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May 1, 2014|

Dave talks about expired food, meat in pants, and Jameis Winston

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition WWL first news on that real. First of may 2014. May gay com -- that and -- also are all yes. The day before earth hour -- may I wish you and yours a happy Friday Z man. As we come together on this beautiful wonderful. Cool morning feels so good fifties on both sides that'll make some areas just nip and at the upper forties in the region. North winds it 1718. Miles an hour highs in the low seventies man I'm jealous my son my youngest son my thirteen year old adage as fast as I'd be jealous stereo. And -- gets the hang man. They -- learn about the culture in the theme this. That is now associated with this year's New Orleans jazz and heritage festival of Brazilian team. And the can eat game when he box well. You do okay on Matt and I give them two or three thanks to this at a soft. But but then again and for five bucks the buses in the admissions of Austin -- And then they get -- out of their before the -- -- crank Joba yeah well those -- few -- plan does and you know here and there but the getting back at school at 2 o'clock. Why this is I -- -- there you go -- you know the with a so called locals. What are some people have with this weather. Might just not become -- back -- -- made -- leave for launch and never return base that's so much locals -- used to be. Mean decades ago it was really yeah locals but now it just me if you go to the Jazz Fest on Thursday. And there are a lot of school kids buses and buses during the day. And in the afternoons. And you know there are you'll see. A lot of people you know probably but there's plenty of tourists who are always -- And in their rooms. Already ego and I've been saying I'm wandering around this -- waiting around to get those gates open. I got to ask you questions I feel good -- on -- of them though ill effects from there. The risky behavior you decided to participated yesterday. -- risky behavior I have here. In my hand on memo now well a bag of chips. The expiration date of October of last year. Rule and -- to actually guaranteed fresh. Until October. Someone's -- the culprit is back. Remember a couple of weeks ago for those who listened to us everyday. If you don't -- as quickly recap someone laughed. A bag a big old bag of chips and a big old bag of pretzels in the break room. Here's the radio station. And I opened up the pretzels in them a pretzel fanatic -- -- -- proposal one of the best things that I went into the chips they were very hard to resist and I ticket handful on me numb and I noticed the Super Bowl logo on the bag and look at it it's the public and pretzels expired. In January. And that would -- on expired in January oh wondered. Who would do that who would bring their expired food and leave it here for us to eat how. Initially thought looked like he kind of thing to do -- -- -- L while not eaten it's crap but argument that people work now you know later while now some unless several bags of these sudden champs now. On the table. In the break room with the expiration date of October November and December. They probably figure it's okay. I I think at this schools diets okay where they would need it no but they bring it for them Russ don't perk up. It's like Mikey Vietnam will leave it there. Now now that you just that's the most misunderstood commercials in the history of time I know Mikey would need anything Mikey was a finicky -- he hated everything deployed the commercial was oh my god he likes aerial hit -- -- they might key. Value finally camera -- -- -- NASA several people in them and asked I -- you know those -- ex president I guess Elena. You then commenced kind of choke on one yeah I did a young age and you had my way I'd Jessica I know you didn't finish are -- -- and -- neither of that was inhaling a chip -- you know another do an expert -- -- I hope not the first. Thank you David -- collected fifteen minutes of prisoners aren't going to be that Cuba coming up we're gonna talk about theft. Shoplifting. And the Heisman Trophy. Then which -- forecast. And sportsmen -- He'll be shell and on the lake front if you had out there this morning Lakefront airport now partly cloudy now sixty degrees for that north -- at eighteen miles an hour 59 at the airport 54. In slide down I'm Dave -- at the early edition of WWL first and. It's much cooler this morning with temperatures in the forties and fifties and as we get that sunshine and warm things up. Look for highs around 73 this afternoon well below average for this time of year so a slight chance for a shower along our coastline -- tonight dropping down to 49 on the North Shore and 57 on the South Shore some other cool he'd been ahead and then some mild weather for Friday and Saturday work to 75 tomorrow and eighty on Saturday. The eyewitness to -- forecast center I'm meteorologist Laura backed out. Nineteen minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first new testament text and an 878 Tony says if they're not stale and nothing's wrong with that yeah we had this conversation before I just didn't necessarily think I had to. And I did open his bag I took this bag and put a big sticking out on it does do not eat. Just -- that I remind myself to talk about it this morning with an expiration date of October 8. Would you -- some folks -- you open a bag and eat chips that expired in October or I'm sorry they're guaranteed thrash until printed date. Was October. 