WWL>Topics>>4-30-14 3:10pm Angela: on amnesty for outstanding warrants

4-30-14 3:10pm Angela: on amnesty for outstanding warrants

Apr 30, 2014|

Angela talks with attorney Nicole Sheppard and Judge Sean Early of municipal court about amnesty for outstanding warrants.

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I feel like I know more about street cars and I ever have in my entire life I really enjoyed listening. Until Leo water Miron Jack Stewart talk about -- the history street cars in this area and and they're coming back and -- I think we'll be hearing more about the the rampart street one. Just very very interest. We are now mentally shifting however do you have an outstanding. Warrants. Are you afraid you'll be arrested any day now. Were you arrested for a misdemeanor like having an open container or first time marijuana offense or. Even urinating in public but never went to court and now you're in contempt. Most -- some good news because the New Orleans municipal court has announced an amnesty program. And here to talk about it is Nicole shepherd an attorney. -- with the Shepard law firm. And judge -- early municipal court judge and I really appreciate both of you being here. I I think I'm hearing the echo of applause. From a number of people who are saying thank you. But for those of us who really don't completely understand amnesty means what he still. He still broke the law is still have to pay that piper right Corey. So you still broke the law but -- happens -- suspect usually want people missed that court dates that because of their -- have appeared the usual get like hundred Alec contempt of court the so the court has decided to waive those fees for the people who come to court may fifth through May ninth so instead of haven't -- -- and paid. A hundred Alec and have the court be half that attachment recalled and then issued an -- date. You gonna be able it come into court and actually get that down without actually paying for paying another hundred dollars so the fees that you are already have those music on the say there. But the court is gonna say hey if you cannot afford to pay your entire -- We're gonna take a partial payment from you pitch on a payment plan that you can afford that's -- work -- Analysts resolve this -- traffic around walking around and fear. Walking around and fear her because if you're stopped for anything and they. Punching and and there it is then you can be arrested in Angela -- -- -- has an outstanding arrest anybody. If they stop you've gone to jail so this gives people an opportunity come the -- and resolve those issues. Was this your idea to enter in actually Nicole myself than the other three -- minutes -- and and and talk about it some time that Cole has done this before in traffic court. And so she came up the idea that and it's we trying to get rid of some backlog of cases -- This kind of helps out obviously you can build him haven't attacked and gives him a chance come on down without the fear of him and go to jail. Or pay the the -- content power and so in the keeps a police offices from him and take them out of their scheduling their duties to. To address it. Constantly going in the Sahara streamlined effort right Cabrera and and as you said Nicole you will not be arrested if you could show up. Right -- was -- because I didn't know the -- it's so what's next week as Mexicans may fit there than ninth so people can comment Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday or Friday. Between hours of 8:30 AM 4:30 PM. Municipal court -- located at 727. South broad street and you know the dentist on board the staff is on board people are ready. Four you know the sentences and the Marlins and the people out flat and the Marlins who have and then rallied to come in resolving issues and you know that those open. Let's talk about. What kinds of cases go through municipal court. We deal with criminal misdemeanor cases. Which -- cases that carried jail sentence of six marked the last Ian militants among them at the opening show and he played some. -- could be lewd content. Drunk in public we deal with lot of domestic violence cases in those skin. Obviously get pretty serious we deal with shoplifting marijuana. Just a Y and -- in range of cases. What do you feel -- the reasons people don't come to court. Until now heard millions of excuses million give me the top ten and a couple of I forgot. They just got the best job they have a guy in life and that was a -- spoke to show -- -- -- cool you hear them and Eli. And some people I think -- there might be out of work in making it pay the fine. Instead of just coming down a -- address and -- -- K we can't pay it will give me an extension. We can you be community service we can do a lot of things. But when you don't show up -- -- come home. Delegates in a computer and and you know it and the fear of being arrested is is it. So it usually is court date in name's Gordon -- in if you -- it's now even Indonesia right. So just address you know the issue if he hits a Unionist who accuse -- judges have a loss went out looking at patent for. On if you know on if he'd just been arrested that was trying to find the law will give you turn to do that. But the worst thing to do is just not show up. The dissent and kicks in when your rested you do go to jail that's correct and then you're in that system and -- -- -- exactly. And and some people sometimes and opinion among some people. And you know fine in 2000 now binding united you know and and still -- on the -- it. The pay the -- so it it can make -- -- Right and one of things also Angela we tell people is that the computers off again so it can BO old sensation back years ten years. I'm but the computer esophagus so once you name actually goes into that system. Then won a police officer does make us that we -- people arson in front of their children and then -- glimmers would have to come out and get those children are. You know some -- -- from you know the state will come in and take those children. While the parents are being called often -- that's a beard very. -- just -- agonizing situation and we just telling people. Com and two municipal court the doors open where applicants are arrest people we just want people to come into court and resolve whatever their violations are. We're gonna take a break but we're gonna come back and I hope if you're listening out there you have any questions. For the judge or -- you amid Shepard you'll give us a call at 260187. Day. But we're gonna talk more about. About municipal court I have a lot to learn to stay with us. Well we are talking about an amnesty program that was announced yesterday and it's going to be next week may fifth. Through the ninth. 