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Scoot Show 4-30 10pm, Death Penalty

Apr 30, 2014|

A botched execution last night in Oklahoma, a growing controversy about lethal drugs and a report showing that 1 out of 25 death row inmates could be innocent are raising questions about the death penalty. Do you support the death penalty? Do you think it is a deterrent to crime?

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YT and amazing Wednesday nights as we come to the very end of April and were about to start today and tomorrow the Jazz Fest kicks off again. Temperatures possibly in the upper forties on the North Shore. That's gonna actually be really comfortable tomorrow morning. And tomorrow should be a great day Jazz Fest also Friday Saturday and Sunday should be sensational -- on the warm side by Saturday and Sunday but. Very very nice weather especially compared to the rain we had last year for Jazz Fest in what -- about the rain. For those -- you in and the Gulf Coast area of mobile and in Pensacola panhandle of a Florida what incredible I I I saw. -- pictures in and video of that today and I was actually stunned the amount of rain they've received over over fifteen inches the panhandle of Florida. Over a relatively brief period of time just amazing I hope you guys are all okay over there. If you're not aware of this the hot new shot it's taking over America is fire ball whiskey. And I have a couple of friends who who like -- never tried it but I can imagine what it -- like sweet cinnamon flavored liquor. It's described as a shock it tastes like Catholic. But currents like -- and it's the fastest growing alcohol product -- brand in America. In 2011 they had sales of America of one point nine million dollars. And that was it stores and gas stations and supermarkets according to to business week. Last year their sales went from one point nine million in 2011 to 61. Million. Last year. Bypassing. Jamison Irish whiskey and -- tequila as popular shots. And 61 million dollars doesn't even account the bar sales. For fireball whiskey. It's described as a shot that is that synonymous with. Fun for young he'd missed throughout the United States and it's actually creeping up on -- Meister as the as the most popular shot again I'm I've I have a couple of friends who do that it it's really night. It's really not fear for me to allow them to do that. And to not be drinking with them like that so I get a chance to enjoy. Their behavior. And I guess they don't even realize that I'm enjoying their behavior. The debate over medical marijuana being legalized in the state Louisiana. It's over it's done by a vote of 62 in the health welfare committee in the Louisiana senate in Baton Rouge. The bill came to an -- a bill to legalize. Medical pot. And a lot of law enforcement groups are against it these Louisiana sheriffs association. Louisiana district attorney's association. Louisiana association of chiefs of police and the Louisiana attorney general's office all oppose the bill. A Charles Rick Scott who is president of the DA's association said marijuana is not a medicine it is a drug. Is classified as schedule one by the food and drug administration and by the state of Louisiana. The reason for that is because there is a high incidents of abuse. It's not going to be long before. The FDA. Federal government does change. And their allotted and it will no longer be a schedule one drug however in the state of Louisiana it I'm accurate it's still will be because issued no. There are a lot of things about our state when it comes to politics. There -- rather backwards I'm not promoting the use of pot in anyway. I just think that. Law enforcement. Money jail space is better spent -- criminals other than those who have been caught with a on. Simple marijuana charge. Here's our WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight's does the death penalty deter crime or is it's a form of revenge. Finish your opinion by going to WW real dot com will track that -- -- -- throughout this or give you another update in just a few minutes and the -- blog tonight you'll either agree with me or disagree with me. And those who disagree will. Aggressively disagreed then and that's cool it's titled just the death penalty diminish us as a society. On the death -- last night it it was a botched. He ended up dead but from a heart attack. There was a botched execution of a death row in their idea and ended up dead from heart attack but 45 minutes after the first injection. Which administered and that apparently he says it just. And control glee in going into convulsions and clinching its teeth. On the year the death Gurney after it and death drugs were the first administered the governor of Oklahoma Mary Fallon. Has ordered an investigation into the botched execution along with a fourteen day stay in exclusion for the second death row inmate Charles Warner. Who was scheduled to be -- accused shortly after -- last night. In Oklahoma and so this along with some other things including a new survey that shows that 125. Death row inmates in America. I've could be innocent. Is it better to let. Guilty people. Go free or let guilty people not face the ultimate punishment of death. If it means killing even one innocent person. And we know that there have been a few innocent people who have been executed in this in this country. If you wanna join Russia would comment about -- they were talking about tonight's our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And