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4-30-14 11:10am Garland: with Dr. Sanjay Gupta on medical marijuana

Apr 30, 2014|

Garland talks with CNN health correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta about why medical marijuana should be legalized nationally.

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Debated today of them Joseph legislature. Drug concerning. Approval disapproval. Medical school medical Merrill one. Marijuana as a medicine. We're gonna Sanjay Groupe bull all induced of course with it's Ian in. A respected. Surgeon. President Obama was futures and it was his per shores in search engine. We'll have -- -- about ten minutes hamper my thoughts on this some -- certainly talked to the doctrine to secure cults. Is I'm changing. My mind my changing leaves. Broke unlike. People who Louisiana Mississippi much of the self. Will we don't really care of we pay billions in taxes that you -- on ago violent vendors. It's part of big government but we want a kid that it. We've if we didn't care or reduce them about. We don't care who museum is a big -- prison organization in the US and much of the war. Combined arts our population. And and it's bigger than two or three countries in the Middle East. Prison population. We believe in this state mostly in the self. That marijuana a gateway drug is dangerous is terrible and our law enforcement. Officers say that. We don't terribly the marijuana legalization. For real pleased to pursued hard drug -- violent pro -- and we don't believe that many were in natural local crime and had to drug deal was fighting each other. Then attacking us and our homes and businesses in order to fund their businesses. We don't believe it law enforcement against prohibition over 101000 members of former please. State troopers prosecutor sheriff police shoot from all over the country. Organization that says the drug war cannot be won -- So we don't agree with the Indians. So mind changing. In in this -- Merrill one question. And the question I want to bring news in this. If we're just big Merrill wonder is this errors that shouldn't it solely. And and use wise. Should never be legalized. Then. What would you do. If your boss found out you were 10% effective injured -- Because two DEA figures the most recent ones I can and is we stopped. 10% of the drugs coming into this country. Even a -- for staying jump forward don't -- think we should say to our share of our police chiefs are DA's. You're going to be doing the beverage. And what do you need to do it in there and it tells more people more equipment sir you're gonna pay more taxes. What's changed the direction to. Okay law enforcement. -- it is a bad idea where -- -- not doing a bird good job. And why -- lead to do. What we are expected to whom we do orchard. Merrill -- century group -- witness. His show. Airs Saturdays 4:30 PM each instance tournaments Sundays. 7:30 AM eastern standard time on C -- on -- welcome back to show really appreciated the talk. -- thanks for and -- organs are speaking here. And by this person listening to all morning troops that in the big debate over the legislative Bittermann is from Merrill a couple of doctors. And one of them saying of course that lucas'. Area a schedule one drug. Just bed OC -- an era when it's Federer. Should never be legalized and inform -- been in them additional form. You -- at one point in time were against the medicinal use yourself enough. That's true that's true and what's. Well you know in the past -- you know like I can look at these things about looking at all -- to -- -- the studies and when I looked at the data in the United States broadly. It just wasn't very impressive I mean I think as a doctor you wanna make sure that your. Looking at Sunday at the potential medicine that he did data behind it is justified that. And I didn't find that what I think what happened for me is that I started to -- couple things one that the vast majority and I mean over 90% of the studies. You realize it and -- were were designed to find car that would be the hypothesis if you if you will of the study. And and and so when he start to look at it from me from a global level look at these things together. It's a distorted picture and they were designed to find arm very few were design defined benefit should get a really distorted pictures when I started looking at -- outside the United States. I started looking at smaller labs there weren't dependent on government funding and not so Antarctic patients. Whom I had previously dismissed as you know high profile leaders who were trying to get. But I realized that there are a lot of legitimate patients that there for in this war in some cases that was the only thing network and that's sort of changed my mind. And we're good to pour into the week when you say you looked at against white papers that. We're set up to proved something there have been and the truth of what do we really want. Where the scientists and doctors who were slanting these steps. I think that the heat the study itself or was it was edited that study themselves weren't -- any you know all when you when you do scientific studies. He often do start with some hypothesis we wanna show what the negative a cognitive impact may be at this you wanna show. Lung cancer -- heart rates with marijuana