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Scoot Show 4-30 11pm, Death Penalty

May 1, 2014|

: A botched execution last night in Oklahoma, a growing controversy about lethal drugs and a report showing that 1 out of 25 death row inmates could be innocent are raising questions about the death penalty. Do you support the death penalty? Do you think it is a deterrent to crime?

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And guys. -- driving fancy fancy car. Thank you presently he's been fast on this issue theme song. We have. I did certainly shows that 56%. Of women say that men who own exotic. Fast cars. Are arrogant. And many women interpret a man's need for a fast car and expensive car. As an over compensation. For other shortcomings. And I think we know what that refers to. Fifty acres 56% of women said that they thought guys were arrogant a 70% said that they saw him as insecure. A 48% say that the cars -- reflection of a man's economic status and I can understand that 46% say that a car reflects a man's image of himself. I think quite often the cars that we drive to reflect. An image who we are sometimes you have a choice. About what kind of car you drive and sometimes you just have to drive which you drive. I've also that it was interesting that this says survey showed that 32%. Of the women save at a car reveals a certain kind of family man. So I guess among women if you're looking for a long term relationship you might like somebody who's in a Lexus sedan rather than. It's AM. A -- roadster. I the botched execution last night in Oklahoma also growing controversy over the lethal drugs to administer executions. And -- report now showing that 125. Death row inmates. Could be innocent. Continues to raise questions 37 years after the death penalty was reinstated in 1977. A continues to raise -- questions. About whether or not the death penalty as a deterrent to crime or is it just a seeking revenge. A number of people have for posted on. Our FaceBook page shows scoop like tonight is titled -- the death penalty diminish us as a society. It's a -- for staying if you if you step back and look at it philosophically it's it's really had an interesting debate in this in this country what is. And allegedly in a civilized society. Or is it just revenge does it really deter crime -- For those who confined to study. That says it deters crime well there are countless studies that say there's no direct link. Between a deterrence of crime. And the death penalty. So. There's no there's no conclusive evidence there's no consensus. That's the death penalty does deter crime and if it doesn't deter crime. But could it be seen as simply revenge. And if it's revenge. Is that the right reason to administer it. Any recent comments on -- FaceBook page to be a dual radio. Are talking about how justice was served here is one from Ramon. Read the article is about the botched. The botched execution last night Oklahoma. If the guy died how is that a botched execution. I say mission accomplished. Next. Well it was a botched execution because he didn't die and he died of a heart attack. About 45 minutes after the drug was administered. And navy hadn't died of a heart attack he might have survived the XQ shouldn't. So since he didn't die from the drugs. Then it can be called a botched execution. What are the most interesting things that I've ever seen about next Q should boys. It was a it was an episode of night gallery. And I believe night gallery was a rod sterling a production and structurally road right gallery. The show started Ned Beatty. And it was about it was about a reporter. -- journalist. Who want to experience. What it was like to be -- acute. So. It was set up for him to be on death row. He wanted to experience what it was like to be on death row in what it was like to experience. And execution. -- obviously without being executed. So it was all set up between the newspaper or magazine every wrote for it was all set up between -- his company. And the prison guards it was all set up for him to be on death row and none of the other prisoners knew that he was a journalist. He was treated just like everybody else on -- throw. When it came time for his execution. They walked him down the hall. And what he did and -- is because. They really wanted him to feel. What it was going to be like to be -- acute. They've made him think. That these were new guards who didn't know the plan. Not to X accuse him. They put new guards in replacing their the other guards because they wanted him to think. He's really being executed they thought that was the only way the guy could really. Feel what it would be like to be executed. They strapped him in the chair. And at that point they were gonna. Not flip the switch and to -- off -- chair. But because of that stress he died of heart attack in the chair. So the guy you have got to so that was it a creative. An episode of -- gallery about the execution. But does the death penalty diminishes as a society. On the death Gurney last night in Oklahoma death row inmates Clayton -- What's described as Juan. Going into convulsions and clinching his teeth in apparent agony although it's done. The positive that that was caused by the drugs but this was -- shortly after the first started to administered the the lethal drugs. A -- it ultimately