a text number 67870. Before the next year calls I noticed something earlier today I quite often talk about it that the ratings for the television cable networks. And MSNBC is in last place. MSNBC -- in last place. Not because. They're progressive not because they lean to the left. Fox leans to the right NS NBC leans to the left CNN some people think at least -- -- some people think it's it's more objective. But MSNBC is in the last place in the ratings. And it's not because they lean left. -- it's because of their presentation. They they don't get it dead they're just -- entertaining enough. I I wrote this down at 1130 today. CNN was talking about the Donald Sterling controversy. Fox News was talking about the duke student who's paying for her tuition by doing porn. And MSNBC was talking about the new Egypt. -- That tells you why MSNBC is in illicitly sent and if you if you want to blame the networks for being more salacious with the news. I don't think it's fair to blame the networks because it really is the audience that makes a decision about what is on. In the news. Are from New Orleans sacked here under the WL. -- -- I was put -- on hold you might want to check in -- if you still there. From New Orleans Randy you're on this -- show. They Randy. ALY countdown yeah. It did -- situation you know. Say twenty years ago in the current situation -- by two wore black. It. Now. We may -- more even even keel. Chill. The total. Total. Usually legal. There. You may want -- get broken break it to a year ago. We have a that the budget picture about where we war in Louisiana. Into society. Can't proposal that we are now. Com. -- did you just hit -- I think simultaneously. It. He got -- actually represent. You it appeared. Of the jury. -- and a bit but maybe now also regularly or you for or against the death penalty. I'm in the middle who die out here -- bank I think the special order of anger and again. Accomplish victory African American -- that -- -- -- regret and I had the full. What you -- we -- this if in fact. -- -- Actually thought we wish you read -- we -- rhythm society. Bridal. And that's the sad reality is -- a lot of people just fine is very difficult to believe it it's it's true. It cost more money exe keep somebody then to keep them in prison for the rest of their lives. And -- Not not because of the the actual cost of the drugs in the situation itself but because of the appeals process. Might it actually it's actually less expensive to taxpayers to keep somebody in prison for the rest of their lives. Because of the appeal process. So totally delete these guys. I mean I wondered what about Ford understands they have been. Are. Apprehended. When don't three had been apprehended you believe three have been apprehended you're talking about the of the murder of the cab driver Billy Kilmer. A lesson -- the west make it seventeen year old Joan brown eighteen year old ivory Warner Warren. And nineteen year old and retrieve and Corey are -- in custody there'll suspects. So who really do three Tony. Well because this is America week we have to get a fair trial. Go to understandable American. Honda spent all America but. You know let it get get real here you know. We asked young black male and am African American Idol and I have sudden twenty to ensure -- -- -- The dignity. To the Peabody. We we talk oh are about. Powell -- it if we're in the public situation. About African American males between 813 28 menial and it is not a it's all album. Which you know. The dude just did -- get that. This certainly is an -- and if we re. On the. My instinctive answer is no. But if we could keep them in jail for the rest of their lives if they could never commit another crime. Is that a better option to the death penalty considering that there is always the possibility that an innocent person. Has BN and could be executed in a new study shows that 125 death row inmates is actually innocent. And on the -- at all. Another that it did you did you just respond. -- it is biased toward their environment but when it clear. It clean and cut that. It's who happened true what -- -- let it what is it African American black people are all white. -- Why you -- victory or. Or trying. Well we that we have to try people -- I mean I understand the torture you're making -- sometimes especially with video. And today and cameras it's obvious that somebody committed a crime but we have to respect the constitution enough to give everybody in this country. A fair trial in an opportunity to appeal. That's not me speaking is any kind of a supporter of whacko liberal policies it's just respect for the constitution and the system of justice. Even though the system of justice doesn't pay us back by being fair. Where you are you ready I join our conversation. -- -- -- -- If you're -- -- -- -- -- gonna come right back with more of your comments if you wanna join me on Twitter my Twitter account is at -- WWL. And here's a text MSNBC is in last place because CNN decided to go all. On Malaysian airlines tragedy all the talk that we talked about that last night and Joseph Scarborough of MSNBC just made a fool of himself I thought. By a criticizing. CNN for their wall to wall coverage of the missing Malaysian airlines flight 370. Because the new morning show on CNN beat morning GO which is Joseph Scarborough show. To blame a network for attracting a bigger audience is absolute. Ignorance. The audience made a decision. Joseph what part of that -- again