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Apr 30, 2014|

Tonight on the Scoot show: A botched execution last night in Oklahoma, a growing controversy about lethal drugs and a report showing that 1 out of 25 death row inmates could be innocent are raising questions about the death penalty. Do you support the death penalty? Do you think it is a deterrent to crime?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is official the debate over legalizing medical use of marijuana has come to an end in the state of Louisiana Louisiana senate. Health welfare committee and killed it with a 62 vote and I'm sure the countries say is quite impressed. It's going to be really interesting to see what happens in the long run we assist states like Colorado and Washington State that are now legalize the recreational use of pot. And if money is such an issue when it comes to. Keeping pot illegal because it -- the jails. I wonder if superseding grants will be the amount of tax revenue that comes in from the generation. Of the the sale of marijuana today it's it it could mean so much money to the state that that would motivate the state to change it. -- a law and I don't know if that's the reason the state to change a law just to do something for for money. The state should change the law or that have a law because it's best for the community. And are the marijuana laws on the books. Really in the best interest of the citizens of of Louisiana and that the taxpayers when you consider what it cost to. As to prosecute people what it costs to keep people in jail for simple marijuana possession. Also tonight we're talking about the a botched execution last night in Oklahoma. A growing controversy about lethal drugs. And a report showing that 125 death row inmates could be innocent all raising questions about the death penalty. Here's our WB -- pretty genuine opinion poll tonight does the death penalty deter crime or. Is it a former revenge. Earlier our poll was a 20% said -- deter crime an 80% said it was a former revenge. A poll is a shifted 33%. Say it deters crime and 67%. Say it's a former revenge. And if it's a former revenge. Is that a good reason in a civilized society. To have the death penalty if it's all about revenge. Extra pressure which -- comic tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 260. 1878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- text numbers 87870. A for a quick update on everything we're talking about tonight to go to WWL dot com. At the top eight dates for every night we started a show with a top eight at eight. A -- to date is -- WWL dot com up -- talk shows and schedules go down to the scoot page and you'll find -- there are from the world's Jason your on WWL. Hello spewed all I suffer from age three -- and I was very disappointed to hear good news today. About the medical marijuana because right now I'm doing cheaper -- And -- and merely wasting away. And couple months ago my oncologist recommended I try it. And it didn't need -- whole world the difference. So your oncologist recommended it even though it's illegal so you had divided illegally and essentially on the street. Yes exactly and I upright -- that I am fearful. Because I've always done -- in crack in my life been my wall by citizen and just. You know in order for me to go -- this and it helps me do goes through Q affairs in everything. It injured -- together. And it doesn't make sense. You know a person like me who's lately you know dying from cancer cannot get it -- -- that -- Even certain -- -- cancer medication something like that. I would agree -- again it's it's it's just part of the backwards thinking of far too many people in this state and and many of those people are in the Bible Belt section of the state although. You know this is not an issue about political ideology there are some people who think that if you support the legalization of marijuana Europe. A whacko liberal but there are a lot of conservatives. Who support the legalization of pot. Jason when you're going through your your Timo tell me exactly what the -- does to benefit you. It means that whenever you know I -- -- -- -- -- -- aggregate how. I do it helps me to -- What that they're. And I can't I went their way you know and -- has helped -- true. On keep my -- -- certain level and ordered to how it without. Tried. Many non in Madison and I like that -- no success. And then my oncologist says you know all. You know I'm just gonna recommend it try -- and you -- -- -- -- and compelling news that united helped a lot. Well I'll probably be you know bedridden. -- be able to put I am able to you know do -- daily thing. And so like that because of that. When Jason I'm sorry that the state is making you break the laws in order to to continue. The highest quality of life she could have. Well it is if I go to might hear. And I'm like oh my doctor maintain -- Heatley right script crooked -- narcotic in it. Like morphine or something bad that you eating. But it all. Like marijuana where I believe Islam in the controlled substance act it's like. You don't want. It has no medical value at all. -- and they're bunch of medical in this part it. And you know what. It would be good yet you hit it like in pharmacy settings are like gain. Can opiates like payment and it could very control but give it -- people who really. Jason got bush and in my thoughts and prayers are with you and I appreciate you sharing your personal story -- this. If you enjoyed our show tonight with your comment -- your feelings about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Told -- -- 86688. -- nearly -- text is a 7870. From a town -- when you're on the -- -- -- WWL. They do I was trying to show Tom interpret this morning but I couldn't get it. That is it's very simple to Cuba that don't want it full demo. And the ones that you won't -- won't -- -- it full time and it's very simple as there and you won't have a problem with what do legislatures. A lot of people. When the problem is is that we're we're two different states and in many states -- likeness or around the -- World Series there's one mentality when it comes to a lot of different things concerning our culture. And then there's that part of the state that is a traditional Bible Belt part of the state and that's an observation not a criticism it's a reality. And these two parts of of our state and the same goes with many states a clash. Unsure if there was some money did absurd days and was it was in the money thing they would before. A care -- -- they would before. But the thing Tuesday and is not in the money and that's what is not for. But there's an easy way to do it put it put put them for reduction. Put upward -- very simple put it up for election. The -- like they did in in Washington State and in Colorado. I don't think right now it would test here in Louisiana because of those who aren't steel. -- fanatical about it. -- old fashioned state they're pretty personal personal. OK and that is why are we can't get old tricks. This is what we came ghetto street trips because we are very people politicians. Would be bowl games that they play. You need no politicians -- new book that comes up with new markets. And that's what you needed in the office. -- don't you know old politicians that come up with what old time. All there are there I would do I suggest that there are a lot of younger politicians who are in positions of power and they're not to necessarily old school but they have old school thinking in in my opinion and they don't they don't -- change anything. If that is the thing if follow in the old -- because. They are -- of an impromptu. Tell -- what they got to do okay the -- -- have problems with my knees -- And sometimes it's often lead to give I'm not only -- you know aren't they -- use marijuana. And I have problems getting upon a bit. Okay. Now was a person like me -- A -- political rhetoric. And incident that happened with me with money in -- -- the topics surgery. I had to be in the wheelchair for a long and it. Walk in now what it's partly to get up out there without. If we can get it if you could smoke pot for. Pain relief would you. Oh yeah and I don't care if it's trying to break in the mall because voted down for a uncle that live in Denver. And -- -- -- -- some articles of lot of people here if people have been medical problems to -- on the go away as a vehicle which they can get it. Now when I'm glad you called -- show or Terry it's it's sand that not updating. The mentality surrounding certain laws on the books. And there are there are many including the anti sodomy law suit so ashamed and updating the mentality of of of those losses in the mentality behind those laws. It doesn't change but there are people who largest so rigid and stuck in there in their ways that some things will never change. As more cycle was hit the streets of New Orleans and is the city designates more bike lanes tensions continue to grow between motors and cyclist. If you ride a bike -- problem do you have with those in cars. And if you're a motorist what problems do you have with those on bikes on the street as something we'll talk about on the show tonight here's an update on our WW a pretty general opinion poll. Does the death penalty deter crime or is -- a form of revenge. Now 35%. To growing number say it deters crime. 65% say it's a former revenge. You can give us your opinion and influence our poll by going to our web site WW real dot com. This is dispute show -- -- Wednesday night we'll be right back out to be WL there's a really great new song that I've discovered the other day from this band imagine dragons in their -- -- the the popular new groups. Doing music for young generation very -- for my generation as well. The song is called America and I quite often talked about it the that the positive message of the young generation today. This song certainly reflects the very positive. Attitude toward America. From a young generation which is of -- very positive thing. So coming up in a few minutes we're gonna start playing couple segments from the song America by imagine dragons on what you'd hear the lyrics and now I'll watch it here this positive attitude that is reflecting and directed to. A young generation America. This is the -- show glad your witnessed tonight we're all thrilled to have Angela hill on our radio station and is part of our radio family. And she's got some great stuff coming up on her show tomorrow at 1 o'clock an open book with the Dixie -- New Orleans musical treasures. Shall talk about their fifty year career their songs chapel of love like -- like oh they're Jazz Fest performances. They performed at every Jazz -- except two. And their love for New Orleans then at 2 o'clock house bill 1158 authored by Austin bad off. It wants to -- to make panhandling illegal and punishable by a maximum fine of 200 dollars and up to six months in jail. The bill would target hitch hikers. And prostitutes then at 3 o'clock. Do you own a small business Capital -- part business is going on a ten week journey across the country to explore the -- fabric of America's economy. Small business. -- so what are the challenges successes that passions a small