died of heart attack about 45 minutes later. As the governor of Oklahoma Mary Fallon has -- called for an investigation of the botched execution along with a fourteen day stay of execution for a second death row inmate Charles Warner. Who we scheduled to be executed shortly after -- last night. So his -- -- gone bad continues to add to this controversy about the death penalty which this has been a controversy. For a long time for many years and certainly over the 37 years since it was reinstated in 1977. The assumption is that the death penalty is the ultimate punishment. Ands that it prevents a convicted criminal from ever committing a crime again which is true. But there are conflicting studies about whether the death penalty as punishment. Actually deters crime in America. There's a new statistics from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that show that about 4%. Of the death sentences. In this country have been based on erroneous evidence and information. And that means in about 125 prisoners or about 100 in twenty of the approximately 3000 prisoners on death row in America. Are being held on death row -- their actually innocent. For very long time cause I was a supporter of the death penalty. But after watching a documentary. In its title XEQ should -- bio local producers decency. It follows a death row inmate. To his execution policy in daily. 46 -- -- leading up to the execution. And hit it it's changed my feelings about the death penalty. And I came to realize that. Stepping back and looking at it philosophically. We're talking about. Somebody not dying if you kill somebody during across. If you kill somebody in defense of life for property. In that moment. To me that's different from and you may totally disagree with me but isn't it great that we can disagree. When I came to realize is that. Killing somebody in the process of a crime is differ from the death penalty. Because the death penalty is administered in. In a controlled environment. And it's a calculated premeditated. Killing. Now I do understand the argument that the convicted to a person of a physician murder deserves the fate of his victim. However. There should be something humanely unsettling about the methodical killing of another human being and a sterile environment. And I also understand the argument that. Dick -- killings. The killings are not erased. That horrific crime is not a race because a prisoner subtly changes or discovers god while sitting in prison. Doctor Keith tableau is a Fox News contributor. Writes an article foxnews.com and today I mostly agree with doctor -- was a forensic psychiatrist. He writes in his -- Fox News article. Guide. Was in the execution chamber with Clayton lock it. Guide. Pulled back the curtain. And let America see at least this once the ugliness. And defeatism and -- of the death penalty. As a forensic psychiatrist doctor LO argues that when a society has a person under lock and key. And can keep him under lock and key and decides. That it wishes instead to kill that person the society diminishes itself. Every time. Because the act of murder and our civilized society is so horrific and senseless. It's extremely difficult to. To forgive those who commit. These horrific acts. And I think it's it's understandable it's very human. To not forgive in certain situations. Totally understand that that problem. Anyone found guilty of a murdered no longer deserves to be part of our civilized society but as doctor apple points out if we can lock somebody away. If they can't ever commit the crime again. Then. Does it benefit to society to to kill somebody or does it really comes down to more of -- case of revenge. Mean -- you could always argue that it's it's the ultimate punishment. Doctor -- also says that no Doctor Who attends an execution. And administers the lethal dose of the medication. Is someone that he's willing to address. As doctor. And he points out that if we kill killers. We don't separate ourselves. From the killers. If you wanna join us with a comet tonight to our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And a text number is 877 it. If it is estimated that about 120. Of the nearly 3000. Inmates currently on death row in America. Are indeed innocent. Wouldn't it be. Humane. To not execute anybody. For the fear of executing an innocent person. Numerous guilty people in my opinion. Should go free. Over the XQ -- and as a person. Because -- excluding somebody who's innocent. Is it's. The same as -- To join usher -- our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your text numbers 87070. But it has the -- blog which you can either agree with me or disagree with me you can read -- -- on our website at WWL dot com. It's also part of our FaceBook page conversation at WWL radio you can join net. Conversation and will hold a -- couple more of those comments are coming up a little bit later here's an update on WW a pretty general opinion poll this doesn't happen very often. The question is does the death penalty deter crime or is -- a former revenge. 