it. I'm Scrooge are coming right back. Under -- WL CNN is reporting that Yahoo! Sports is reporting that players will not accept any sterling family role. Any ownership. Of the clippers. And that story is far from over. A tomorrow morning on the integrity Garland Robinette here into the WLR teachers' union standing in the way of improving education or teachers themselves. In new book teachers vs the public Harvard professor says state teachers of the culprits. Who control what their unions do. And fight. What parents want. It was an alien that it discussion that will be one of the things girl talk about tomorrow. In the think tank here for -- -- one on W dual from -- Robert you're on the -- showed good evening. Analysts -- Yes. About this morning. -- Appreciate. Pop pop pop up that -- -- alone time. Poker the best military. The sense that we all in a Bible. And and and -- of the that could be put members. -- not -- -- and apple -- that the state you can delight. Well. I think that it would it would be so it is important. Political and waited with what -- -- pot while but I'll I'll be in full. I don't mean to actual real life. During that bad that -- -- -- Robert when I saw this movie X a future in which was a documentary done by local producers Steve's defeat the is an excellent movie it's a documentary that follows leading up to a man's execution policy and through the XQ should. And even the warden said that he was reluctantly going to oversee the exclusion an angle. I changed my opinion of the death penalty because it occurred to me. Then in a civilized society is something inherently wrong with taking a human life in control calculated. On informant. If you could if you could lock somebody away for the rest of their lives. That would be better and doctor -- blow who light sometimes agree with sometimes disagree with is a Fox News contributor. He wrote an article today foxnews.com the totally supports. My view of this and he's a forensic psychiatrist. And -- well -- -- In I mean. -- -- in in my in my throat well. Them. Could not should mean wanting to secure an excellent -- -- On a block unit and the other. Is so if if if that's the case then what motivates people to support the death penalty do you think it's it's a desire for revenge. -- I think so I'd been so -- I mean. If you look at RT if you -- but what you what I would do. What if -- if it is always being written. -- toward why. Well the argument is somebody -- decline. And they should be held accountable for the horrific crime they can Gator Nation and to meet the fate if there. Their victims however I again I just think there's something wrong doctor keep -- -- agrees with me that there's something wrong with a civilized society. In sterile controlled environment -- taking human life. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well there's there's some -- There's certainly a lot of heal old testament that supports. And I for nine. What was and in shrapnel that. I -- -- out. There and they want but they. Also. Robert what you're what you're saying is that there's a lot of hypocrisy which we had talked about quite often. And can give an on the Internet because all of the onion and are out out out -- -- want to. Quote unquote Ole -- All you old. People. If one thing -- and in an. -- the bet on it or. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't. The tree what is happening and -- do predicted that -- -- but when you get the text that they expect. Right with the law. And order. Robert I appreciate you calling our show tonight so the united that's another question can you be a Christian and support the death penalty. If you wanna join Russia with a comic tonight and hit an if you change your opinion of the death penalty. Do you support it and does the death penalty deter crime in your opinion because that's all it would be your opinion there. There's no conclusive evidence that there's a director there are there some studies that show that areas but -- there's no consensus. That the death penalty is an actual deterrent to crime. So if it's not a deterrent to crime then this it simply take on the form of revenge. That's had to -- of your party general people very close poll tonight didn't start out very close but it's close now. 46%. Say that the death penalty is a deterrent to crime. And 54% say it's a form of revenge from New Orleans sack he understood sugar leading. Did their -- and our. The depth and it is math. Teacher crime. And very at -- and to substantiate it. Armed Arab what I read a report a few years back here on state to state in terms of the state -- -- he. Are injured and and chart and conclusion was determined -- those cases there. And the state that. Opportunity there are farmers. Rate and -- eight. In the words that do not have to dip in the murder. So there is evidence that bank -- and it has Mac beat her I -- our European that he has a technical. Basically -- motion. And rarely certain actor are part of our objectives. Are I -- get it -- and the current -- effect airing and people. Were being put there aren't high profile person in America hurt our. Right in it began -- an -- And ended up being an antigen that name and John are depending where does. You are a writer herta because that. He was -- to be incentivizes. You to. -- -- It's just been enough. The couldn't turn in his case there. In Orleans parish he would yet. That would exonerate him -- And Internet prosecuting attorney later. In tracked it that terminal cancer. And