business owners and if you're one you wanna tune into Angela tomorrow afternoon when torrential. An open minds financial hill for WW well. If you enjoy pressure I with a comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's seven at Texas State 7870. And RW WO pretty -- opinion poll continues to change the question is stirs the death penalty deter crime. Or is -- a former revenge. It's getting very close earlier tonight it was only 20% said deter crime 80% said it was just revenge. Right now 42%. Says I -- it deters crime. And 50% say it's a form of revenge give -- your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com and will continue to update you with that polish we tracked it to our show. From Covington nine during your into the WL. Thank you for. Call it. Girls you had. OJ. Outlook born in the wrong copy you as well forty year. -- not -- -- Eight. -- -- -- future. Aren't and you -- Or go. Our picture that trapped are. It's -- you. It was. -- trial. The next day. There appear at the same page and it would. Get. Before they apparently. -- cabdriver Vickiel. And you think that sends a message to people who would think about committing a crime thinking I better not do that because I might be killed. Well there's about seven community. Capability Iran. -- -- Is to let him there in New York it's seven million people. But wouldn't that be the result of of of the did that type of government they have cleared the oppressive type of government that people are more afraid to commit crimes in that society that in our free society. -- you look like that before to beat Ortiz thought -- architect optical or -- out there you look at Saturday. -- -- I do agree that if the death penalty is going to be a deterrent to crime in terms of sending a message. To people about what will happen to you if you commit a crime. The the XQ should has to take place closer to the actual crime. Exactly. Cheer along and then what happened just -- that Cuba -- proper. On the country's twenty year if they could not to cry and it and a -- a -- execute. -- at least twenty year. -- -- To -- -- it. But there are. To get to go on is to bury our. Trio. -- -- -- -- That's a very aggressive attitude toward the death penalty. And that's why seventy million people. Didn't. The opportunity. Under 52 under -- murderer. The junior. How long -- how -- if you've been the United States. Forty years do you feel totally assimilated and totally welcome here. Well I had. Not accepted. An American. But expected that this. And -- And -- -- Unacceptable appear on the -- Because -- -- you frustrated that so. Apparently so. Do you feel like you're lost without a country. Did did attitudes toward you change after 9/11. Well. -- thought. It is an American attitude toward you did you feel less welcome after 9/11. I'll actually get discouraged by my object if I did it book because Iraq. You look nineteen. 700. Hostages who took it to heart beat all of our jobs in Portland Oregon law. Because the -- And not -- -- and I don't care. About soccer tremendous Sierra after and that the so law but. You know -- it's interesting. Interesting that a city like Portland Oregon which is of varying. Liberal tolerant city it's interesting that you would have felt that in in Portland. And I was in Portland. Nine elevenths. Fans. The people who lives next door to me in in my partners were a rainy and and the day after 9/11. I went to. Their apartment and I I gave them I think it was a -- I gave on the -- just to say. Hey look on I know it wasn't you -- hard feelings I hope you feel welcome here. Well actually -- seven. And out despite the -- and I was it is our fiscal. And this topic or ignore it and it is. Odd sort of more accurate as well and then -- took out that they didn't -- a bit -- because. Or your audience -- strong they get very down. -- -- to -- straight people out. In our. We'll -- and I'm glad you stuck it out I'm glad you became a citizen and I'm -- contributing to America and -- I hope people do more to make you feel welcomed because it sounds like you deserve to be here. Well thank you amateurs but honestly you have not that I got to chat. Thanks very I'd appreciate if you and -- -- with -- your comments on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text numbers 87870. On the death Gurney last night Oklahoma death row inmates Clayton lock it. Was described as. Comfortable seeing and control. Clinching his teeth in apparent agony. After he was injected with the death drugs. Block and ultimately died from heart attack about 45 minutes after the first injection. Oklahoma governor Mary Fallon. As called for investigation into the botched execution along with a fourteen day stay of Mexican option for a second inmate on death -- Charles Warner who was scheduled to be extricated last night shortly after Lockett. The execution gone bad combined with the growing controversy about lethal drugs used to executed -- and a new study showing that. One out of 25 death row inmates. Is innocent. Is a new reason to bring up the debate about the death penalty the assumption is that the death penalties the ultimate punishment for committing horrific crime. And that it prevents. Convicted criminals from ever committing that crime again which it certainly does but the question is. Does it actually deter crime does the death penalty send a message to people in this country. About committing crimes. The -- certainly conflicting studies about whether the death penalty is actually a deterrent to crime in America. The United States is wonderful lea 22 countries. -- recently reported -- acute -- last year