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WWL>Topics>>4-30 8:15am Tommy, medical marijuana

4-30 8:15am Tommy, medical marijuana

Apr 30, 2014|

Tommy talks to State Senator Fred Mills and Dr. Mark Alain Dery, Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine at the Tulane University School of Medicine, about medical marijuana medicine

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Tommy Tucker talk about the availability of medical marijuana in Louisiana as it stands now I believe. Doctors can prescribe it. But you you can't get it here and let's start with doctor mark. Alan -- they get their attack on number yank him who's who testified today in Baton Rouge who is not expressing. The opinions of anybody for whom he works he's just expressing his own. Opinion is that how it is now doctor can prescribe it but he can't beat. Obtained a Louisiana. I'd also we're joined by Fred -- -- senator. Who. Says -- -- -- I understand you correctly that medical marijuana is not the -- health problems -- -- -- It it should -- -- that -- made it. Is an urgent help to me the wrong thing a whole new paint job on things. -- -- About making it available. I let's talk to doctor Allen their voters -- about the that the positive things they can be gained from medical marijuana and to whom it would apply. -- Might alienate UNAIDS and let me tell you doctor rice in on this I think I'll give you both as much time as you need because what I think is happening here. Is politicians are running afraid because they don't want to. It be known on their next campaign commercial or the opposition's commercial as. John Smith wanted to approve marijuana and make our kids -- it's got nothing to do with that it's a basically a prescription medication that has been proven to help people. And I and I know people would have had cancer have been through chemotherapy. I know people that if they glow -- -- -- and it's helped them a lot and I just think it's criminal that they can't get what they need so that's where I stand docking unit. I law I -- -- do you want to medical. -- going to hurt the -- a matter and doubled -- all natural. And it. He's very people who I. Understand. Typically. We respect all other respected. Medical marijuana. Help people. Have now on the like it was caught at -- and -- in the air which this bill. There's no question about it is that that medical. Literature is. Is or. To suggest that it is absolutely. Part it is and it it and it's not that -- Back -- other medication. Without. Let's talk about. Not -- in Cuba there. -- medications that are out there I. Spent that. And we talked about making all that. Or -- -- immediately. That you. That we got the -- take the medication. Which we -- that. Actually does either. And go to. For HIV an -- -- as well we're talking about people who -- Secondary -- the age. And we -- cute and watered the tree creek and people. People -- able to. -- -- IKEA. Legal -- -- truck I use criminal and I fully support of this -- that we. -- we're gonna leave it here we come back we'll take it up with state senator Fred mills and where the politics of all this comes in the play in. One thing that amuses me is when they talk about it's gonna lead -- You know again out of the hands of people for whom it's been medically prescribed in the lead to more marijuana on -- on the street I I think it was one over the Easter weekend eighteen bails of pot washed up money island of Grand Island. If you -- if you think that's the only time. That -- has been passing by Grand Island at one time those eighteen bales fell off the boat. And washed up I think you kidding yourself so to punish people or force them to buy something illegally that could help them and and for which a doctor prescribes I think is silly but if you disagree I'm loving your friend NT six -- 1878. Till 386688908. -- Tommy Tucker back in a flash. On the other W hour right now time for traffic -- terror problems. Eight when he seven Tommy Tucker talking about medical marijuana and should it be available in Louisiana. And it -- other wasn't eighteen -- it was nineteen pound bag of marijuana that washed ashore at grand Allen god bless our public servants and I see a picture of the two grand out police officers posing with the bag but it. It's in me that would be like in and no disrespect to the officers like. -- and out of the other maybe taken a little teaspoon or measuring cup of water out after the levees broke during Katrina and I think it's that prevalent and to deny people. That don't wanna go do business on a street face criminal penalties that are suffering the right to get medical marijuana. Just seems terribly wrong to me treadmills state senators something that is so obviously. Right why are you running in the so much opposition. Well I think that question I don't know. Asian security association this year Asia -- with the -- Actually admitted that conservative. -- in the United States of America America. -- -- for -- -- can run the board and the administration. Whatever mechanism toward the net income growing distribution prescribing. And it orbit is it calls for. Well. State basically in broken -- law could be well be make public. And it helping me it's Egypt it's helping make them pay. And at the wrong but it really passionate debate issues need to be. And it -- be. Shares would be that it's it's. It's an issue and bring it every year at all that the department because it's really. Speak. Is part of this because. As I said now every