I went -- he called his best friend that -- penetrated it was India. I heard from administration. And told him on our ability EE. He wanted. To not to degrade the fact that John parents. Within the China and -- -- on their role for fifteen. And quarry. -- it a long walk. Corridor to debate a change. And Corey beat Agassi prediction error execution. We shared the -- human being here. But this guy who contract capital is best friend. Who. Will also so -- evidence that would not every time he went and got better and our Arctic to the Supreme Court. Can't -- this thing. It that the music. And that Supreme Court of course had him removed from their girl are being picking at and steal the Internet -- Are we in the general population. And and was in the IndyCar. Is it it would agree trees and parks. But the exit at Johns Hopkins and turn on the part of the district attorney's office there are an attempt to hear him -- that. And based group. And he -- he wanted to sit there with initially where millions are. And to be an -- could result according to an appeal. And on the appeal a district attorney about the law and been sent to me it was in between acted they've been -- in. I mean that there aren't there are cases like decision there was a case I I I don't remember exactly where flies but it -- it. -- on appeal and appeal to aren't Asomugha but it would have been. You mean power but the district attorney according Paris took it to be in court. Court ruled against. But what does it matter about the case don't -- an opposition congress direction and state operations. Very articulate gentlemen. I don't know if you happen yet and you show that he would be good all. It's cracked it. To date -- -- to keep people -- that. -- I was -- to tell you just a moment ago there was a case last year where a woman and a woman was I think two weeks away from being executed. As she was exonerate. But the but the -- -- we had. Full full. She didn't of people. It the benefit Arctic are heard. And represented -- interviews. They hit it in the state that we act in its Arctic ratchet in the state of New York State ED NA. To -- angry people. It's usually correct it is an apartment be prosecuted. That they get there there that aren't. Well did you concede that this is this is also one of the reasons why I've had an epiphany and I knew it changed my opinion of death penalty -- -- because of the possibility of excusing it is a person. And that can't ever ever happened second political issue thanks for sharing that information but this. Here's -- WW a pretty -- opinion poll tonight does the death penalty deter or crime or is that he former prevention very close poll tonight. It is your opinion by going to WW dot com we'll give -- update on that when we come back after this break with more of the -- show. On WL it's a very comfortable Wednesday night in the deep south this is the -- showing -- W element ledger witnessed. The Escobar tonight's is titled does the death penalty diminish us as a society. And -- leaders contributor to fox and start come who's a forensic psychiatrist. Often agree with him not always but often agree with him. And he totally shares my opinion when it comes to the death penalty. You can read the blog and share with others it's on our website at WWL dot com it's also trending on our FaceBook page is part of the FaceBook conversation. And -- of -- old radio -- a couple of comments on our FaceBook page. Here's a comment from Paul -- I said there's no consensus in the waters additional consensus. That there is a link between. But the death penalty in deterring crime. And Paul says it's on FaceBook no consensus what about the hundreds of studies. Showing that he dies your fishing without -- again. Well Paul conveniently ignores the many studies the countless studies the -- there's no directly. And again people. -- things that are convenient -- there their beliefs. Here is. Here's a comment from Chris on FaceBook. And you were ready to hang. Steinberg. For a comment. But no death penalty for a convicted murderer. You're more on -- Well Chris I'm not sure who Steinberg is. We were talking about Donald Sterling last night. And you could play back the show and at no point that I ever call for the death penalty for. Steinberg. Actually sterling. -- all you know better luck next time with another cheap shot if you wanna join us with a -- tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven in -- number is 877. From Alabama David you're on WWL. -- agree from the notion that it -- well again I did you get a lot of rain yesterday. They got. -- -- officially got a lot Auburn's line and it just -- about what -- you order. -- there are areas around Pensacola in the panhandle that got its closed closed eighteen inches of rain and it. But it 24 hour period. You have a history. Actually. The political. The that it is there any act that. You know let's. You know picture. -- -- -- -- game but this year we've got. About sort of the you know one thing web -- and double edged. Up the the that I actually the death penalty. The convict on the on the -- in the court people. I believe. To get the death -- -- like ability there should be. Concrete. Solid evidence like DNA. Billion. -- like that show in the yet. They committed the murder. And others though absolutely no doubt well. I also believe. Convicted. Convicted in the should have access to be -- -- mean even from you know from Quebec Wednesday that. Accusing -- I think -- couple of these. Particular. Two. So