and is the only country in the Americans. It had -- next chief of prisoner last year according to two when our. New statistics from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Shows that about 4%. Of death sentences. Are based on erroneous evidence. That's about 125 prisoners or about a 120. Of the approximately 3000 death row inmates in America. For the longest time I was a strong supporter of the death penalty. But after watching a documentary. Title XQ -- Which followed the death row inmate. It was Heathrow weaker or two before his ex chief Republican daily. On through the course of his life leading up to his execution might support for the death penalty changed. Even the prison warden at Angola admitted that he was reluctantly. Going to have to oversee this -- you should. My opinion the death penalty change because it's. I realize that killing a person. To the person during a crime or in defense of life for property which differs from the calculated killing. At the hands of human beings who -- in charge of the civilized society. I understand the argument that convicted did people of just vicious horrible murders. Deserve the fate of their victims I understand that argument however there should be something humanely unsettling about the methodical killing of another human being. In a sterile environment. And I realize that not everybody's gonna agreement beyond simply sharing the epiphany that I had when it came to the death penalty. I also understand the argument that horrible killings. Are are never erased when a prisoner changes or discovers god while sitting in prison. Doctor Keith tableau is a Fox News contributor and he writes an article foxnews.com like I quite often agree with the doctor apple. He writes it is -- reduced dot com article that god. Was in the XQ -- chamber of Clayton -- it. He pulled back the -- meaning god pulled back the curtain to let America see. At least this once. The ugliness and defeatism and save -- some of the death penalty. As a forensic psychiatrist. Doctor apple argues that when a society has a person under lock and key. And can keep him under lock and key and decides that he wishes instead to kill that person. The society diminishes itself. Every time. And where I did some soul searching about the death penalty while watching and after watching this movie execs fusion. It occurred to me that I had I don't couldn't support the death penalty. Now because the act of murder in our civilized society is so horrific and senseless. It's extremely difficult to forgive those who commit these horrific acts. And those human struggles I think our our forgive a bullet it's it's hard to forget people like I think that's that's OK it's it's it's okay to admit that. Anyone found guilty of murdered a longer deserves to be part of our civilized society but the death penalty is in fact. The premeditated act of killing human life in a controlled setting. Doctor and a blow it to foxnews.com also says that no Doctor Who attends an execution. And administers a lethal dose of the medication. Is someone that he is willing to call. Doctor. He also points out if we kill killers we don't separate ourselves. From the killers. Assist the death penalty was reinstated in 1977 the debate over executions of the United States has continued to escalated peaks and goes through valleys but it's it's peaking right now. Is the death penalty. Punishment that deters crime or is it punishment that manifest society's revenge. -- there's no consensus on whether the death penalty actually deters crime that supported the death penalty. Would be based on revenge. Venture to civilized society allow revenge killing. It is estimated that a 120. Of the nearly 3000. Current death row inmates in America. Or innocent on 120 of the nearly 3000 are innocent. Wouldn't it be better to make sure that not one innocent person dies. Even if that means the guilty don't face. The ultimate fate of death. If you wanna join -- show with your comments your feelings tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. At a text amber is a 7870. A script like tonight is titled does the death penalty diminish us as a society and that's. Ending right now on our website at WWL dot com for or against the death penalty reading shared if your comments if you like. And I WWL pretty general opinion poll -- just the death penalty deter crime or is it a former prevention and you can give us your opinion by going to WW real dot com. I ask -- we're coming right back -- more right this is so -- imagine -- on America. What you hear a little bit of this it'll play a little bit more coming out of the break it's a very positive song about America. That reflects and is directed to. A young generation. Okay. Saw America. Imagine dragons like Huckabee -- it's a very positive song about America that reflects the attitude of the young generation. Okay. Welcome back to this good show here on WWL -- Wednesday night tonight it's going to be actually. Very very. Pleasant and on the cool side tonight especially for the big hurry and giving people to -- beginning of may. And it could be in the forties on the -- sure by tomorrow morning. And it means it is going to be sensational tomorrow for the Thursday of the jazz festive party Saturday and Sunday looks like the weather's going to be great little on the warm side but still. Very very nice. Our congratulations to a New Orleans who is the winner of 1000 dollars in our 1000 dollar. Nationwide cash contest to vacation cash contest our congratulations to. Alison Jamal and -- of New Orleans who won a thousand dollars in our nation wide vacation cash contest and you could win -- so as it does happen. Just listen to WW -- weekdays right before the top of the hour news at 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM at 5 PM for the code word. And text the code word to 72881. For your chance to win without ever putting your phone down that 7288. Point. Every weekday four lucky winners nationwide win a thousand dollars each. And we'd ever charged for a text messages but individual plain text and data rates may apply remembered the times to listen weekdays right before the top of the hour news. 