- show. Area you'd. -- and so then we've -- talk about it. And -- watchers who. Is that it sort of forwards them predict -- Comerica. Over which is wider so -- city. I guess the people that goes well there hopefuls. Helped build the country along with -- other reasons. -- -- you know now know where we have there. Pain -- -- search and destroy Guerrero. Went off from other dentistry in. You. Know. Any reader comments. It will come it will you. Milk -- new sensors that the station. So that you can talk. -- -- really like to know why. We hated so. Well I think ignorance is the key word -- do you feel hated today into 2014. I'll feel good courses their own dry out there. You know by people call me so. You know physical. -- so anyway Americans there's because they thought there and they're critical community feel. Worn this in a player because I'm an area around ocean's ring. Let people -- street -- that's been my electorate full music played now. And that was that you wish that once -- get support it was racism thing legal way we've read the oh flight and so. And that -- that's in the mall right now. You don't hang out together to act the way Asian kids. You know concede that. I don't think they do there's -- younger generation did did did doesn't see color the way in my generation dies and it's embarrassing because my generation. -- during the sixties have fought for equality whether it was race or sexual orientation. Why is my generation now so supportive on hate. And racism there's there's deep rooted fear and -- there has been politicians have used. The fear of races. To. To get elected and this goes way back to George Wallace who what was actually a moderate. And there were other moderates in the Republican Party who became. It's separatists who who promoted. The fear. What would happen if blacks were. Integrated into our society they promoted that as a way of getting elected George Wallace's -- Jenny lost his first election for governor of Alabama. And then it became a separatist and it worked and -- became he became elected it is it's called the southern strategy. And Republicans of using and so on local and national levels. What happened at the end -- he world resurrection. I did but he went back to being who he really was before he started using the southern strategy to win. And I'm not really exactly sure why some people have become so insecure. With the idea of integration and why why people are afraid of that there's it's so. Easy for the media it's so easy for politicians to store up hysteria in this country. But they won't separate and so we can't come together contribute great country. And we. Want democracy. At. Risk so that democracy here round Wednesday. And liberal positions it's so. If you. Pages where we've bred city -- country. And there are the Al Sharpton and Jesse jacksons who benefit from racial divide right. We were told guys I mean as a black man. We should -- divide that we should be -- we can work again this is important animal cancer research. Does the man but at this sort of thank you for being objective. And that particular wrestle all and it. Hefner. I appreciate you calling -- showed initial listing over an ocean springs. Right now in the a playoff game with a Golden State lawyers at home in Los Angeles the clippers lead the warriors 77 to 72 that playoff series is tied it. -- two games apiece. On the northern the owner of the clippers Donald Sterling he's out there interestingly his his girlfriend. Well she could actually bring a black person to the game and he couldn't -- about it. I'm scoot it will be back into the WL it is a lot going on our website at WWL dot com we've got the latest on the NBA commissioner suspending. Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life and giving him the maximum fine of 2.5. Million dollars -- we've got the entire press conference on our website at WW to account also Christian has I agree blog titled. A sterling got what was coming good riddance as Bud's got a very creative cartoon about the controversy. And the latest scoop blog here is senate titled stop defending sterling to racism with your excuses and that's on our website at WW real dot count. Also reminds you that tomorrow Garland Robinette. -- we'll talk about the -- Supreme Court this is a belated new breaking story today the Supreme Court is looking at a case. Where police seized the contents of cellphones without a warrant. If that tactic takes -- criminals off the street. Are you forts or against it one of things girl talk about. Tomorrow when you climb into the think tank with him from ten to one on to -- if -- A commander bill John you're on the -- show good evening. -- -- smaller. I'm Hawaii. Pot is the only active. Aren't away. I am totally and everything that is said. I am. -- -- -- The clippers owner. And I cannot -- Is not racism. Don't exist. And it. Really. Are you sorry. Are you surprised that there are people who. Are trying to find ways to subtly justify. What he said by saying well. Others say it in reverse. And he was just exercising his freedom of speech. Well. You know. Because we you have freedom of speech. And -- -- By -- and ignorant. So. I totally against. This is so something to freedom of speech does Sarah revealed it reveals ignorance. And it it it obviously does -- it appreciate it either one -- I mean you have and -- somebody a call earlier. Bleachers and -- in America. Any. You know he still feels abandoned what's going on -- said there's -- at Louisiana. Born in America. And understand. You know -- -- goes both ways sometimes. -- You know -- -- black white whatever. At least I -- it you know being an original movie. About him being. No we are and we interpret what other human beings say and may be without realizing -- it's we don't just accept the words that are spoken and we. Interpret the words based on the source they come from. I -- and you know. It's ridiculous and that is what I'll say who -- out there has been. I apologize. Quite but you know what. It's freedom of speech and then they got as Americans and we'll get active and -- It. -- -- -- I think that pretty much says it all appreciate you calling. When it comes to words that the source of where the words come from the messenger is always a factor. This is this is part of human communications. And because of America's history of mistreatment of blacks. If a white person. Talks. In a way that he indicates that he is better than blacks -- owned black owns blacks. Or dead blacks are not equal to him more if if a white person uses the N word in referring to two blacks. This this traces back to our our history. And the mistreatment of blacks. And so it may not be fair if the same words are spoken by a black person. And a white person is -- for saying the same words. But we are human beings not robots and computers and we interpret. What human being Satan was not just the words but the source. One of like John -- Here's a final update on our WW up pretty general opinion poll was the NBA's punishment of sterling too harsh 44% say no 56% say yes. -- -- we're back tomorrow night's once again lobbying -- Lois.