whatever the question maybe. That that the issue was not so much of the science was bad -- just be the the full picture of science was not emerging. The beat the organization in the government that's responsible for our. Putting together in funding in approving funding for. Tour for marijuana was it's -- called the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Their mandate is to look at drug abuse that and so you know that's what you get so many studies. But just look for -- You you're looking at in -- -- direction quite frankly I have never heard of I'll talk to -- about refugee situations. -- -- You know the the federal state laws Indian in this country have to have some sort of created this this -- situation offer for families where. They have they have gone to the process. For example they have found a ECB DA -- the dial. Oil which is non cycle active by the way oil. Did they can be used for for kids who have epilepsy and these -- kids who have tried to you know -- -- the medications at their doctors prescribing. They they were rectory meaning nothing works for them. And they -- Canada dial it doesn't work particularly get it in certain states. So what happens is you have to have the families and they have received that the patient the children in this case moved to the state. They can't use because you can't take candidate style across state lines he can't get in your home state. -- -- in effect these people become refugees. And you're even -- specifically named one was about Charlotte's web. Charlotte's web was that was not named by need -- that was named by the people. The Stanley Brothers who started creating this particular strain of marijuana. That that would tie NC BD and and produced remarkable results for the -- Charlotte. And new book what happened with hurt just him you'll caps and -- from London. The girl who has some fracturing epilepsy meaning again and it just wasn't treatable with with the medications that were offered. She went through seven different generations of medications not just seven different medications that. He tried that we try to move the least toxic first and you work your way out. And she was that generations seven. Nothing it worked they had thought about town pounding -- animal medications to -- animal medications might in fact work for her. And that's the point they were she was having some three -- use a week. Which is you know just difficult to imagine the young child that the parents every time they. She would have these Peters they've they've been -- going to survive them. Long story short as a family who basically out of options heard about the idea of using. Candidates as soon as -- treatment and they tried that they did at all on the ground. And it worked she's now down to quantities he is a month from 300 changes month to not cured. And then most medications don't cure epilepsy but this was something that worked when nothing -- Undoubtedly you if if not all of mini mini mini huge percentage of bar. Sure as police district attorneys in this state. Would -- what Charlie's parents or Earl going and as a schedule one drug at gateway drug she's she could end up with. Pelosi Irwin you name. I don't think you know look at tactics science matters. Than these things. I I would I would you know I'd be looked at the civilized conversation about whether or not. There's signs to show that this is a gateway drug and that in the way that they're describing it. I you know that that would that implies is that this this substance is gonna change her brain in a way that's gonna make her crazy if Caroline. At two completely different substances they have completely different pathways in the brain they're nothing like like would be saying is if you took aspirin it's gonna make you crave time. It's it's it's it's really it if there's not a lot of room for that sort of discussion I think it really doesn't matter anything. What I would say is that like any other medication -- you give your kids like -- that the drug that they were giving her to treat her epilepsy. At which -- very toxic drugs I mean they they they can cause hallucinations they can cause and significant sedation. Now we're residential long term effects of those drugs -- but like any -- you've got to weighed the pros and the cops I'm not saying this should be something Willy -- given. But you you do you give narcotics working tax accountant I proposed zone all these types of medications. Could this work for pain and what's the comparison there in terms of the torturous there's always going to be some sort I agree. But I think you get to you gotta have some science and sensibility injected into this. And the minute. You promote and -- that blanket statement that -- drug schedule and for most people that don't have your -- after having done little reading or had some experience. That is that deals cut old conversation that that that is a well. Yeah. You know look we we do that a certain amount of expectations of our our federal system you know you used as a lot of medications that people are described. Where they probably could not tell you everything about the drug in doctors prescribed for them and they basically document mrs. -- I'm holding them to take it. In the and that that that makes sense for a lot people. -- with marijuana movement is very unusual