94 municipal court and joining us is -- Nicole shepherd. An attorney with the Shepard law firm and judge on early who has a municipal court judge let's take our call from neck. Hello rural high there's real old -- -- support to her report Anchorage to note does not. That's -- report. -- actually meet parking tickets and a separate court on Padraig street. Traffic court. Deals with parking ticket appeals so you'd have to go applaud the street. I have a -- though that we are reaches out to -- I have reached out to traffic court and traffic court is considering doing another. I'll warrant amnesty day program. And we are reaching out to criminal court and to the track -- Am division for the city and so if they do approve it that follows -- different agencies approved the warrant and the city. A week program. Then hopefully will be able to come back on this show on and talk about it -- we are advocating and tuitions offer the citizens some amnesty with a parking girl from the wilds. If I might say meanest look cool it is cool with that deals with cases -- -- jail sentence of up to six months which a columnist communications. Her but we do not deal with the traffic. Ticket so. If you have a traffic cool and attachment maybe they'll do an amnesty via at a different date and time regarding knows nick. Do you -- -- Producer Bo mentioned in street tickets available for Euro and -- -- -- polo. Right I -- and stand -- thank you feed to just take and take a trip down to traffic court. As 727 south broad street and at least try to try to get that court date reset. I know that generally there's a hundred Al consent -- that's being charged over there and I would encourage you to actually take the trip down the traffic court. Might save you an arrest I would want to Sissy arrested at. You know as -- communion and and I don't want to have to put on -- on soup -- invited just to come you don't go to the traffic poignancy and if you can thirtieth some relief over the weekend nick. When does and he did mention he's a popular ticket. There's a -- for court and try to port on important social. No traffic weather -- -- -- -- -- -- -- sound forestry but if you need to park gain park in this gonna be. It's right across the street from city hall and I think it's does that AMOCO bill Bentley is again for the maybe thirteen forty. Pointers but if you call 6584000. And if you call 5046584000. And asks them for that to connect you to the park and division and then parking can tell you exactly when he located and parking can tell you exactly how to resolve. Depending on parking tickets as you don't want him in the position we get the Blue Line you car either hit -- we've -- a lot of them yes that's and. Pool to nick -- you're not gonna get arrested on outstanding parking ticket however it can get booted. Current -- learn on the money -- you -- is a little bit you know origin public. It is inconvenient that the three tickets now because they're over year old are probably pretty pricing. They do it at some fees on at some -- -- -- -- but we have a lot of people and that same position and away. Haven't parking tickets and wanted to find it made it out about it. But the biggest thing a park and like the jets it has that you could get the boot if you half out and in traffic attachments. The and you can get -- affect them -- the park and he can't get arrested but I tell you it's awful thing. And it's -- in an outside and you run across the street to its new car and you have a book. So no traffic trying to contact them at. I'm zero for 6584000. -- to be transferred to resolve and I think that that serve you some bad. I thank you very much for your time. -- OK great I'm glad he called. Boy you are right I'll drive down the street I'll see some woman's car with the boot off an all out loud go home now own it because you know. What a pain that is so right. Again judge if you would go over those types of things that you senior court that will might ring a bell -- I do have that. It's a long list to cases come again trespassing and disturbing the peace. Dropped in public simple battery simple assault domestic violence. Various SP CA cases violations. Cruelty we also deal with the wildlife and fisheries violations. If you hand it was set up on -- lake front he added that aside nation for the official without a license. Handling innings Communist McCourt if you not the end and to an attachment goes out the arrests and yes I have hit people. In my cool it in the box in Orange jump suit who failed to come down and addressed there. Not getting a fishing license ticket. So -- And they definitely thinking -- it night and got here well -- -- as you might go on the first time exactly. If you. Are arrested for that moderate if you are given a citation and you don't show up in court. But you it's a really legitimate thinking -- called the court and say you know what I have this emergency could again another court date. -- you team McCain and now we with him probably thousands of funnel clouds today you have to make it personal appearance -- given a summons. Witches and noticed that come the court but you are commanded to appear in the second set today except that. If you're given a citation you arrested get out of jail you post of mine you have a court date. Let's say chemical plead not guilty and you wanna fight it you -- constitutional right you presume not guilty -- given a notice to return. You have to be veil on that date and if you not again attachment goes out -- arrest. And then you split weekend we don't to have a phone now say pick some people may call clerk's office and saying we can't. We not gonna do about phone but come on in the next day and see the judge and that's that's -- -- do mean it was here for the -- man. And I think a pretty reasonable one of the people. But when you get months and months go by. And has an attachment then you give somebody a chain -- a break right well let's out of jail this time he's got that new job well we don't want to lose it and -- and then they don't show up again. Then it. Aggravated the judges were cut exactly and with no apology. And I'd just I'd love which Houston now and -- you don't wanna put on the orange. And don't let's keep that in mind. We're gonna have to take another break because we're going to check on non news that -- come -- we're gonna talk about. Really were less -- about this but it's not funny. How having an attachment out for you can really impact your life he isn't just inconvenience of going in to court it can follow. And I think everybody needs to keep that in mind now let's go to the newsroom for the latest. If you have an outstanding warrant at municipal court. Your lucky week is next week because there's an amnesty program and that's what we're talking with with the judge on early and Nicole shepherd who is an attorney. We have a caller Allen admits sitting. -- -- -- -- -- It. Is. Yes it. No just in -- -- That's we were talking about a little bit earlier Allan and down what Nicole is saying. They're hopeful that in the near future there will be an an amnesty program for the traffic tickets -- Are you talking about parking or. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now Allen those I'll traffic Madison that's in the different -- we're in the same building. But this foot traffic courts -- down the hall from units -- -- so next week Monday through Friday. May fifth through ninth. Anybody with the meanest include attachment. Is welcome to come down and -- spoke who will be there. Stock and about eight them on until six at night and food out of state later. I'm sure we will all this is good thank you -- you're calling in various like in saint Tammany. Open my question is and other veterans like how would you say efficient important people in jail pro ball. Felt like why can't they just give them much -- -- -- certain -- on you know thirty days either pay and domestic and how would understand. You know you would have been you know proceeded to which you need to go. But on stuff like that argument -- they can't just give a certain amount you'd have to go to coordinates a day and soulful. -- -- just -- you know and a certain amount of feet. We don't make these laws -- we we we enforce them. But I can tell you that they do end up the municipal. You know be a lot easier and a lot simpler and easier on all the parents started in mr. Obama. You know a certain amount and then I am -- the very day that the non. -- -- -- -- -- -- Right and that's gonna be of sound legislators I mean I agree I think that if we can try to minimize. Found the effects on people especially felt like not have an official licensed to give them -- to needed to pay the fine. I think that you know I think that will work well we just have to encourage challenges latest hit the -- amendments to the lot to accommodate the people because. The municipal court program that went on -- -- and a state. Is designed to help people so that they won't get a rest that they won't lose time I'm from their jobs so we want them -- comment but absolutely. -- -- correct do you think and I think if we can come with some program that horrible violate you know I fishing license -- liners -- just say. He and I are part of it and you know according to write an initial license that the public urination and -- not talk about. Domestic violence cannot talk about aggregate nothing nothing like that but all things it that makes sense and and and you know I'll I'll get insurance don't. Yeah you know my thing just told me that there are 30000. Outstanding -- And again if you got caught with on fishing license. And you that we're given a court dating you went to court you'd have no problem she would just resolve whatever it was going to be. And I understand what -- saying is wind something like that might just give us a chicken -- panic if we want to argue that will go to court. Right could be if you -- a certain amount on it on in and you know you know unlike on our got paid -- announced -- -- warmer and and then he'd argued it would court called spam act. You know and don't. But yet but these larger because people didn't show what they -- not -- did not show up and I mean that's a huge number that they're trying to pared down. So something reasonable. Right yeah exactly but but -- really -- announced -- no thank you very much for calling. -- in New Orleans. They I -- I want loaded if you do community service. A division. Do that you do it boys. Lipitor which is that you entry that there were people what to do in you have to put that together that work. You know -- is no set rule as to how many hours converts. How much. A fine it may be it'd depend on the challenge. It depends on the nature of the offense. But you know an average at city people who Ireland. 