8 a -- -- yogurt yesterday that expired. The day before opening it expired April 29 and yesterday was the thirtieth -- I -- -- that but it is the difference in baton. October I coming up we're gonna talk about. Stealing crab and -- right now that's actually talk about sports. Your kids have you WL. And Steve gal I have a funny shoplifting stories to tell you know that for shoplifting ever funny but it was. Very strange experience that the local grocery store earlier this -- Share that with -- coming up -- and in the meantime let me be the first to issue a happy day before Friday. Yes indeed it feels good to be here folks. I LSU football just four months away from a season opener against Wisconsin and LSU's coach -- miles as a starting quarterback for that game has yet to emerge. He talked about the development of -- Jennings and Brandon Harris. Both had marked improvement during the spring neither one of them are playing well enough to beat starter. But most of them have the ability to be very very quality quarterbacks -- -- -- much. Raging cajun baseball completed their mid week sweep of southeastern winning ten to eight. You'll Lafayette improved to fifteen and one against in state opponents this -- -- both teams have a double header in Nashville losing one nothing in game one. And pulling three to two in the second contest. In the NBA playoffs Tony Parker had 23 points in a San Antonio Spurs took the 32 lead their series over Dallas winning 1092103. Toronto has 832 series lead after Kyle Lowry scored 36 points and he won fifteen to 113 win over the Brooklyn nets. Dwight how ports point two points and fourteen rebounds -- Houston's one awaits in 98 win over Portland. The TrailBlazer still lead that series though three games to two. Well that LA lakers are in search of -- head coach after Mike -- Tony were resigned after a 27 of 55 season. The team's worst in more than fifty years that Tony has one year left on his contract. But want to the lakers to pick up his option for 20152016. To have any chance of success the lakers apparently refused leading to his resignation. Endgame is Winston is in trouble with the law again the Florida State quarterback -- a supermarket near campus without paying for 32 dollars worth of pro fishing crab legs. Leon county sheriff's my -- Michael Boyd is just this puzzled as you and I by the Heisman Trophy winners actions that. Actually not in dispute he left without paying and I can't see inside his head to know what he -- -- and so -- it said you know it -- a civil citation for petty -- Wednesday must pay back the store and serve community service. Today a foreign sports talk is there one player in the NFL draft who -- how to saints return to the Super Bowl and is worthy of sacrificing draft picks over the next two or three years. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look it's. -- five point three they've gone Steve -- with you on your radio on this Thursday that it call Friday eve so. -- Winston admits that he walked out of a grocery store with 32 dollars and 72 cents when the crab legs and crawfish. And later told sheriff's deputies he forgot to pay for the food hate when that happens yet you know Yi Yi -- load up your buggy and then you just walk right out the door. Because you're so. Preoccupied with other things yet text messages between -- You just your mind is other places leaders walk right out the -- without it. You do that all time not oh definitely especially when -- go to best buy yet. Now. This is very puzzling to. Here's a guy who won the Heisman Trophy -- won the national champion to me he. Has his whole. Life set out in front of him. Everything is going to be really mean if he could just keep his nose clean and out of trouble. He has had problems. He was accused of rape. Last year and that whole entire investigation has been a Manson has his widely reported that. The police just field McIntyre has the investigation so -- that we have prosecutors need to collect and -- that neglected and decided not to bring any charges in the case. And then we hear this and there have been other accusations made while unsubstantiated. Now they may amazed at thing wave maybe is a pattern here. Turn difficult on me about some Internet chatter that. He ran into trouble fast food restaurant because he was taken those little catch up things in villages still with -- -- at the restaurant yet gone up to the drink dispenser and taken my little one ounce shots. A soda. Out of the direct machine on the nothing beats a shot of doctor -- that they've done a did you can't do that. And I am probably wouldn't stop that actually brought him off. For taken that shot the soft drinks on the machine -- well that's true I have no idea but at least the report is out there. If anything is showing a lot of immaturity team is Winston and definitely going to be hurting his draft stock potentially for next year he could have been or maybe the number one overall draft -- But a lot of question -- now certainly surrounding got a year to work -- -- -- -- football -- some issues as well that he kind of solved. In the last season so maybe he gets on the street pat now but. 32 dollars and 32 cents with a crab and crawfish. The guy's gonna be ridiculously. Multimillionaire one day and it is not yet. It goes back to Doc Rivers come -- them play again coming up after this time out thank you Steve we'll talk about 25 minutes march 4 estate in for another. People story and James Wentz and goes in the what is wrong with people file but -- plays somebody altered as locally after this. 5 point 7 good morning I'm Dave -- do we -- -- -- a Doc Rivers said that was about racism and things like that it. Maybe that applies to -- miss Winston says it. I mean the guy's been a superstar athlete his whole life since -- -- already don't -- east is volatile in some respects but. -- he must the believe that he kidnapped pay for that stuff and be okay he says he just