situation where incentive going to an FDA process this is something that the voters are voting on in states. And and as a result they often they have to be informed. As complicated science. This year but that's you know this is something as a nation we decided to take on. As a vote as a referendum and and I think that's that's them I think you know the facts matter. Do juror documentary ten of those mad Newfoundland last night. No it. It it ran a couple of weeks ago over where WB Republicans. Tuesday night in the storied red -- they get -- missed it. No say they it did pops up from time to time when -- 120 for our news network you never know -- -- gonna. Pop up but yeah. What's the major thing that one of two major things in your wrist surgery in your preparation for the document rate. That we should. But he you know he despite you know and in this country there's been obviously a lot of. A lot of -- attitudes towards marijuana. And and you know it's it's not that way in many parts. Of the world you have you have places where. This is used as a medicine in hospitals I was with various senior respected doctors who won significant prizes. India or pharmacology or search in Israel. And the airline patients to use this substance in the hospital as part of their treatments. So it's it that this visit is a bigger world out there with regard to this issue. In the United States it was part of our own farm opium till 1943 we don't doctors describe this as an Edison. That's been used around the world for at least a couple of thousands of years couple thousand years so you know I I you know we need to do more search in this country. And I on this like we do with lots of things but when you call something a schedule one drugs. Which -- saying is that this has no medicinal benefit and it's among the most dangerous substances known to man. And out of the marijuana fits into that category and as a result of that scheduling it's very hard to do research so everyone says look we don't know the answers to this. That we need a system where we can easily find the answers are more easily find the answers and you know we don't have that right now. The bullish thing the road that you have that -- still. Rating Meriden medical marijuana dispensaries. Where and when he says we need more study in this. Consigned to see you can get plot to stuff. It's very challenging you know aid -- one place in the country. Oxford Mississippi initially announced that -- -- these. Know that it's this. The middle of a college campus no less. That's where the -- the Federal Reserve for for marijuana comes from. And it's somebody gets a -- -- study that's that's the substrate and that they have to use in its. It's it's challenging tears to your point. There and dog parks and review his group were old world a lot of business and sort that Birdie Putt -- you were quoted as soon. There's a real danger wing ideology takes precedence over -- -- That just seems commonsensical. How to get past that. I don't know you know let's say this is this is one of the more confusing them things that I dealt with I think as a reporter in part because. He'd like to think that science trumps politics and science trumps propaganda. It doesn't always. You know in -- you know there have been some dark days in our history as the as they. Society of the human race where you know people believes. Certain things about the solar system and where the Earth's placement was -- -- people were crucified even torture those beliefs. And I image in it was politics and propaganda oversight and CNN and I think here. You know this isn't about me or anything that but this is about I think situations like. Charlotte. Where you know this girl was that real risk of death. She was delayed. She was gravity a very tough life is very tough place for her parents. And now you know she is doing really well this sweet little seven year old girl. And there are hundreds and hundreds patients like her and in you know the the idea that this would be denied as a as a legitimate therapy and and in their case and on cycle active oil doesn't give them high. It's an oil that they taken about the nonsmoking it. And and they get better I just we need to study this of course we do but in the centrum. And -- -- get answers this is just -- wrong to deny treatment is just not ethical maybe even immoral to deny treatment. You know I think these are serious questions that we have to answer. Is medicinal marijuana not always the oil -- that does not have the properties that may two. Not always you know for the epilepsy. Like with these young children. And that's often the case that they that's EDT oil witnesses some alphabet soup of scientific name is that. CBD is the one of these compounds in marijuana. They can provide real benefit with epilepsy PH sees. Is that which is that it's more cycle active seems to have more parole with regard to paint. And it seems to actually -- says Pete people from their pain. Who works in a different way than -- narcotic pain medications do. So under owe more than your bigger fans always a pleasure to have you on the show you have great did appreciated the talk. -- -- kind of always our. Doctors under group news -- and CNN nerves on Saturdays 4:30 PM eastern standard on Sundays. 7:30 AM eastern standard time and again all and see in this.