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WWL>Topics>>5-1 6:15am Tommy, optometrists doing eye surgery?

5-1 6:15am Tommy, optometrists doing eye surgery?

May 1, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. James Sandefur, the Executive Director of the Optometrist Association of Louisiana, about a bill that would allow optometrists to perform more procedures

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- 618. I guess they're trying to see if the guys have that money comes the passing legislation to. Allow up to managers to perform some procedures that ophthalmologist. And only perform in the state and it comes up one thing to three years now Guerrero and the optometrists no -- against the ophthalmologist -- and the ophthalmologist -- -- with the optometrists and all we're concerned with I think is patience is that if we need -- here we can get in the insurance company will allow us to go where we want. That welcoming doctor James Sandefur who is and doctor guy I just wanna get this straight you and optometrists correct. Or if you could because I think a lot of -- don't really know wizards win and optometrists and an ophthalmologist. An ophthalmologist -- an MD. Does the things up I'm just do -- -- does all types of last surgery. Optometrists is an ability. Who. Truly did that night noses and treat diseases and how well. Where but it could look -- -- -- -- -- -- so MD is medical doctor Diaz. Doctor about Tom and it's. So what is what is the law ballot and what do you guys news -- hope that the legislature -- you and ladies hope that legislator -- related legislation on. Will let you do. That you can't do now. Well we believe that this is about access and consume applause. It's accessible. Care. Currently and lose out there Ramallah offices and fewer than that there actions but there on the opposite now that he's. Consequently the procedure. That. Over at the Paris's. And that they'll make in the back available for the citizens of those actions. Additionally. Those mountains in the -- -- -- the incident has that taught the that is what it -- is it fair that they've been taught about they are not the market. Minute. Regular. Look at it they've gone to two years and years. Did appreciate it and going to a complete and another parent to do that the -- Well. So let me ask you this not to Sandefur hum. What what procedures exactly are we talking about and when we will we talk about training. What are the ophthalmologist -- and what how do you respond to that in terms of performing the procedures because I don't think anybody wants somebody to be without -- here and I think the case the ophthalmologist -- make in his. The quality of -- -- take a break you can answer that when we come back OK -- thank you doctor -- Sandefur and optometrists. They are squaring off with the ophthalmologist over who should be able to do what in the state money comes in medical procedures for your eyes. Six point one time only -- traffic right now and -- that we haven't Harold Robinson. -- Tommy Tucker talking about the optometrists in the ophthalmologist. Ones doctor about. -- treaty the other one is a medical doctor Yang and I guess a surgeon are ala the -- is surgeons doctor Sandefur who is an optometrists. I think they've -- been trying to insert I don't know that the health practitioners who regularly. I'd and I get -- confused at -- medical's stuff so. For purposes of conversation if you've been trained in surgery that make she was surgeon. I would guess yeah I don't know how -- that I get confused with Soledad residency and so forth. So in two did tell me about did. The as specific procedures that you guys would wanna do how much training is involved does it matter if you're a surgeon. And with that it be the way that people in the rural areas they're gonna get to care but with a care be as good as -- -- -- ophthalmologist was providing. Well that's important at this in what this does not. This -- To make emergency in the does not allowed to completely enough now. Even though it almost have repeatedly. It's strictly prohibited in the we it will. To inject in the -- into the and I can influence. Inject medicine to treat that ought to make an entry in the leave it to -- netstat. But it does not allowed to do those kind of procedures on the that no cataract surgery there's no -- certainly there's no. Muscles -- they don't cross that people that move. Tumor -- none of that. That by the way is -- business surgery correct. The added that's trying to. Well no I don't know about residency and so forth and all of that stuff but if you have a procedure done to use then you know the name evidence. So did tell me what how many years is there's that this is come up then and you're making headway in terms of you know it's it's almost like OK maybe not this year but next year you get more attention on it -- and maybe a third year what would he thinks -- Oh. Second year OK I know what I meant looking ahead if -- -- reason it doesn't past and I know you hope it does. As the other -- ophthalmologist obit doesn't but I'm just wondering. Is this an issue that is gonna come out every year if it doesn't dance. Well I'm not sure that I can answer that now they come to -- that make that decision. But these procedures are now out and some other states. I believe that this is progress and I believe that in in an -- that it will ultimately happen. I'm glad you brought that up until -- always like this people whatever the issue when it comes to us here went. Happens in and other areas of the countries -- nominee states it's allowed in how many states it's not. Well this -- Also -- laser procedures which we didn't get it -- -- These are simple in office procedures take his nemesis no last week in the opening notebook known and yes. Rights. Uncomplicated. And all -- procedures that you will. There are two spacecraft -- -- procedures there and number of those that -- live proceed so. It's happening out there in Oklahoma from since independently -- it is that you're since 1988 days. Haven't been very exceptionally good track record. Dot -- before I let you go Leahy is there anything -- she won and at that time limitations and allow us to get to. Well I can say that we receive the endorsement today RP the rural hospital coalition -- primary care association. That is nursing home association. All those people understand the need -- this. The rural hospital coalition in the primary. Yeah association had saying quote most rural parishes in Louisiana are designated as rural health care professional shortage areas. All open the only source of professional market rule -- it is like. -- -- They don't bet on what they understand the need for this. Thank you doctor appreciate your time doctor James Sandefur and you practice what area out of date and tell me. I live -- Old Bailey and Alan there's got to thank you sir appreciate your time you.

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