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4-30 6:15am Tommy, Donald Sterling punishment

Apr 30, 2014|

Tommy talks to Steve Kyler, an NBA insider for Basketball Insiders, about what punishments the Clippers owner received for his racially-charged comments

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- now Leo now the owner of the clippers was. Banned from basketball for life that. News on two and a half million dollars and net. Plans are acting again in his nose teams of force in the -- team one thing I think it's unfortunate know this. That the clippers would mean interpreted playoff and legal worries three to. And here now with some notice of Steve Cutler look -- the NBA and basketball for basketball insiders mourning Steve. -- are good when you say you covered for insiders it means you actually write your column in the paint. Some -- the a -- are somewhat strange. I'll tell me your take on all of this and and professional basketball history of Donald sterling and and if you read Kareem Abdul Jabbar is peace but -- great. I think he's he flat out nailed it but give me your take on all of this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What we know and so you know what altogether shocking yet -- what was surprising. It only secure of one point when you read transcripts of court documents and you hear the allegations in the third and that's a little bit. When you hear it in court any way you can send speedy victory all. It was air. And certainly what we're -- -- you know one other nightly either he thinks the -- here and yet there. You know real really disturbing. You know we come so -- -- -- think about. You know -- it just the way that we are not only include simply acting because they do and they are. Now the only inclusive leader of multi culture in a -- -- -- you know we do really kind of -- and it is totally different ways that count them on barrier to become. Ritual way and a loner someone who can't control the product on the war influence -- on the floor. You contribute in the twirl. And little else to say that everybody -- at one point. Someone -- get -- early early if our view it you know days like that. So you know I it's sometimes I walked -- the -- we would very the world to there are people who that. Our meat department and it is what we kind of expected -- -- -- span. I expected in actually been in the war it's gonna. And your party they'll let you know like kind -- an -- -- -- I think they use that possibility. But I know that was kind of war legally. But you know I think what we've seen what you're BA year is at. I find this plays -- two boxes of options here at fox. That they'll be used. Dumped it out early -- everything to get it here. The -- and Eric we want you to go between which -- off to the owners in the lower. By. Oh you are out there you know. We've seen some comments you know all the teams now all our leaders including -- has come out and supported so direction. But they still beat goes through -- -- yet clear if you're challenging legal process to really try -- between the late in the back where it thinks is still open and protecting the ball that got. I think that he did what we need to do which sent signals it. If I don't belong to be here it won't be here and on the yacht and get out there and not going to be able. In a couple more minutes if you will please we come back quoting from Kareem Abdul Jabbar -- Idea I'm angry Toobin on just about the sense of Donald sterling and catalyst let's start with him you -- -- back in 2000 money coach for the clippers. For three months he was congenial even inviting me to his daughter's wedding. Nothing happened or was said to indicate he suffered from -- PMS. Which is irritable plantation masters and -- sits that a lot has been revealed about sterling business practices will go and -- -- when we come back with a guest. I also wanna talk about. -- -- of the new commissioner -- because sounding anything happens and of that human if this had been David Stern what do you think the reaction would be and it would have been because. Much like George Bush early in his presidency. The commissioner gets hit with this right between the eyes and hands to act. As he sees fit not just in terms I think of Donald Sterling but in terms of how he's gonna be viewed as a commissioners. A really when you're your take on Steve when we come back six point four time -- -- traffic. That would. Tucker honored to have Steve Tyler was discovers the NBA and basketball basketball. Insiders yet to go to Steve 630 Seaver way where six there are -- an -- here. Articulate and -- has insights on this stuff because they think you argue set apart in the game. When they hadn't realized until last night was that. This affected Tom Benson too because I didn't believe it or not a forgot it was an NBA -- that he on the pelican. So how what in terms of the commissioner. David Smith -- Adam -- I don't know I don't know talking about here it gets -- many names in line around but Adam silver. It was a similar and I don't mean anything political about this at all but was it similar George Bush and it would 9/11. After hoosiers inaugurated. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know that -- block out that we actually do more what it would really run by Adams felt you're gonna win all the players certain speed the principal. You know components of it. As well it had relationships with all the owners try and center but you know working -- a little -- you know repeat it's my perspective initially. You can tell -- You know he kind of struggled a little bit in the opening part of it but it's in -- to what you want fair polite kind -- 2.5. Dollar fine will not be allowed -- imparted anything remotely associated with the NBA. You can see that -- got to do you wish you want to -- and you know I like -- be here you know -- that they you know fox all options he -- every -- on -- Donald Sterling says in the back to -- poignant and Iraq in their solid conviction they. Answer you know when they ask -- questions. It was long ramble and try to figure out one day. It was very and secretary directed there are no loopholes year you're in your close -- from the commissioner point that you know -- -- ancient. And I think you -- out there in port here the Q&A very clear -- meet -- he can keep your way. And -- player on security we -- statement. From NBA owner about it. You know I did walker eager to stop wielded a very heavy camera commissioner he you know Olympic -- on absolutely every -- and I didn't. I wondered you know in the modern era screen -- telling. Odd million with the new commissioner vehicle you. -- -- control. The end yeah he Peru yesterday. That you regular order -- its -- This is a situation where you can be exposed to creating -- the lawsuits. Especially. Our current war in our truck around because their own bowling ball in reducing our truck. You know it's it's the reacts multiples so now or more -- something that says. Lost -- billion dollars. There are no matter penalty American peace marches forty billion dollars -- they've gone -- -- -- could get very very here you know -- thirtieth -- I will -- -- -- we come back Steve -- you hang on Steve Tyler nice enough to spend some time with -- he covers the NBA and basketball basketball insiders. They'll take your calls to 260 points and any tool free 866. And 890870. What was causing all my name confusion you got. Donald Sterling the commissioners Adams overs them thing about sterling silver then -- wondered about Adams over being stern who was the old commissioner. David Stern on Britain everything -- should be all right. Now it's time for that it W offers news and that we go to David -- David you know I'll radio is in general television is same land here in the newspaper business -- he. Computer chip business. There are no secrets really don't you think there might be secrets to the outside world the with a in the industry. Are not with -- guy ever in the embassy Britain's building about a pretty much knows -- everybody else makes everybody knows what the strategies are but he knows the plans are because nobody can keep him out. And match you know that is we welcome back Steve Tyler guests who covers the NBA and basketball for basketball insiders now. Give me a second here and -- your honor if I might be allowed some latitude. I'll tell you where am gone all right Steve. I'm -- to -- the first time someone shows you who they are believed them. The Los Angeles chapter of the NAACP. Was set to give. The 2014 humanitarian award to the owner of the clippers Donald Sterling. They've sent says they're not gonna do it even if they did I don't think he'd go pick it up -- up there. I don't think anyone would you. Now. But then there are some opinions out there that maybe. He did a lot of humanitarian work with the NAACP in case something like that sampling like his racist comments were. Where to come to alight but. He and that if anybody and just finally effects he never did use the N word which generating controversy is. He told his mistress and I don't think is a doubt that she was his mistress well. Who knows -- he was actually able to. The deal on that I don't know and it's not my business but. It just seemed like he tells her don't bring black people to my games now this guy say what you like a body appears to be a pretty savvy businessman. So if he knows the NBA audiences over 76%. Black. He would want black people at his games I would think Hillary would only hand. -- it was -- left of a 19% Eminem white men and whatever the other percentages fill that out aren't as games so. Was this as much about. Race and another guy's got a history some things with real estate. Rental property that he owned. About a jealous Ohman and I I'm just you know sometimes the most complicated things. Developed from the simplest of beginnings. -- and I mean he got in partner no question about -- that we knew the way a minute in that played out in terms of common predicted made. You know things you're dating younger crop -- -- you know I know coaches and certainly no players. Have been article or -- treatment it's always kind of been there. It's never -- outward yeah I think Hillary is -- think everything is gonna screen that you know that. Not necessarily. A lot on -- you know racism in -- ignorant. -- in particular you know warn that cultural thing where -- -- -- -- the world. Armed you know. I'd blame a lot of people -- -- because I think if I knew that you should -- -- -- fine. But a lot of people kind of taken the approach of well. You know he to predict but yeah. You'd use it but it was never you know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Cattle that there are you patient. And -- like well you know what I break it doesn't deal in part but never here you know convicted in debt and -- when people call. And -- -- -- really where a lot of people -- on the line wind like this guy a leader why you are to be here was because while. It. Doesn't mean do you think he's cute and you know it -- time collegiate kind of way -- -- -- legal their play out. You know everybody or at the right to be you know to go through the legal prospects but in this case. -- here are here you know what this means in the bigger picture. -- any -- ball there really is all. Ian yet to be screened it in the players did you know that I was in power should be in the litigation on -- you know it shows put it there now. -- -- -- Portrait -- you know that order a -- you've been talking about it he signed contracts. I would take a break we'll come back ramped up -- Steve Tyler -- semi attacks but in my thoughts on this and and it an analogy you have made tons of times before and I think it. It. Proves in a way that he's not a racist or improves in the way that he is. I'll explain my comeback Tommy Tucker -- 87 into the W Tommy Tucker double WL we got the cash code cash toward coming up in the 1000 -- -- contest. But I just wanna ask Steve Tyler who covers the NBA and basketball for basketball insiders one. Final question the conspiracy theory is blowing around I know you've heard it that. Magic Johnson and is a woman set. The owner so that they could eat -- and say racist things and Magic Johnson could buy the basketball team seems -- him back engineering. To me thirty seconds address -- Not true at all you know Magic Johnson not -- the woman in anyway. I -- that it -- apple Alter wrote it and certainly we feel that by. You know one out and likely is it going -- you might think it is getting it right in such -- Fairly. And there -- -- a lot of you know ultimately in the younger marketer in law tutor or probably gonna go well oh 1000000000 dollars I am gonna create a really big thing in the NBA and see a lot of law -- of -- Silly young beautiful woman with an old wrinkled up rich guy and she really wasn't -- inning had ulterior motives are never happened. Put it that way she got a O Larry do Bentley to Land Rover and a Condo in Beverly Hills. What do you think again I got to thank you Steve appreciate -- time early deal we get to talk to you again. -- -- -- --

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