50%. Say it's terrorists tried and and 50% say it's a former revenge this poll sorted out tonight 20% saying it deters crime. An 80%. Saying it's a former revenge now. It's 5050 give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. And before giving to your comments on New Orleans has a winner congratulations to. Alison -- and -- of New Orleans who want thousand dollars in our nationwide vacation cash contest so yeah. Somebody from New Orleans one and you could be the next winner. Just listen to WWO weekdays right before the top of the hour news at 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM -- the code word. When you hear the code word text the code word -- 72881. For your chance to win without reporting your phone down. That's seven to 81. Every weekday four lucky winners nationwide. Win thousand dollars each. Now we never charge for protects an individual plain text and data rates may apply remember the times to listen tomorrow and weekdays right the for the top of the hour news. At 7 AM. 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM. And good luck for sport radio intercom. Analysts the WWL also on our website at WW dot com is so full line -- of Jazz Fest which kicks off tomorrow. There's a possibility that some of you are awake tonight. Because -- taken the day off tomorrow. Going to Jazz Fest is could be a sensational they suggest mr. Barton really. Out throughout the weekend and a lot of great performers still coming up. Last weekend was another full weekend -- -- -- we get the full lineup you can plan your strategy which stage issue wanna be near or fetus when a -- yourself and -- one stage. Now we've got the lineup on our website at WW dot com. From Vanderbilt Jeff you're on this good show good evening. Good. So. You. Change your opinion. Should not have. You are or there are. Alive. Aren't. -- Corporate people. Well based on based on the system today did you fit -- actually cost more X -- some order and keep him in prison for life. And it's not because of the execution process itself it's because of the appeals process. But there is if it's a non death penalty case of life in prison. I've cost taxpayers less than and put I know it's hard to believe but it's it's that's something that is fact. Bob. Libya took. Out well back. I can't see where power up the bank -- it sure pay it a crime like you object. Will be put out. Will deter people from doing. It would deter you and it would certainly deter me the question is does it. Does it deter people in general dude -- would especially when there's. A crime of passion which doesn't justify it. Of course sometimes a crime of passion is not first degree murder. But -- the case of first degree murder. If somebody is calculating. Killing somebody art are they just don't even considering that that they might be executed themselves. How they would ship -- back with that option. And it is an option in most seats. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I think that might deter brought -- a lot of people in our like pepper murder our criminal court but that. -- -- -- -- That problem. Are you you're you're right again Jeff might. My epiphany about the death penalty came and again I can see both sides of this is a tough issue for me in this I hope it's a tough issue for a lot of people. Yeah right I saw the movie Dead Man Walking assist ratio on. Observations of the death penalty here in Louisiana with Sean Penn. But that was a movie that I thought did an excellent job of showing both sides it showed. The the family of the victim. It also showed of the man who commit this committed this horrific crime I thought that movie did a very good job of showing both sides of of this debate. But when I I I I watch this documentary called execution. It just came to me that. We are still. We are still killing somebody -- calculated. Controlled environment. And I don't think that benefited us as a civilized society. But again you know I mean I I respect your opinion and I I see both sides of it. Arab -- European or separate it out you know like that -- are. Aren't Americans to courage but. Which is open but this. -- -- in your wife walking on the street after dinner one night elaborate joke -- -- she charity or are you bet. What you want you know. I know your instinct would be to kill. I understand it and you know in the end and I also understand this idea that. If everybody who is killed is somebody's wife somebody's daughter somebody to brother sister husband. Boyfriend girlfriend. Everybody who's killed it is is it to somebody's loved one. -- You know I have to ask myself for how would I feel if it directly impacted -- and while my passion might say I want the death penalty. I'm gonna have to I'm I'm just gonna have to stick with. You know my new feelings about how it's it's if it's too calculated. It's too calculated to be acceptable and again that's in my opinion. Out of there and -- -- -- I don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- about it. Well they are. And I -- deliberately didn't. I agree you don't deserve to live. But. Should we. In a premeditated. Methodical calculated manner. In a controlled environment. Taking human life. Around it. Mortgage humane -- shall be. Or -- -- war. -- -- -- -- -- XEQ -- is certainly more humane. Than the death that many people went through that let somebody to prison. But Jeff I enjoyed our conversation appreciate listening WWL. If you're on hold you to stay -- are coming right back with your comments in more of your tax our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seven. Text numbers 87870. Getting the