that we can check to the opera and where -- goes -- in. The club statement that it has -- there. But I do believe that. The death penalty opponents effective punishment so. That is just revenge or. Chime in on the the validity if you want -- but. -- -- You know we should you full access to -- and you know evidence of that that we let you know but chances. Putting it now. We we we can't says there's there's no room and as civilized society to put an innocent person to death. Just because you wanna make sure that you you killed those two who commit crimes says there is no room for them in the civilized society. Do that and so that of the botched execution of Oklahoma. By. Monopoly -- go on about do believe that should be done in the later. They're not evil and in -- oh cool about usual. For the first repeat what -- And a little confused why there's this big controversy about finding the right drugs to. To execute somebody I mean what what about morphine I mean why is this season and an issue you would think that there there would be something that you could -- Somebody that would kill them and again and is it to an overdose of morphine. -- immediately -- go out at the not that not that anybody who's committed a horrible crime deserves to go on happy but is it more finisher way to die so last night this this this guy in Oklahoma. Clayton -- it. We -- this injection of the the drugs and apparently this was a new new set of drugs in new cocktail if you will. I'd used for the first time and he didn't die right away he ended up dying about 45 minutes later of a heart attack. And apparently he was just. People seeing and clinching his teeth and appeared -- agony and again like I have a hard time feeling sorry for people who have been a terrific murders. But I also have a hard time. With a calculated murder and controls sending in our society that you and I can disagree on that. I'm just surprised that there's there's a problem finding drugs. To guilty. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like the appeal and all of with and you know lack of better from what you've been a for the debt but. In the probably. -- market sent -- a jury. It's a bit of both and they -- McNamee and Democrat to beat -- And an an and quite often there is varies very concrete evidence David and I'm going to call from Alabama glacier okay from the flooding last night. When it comes to video surveillance things when it comes to. The availability of video photographs today. There are cases that are basically. Open shut cases. But yet we still have to respect the constitution enough. To allow. For a fair trial. In court here's another comment on our FaceBook page this comes from. Kyle it's it's not used properly. A convicted break mr. cold blooded murderers should be taken to the gallows and be put to death as soon as they. -- as soon as the guilt the sentence comes back. I give -- sell your opinion by going to to be a real radio and our FaceBook page and we're coming right back but -- your comments. Under VW well as I look out of our studio it is here in this dvd and at WWL in -- some lightning off in the distance and I'm looking at live radar right now. And there's thunderstorm right around like Clusty appoint -- has just had some thunderstorms and is about to -- by some thunderstorms again golden meadow just had a one of thunderstorms move through golden that was about to get hit again -- -- And a few scattered showers down around -- but it looks like this is so far to the south of us and heading over toward the Gulf Coast in mobile and you know they don't need anymore rain over there. I here's an update on our WW a party general opinion poll which is very close right now. On the question is does the death penalty deter crime or is it a former revenge. Earlier tonight only 20% said it was a deterrent to crime 80% said it was a former revenge. Now 49%. Say the death penalty deters crime and 51% say it's just revenge for the West Bank sand or under -- WL. It's currently -- -- topic you're a moron but I don't think liberal like you neglect either -- but anyway that's another argument. Now. Also debatable that we live in the symbolize. This out in about being facetious what the violent crimes. Through our our country not just down here now the death penalty arguments. You know studies -- You have as many. For or against legitimate. Are back out each point somewhat debate that bought by my question is though what had just seen. Is that what's wearing as is rather mundane. Elements that didn't particularly about it. To joke that was done and it's centerstate that we don't even though that future. Of his crime. -- -- on the news junkie like Q I have an art -- risk. -- but he -- -- -- I believe him -- portrait -- you know I believe he he shot a woman it was a brutal murder and I arrived and and he watched I believe he watched two men bury her and I'm not even sure she was completely and she was varies it was a horrific crime. A lot of running time -- so -- give -- your last comment. Real quick you'll find that one death penalty is undertake in its -- wondered victim boast the most respect. Torturous debt debt and that carried out now with thirteen eighteen years appeal. It's a strong argument that's not a guitar you've -- feel that it's in -- -- -- out efficiently. There and I appreciate your call it if we're gonna have it definitely needs to be more efficient. But does that still make it humane as the death penalty diminish us as a society.