forgot you buy that more coming out. It's cool this morning with forties and fifties around the area said dropping down behind that front overnight at a -- actually well below average today at 73. The other still at 10% chance for coastal shower but the rest of us we'll see partly cloudy skies. Then tonight dropping again 49 north of the lake and 57 on the South -- And Friday's high back up to 75 that partly cloudy Saturday looking a little warmer up to eighty with some sunshine. From the I would fifties forecast Fenner I -- -- -- Talent fifties now on both sides of the light coming up its people 36 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news it's may it's the first its 2000 -- saying it's -- -- before. RK well -- come down Friday the maybe the first two with junior is a very happy Friday as it is yes and it the weather's just glorious wonderful perfect testing. Just feels great this morning. So we're talking about this. Amos Winston story the Heisman Trophy winner the quarterback of the sentinels the national champion winner. Suspended from baseball team now the coach says after he was charged with shoplifting. Crab legs crossed this. 32 dollars and 72 cents with -- by texting me saying hey paid for everything else and is buggy. But he didn't pay for the stuff he got from the seafood section now. He says he just forgot to pay for yeah I -- I -- crab legs are kind of long and stuff you know I mean yes see him sit there and your buddies about. Betty -- -- motors and the I don't -- another and I'm reading gives -- the reality here is what won the cops that we have no reason to believe he's not going to the bill. On all of the obligations associated Poconos is based. As a nine spoke out police are really -- that is -- blog out of thanks for. Yeah yeah there are a lot of things in in in a grocery store that you might be able to get away with it but crab legs not exactly you know just doesn't yet. That's like trying to steal a giants there acre roast or. Man yes it's -- speaking of that let me tell you a funny story. My wife said the grocery store the other day and she in my youngest daughter our shopping. It's just suddenly they hear rockets. From the -- area you know from the meat count. Right now and they turn into butchers in their white coats and their hair nets and everything are screaming and hollering. And they look over and then I -- a parent who they thought was a shopper starts running. And saying stop it again and as the guy is riding toward the front doors of the stories you know the -- scanners in the packet out in the yet. He's polling steaks and sausages and other -- out of his pants and borrowing them. As he's running for the exit doors. And he continues to this package after package of meat. Flying out of his hands as he's running out of the store on meat they apparently he was new and meat from the book is scattered -- -- -- pants. -- -- -- -- Right about the door the -- still flying and the -- butchers in their white. -- and everything has a lot of first parking lot other store workers join into the chase is -- I would ended because she just wanted you know -- You didn't expect back out of excitement out of my gardeners put. The nobody got hurt yes that I will admit this there were a bunch of meat in -- jokes that while. All -- Clark and that that's obviously every day now that Ivins in any allegations that. Winston was putting them crab legs in his. Answered yeah now I am still together and now there have been he's got crabs but those would make an even better feeds of the current job. Thank you David with our kids -- -- -- -- -- does that make it out at by the way that that meet the eight and team as Winston both going to name. People file on him and looked like in twenty minutes Chris Miller join us from the fairgrounds. Get ready for the second weekend of Afghanistan. I was so distracted by the meat and -- -- the wrong song let's try that again. -- not let's go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast that aren't they get -- and to -- meteorologist Laura but now. Up and down avenue meet my advantage and has ravaged time but -- -- I'm good I'm actually have a great the day before. Okay I'm all has moved it's here and it feels great out there great. The lord that's I know it's so much nicer with these fifties around most a few upper forties north of the lake. And that light breeze coming at the north little bit breeze you're here make your on cities that comes up that late but most spots like a five to ten mile an hour breeze and it's gonna stay that way throughout the morning after intense low seventies can you believe -- that it is Jazz Fest day and we're talking spectacular weather. And the second weekend of Jazz -- And we're not talking about pert near ninety's well we're talking about port near seven and you know we are highs sometimes -- -- storms in the forecast heavy rain in the forecast and none of that expected for the weekend OK now I know a lot of women. When going to chance that it went to Wear the little sun dresses yes the shorts dirty dress okay. Do we need to issue that must hurdler with is wins. Yeah keep. -- gonna be -- not I don't I don't wanna discourage any of the jazz masters from wearing their typical Garth snow you know it's funny you can tell around town yeah either going to or coming from the that in. Yeah their feet you can tell he's been. Well you Agassi's -- direct Internet guy in -- generally -- in their Hawaiian -- in -- straw hats and things -- that the women are -- doing the sun -- of the little you know. Summaries dirty thing that double layer -- festival where I guess that's them -- The aggregate with the -- where -- got resort where it got festival yesterday can tell who's