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM at 5 PM and good luck from short radio intercom and all of us at WW well. -- from Covington Mike you're on this -- show good evening. And hey they might. -- side. -- -- there and grow up about -- and yet from it but anyway and we all. Anyway. So I would like to -- -- Stroll with the theory start a law. It's you know these guys know. -- -- ministers are. And it didn't get -- Then -- actually. Before it might do it. Can. Well I would love and went on I would -- pondering what you're saying and I I understand. If we are and have the death penalty if it did it should be. -- -- -- Executed. Constitute -- crime with respect for the constitution and the appeals process. Lie but the appeals processes. I think the weekly. You know -- -- and source and it was too big or too. Little too quick let's. I would say -- You know maybe years should be my. What about this news. Studies it does it. -- something that we have believed -- that is that there are innocent people on death row innocent people had the next -- -- -- better and I every guilty person go free than to execute an innocent person. Well that's a real real real far. It's. No I disagree with that let's. Understand exceptions rule. What you would take it you'd taken innocent life to make sure that you yeah -- executed. I would think that it -- year full they are. I hear. You. True leader essence. That that it should be at the appeal holes extension. On the security. -- it didn't work the system. -- couldn't use -- -- and what you are. Yeah. Hasn't -- that you think that people don't consider that they're actually going to be executed if he has to commit there. I think it's -- single day. Got killed if but he thought it completely -- -- best -- we got a lot right here. Yeah. So you. Know lonely. Unless of course you're in the state of Texas and they attended all Arnold a little quicker under -- -- so I'm going to color show that if you're gonna join us for your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven Tex is a 7870. This is the -- chilling as we going to break wanted to just play a little more this song America from a mansion dragons I've I've found that the other day for the first time. -- and it's a song that's an example of what I talked about quite often and it is a positive. Attitude. In a young generation. Much more positive than today's a stab Richmond and I know -- can be positive when you're young. But there were times when young generations were not all of it positive and this is a very positive song called America from the -- dragons and will be right back into the W well. Does the death penalty deter crime or -- city former prevention answered every WL pretty -- -- opinion poll tonight. Right now 43%. Say it deters crime 57%. Say it's just a former revenge. It is your opinion by going to WW elder icon tomorrow morning Tommy Tucker will continue this conversation by. -- focusing on the new study showing that one in 25 people who were sentenced to death. Are innocent. 125 innocent. So does that change your opinion of capital punishment -- talked about that tomorrow also. Optometrists are squaring off against ophthalmologist. I just love this battle you know who's gonna win the optometrist and ophthalmologist. And they're trying to battle over who should perform surgical procedures do optometrists really. Wanna help rural people lately that's a discussion that Tom you'll have to or also the reigning Heisman Trophy winner at quarterback for Florida State. It was caught stealing -- lakes from the supermarket what does that say about him. I tried early to make some comment about how. If you couldn't sneak the crab legs out of the out of the store how would even be go to quarterback sneak out for Tennessee Daniel year under the WL. -- hear about -- and show. I have been debating it since I was -- I'm decidedly against the LT. There are several reasons it is not a deterrent. Theodore Bundy. Proved that Hillary has -- that I -- him. -- -- He. They waited quietly for the game in the -- only -- -- That he killed over a 180 girls. And went on to -- he rate. Even -- You're comfortable -- -- as a child though that there right now dollar from. Those that it generates a report. It is that it turned. Like one -- earlier well Leah. Just days to move back Duchscherer. Lawyers and figured drag on for years so that's one reason but more than anything. It is better it is a moment ago -- punishment on law and order that is better tool that. -- at all. -- -- criminal go hurry but I don't want an innocent person gets the death penalty. And I'd have been dating since I was fourteen in junior high school via our live. -- -- And oh my house -- and Beijing. And we consistently won that. The argument do you and that it doesn't work. Got to get to a news break I appreciate you sharing your thoughts witness. If you're on -- stay with us this is the -- show live from New Orleans on -- Wednesday night -- right back with more of your text and more of your comments. On WWL.