everybody not everybody but most people in elected office are constantly thinking okay. Is there to be as sound bite out there's going to be something on the record so that. Wanted to run for reelection again the opposition's going to be able to say treadmills loves marijuana. Even though that's not the case. It is it is and and you know that we're open to aid really. -- Big meal that breaks down the mechanism of the distribution the girl prescribing. -- -- You know David as we often do we take issues we take subjects we take topics but then only turn him around. It only panel look at him from a different way in the and we say while on this surface it is obvious. I like to we turned and ran around he had a kind of I don't know what that was what I liked it tremor ran. -- -- nasal. I don't know if well you -- -- -- it could be -- -- -- you get older and -- and I knew this story Ali what is that I got when I got what what does that is something about the way all kinda did yeah. You can daily Iran and you can animate it is early -- did an article I just I don't know I can't -- -- I think it's a shot boom. -- seeing that shot anyway we. Our lord to -- there too late night I don't listen. Let's get back on track here's Shelly let's do it. Kareem Abdul Jabbar wrote wrote something here but does Donald Sterling thing in the we're gonna do in nineteen news around. Is talk about things like that going on in in the normal workplace where if you happen in the com safe say you're a an African American workers that grew up the year and therefore in army brat or -- removed all over the country CEO really have an accent. And you work with somebody who is very qualified but not as well spoken as you perhaps and and uses in streets playing every now and then. And as the other person leaves the room in the Boston would you man he's right -- again don't mind and your African Americans know you find that reprehensible to yet. But nobody's being discriminated against everybody gets their promotions -- pages like they should. And anchors who attacks that we got that said it's not wrong to hate people only wrong to act on your hate. And I think room and Kareem Abdul Jabbar on a lot of this up when he says -- all gonna be outraged. Let's be outraged that we -- more outraged when. Sterling racism -- -- evidently it's the outrage that private conversations between people in an intimate relationship yes are recorded in publicly played absolutely let's be outraged that whoever did the betraying will probably get a book deal a sitcom trade recipes with -- and Kathie Lee and a fall down and out yet and none. How it's possible that. And soon. Multi console just wait just wait and Dancing With The Stars you. Expect. Yeah. -- person makes fun of me then you tell your wife who's listening you wanna see this girl and penthouse. You my friend you you are the Donald Sterling of WWL it seems like users I ask -- yeah foot body amounts are you know it's something you did say earlier was botched execution and -- -- goal oriented person. I'm not trying to be indelicate here. But is the guy dead and yes well I don't I don't he was botched and I'm not trying to be mean here the guy clinched his teeth is that what you said. Yeah and plan on -- and drives around rides around in laughter and then they close the curtain. And in my body to see anymore and oh what was going on in when a comedian struggling with -- -- material yeah. Well I mean they're supposed to inject this in the and it's all done and then didn't work that well let me tell you it does not running Jack Gator right. Today -- this guy was being executed for just say you know he was convicted of draping and killing his roommates. Eleven month old daughter in 1997. And then watching his friends buried her alive and so before we and just -- and is -- a -- area before we start feeling so bad about. Always he's also -- convicted of shooting in nineteen year old Stephanie Newman watching two accomplices buried her alive so apparently that was his modus operandi. So. Let me clean this up. My parents -- the guy didn't deserve -- -- I decided I was getting that confused with -- another another prospect of another this guy did struggled last night. He was convicted of shooting the nineteen year old girl watching two accomplices accomplices rather bury her life in 1999 Arnold or if feel bad about him clinching his teeth and rising and so forth I think you can break this down in the two ways -- -- against capital punishment you're against it. But if you for I don't see how this subplots execution. I mean that they. We. -- keep Blake here if you will keep -- for me and then we'll deal with that later 715 coming back talking royko and he's a career coach altar of the Wall Street professional survival guide success secrets of a career coach what it. You know again you have a daughter yet three daughters that are very successful people and the guy you work for -- Objective size women and an all it is is top and bottom -- him when he makes these kind of comments not directly about your daughter but you find them extremely offensive. But the women any office street denies he just makes these comments do you. Behind the scenes is that make -- -- -- does and they gave them misogynist does it make him. Bigoted you tell me when we come back Tommy Tucker -- W I Tommy Tucker talking about the Donald Sterling thing that on a more. Micro level of fewer illnesses you know -- NBA basketball but when it comes to bad behavior by the boss and -- work in for a man or woman that is either racist or bigoted. They're not bigoted toward you. Or your fellow workers and -- say these offensive things -- -- separate that and and they doing anything wrong and replace Roy culinary guests for a coach author of the Wall Street professional survival good guide. Success secrets of a career coach Roy I don't know if I'm explaining it well but I think you get where I'm going on right. A morning tell me tell me how prevalent this isn't our place. Which you know I think. Managers sometimes orders not to not to be good managers. And we have to be very careful that we don't jump to conclusions. About behavior that may at first appear to be biased bigoted. Or hateful so -- -- first of peace revised so it is don't jump to conclusions. On and if you. Believe that you -- could be either bias or bigoted war. I have some other you know law. -- you hurt yourself or is it hearsay. My my belief is that everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt on injured pitcher bots are racist -- -- and intention. Or issue you Ortiz simply ignorant and possibly open to change so we got to the open -- as well because we're allow. Our sponsors to change that we admire the just as. Extremists there hour. And you know sometimes people make comments inadvertently there an intentional and without malice. There may still be bad Saturday. So isn't you know I don't -- -- sound like you -- diet will -- cents. And let me probably better exercise good judgment just because there -- boxes. May not always exercise good judgment what is employers need to make sure that we don't. Stoop to that level. Can you be -- raises but not -- -- discriminate against some money because I mean at some point you're entitled to your own views however flawed. They may be but if you. You know again you still get everybody their promotions evaluating everybody fairly in there weren't any example I gave earlier Roy won't suffer trafficking and you -- you -- my answer when we get your answer when we come back. Yet to African Americans working in a place of the white boss. And one of them has is a military Brad been all over the place it really is without accent. The other one has grown up in in and -- inner city is as Smart and as talented as anybody else. But they have a little a little bit of an accident just like we -- New Orleans -- So as soon as the person -- the accident leaves the room the white bosses of the other African American worker man. Bill's right out and get IO -- And then. The worker bee is terribly offended by that -- -- military person but. Nobody's being discriminated against that they guidance from the inner cities still getting his promotions he's still. Moving up the corporate ladder treated very fairly gets a lot of perks and the person that is in there with with the boss of the time lady she gets the same things up. I'm just wondering how it could be repugnant but yet not manifest itself in -- workplace and why haven't sent. Roy Cohn I guess who will talk to him some -- we come back you phone calls well so 123 now -- crap. Harold Robinson I Tommy Tucker talking about the Donald Sterling saying in the -- vis a vis the everyday workplace so I gave the example before the commercial break Roy Cohen who is there again by the way and a career coach author of the Wall Street professional survival guide success secrets of a career coach yeah. And the boss a white boss makes a racial comment and for about. Employee eight after employee leaves the room. It's -- employee B who is of the same race. But neither one are being discriminated against their money. For the most part loves working there because these things are set in private and they get their raises or bonuses -- a great working environment it's -- Well you know it -- not bedecked greater work environment sometimes without -- help homage. This -- with good intentions and the thought maybe take care of his employers. On but the fact is that there is still. That some tolerance for discrimination. And that could create stressed that really is just an express so it's an employee -- Then it may be that the environment is one that fosters intolerance and just bad feelings and that's not. And it that is that is the definition of hot -- -- You know the other thing I think of is that. You know I always use the standard of if it's fun you hate to be there if it's supposed to be fun and enjoyable. If they pay you to be there its work and it's not going to be Disney land designed to be the golf course or whatever years sailboat whatever you like to do for recreation. So in terms of management where where Eddie Cross the line there and an oral what how enjoyable is -- supposed to be at work is ultimately you're wired work right. Well work should be about getting worked on it shouldn't be about individuals feeling bet that there our. And and that's what -- process over. If comments terminated about individuals or categories. Of individuals. Then it crosses over to. Either ignorance or intentional. -- But -- -- can have an employee of valuation leave race out of this. -- do you have an employee of valuation. And say it's not personal it's as personal as it gets on somebody's Sony only you know he really blew that sales call. You really need to do that if you wanna do this and and then the you know they they use the iron fist in the in a velvet glove approach of hinting that you might not have a job anymore and anything about your family and I know sometimes to me it.