been. Going are going you know who's going to festival where and you say no problems when won't be that. And I I think joy yet because it you know it's just gonna be -- a bit of a breeze out there enough that it makes these sixties and seventies filled up much cooler and -- gas no highs in the low seventies today. And tomorrow how well at 73 tomorrow 75. Some of 73 today -- by tomorrow that. Blow mid seventies next couple of -- Saturday and Sunday. Low to mid 80s8083. Years of reckoning plant that now let me read -- still feel pretty dry outside and -- overnight -- kind of help out because when you wake up in the morning. And it's cooler it's panic it's your day started a little bit. -- it it you know -- that you got -- battling the humidity at 5 AM you know. No lights glories to. I'm fantastic I'm OK we walk out. You don't I don't know you know that Kentucky Derby is coming. Right and I'm always amazed by the names of the horses yes I mean there's no real horse racing thing got going on fairgrounds right now but that's what made me think of the fairgrounds and in the Kentucky Derby. He's pretty creative -- well one of the horses and Saturday's derby on almost didn't have a name. I didn't I was allowed the trainer. Did like. Opportunities original name -- to -- I think that's kind of cute yet that's the name now apparently like that but -- -- -- women name was any way you way. Way way that was a horse's original name okay never Bob Baffert wife mentioned that friends of the couple. Kathleen and time to -- hopper we're trying to have a baby without success deal Baffert coined the word opportunity. And the horse was named to encourage the couple. So opportunities started winning it with a new moniker -- -- -- that better keep. The -- a horse -- -- -- I wonder if that can be kind of a thing like. You know maybe that we're not winning change the name maybe the horse didn't like his -- and while Baffert has won three. Derbies already he's hoping that opportunity to be his fourth derby winner. Wonderful but yet how they company's course -- apple -- there -- always just growing kind of upon and necessary you know take that kind of take. Words and thrown together and I think there it's just. Yeah idea to them what I here's a mails I don't understand why someone would pay two million dollars for. Few pieces of paper. If we heard about Bob Dylan's. You know the song like a Rolling Stone -- -- well it's going they're gonna auction. Working draft of his song this summer. And they're estimating that it's gonna go for two million dollars perhaps an option. He wrote on course sheet of hotel stationery. I'm just wondering -- what it pays two million dollars for four pieces of paper that I have a song written on them. When you do it where would you put that. Wonder if you're -- just hang onto it as an investment that maybe I and it -- later backed Hillary I would grant I don't have a cool four million listening around but. I would think that would be my impression just a huge. Huge fan and it would be like for filling your -- to have something that he wrote -- I don't. The auction is June 24 and to me if he spent two million dollars night you'll go anyway. People file because I think of much better with the gentlemen welcome -- thank the person probably signed two million flight you know. Twenty bucks to me yet and I think when he talks market right. Exactly -- down yet either millionaire and there's a -- Only two million that -- -- yet and it got to direct it quite well thank you thank you a great and I'm like down -- direct Eyewitness News forecast sports with Steve -- right after. On the mast itself right there with it like rulings that he paid two million dollars for. A draft of any song ever written this one or any other one and now maybe twenty bucks a. -- that maybe get text messages and 87870. From apparently some -- man who are saying that Dennis Winston normally shops at a different store. And that other story you pay for your seafood. When you get it at account to pay for it ahead of time but this door is supposed to pay for it when you check out. And perhaps that's why he didn't pay for it maybe he really did just forget. Police issued him a citation and apparently he's got to go through diversion programs they won't be convicted even of a misdemeanor. And it looks like maybe then will be reinstated on the baseball team does all that make any difference or should you paid for it's cracked up to -- If you're paying you shouldn't get program that's another story altogether. Sports time now on WWL. And Steve -- because the -- on this stage before Friday first of Mays Steve can you believe it April's on. Gone -- and we finally at the NFL draft coming next week meanwhile the quarterback battle for LSU remains a hot topic. As coach less miles says neither Anthony Jennings or Brandon Harris are playing well enough to be the starter currently. Meanwhile on the other side of the football miles like the -- season especially at defensive end. And the owner. And to market restaurant treaty that toast to my best incidents. Had while. Do you a lot yet baseball team earn their 41 victory of the season beating southeastern ten to eight. Agent catcher Michael strains with a perfect three for three at the plate with two runs batted game. The -- were -- one nothing in the first game of their double -- in Nashville disease also came up short in game two losing by the score of three years to. Houston is still alive in the NBA playoffs Dwight Howard had 22 points and fourteen rebounds as the rockets beat Portland one awaits in 98 to pull within three to two in that series. The spurs have raptors have grabbed three to two series leads in their respective series Toronto beat Brooklyn 115 to 