82 at maybe sixteen now as a community service if it's not serious it could be mullah it to obviously that the great at the time. That one hit -- today. The greater the community service that you are so that is no exact fallen we have some traction in the area. That question. I've heard from from local people local the local W. Bush. The equity. To recruit. -- you -- -- low backstage before the government. -- prediction. Because I believe in equal it has been in the black and the local. Today. We don't we don't have a program that would automatically absolve you. From paying a fine if you get the state check how level. If you're you come down a -- what you talked to the judge if you not lurk in your unemployed you might be get -- Social Security disability check within. Though the total work with -- OK okay. Okay thank you. -- river range. Quick question and get some like to look up fault line. What are not. You have wore out one. No there is not if if you go down to. New Orleans Police Department headquarters which is right next to me this book -- it. You can get a background check in Nicole. Might. Chime in on this particularly but eking Gaudin and unique background check I forget but don't really know I should say exactly. The cost but there as a there without a cost -- -- and and and you can ask whether or not. I have an attachment -- arrest in the election now without him when I arrest in it without a roasting without -- And you are currently. And our. Deficit -- is and I have seen the -- -- about -- and Alice those basic background checks also. Keep in mind and a lot of people will be columns that the port. But if you call 504658700. It's going to be a long -- because you know they've been out people Colin. But if you give them -- naming her yet on data earth they should be able Italians and the and -- and -- cards that people that he's. I'm beat -- in the support this week if you like them look like office and give opinion payment and also content you can. If you do have. -- -- forty and if -- do. The -- you know come back next week for an amnesty week -- and get it resolved but those of the easiest ways that we can you find out. Why then you do indeed India on any legal issues and possible court. He contended the municipal court go to clerk's office so -- name. You got an attachment it's either going to be in section AB CD. And then now saying across a halt -- court and we'll get it was out. You're not gonna go to jail -- not gonna give -- extra contempt of court for. -- -- thank you very much stay with us every one night and give us a call 26018. Sanity we'll be right back. -- the world words to remember next week is amnesty in its all about. If you have an outstanding warrant for municipal court that's not traffic corporate municipal court. Are you gonna get a break. So go down there and take care of that mark you know for whatever reason you didn't go to court and I and is the judgment saying Herman again. It's time ago. 30000 warrants are outstanding in and the court just wants to clear those up. A judge on early is our very special August as -- -- Sheppard who has a local lawyer and we've been talking about. For triple by giving some people who can't afford the fines because most of these things are going to be times. Guess yes it's usually. Misdemeanor cases suspended jail sentence condition you pay a -- some people depending on. Pass defense is nature of the case there boom a subject to a total cost rationed and we do -- jail time also. But obviously com. The people the folks we talk about here today. Of people with a attachments. We give them a chance to come mandate. They might have just been ordered to go to counseling. They may have been audit team come back with some proof of mental health treatment they might have been. Feel the -- 115 dollar fine would have whatever the reason that. Next week you get a chance come on -- we not put me in jail listen to trap we are not invite everybody down and then suddenly -- off to jail. Come on them. Right and it is so important again I'm the address is 727 south. Broad street but this program again is designed to help people resolve it obviously you know people have applied for housing. And people have applied for employment sometimes when those background checks -- done you know this warrant will come up and so I've had clients a column is to him -- call. I have this warrant you know this tension from our rests in the -- You know five years I've been ten years and I mean some people and we do believe it really really -- at home and then some people just decide to -- in the war. Doesn't really meet -- to us right now what's your reason is for not coming to court for not following the law we just want to become the court now may fifth through the eight. Outside in the -- and just kind of get it resolved -- -- act in Italian. People have been denied employment and people really have been denied housing because I've had an -- and -- taxes but their -- and some of these offenses. Are really minor offenses as we talk primarily. About on nonviolent offenders so we invite people come out amber resolve it. As asbestos problem will we did -- four traffic court a few years ago we had 11100 people to come out to link that to my right eye of people came from all over the country. And they -- service they got their issues resolved and it worked. As I'm really excited about the potential that we have to resolve these issues for people who have these municipal court attachments -- -- brought up an important point that is next week we not -- answer you -- show up and -- what. For whatever reason you weren't they weren't there you're not gonna be asked is going to analysts believe it'll never get better than -- a funny because it is now and we'll be right back. Okay. I have loved having both them -- Shepard and John -- shot early on talking about amnesty program next week. A quick question. Is it normal for a battery conviction to be expunged. It depends on the type battery conviction is that most most we do have a lot of Kate -- thought the charges rather. They can be expunged and we tell people that the felony convictions that the funds partly I'm three. If it's a misdemeanor but he's not report but that depends on the torch. The plea agreement in the circumstances of that OK and again next week amnesty may fifth in the ninth that municipal court. -- -- I haven't when it's on top prize. And this is great I mean -- you're gonna help a lot of people to get 30000 people out there with Lawrence I hope you're listening this is your chance. Thank you both so much for ninety -- that much really appreciate it. Everybody have a great afternoon in the sports guys are coming on and I'll be here and.