death penalty is a deterrent to crime or is it a former revenge that's -- -- WL pretty jaguar opinion -- give us your opinion like going to WWL dot com. Also the debate over legalizing medical marijuana in the state of Louisiana. Is over. Are you surprised it didn't go through. And it means is Louisiana. This is the -- show. Will be right back on VW well using a statistics from the FB IA based on them. On the population. There's some information on the web -- Death Penalty Information Center it's death penalty. Info dot org. And it and it shows that states without the death penalty has had consistently. Lower murder rates. So there really is no. There's no obvious consensus that the death penalty does deter crime and that's -- WW a pretty -- opinion poll. -- does the death penalty deter crime or is it a former revenge the ties been broken 47% say it deters crime 53% say. It's a former prevention is your opinion by going to WW real dot com a forget until Steve you're on the -- show welcome. -- -- -- -- adjust to and then public park but this book form but London. It didn't through that attempted. The execution. Not that it tried to do. Well. Now what they they they called it off and the governor is now -- there was somebody who was sent to -- the exit whose hit and I'd. An inmate on death row with him who was supposed to be -- acute last night right after him and when this was botched. They they called the second went off so I would assume that they wouldn't have tried again and again this is my understanding that this was a new. Concoction of -- drugs it's being used for the first time and -- I'm still surprised Steve that we. We can't find a drug -- just immediately kill somebody like I thought by thought morphine was -- It's that. But the matchup but the -- ago ago it would do it went with attempted execution. And if you -- -- -- that it is -- -- execution in these so vibe that's -- probably. Well I would think since he was convicted in a state where. The death penalty was. Was in effect. I would think that they'd have to go back and trying to again. It's -- so like double jeopardy you know yeah if you record that he can't try you again no. -- active start with a commitment about reports that two minute call. Back up -- wannabe cops say that to affect you can do it and you know candidate tried -- did -- you can do it again. And no I don't think that would I veto I'm I'm not a lawyer but I don't think that would be the case I think they would still be obligated to to try to -- -- guy. But it didn't return -- went back. -- Steve I'm glad to cult nationalistic. Here is a text they should have tested those drugs before hand. I would've thought they would have done that. Again I I'm surprised that we seemed to have the difficulty in America forgot the death penalty. Why don't we have a difficulty finding. Finding drugs it would kill people. And again I'm not a doctor but I thought morphine was a sure way to an overdose of forcing. A for Slidell John your -- WWL. Cute -- good. Home. I have mixed feelings on the I'd be able to get penalties should be used but I think it should be used it. As an idiot. -- Get on the -- to deal Torre who's got a prison but he committed a number workers in Washington. And probably some Utah and Colorado be in jail and Colorado and it's a second time we -- to -- -- and you take the second time and he's very intelligent very crafty guy. I think he spoke or the -- Orleans. And he took a bullet -- in awhile in your future in the end he went to four to steady. And just brutally murdered. Several girls -- three -- four -- in the Emeka else in or Wednesday that he didn't -- another girl thing night in. You know like a boarding else -- -- duplex. So. -- they would get Kimball. You would not be minute number markers. That's one point on. The big definitely has not cute I don't know if you were -- -- it but it's the globally. I mean this it was a brutal brutal brutal with us. Well just it's unreal -- -- -- after each -- short one. Pull it for her like -- And her -- was -- in every -- possible I'm mature girl it was actually murder warrants that. This -- I mean. This is admittedly where I have a have conflict over my feelings about the death penalty I have strong conflict about that because I. I don't feel sorry for these people and I I do feel sorry for the victims and the families I have sympathy and empathy for them. So I am conflicted when it comes to this but the idea the possibility of XEQ in an innocent person. To me. Trump's. Executing. People who deserve to be executed. -- only problem with -- spirit and an understatement go to Jerusalem prosecute. Prosecutorial misconduct they're. -- manufactured equipment sometimes but police officers -- cubic. Hurry to convict somebody on the true crime book among other things in and elaborate a lot to end in their. There is like it's -- -- people were convicted drawn which. But I wonder -- he had when he got people want to throw. And wanted me and it sent you at a -- how many how many innocent people die at the hands of those guys who have committed. Multiple markers if you let them honestly -- John I know and I think that's a legitimate point but. What about the idea that we kill an innocent person I mean I understand exactly what you're saying and I think that's one of the reasons this is such a good