113. In San Antonio Tony Parker had 23 points. And the spurs never trailed in a one night 2103 victory over Dallas. Pretty impressive lead for Parker who says he played without getting any rest because of his baby boy Josh being born. Those crazy those crazy for the I'm basically -- to go all night. And I just -- come adrenaline. And Heisman Trophy when -- game -- was the Winston has been issued a civil citations -- after sheriff's deputies said he walked out of the public supermarket without paying for 32 dollars worth of crab legs and crawfish. Leon county sheriff's major Michael Wood says the Florida State quarterback was cooperative and told the deputies he forgot to pay. But he did not contact the store or returned there to pay for the items. Today -- four on sports talk is there any one player in the draft could help the saints returned to the Super Bowl. And is worthy of sacrificing draft picks over the next two or three years I'm Steve Geller with your early morning look at sports. I think if you gave -- on Steve Geller with you on your Radio One person texts about the Winston. And historian says he'll be fine and will kick everybody's body again this year and win another national time. Well he's been suspended from the baseball team where he's a pitcher and rightly. Not his primary. I mean he's he's a quarterback of the football team but. I'm -- he pitches as well but they say once he does is diversion in his community service apparently will be back on the baseball team. No talk about this thing from the football. Now haven't heard about it on I wouldn't expect that leave there it's not. It's it's still. A troubling concern you know how and committing this. I guess who seem minor infraction but I don't see it as something that would get him kicked off -- football team I just you know athletes to me that are at that level I'm and I really think that they grow up they go through life getting special treatment everybody. Always wants to help them because they wanna be near them and around them. And they pride do you get this sense that anything they do it doesn't really matter to be taken care and we have to remember he is. Still achieve I know it's hard through twenty years old is an adult but it. Music you do a lot of dumb things when you're young. I mean I. The whole thing with Jordan telling with an original grappling with telling us the story about the little cups and taking shots of soda I mean allegedly yet allegedly I think that's. Pretty tame and I could see myself as a youngster doing something stupid like that. You think they're getting it better repeating in and and taken in volume at Florida State definitely has you know a solid team they have and they're not losing too much in this year's draft. And could be of forces coming season but you never know I I think he might be. The hype might end up being too much for Wednesday and and he couldn't have seen it drop off next season. We'll see an affair he's going to be quarterback for relative he had miles who's got some work cut off from four months left to the opener. Who would you say right now should start -- on the go with the troops fresh from Brendan Harris just because I felt like he looked like the better quarterback but I understand that Jennings has at least been in the system little more and probably probably has the upper hand because of that doctor in fifteen minutes -- sports you Steve -- I'm -- going -- much -- forecast right after the 555. That means it's time for your forecast here on the early edition of WWL prisoners on this. Friday see you for your Thursday mostly sunny skies this morning and we're looking at wake up tents in the upper forties to fifties now by the afternoon were in the seventies that we -- warm up a little bit. But that dry air is still in place today just a 10% chance for coastal shower. Then tonight partly cloudy look for 49 north of the lake and 57 on the South -- Then back up to 75 tomorrow with a 10% rain chance and Saturday mostly sunny with a high AV. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm urologists locked out. We're starting out in the fifties just about everywhere in southeast Louisiana 59 at the airport with a north wind at seventeen cloudy and 54 the National Weather Service office. In Slidell North Shore winds -- to six miles an hour tonight quite as breezy and hopefully. 558 thank you for starting your. Day before Friday with us here on WWL with Jazz Fest come back today and -- beautiful weather it just so tempting to think that it's Friday but now we've still got to get through. What is really Thursday even if we call it Friday eve that doesn't mean it's actually Friday but again Fridays -- -- are nice I like to celebrated. Twice seminoles football coach kimbo Fisher says he supports the baseball -- decision to suspend Winston. After he was stated cited for stealing 32 dollars and 72 cents worth of crabs. And crop this from a grocery story in Tallahassee. He is apparently an outfielder and a pitcher. You know if you could have a choice of what you're with -- your kid would play. If they can go pro. Baseball players -- and a lot more money than football players now given they have to play like 182. Games this season. Some crazy like that in football on plays sixteen but baseball you don't picture butt kicked over and over and over again injuries are pretty rare. And make more money. And you play long. Watched it play football or baseball given to a to another sport. And make a lot of money golf wouldn't be so bad if they can -- in. Happy day before Friday for go to the Jazz -- man in my jealous enjoy it out there at the fairgrounds the weather's going to be just about perfect.

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