argument is because there. Are clearly two sides which I understand. When we we definitely don't want to come to come. Some place like -- ran under -- or wreck where they cut people's and so for stealing installed people would mean. Your argument in that we don't want the orbiter but. The same time under or at least to me that shouldn't be in marketing. Or. Markers you know. Multiple murders like it did Bundy or like you've got -- -- do Nikki Reed did -- this is just so sickening and disgusting. Somewhere along the way he lost his and it. Congress you know there's there's there's no doubt about that but added doctor Evelyn Fox News contributor and it expresses my point of view which is if if we killed then even though their killers. Are we on the same level as their own and and I again I. I am very. Inflicted with this whole issue but I but I do take a stance of being opposed to the death penalty because of the idea that an innocent person may be -- John and ugly vehicles showing going to listening. Recant what Walt -- under the WL. Yeah lady in stupidity. First things first retired law enforcement -- speak from the party. Number 29 total operational only cooperate on. Notably years and years for an apparently -- write a book. This story are probably really would make you sick sick sick he's the one who killed they happily in the book -- man walked -- was written about. And that there -- another book was written by -- -- -- -- the detective that broke the case and Washington parish. The name of the book is loss of faith because the talks about that the thing about the way. He present both sides of the argument. But until you see and read the book. Is actual pictures in the book. Of -- that the way yet emergency. Didn't find those weeks later but the pictures. From the description of how the -- child raped and murdered. Would make anyone approve of the death penalty. The actual skeletal remains shown in the book. The -- position Jews murdered in. -- pulled out on top of it and moderately will partner held like he sat on the -- and app to multiple times you -- This bitch one time. Read the book either pictures. And see if you have questions about the. Well I appreciate you calling her show put. To me. Did these people deserve to live. Now. But it still comes down to. Humane society. Methodically killing. A human being and control the -- do they deserve it of course they deserve it. Again I'm gonna what can I do admit I I have tremendous internal conflict over this issue. But nobody seems to totally addressed the idea. Of what if one person. What if one person who's innocent. Is sexy cute. That should. Cause people to rethink the death penalty. Because it's better -- let guilty people go free than to exit cute and innocent person. This is the -- show. And as you know everything's always up for discussion. We'll be right back on Debbie WL a three young males are in jail a suspected of killing a cab driver a robbery attempt last night on the West Bank having this happened around 8 o'clock yesterday evening. The cabdriver 56 year old Blake Helmer is dead seventeen year old Joe Brown. Eighteen year old ivory Warren and nineteen year old trade on -- are suspects. And also another story according to NO PD up to ten young males on bikes. Robbed two males in a holy cross area of New Orleans. And what stories they say they fired guns in the year I guess to let the people know that they had guns and and they robbed them of their money. And he -- case it was a case of beer and also a box of chicken. Who are these young males who are committing these crimes with guns. 171819. Or these people at heart that they get to this point. It's not that I'm overly sympathetic. But how can you be human being. And how can you expect society to see you as a human being. If you're running around with a gun. And you willing to use it. To -- somebody. And the truth is so many of these people with guns are absolute. Cowards. They're nothing. Nothing. Without a -- For a New Orleans east -- -- WWL. Area distances them program I just have to -- -- there's definitely. But women young man. We're putting regularly been doing it quite a long time deceptive -- to Christ just hopefully they abuse in the -- what you just described. It was. Rooms just the problem. -- positioning goes man logistic. Sometimes good policy at night but I keep doing because that kid. -- changed my life and couldn't agree to -- vehicles. In and I think from my talents and bring in an intrusion on this is productive on the acutely. Which is token of the screwed it would cut. Caused such an that consistency in his system is -- really -- -- world. You know a lot of people have opinions in this world put in on possibly the because word -- the latest word that's was the thing. 2000 active does that matter too much -- well. In Cuba -- -- and didn't mention about it was. Of the ebitda as a spiritual laws as good and -- Satan in and his Jesus. He's doing his best to do -- much -- the canned it would just work up and real compares way ultimately be physically. But I'm just wanted to. Dispute alive which -- used to him again it was has worked so. People who love and forgiveness. Do you do that on approach you know politic -- You know inflicted on what they do is just -- to those people you know tragically. But I hate to say that this was another so mobilized and sent them because would be is -- sound to it and tragically been gonna pray that person's -- just it. That's just the way out of the -- work -- young men. And cute to build them not to show -- that we could you don't look mean and precipitously nutrients people. I got blow your question god bless you for the world especially -- -- at securing yourself you know what's so amazing to me I think there was a movie called Amish grace. It was about the recent mass shootings. It's an Amish school or church that was an Amish school. And it was just so phenomenal. That the Amish men. Went to the house. Of that was the family of the man who committed the murders and and actually regain. Another was amazing. -- coming just a moment I'm gonna play going into the the next break him -- part of a song that I I've heard for the first time the other day called America. Might imagine dragons it is one of the new bands that to be reminds me of the kind of an eighty sound. This song America. Speaks to and reflects a very positive attitude about America. From the standpoint of the young generation saw what you hear part of that we played in just a moment from Houston David here on WL. It's your -- -- -- conflict at the same as you orbit I think. Mark the boredom conflict that it is not so much -- that -- -- that -- inflicted an application. It's this I think that would clear up a lot of problems because I think is just it's seems to be able. You know I'm not like to -- -- a -- period it was just look at there particularly followed -- like. This person was an armed robbery with two or three other people and they get the death penalty in the first and sheets are people and they don't. Yeah I -- it does -- doesn't seem to be consistent. The so that would be my first problem with that is that is the inconsistency. It needs to be just easier to understand need to be clear. And as far as getting an idle idle idle again in the deterrent a look at the justice issue because what you're so and it. It he takes somebody with air travel -- and Alex are or -- you know from probably too much news downtown unlike there. And to me it's not saying that the deterrent does the same. We can all well we cannot allow he could be part of our society. And I understand I I do understand that but we could remove them from society. And not kill -- ticket. But Cuba hold on the east so proud of the beast of -- that are in danger from that individual. But they're there or died there or not cases to support that concerned. Mean they're not actual cases where cars are killed by people on death row as far as what donuts on a concern. But he unity even it even if we're not concerned about the potential sic the issue is it's still playing in the year he took longer for our bodies province that these people this year. And worse and that we have a standard of what we what we want -- if you care if you can't maintain their standard. Why are we maintaining view. Did you I understand. And take you're using you're sheltered their big guys are what we have the boundary for. I'm linked to me it's it would honesty or you your quote in the dark from the thing that it was. It's like you're you're certainly have a standard of civilization if you can't meet that standard wire re beating you. Because we are humans. -- I understand two bites we are still as humans and we are taught not to take a life and stepping back and looking at it from my guests afar and or philosophical point of view. I've I've just developed a problem with the death penalty because it is is calculated killing in a pristine environment the united join our conversation -- -- have to get to break. Let me share a little bit of a song with you it's called America. And despite the Banda imagine dragons very very popular. Relatively new abandoned. They are speaking to and reflecting a new young generation. And what really attracted me about this song was a very positive attitude as as much of the music out today. Is positive we talked about that only shows a lot of positive news account. Which to me reflects the positive attitude of the young generation. So what to share part of the song with you America might mention dragons. Okay. -- Tonight -- W -- are pretty general opinion poll has been does the death penalty deter crime or word. Is it simply a form of revenge. Here's a final update on our poll 48%. Say deters crime and 52% say it is a form of revenge. This group blog still treading on our website is. About the death penalty does it diminish justice XQ shins diminish us as a society. I really don't agree or disagree it's on our website at WWL dot com it's also been part of our faced a conversation tonight. -- WW well. -- radio on FaceBook. Full Jazz Fest lineup on our website at WW well dot com. Check it out an analogy you can plan your strategy -- removed from one stage to another deal or just find at one stage and sit in front of that. Different strategies when it comes to. I'm enjoying Jazz Fest but it kicks off again tomorrow it's a very pleasant night tomorrow might actually be a little chilly first of -- a little chilly it's crazy. And I enjoyed our conversation agree or disagree every night we exercise our freedom of speech rights here on the Scopes show one thing John which -- studio producer. Have a great night's one in New Orleans.